: > [{quoted}](name=Who Fed Ru,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=O7NAXjBs,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-18T15:02:43.356+0000) > > Or how about we don't just randomly make characters gay for no reason I mean God obviously disagrees since people are born gay and straight or whatever for no reason so.. Honestly, the fact there supposedly has to have a reason for a character to be gay, is speaking to the core of the problem, isn't it? I mean, even if there is actually a reason for making a character gay, I bet most people would burn them for having the reason and crying "muh agenda". So it's a doomed if they do and doomed if they don't in the first place anyway. The fact people get so weirdly sensitive about sexuality that you're born with is kinda, you know..
ok let it be said a different way, for they story of this fictional character in a fictional world we don't need to know, if they date, are gay or straight, have kids, their kinks, or anything else. unless it tell us something about that fictional character that will be relevant to them as a fictional character. if your looking for proportionality, when only need around 2-3 gay characters total. if your looking for "positive role models" we got {{champion:518}} and{{champion:114}} . if you want more because those are not enough for you. that become a different problem. but hey as long ah it does not come of as their only personality trait i'd welcome any new gay champ.I just don't want riot to make characters gay because some people want "their" ships to be canon.
ChunLii (NA)
: Aside, from Varus as LGTBQ+ representation, here are some other champions that could serve.
i'm only here to said on TF/Graves *pulls out megaphone* "Guys can be close friends that support each other and not be gay god damnit." also, we have {{champion:114}} who was confirmed at least bi and {{champion:518}} who around 40% of her special interaction are about her being gay, even though her story is about repopulating her tribe and *distant grumbles*
: Only the lore says it pretty clear as well? > “A young girl lived here,” he said. “Powerful mage.” > > “You… captured her?” said Cithria, wide-eyed. > > “She gave herself in,” chimed in Arno. “She was benign. Registered. Normally, one such as her wouldn’t be taken in, but ever since—” > > “Arno!” snapped Cadstone. (From Turmoil) I would argue that Demacia would benefit from more stories like "What Once Sailed Free" which shows other thematics but there are enough mages which lived in peace before Sylas brought chaos into Demacia. People have just really selective memories.
opps, i forgot about that story. but yeah we just need more stories where Demacia can show different stuff about them and not look omega evil to fans.
: I know and it's so FRUSTRATING Demacia is my favorite faction in this game, please rito _stop making them the Nazis_!!
sadly Riot pulled the discrimination lever, and i have never seen that be pulled and not turn nazi evil. be it the Alliance from WoW or what have you, people read Racist/sexist/discriminatory to whatever group as worse than serial murder most of the time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=r44e2pMt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-12T20:01:59.189+0000) > > "hey we have this city-state of outright good vs. the nation of outright evil. But what if Noxus was alright, except like 2 bad baddies, and we made Demacia morally grey/questionable?" > > "Okay lets make every demacian as hypocritical and malicious as possible! Thats brilliant writing!!!" There is a lot wrong with this post. Like. A lot. While many demacian champions are anti-magic, they also don't treat them like criminals _unless_ they fight back. As previously said in another post, they treat magic as a sickness. They don't want to imprison these people but lingering fears from the runewars have left them to this state. The only time when things become outright hostile is (surprise) when Sylas engages in a rebellion and starts murdering like...anyone. (See: Sylas color story where he straight-up murders innocent servants because lul fuk them for having a job). There are also plenty of progressively-minded Demacians. Demacia, in Xin Zhao's color story, lets prisoners of war go to forge their own paths. Xin Zhao, humbled by this, wishes to serve as Jarvan III's bodyguard for the honor and kindness he's shown. Jarvan IV's best friend (and love interest) is a half-dragon, a _magical creature_ who he cares for and promotes to his personal guard despite magic being negative. Even Garen, for all his anti-magicness, is so deeply crushed that Lux may be hurt that he tries every path to keep her safe even though her "affliction" could mean