: AP malph isn't even as good as people say it is. Of course he will run down and destroy lone targets, but against a team he can't do much, unless if the players are as intelligent as a sea cucumber and stand in a pile so that he can hit them all. Also, warding helps against him if you have to go alone. It's sad to see when a teammate has 2 stacks on their trinket and complains about dying to the enemy ambushing them.
hes good in the sense that he can single out atarget and instantly kill a carry or be the deciding factor of a teamfight being able to dropa large amount of aoe damage onto a group of ppl instantly putting them at a disadvantage.
: For the love of anything holy nerf fucking Vladimir
you have to abuse his early gametbh yeah it sucks i hate range in general top but his only escape is his pool which has a massive cd so things like renekton gnar something with some sort of jump and cc as well as sustain do well into him top side.
: I see alot of issues with ranged top laners, but at the same time i dont think its right to shove ranged laners out of top lane by nerfing them or making them unplayable in top lane. Do i think it has issues? Yes. Do i think the player can deal with these issues with the correct plays from him/his team? Yes. "tanks are not only peeling for the fight in a lot of situations the team will literally wait for you to start the fight you dont just peel you are expected to start the fights as well and very few tanks have the ability to just cc lock someone from a distance or able to gap close to efficiently use it." Do you think a tank being able to cc lock someone from a distance would be okay? Do you believe that wouldnt be an op tank? Look at malphite he's a tank to cc a good portion of the team and look what people abuse him with his ap scalings. They had an intiator tank and turned him into an ap burst caster. Now is it viable, im not sure im not a fan of ap malphite what i do know is yes, they want you to intiate but top lane tanks arent the only tanks here, nor does the top lane tank have to be the intator. You can have sejuani or amumu jungle intiate while maokai top peels for your mage and adc with your naut/thresh/braum support. All of these are strong tanks which work well in the peel or intate roles. You play your tank in the role your team needs. "a zed with black cleaver can kill a cho with 4k hp by jumping all over and using his passive with ignite and item passives." I dont believe this is true unless the cho'gath is behind or zed is fed. In most cases the zed would have to stack cleaver and then ult and land everything with a 3-5 autos to have a chance at killing chogath where as cho would need to pop up silence and auto the zed a few times with his E before chomping down on him to finish him. And again you're putting him 1v1 against a carry an assassin no less who's designed to duel 1v1 vs a champion who isnt supposed to 1v1.
cleaver stacks on damage not on just autos."Dealing Attack damage physical damage to an enemy champion Cleaves them, reducing their Armor icon armor by 4% for 6 seconds" sooooo its not that hard to get it to proc plus the different runes that help do damage its honestly possible and have seen it lol. I played as malphite like 2 weeks ago vs a full ad team stacked with black cleavers. i died in 3 seconds at full build
: And you have proven nothing. There is nothing different about killing someone top vs killing someone mid and amount of time it takes to get back to lane is actually enough to lose you a lane. Like you have 0 clue wtf you're talking about, like guy can you actually give a argument and bs. Here is your post if the enemy afks here is the gold lead I will get. If you get first blood and two towet plates close to each other then your opponent was most likely running it down from the start of the game.
you asked for proof of the main comment. which honestly you just need to look at numbers to find it out. also top lane is a less forgiving lane becasue 1. bot has 2 ppl....... 2.mid is a shorter(safer) lane. top is also easier to gank to be fair longer lane means freezing and counter picks are more important in just surviving the lane. Darius plays it the same way vs everything he will shove early get to 6 and then freeze his lane at his tower so he can just ghost kill you. then when you are dead with 1 item its pretty easy to take 2 plates off of a single minion wave. i mean just think about it. and i just noticed you dont play top so what would you know about the lane in general try it out first before you start spewing nonsense.
: Well im not sure what you mean by "most tanks cant deal with high mobility" because your carries are behind you and theyre not usually mobile either aside from maybe ezreal and most assassinations usually have a way to see it coming whether it be wards or like the delay on zed's ultimate. Either way mobility shouldnt be a factor for a tank because you're not diving you're peeling your carries. As for runes aftershock is being taken on lux support does that mean aftershock is broken? Making you fairly beefy for a couple seconds in a game where a teamfight is decided in a few seconds. Illaoi is terrible into vayne top, gnar top, id say GP top but i dont have much experience on grasp gp or klepto gp. Now as for tanks into illaoi and other bruisers. Tanks should never be winning the early game matchup and should never be able to 1v1 a bruiser. Theyre designed to tank and peel not kill or outtrade.