prison. And of course there's Poppy, a magical creature, who embodies the best of Demacia but hey, I'll ignore her due to how old she is. And then we have your sticky complaint that "lul only 2 bad baddies in Noxus". Most of Noxus, while grey, still does immensely reprehensible things. Noxus as a region is incredibly expansionist and will do whatever it takes. Individual citizens are nothing before the empire. Slaves and bloodsport are commonplace. They will subterfuge and sneak to get what they want. Everyone in Noxus is either just a cog in the machine for someone (Swain vs. LB) or striving for _THEIR_ perfect Noxus. Going back to Demacia, let's look at the smoking gun: Sylas. Faced with execution, able to break free, and now against a country. What does he do? He proves their fear about mages right. He militarizes anyone who is a mage and can see his plight while making a giant fucking mess of Demacia in the process. If Sylas wins he guts the kingdom and creates what will essentially be anarchy until an established government is in place. If he loses, he just set mages back centuries. Instead of being sick people who need help, they're now all terrorist who will snap at a moment's notice. Sylas has doomed either Demacia or the mages who inhabit it unless someone knocks some sense into both him and Demacia. So no, Demacians are not all malicious and hypocritical. Noxus is not "alright", and there's actually depth to these issues. Not just "Demacia bad".
while i agree with all of this, Riot really needs to be better at showing it in their stories. like one story were a Demacian discovers that they're a mage, uses magic to idk protect some people, gets registered so if any fire balls happen near his village the Mage Seekers know who to go to, then they go on with the rest of their life in peace at least until Sylas happens. is that too much to ask for?
: Originally Riven was always more of a kind of idealist who believes in the best Noxus has to offer, and even after the 'betrayal' she was subjected to, she remained loyal to the IDEA of Noxus rather than the nation itself. If they're removing that from Riven's lore - or already have? I'm pretty much done. She was already on the Razor's edge with the Ionian war retcon and short stories they released a while back. Wasn't happy with some of the crap they had going on. As for Swain? Well, he was always both a well-intentioned Overlord AND ruthless General. Even back in the day, he realized that being an evil asshole is generally counterproductive to fostering a nation since they all rely on the rank and file peasantry and that Noxus' strength is the ability for those who are talented and dedicated enough to dethrone those at the top of the ladder. Noxus was a stagnating cesspool of corruption, and that was always something he was aiming to fix.
wow, someone explaining the issues I've had with Riven's new direction very clearly. thanks
: What region in Runeterra would you choose to live?
Noxus, as others have said cultural mosaic, the whole thing where you can do anything as long as your good/the best at it, the opportunity to learn magic. only real negatives is the conquer stigma and maybe getting stabbed,
darkdill (NA)
: Oh great, that artwork of issue 2. Knew it, Sylas is a lech. Have to say, this episode just reinforces my hope that Lux will take all the mages in Demacia and lead them on an exodus. Demacia's basically doing the Nazi Holocaust to them. Additionally, the bit on Garen speaking with his aunt doesn't show he knows her secret. He's concerned because the things she's saying could attract the wrath of the Mage Seekers (they might think "Mage-lovers are just as bad as Mages themselves!").
honestly I hate that i agree with you. Demacia did not get the same treatment as Noxus did in terms of "not making them cartoonishly evil/good". its the horde vs alliance from WoW all over again, violent but noble vs fantasy Nazis that used to be the "good guys" but not anymore.
: What do I think of the Battle Academy skinline? (Mainly issues)
While i agree that the champ choices you said would have been cool, and i agree that lux and ez have SG. I think people are being way too hyperbolic with it. i think literally ever new Lux skin has had this "how dare you" response for the last couple years, at least ever since Elemenialist. can you find it annoying that lux and ez already have an anime based skin lin, sure but the fact the people are acting like its the new "worst thing Riot's done" feels simply over the top. to me at least. but i will admit i'm not waiting for Riot to give x champion a new skin so i my just be a bystander to the whole thing. like, not liking a skin line because of the champ choices sounds super petty to me.
: THat's the point in those messages. Basically boobarmor != practical in battle, and is shaped the way it is to makes ure you can see the shape of the breasts. Look up imagse of Joan of Arc or any other ancient woman in battle (look for more medieval paintings), and it looks more like men armor.
and like i, and that image say, {{champion:86}} , {{champion:59}} , and{{champion:122}} have armor that is just as dangerous/unreal any boobarmor or horned viking helmet. unreal for sexy armor and unreal for cool armor are both something that i don't have an issue with for the same reason i don't care about how Sci-Fi Ships fly around like airplanes.
: > [{quoted}](name=BronzeDriver,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=B2QnvJ1c,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-02-21T20:59:02.773+0000) > > wait which one? the top is saying male armor is just as bad but because cool instead of because sexy. but the bottom is saying that's not the point of that thread, plus if this is meant as a response to the quote you made. i'm confused > {{sticker:cass-cry}} All of them. These are just few examples of how people didn't acknowledge classic Kayle as non-fanservise character_ because of her armor_.
I guess I'm missing your point, so Kayle was fan-service because of her armor?
: * "We never thought Kayle was sexualized and her armor was practical!!!" I will just leave it here.
wait which one? the top is saying male armor is just as bad but because cool instead of because sexy. but the bottom is saying that's not the point of that thread, plus if this is meant as a response to the quote you made. i'm confused {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: I didn't follow it deeply either but he should be fighting Noxians (that's for sure) and also internal criminals. It is openly said though that he is defending Ionia.
: Nah shadows are good there too. Haven't you heard that Zed is just helping Ionia and that Xayah hates him only because he _succ_ magic?
honestly i don't follow Ionia lore that closely, how is he helping Ionia?
: {{champion:10}} Zealous judicator blinded by her powers and undeservedly praised by the bigots of Demacia {{champion:25}} Same powers as his sister but more compassionate and able to redeem who repents and basically the real good girl. **Why am I not surprised by this? Because Riot writers are still vomiting their bias about demonic/darkness = good and angelic/light = bad.**
just head to Ionia, there shadows are evil and "the balance" is always good
: This is actually one of the most well laid out arguments I have seen. I can understand that other people probably mean what you said here, but they have all been really bad at expressing it, to the point where they really just come across like a child throwing a tantrum because they don't like when things change.
yeah, the way others have complained make it hard to see the real improvement that could be made. but hey, that's what happens every rework at this point. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
StigtriX (EUW)
: A small edit to make Kayle's armour look more like actual armour and less like a bodysuit
wont work, the subset of people who will call this a "dumpster fire" rework are the same time of people who complained that {{champion:50}} doesn't transform into a bird or {{champion:266}} got mad with his voice. this happens every time a rework comes out, Riot picks what to focus on in a champ's identity and anything that gets left behind is a "betrayal of their character." i'll admit I've done some similar reactions to some thinks but in regards to reworks i've just gotten tired of it. however this is a good edit, hope Riot thinks of something similar.
Rustypug (NA)
: why are people so mad about getting rid of the armor, she never built tank in the first place shes always been a squishy utility carry he model didnt go with he playstyle at all
because some people saw her as league's Samus Aran, but Riot went with "Battle Angel" and went with a different look. basically the same happened to {{champion:266}} and {{champion:50}} what some fans saw as important was different.
: Riven is no longer loyal to Noxus. After the invasion of Ionia, she abandoned Noxus to atone in Ionia, and made her home among the people there, actively rejecting her former life. That's not a loyal Noxian. That's someone who's become severely disenchanted by her home state and given it up for a life of peace in a land that she can feel at home in. Even in the Awaken video, which is potentially supposed to be some vague future, she is a prisoner in Noxus, in Draven's arena for the purpose of execution, which again doesn't indicate she has any love for her home state. Plus, she's totally a hot-topic edgelord.