you dont see an issue with vayne being a top???? shes good into almost every melee atm. and i dont think after shock is broken its just not a viable rune for a top laner to use reliably. and tanks are not only peeling for the fight in a lot of situations the team will literally wait for you to start the fight you dont just peel you are expected to start the fights as well and very few tanks have the ability to just cc lock someone from a distance or able to gap close to efficiently use it. Im not saying tanks should 1v1 everyone but if you have anti physical gear you should be able to kill a carry that has 2k hp at least vs your waht 3-4k with armor stack. a zed with black cleaver can kill a cho with 4k hp by jumping all over and using his passive with ignite and item passives.
: " It is not just losing early you lose all game unless you land some cc on a high priority target." Isnt this the entire reason why you play a tank to cc a high priority target from killing your carries? So what i read is "It is not just losing early you lose all game unless you play your champion right." Cant the same thing be said about bruisers or assassins or any champ for that matter?
bruisers have items to make their mid to late game easier with item passives also items as a whole tanks are reliant on auras or hit me to do 30 damage back kind of thing. and again you ignore my comment on "most tanks cant deal with high mobility" {{item:3161}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} including conqueror and down that tree have a section on just doing more damage vs tanks with another section for more attack seed, life steal, and tenacity. assassins are supposed to be a high risk high rewards in and out thing so i guess but i still think some are too easy vs the amount the enemy has to play their hearts out to outplay certain things. tanks had their items nerfed across the board during the tank meta items losing 20% of their hp fire cape got nerfed thornmail passive pretty much turned useless. i cant play cho top into much of anything but i can play illaoi into literally everything because of the free sustain on her q insanely high punishing damage for landing one e and her forgiving ability to force 2v1s with her r and passive. but yes she is weak to ganks early on
: ***
Triggering Bulwark grants Gold 160 gold divided among nearby champions. so lets say you solo killed someone and it was a first blood "First blood gives Gold 100 bonus gold to the kill bounty and Gold 50 to the assist bounty". so lets talk about time now ........... depending on how far into the laning phase it is we are talking a what 10-25 sec death timer plus the walk to lane?. and add the correctly playing the lane building up a wave before he went for the kill giving him about 2 and a half or so waves of minions on his push and we could also take into account earlier chip damage to tower meaning easier to get 2 plates from turret so yeah math works out and thats how the game tends to go off of 1 kill in top sooooo 300(firstblood)+320(plates) and for exp you get an exp advantage for killing them and again the wave management you have them losing about an entire wave or 2 of exp while you still get enemy minion wave exp before you back giving you about a half to a 2/3rds of a lvl advantage
Moody P (NA)
: I play Ornn and Poppy occasionally and the only time a Darius lane was actually miserable for me was the one where he was duoQ with Ivern
i can see that but i mean poppy is more of a bruiser not a tank and ornn is good into melees its kind of how hes built with his %health damage.
first off darius is a tank killer its how his kit was made but he ha a built in "Passive: Darius hones his axe, granting him 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35% armor penetration. on top of {{item:3071}}. and honestly the way bc armor reduction works itmakes it pointless for anyone other than the bruiser to build it since its a debuff not like last whisper which effects the one who has it. i have been using buriser builds on tanks at this point because the free stats you get for it is just easier to work with when you have things like {{item:3053}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3742}}.tanks are cool and i am a tank main at heart but they rely on just being a cc machine into the late game and to be fair most tanks cant deal with the high mobility that a lot of these carries have on them. It is not just losing early you lose all game unless you land some cc on a high priority target. also it was in reply to his never auto lose a lane.
Moody P (NA)
: how come I can two trick 2 champions that are pretty easy to lock in vicious counterpicks to and I never feel like I autolose if I'm first pick
play some tanks most lose auto lose to darius because of his armor pen passive into black cleaver armor shred illaoi pretty much has a good time into anything as long as you know how to lane and garren is decent at dealing with the burst in top and once you hit lvl 11 the regen starts to really kick in making you hard to bully out. if lane ever gets frozen because you have a bad match up you are pretty fucked if the jungler refuses to help you reset the lane
: Is anyone else convinced Riot doesnt know how to balance Toplane?
dude just do waht i do now play whatever range top with botrk nad work around thier abilities to push melees away i find that {{champion:40}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:26}} just play these guys top and play whatever build you want . i have been running ad ziggs top with botrk and fleet foot work and usually win lane with it lol if they dive me satchel and bombs to keep em off me. I found that if you play any of these in the top lane with just a basic understanding of hwo the lane works you will not die in lane you can freeze it without getting bullied out and dives on you are near impossible. just try it as far as i know it works up to mid gold.
: > [{quoted}](name=Razelth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ss0bqFW9,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2019-08-24T00:52:01.079+0000) > > Its funny you say this when ADCs cried so fucking hard because other roles were introduced to bot lane. You guys were so pissed that you weren't the sole win condition anymore. It was hilarious. Because adcs are only allowed to be played in bot lane. Any time we leave botlane we get gutted into the dirt. Examples Ezreal mid Ezreal jungle Kog mid Varus mid Vayne top Lucien mid Lucien top Kai’sa jungle Miss fortune support Twitch jungle So yeah. When they are only allowed to be played in one role of course they are gonna be pissed when others become better in that role than they are.
so i would like to say that certain adcs are still viable top and will always be viable if you know how to play them such asssss {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:81}} i been running vayne as a tank with just botrk and rage blade and still fuck ppl up. akso the biggest problemin top is range in general being able to abuse the few runes top laners can take and using them better. like jesus i been running tank ziggs with grasp and abusing base damages on his q to power shove lane and poke ppl out.
Sukishoo (NA)
: No, 100% fresh accounts are placed in Iron. Riot said that at the start of the season when introducing the new ranks.
that is honestly not true the way mmr works it has to have a iddle ground where everyone starts which is around bronze-silver for the most part and then you can lose or gain. it is difficult as hell to drop into iron and jesus bronze is horrible lol everyone afks or just rage quits at 5 mins. my experience on a fresh smurf acct is bronze 3 or 4 as a start in ranked and after placements with about a 15%wr give or take i only lose 7lp per loss gain about 30 for a win. so realistically its made for you not to fall into bronze.
Madsin25 (NA)
: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=xxx+stc First 2 ranked games ever played. Gold 4. You show me proof of an account starting in bronze, I will be waiting a long time lol.
https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=bronzeadclife here you go i can show you my chicks acct as well i got placed with her same placements we were put in b3 or 4 our first game then after that we pretty much lost everything kept putting us vs golds even though we were placed in bronze.
Madsin25 (NA)
: No. All accounts are placed into silver 1/gold 4 upon their very first ranked game. If you actually tested this you would know it is true.
umm that is not true i just made a new acct not too long ago it starts at bronze4 or 3 if i am not mistaken to fall under bronze is the problem i have like a 10% wr atm in bronze and i cant fall below bronze 2 lol lose 7 lp per lossgain 30 for a win.
Xavanic (NA)
: no where, she is just a good vayne counter, and since vayne is meta rn obviously her strongest counter would reap it (plus, its riot, they don't nerf adc's, just buff them)
ummmm vayne isnt as meta anymore she hasnt been a problem for like 3 to 4 patches because of the whole one shot meta we are in and unlike jinx who gets a boost of stats for a kill and can hit the entire team with runnans vayne can only focus down a single target at a time.
: Usually my Shyvana jumps at them. So Idk
i just started playing it becasue all my friends play it. but yeah the few times i used her she litteraly jumps away to the very back and then gets off one or 2 skills lol
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: Picking your champ before your opponent in toplane is just a death sentence for your laning phase
just do what i have been doing pick up range tops that abuse the lane and riot refuses to fix anything with a jump can abuse top and build slightly differently to kite and or tank a little more with 0 negative impact on their scaling or laning. {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:85}} also before ppl ask im a cho main lol i prefer tank tops but atm they get forced out of the game by 6 mins when you are forced to lose lane control and your wave is frozen under enemy tower
94372148 (NA)
: The "minions absorbed" count for overgrowth rune should = "minions" count for junglers
: Master Yi is a Garbage Design Concept
{{item:3161}} i mean to be fair thats the only item that makes him annoying to deal with his kit is made to win 1v1s thats just how he is like jax works but if you have no real hard cc thats all on you with how many champs have it available and can do damage as well.