I dislike what Broken Blade did with Riven. She used to be the shining showcase of the good sides to Noxus' "Strength in all its forms" and saw that Noxus as a nation was not meeting that ideal. but because Broken Blade and Awaken only show Riven as hating Noxus and never show her, even unconsciously, hold on to that ideal it feels like Riot dropped that idea of her character. I worry that it makes Riven lose that Idea of being a window into the possible good that Noxus and its mindset can bring. Without that Riven's Story feel like a typical "Deserter of the Evil Empire who joins the good guys" plot and that makes the effort to make Noxus and all the different factions feel more morally gray and interesting be kneecapped, at least to me so now ever since that story I see over and over that Riven Should now be called Ionian, which makes that fear worse every time i see it.
Zeanix (OCE)
: I really think MOBA's isn't the best genre to develop story.
the the other style of games i would love to see is either: a strategy game more in line with the Total War games or Warcraft 3, because videos like Awaken and that one in-game trailer for last years VS event makes champs ripping through battle-lines of grunts look so good. a Diablo styled dungeon crawler playing as champs going through different areas of Runeterra
Jikker (NA)
: Didn't they only start the hardcore imprisonment _because_ of Sylas and his rebellion? Pretty sure the new story said the girl would've been left alone if it wasn't for the rebellion. I mean, they are still terrible to mages before, but now with Sylas basically recruiting every mage out there to brutally kill non-mages makes it so they are locking up anyone suspected of magic simply to avoid him growing his ranks. The fact of the matter is, if Sylas had just waited, there was a good chance that Demacia would've moved towards change, especially once J4 took the throne. If anything, from a lore standpoint, I dislike Sylas more than Demacia simply because he's making things much worse, not better.
this, according to Turmoil ( ) if a mage, even a powerful one, is found to be a non-threat they will only be "registered" as a mage so if magic bs is happening near your village they know who to investigate first. but then Sylas decided to pull a Magneto and use his grievances to justify violence and murder which best of all makes the lives of his "brothers and sisters" worse because his revolt may as well be TEDtalk on why Demacia distrusts mages in the first place The fact that some people were shocked that he was meant to be a Demaican Villain makes me so annoyed.
Cetri (NA)
: I don't agree with BronzeDriver's opinion on whether it would be a bad step in the narrative of Riven and Noxus, but I will point out that they're [not that wrong about Riven's circumstances](, at least if this is the plan they end up going with. That said, I could easily see her getting the respect of Draven (and perhaps even the Trifarix) with her show of skill in the arena, and that perhaps they would be willing to hear anything she has to say to them.
> That said, I could easily see her getting the respect of Draven (and perhaps even the Trifarix) with her show of skill in the arena, and that perhaps they would be willing to hear anything she has to say to them. honestly i'd be ok with with this. I just always worry that Riven will just be changed and stop showing the best that Noxus has to offer as a nation, which is something i always liked about her story. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Vıvıd (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BronzeDriver,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AdgveEiF,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-01-22T21:26:43.209+0000) > > I hope that they don't make it canon, while i think that the fight between Riven and Draven is accurate to both champions personalty, it would be a bad step forward with riven's story. Riven according to Rioters on the boards she is a Noxian being reforged by Ionia, and instead having her be imprisoned and put to death in the arena will just turn her into "i was with the evil nation but now i'm with the good guys" that would make the graying of Noxus and Demacia morally pointless. > > (Noxus revived Sion dispite the issues that rises because he'd be useful, bringing a deserter back under the same mindset is perfectly reasonable) While its obvious she was imprisoned of some sorts, How do you know she was "put to death" or even forced into that situation in the first place? Riven is a highly humble character (a lot of it comes from the grief of her and yasuos story) But a part of that grief is from noxus as well. I wouldn't say its too far fetched to say eventually after the events in ionia, riven felt the need to face judgment in ANOTHER country... the one she was born into, and perhaps she actually turned herself in. Also noxus is not a "evil" nation, while it has some very evil characters there are innocents an civilians just trying to get by, Hell, I wouldn't even call swain "evil" even though hes the grand general and he does "evil" things, he does them because he wants to prosper an his nation to prosper. Demacia literally goes on lynch hunts to track down mages or people who are different from them. I feel they have delved into both noxus and demacia both being different sides of the same coin, neither is horrible, neither is good, they are just doing what they think is right... and I think that passes onto riven as well, shes payed for her sins in ionia, so maybe she felt the need to face her crimes in noxus?
I agree that Noxus is not an evil nation, Riot has done a good job making it and Demaica much more rounded. I just feel like if she just abandons Noxus and its "strength in all its forms" mindset for Ionia it becomes a less complex story for both Riven and Noxus.
Vıvıd (NA)
: Riot i feel like its important to let us know if the cinematic was canon or not...
I hope that they don't make it canon, while i think that the fight between Riven and Draven is accurate to both champions personalty, it would be a bad step forward with riven's story. Riven according to Rioters on the boards she is a Noxian being reforged by Ionia, and instead having her be imprisoned and put to death in the arena will just turn her into "i was with the evil nation but now i'm with the good guys" that would make the graying of Noxus and Demacia morally pointless. (Noxus revived Sion dispite the issues that rises because he'd be useful, bringing a deserter back under the same mindset is perfectly reasonable)
: I really don't know how you see them as Mary Sues but okay.
Demacia hates mages and require strict adherence to law, Noxus are violent conquers that are heavily militaristic, Freljord is a land as tough as its people with a dark power ({{champion:127}} ) hanging over it. what does Ionia have that makes them seem like a non-perfect people/nation to be with? the people calling them Mary Sues answer this question with "nothing."
: > [{quoted}](name=Curious Melody,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=GkzcLGON,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-21T17:46:07.308+0000) > > But that's exactly the point. Through the power of DETERMINATION and FRIENDSHIP they managed to beat/wound big baddy ugly evil Sion. Their DESPERATION TO PROTECT WHAT THEY LOVE edged them closer to victory. Look how well they fight as a team. Those other guys? Naah, they're evil and bad and send a monster to bully poor Ionians. > If my language sounds derogatory, that's because it's exactly like that. Ionia's lore quality is several levels below other lands in Runeterra just so that it appeals to the masses. If you read Swain’s lore you’ll see he is not a bad guy but a morally gray character as well. If you’ve watched naruto I would compare him to Itachi Uchiha. Does what they think is right even if it’s dark for the good of their nation.
exactly, Swain and Noxus in ~~grand~~ general (sorry) are morally gray with motivations that can made them look like both ruthless conquerors and a place to freely expand your talents at the same time. Ionia's only interesting thing of note is that has little to no organization as a nation/continent. that and i guess you may accidentally make a tree mad and it will try to kill your family.
: You have to remember that Riven made a name for herself in Noxus. It only makes sense that Draven would be able to recognize her. Why she would be in a Noxus arena all chained up is a different story, but, if Draven was bored from doing the same thing he does almost every day, seeing one of Noxus' legendary fighters all of sudden show up in his arena would peak his interest. So, he would want to make it a fair fight, and let Riven entertain him for awhile.
yeah, the best way to describe that scene is that it would be what would happen if Riven was placed in Draven's arena. not "canon" per say but accurate to how the characters would interact if put in that setting.
: Inb4 the Ravenlord invades Runeterra xD
with how it feels like Blizzard treats HotS, I'd be ok with it. throw those devs a bone and whatnot.
: You didn’t do anything. It was Spideraxe’s fault and even he came to admit the comment he made was dumb.
i just found it funny. sort of a rube goldberg machine of conversation.