: not even close...pretty much every magic resist item royally messes with any magic damage received or the core items of magic pen 450 gold negates over 2000 gold of magic pen and you don't even have to compromise your build to include it
tanks have limited options based on what type of play style they have {{item:3194}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3065}} but that is the go to mr options a tank has unless they can use the other option of {{item:3091}} or {{item:3001}} other than that its not efficient to build the other mr options which tend to revolve around support items while mages have the ability to do percent health damage {{item:3151}} while getting health and ap along with more damage passive. then we have {{item:3165}} which for some reason gives hp magic pen magic andddd healing reduction which negates all counter magic items becasue for some reason they are all based on hp regen. and then we have {{item:3135}} which for some reason has a higher pen over last whisper.
: Uh, armor is fine, its just fucking magic resist thats complete dog shit at the moment
armor is not fine did you now a full ad team can stack {{item:3071}} on to a single target? do you know how many champs have armor pen or some kind of shred built into their kits? also the base damage/ratios of some of the champs that use the specific items are idiotically high. also conqueror negates armor stacking. have you noticed that adcs often times dont need to build a {{item:3035}} because if they already have one or 2 black cleavers on their team they literally dont need it.
: But then how are the ADCs supposed to melt u in 2 seconds?
honestly the only adcs i have a problem with are {{champion:145}} {{champion:67}} because of their stacking mechanic and how safe they can be with the free mobility invis and shields n such they can get. plus kaisas ability to build hybrid and have defensive options from every god damn role and still pop you.
: Sad truth. Though I don't think fixing tank items is going to fix things ironically. That's because we already experienced Tank {{champion:245}} and {{champion:105}} Fizz. Since that's already been made evident, the buffs should be isolated to the champion itself rather than something generic, that any champion could get. I don't get why damage was buffed when tankiness seems to be more obvious buff.
the problem with those metas was not the items its the same thing as {{champion:112}} top it has to do with base damages
: Can Armor actually mean something again?
litteraly if they would revert the hp nerfs across the board they made to tank items i think that would fix the issue all ppl ever say is duhhh get health get health but they nerfed health a while back about 20% for all tank items.
: As a Main Support, I REALLY miss Frost Queen, Talisman of Ascencion and Face of The Mountain
supports can litteraly build whatever they want right now and i mean litteraly anything {{item:3301}} if you get a kill early lets say an early fight in jungle and you pick up the kill with ignite you can litteraly get {{item:3069}} on your first back with how much gold you will naturally get in lane plus assists. the way support is built right now you are rewarded for playing aggro with kill lanes which then lead to you having another assassin as a support that can one shot someone. i miss the days when supports were actually suports would stack health resstancs n such. atm suports need a nerf of sorts and honestly reverting back to the old support items would be great and just give them a gp10 effect instead of this crazy just stand there and make 1k gold in 10 mins kind of item
: Kaisa and long range poke need there cool downs nerfed on Aram
mana regen needs to be nerfed for aram{{item:3802}} is litteraly ago to item for everything and can keep it till lvl 18 with all the free exp you get and the passive mana regen for the map s there as well.
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Ieafboom (NA)
: How are there so many diamond players with ~45% winrates?
it partly has to do with the role ranked at the start and you see it in almost every elo lvl. I had like a 10% wr as a support so when they put the totals together i ended up wth a 35% wr in bronze for a while in at about 46% in silver 1 now on my main acct also i have sen win rates at about 35% to 40% holding thier rank and or climbing.
Juxin (NA)
: Made a mistake and tried picking a top lane Tank for my team.
real shit i gave up on top and moved to mid and can still play my tanks with 0 issue easier lane easier matchups lane freezes are not a death sentence and 5 mins of exp and gold and you have more roam potential. also can run whatever sums you want because its mid thin about it i find that mid laners dont know how to deal with top lane mechanics where we do not care about poke just dont insta kill us through passive and range as we get chased down the lane for trying to get 1 cs
tOHorace (NA)
: Just lost another game because my team FF'd a winnable game
and then you have the flip side where you are down 25 kills at 15 mins inhibs are down and you have the nasus top or duo saying we can win it down like 10k gold 3 lvls across the board i mean almost every game is winnable the problem is the amount of effort to get back into the game and time to do it vs start the next one. and im saying it because of how the meta works atm being really snowbally so its probably a bigger thing in higher elos not so much low.
: i believe its the smurf account thats making you two get put in with other smurfs as well as other ppl that match your smurfs hidden mmr not rank.for example my plat friend made a smurf thats ranked silver 2 and even though we are both ranked silver 2 we get high gold-mid plat or people that were plat last season in our games.
even in ranked? i mean i cant get into any game iwth her without it being some kind of one sided stomp like we just won a game where our team was full bonzevs full mid silvers lol
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