: Something i thought about because of one line from Demacian Heart
man i just noticed something on the map and accidentally sparked conversation on the definitions of fascism. what a time to be alive
: Well, yes But also the territory between Demacia and Noxus contains several other 'buffer' states. It's not as empty as it appears.
yeah, that was badly worded, i more meant the land that is not Demacia or Noxus
Rioter Comments
Echoing (NA)
: "I am Yrael. I am the hammers."
I think Riot just used him too start the ' I am my name, i am the weapon i use' line that was used by Ashe and her mother. but yeah a panel or two of Yrael smashing fool would have been nice.
Yraco (EUW)
: If you're referring to Kai'sa, she's human and always has been. She has her void suit and that could be a bit more intimidating than sexy but she's still supposed to be recognisably a human female.
I will always say that at least 25% of Kai'Sa's backlash was because some people heard 'void champ' and were expecting some monster.
: I don't see him as a villain though, maybe more like an anti-hero because all the ''revolutionist vibe'' we got from him and his purposes à la X-Men (mages users are chased in Demacian like the mutants). For me, the ideal demacian that I dream of, his a zealous inquisitor maybe a mageseeker who is blinded by his goals, think about Frollo from Esmeralda or just the medieval inquistors.
see i don't see the anti-hero, other than him being good because he is against Demacia's dislike of mages. but this guy 1. tricks young girls to escape prison, that one interaction with lux can definitely be read as "I know your secret don't try and stop me" 2. seems more interested in just destroying Demaica vs doing any pushes to reform 3.trying to stop anti-mage feelings by showing why Demicians would be afraid of them it just feels weird to me that people can't see the wild-eye mage anarchist as a villain. but in the end thats just me.
Silu (EUNE)
: It's okay to be gay. You don't have to be ashamed. And I didn't include monsters because: > [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QB5mtoGK,comment-id=00160000000000030002,timestamp=2019-01-08T20:35:32.476+0000) > > What other shirtless, muscular male champion is there** who isn't a hideous monstrosity** or half human?
never said it wasn't lol
Silu (EUNE)
: Sex appeal is subjective. Being shirtless is not. You asked I provided and not included "monsters" sion or urgot. Stop changing the rules.
"those don't make me feel gay, so they don't count." {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: I think the issue is that it’s a flaw that stops us from rooting for Demacia. No one wants to support bigotry, less so against people who aren’t malicious.
this becomes really funny to me because Demacia has had it in the lore for a long time that breaking the law has stiff punishments for crime, as in death is not uncommon for what would lead to imprisonment in other nations. putting low to medium criminals to death is ok, but hatred of something your born with is not. not saying your in the wrong, just something i noticed and found interesting
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: > [{quoted}](name=Guy Broman,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=HNAVlAAE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-12-28T20:13:48.518+0000) > > Well.... that was dark. Good read, but damn! Pretty dark. The world isn't all sunshine and happiness I'm afraid. Even the most noble of nations like Demacia always has another side to them.
> Even the most noble of nations like Demacia always has another side to them. as a bit of a Noxus fanboy i will leave this here "Anyone who calls themselves noble rarely are."
: Noxus: PRobably not to far off, tho i'd expect most relationships to form during campaigns when it comes to soldiers. As you said i doubt marriage is something many of them worry about. Obviously the higher classes play their games with it but more for personal gain than the whole family. Zaun: as anything in zaun morals don't apply. any marriage is possible. ANYTHING. Though i suspect it to work like irl, where people do their thing and some think of actually getting married. As there is no government it'll prolly not be managed by one0. Piltover PRolly like zaun but with some restrictions, i doubt they'll let you marry your hextech gunblade. with the nobles acting like nobles. Freljord: I can agree with what you said, however there are strongholds led by men. In ryze's story we see him fight a mage who was in charge of a stronghold, i think it's safe to say the matriarchy is in the grand scheme of things, or at the current time. But If a man can end up in control of a village i wonder if he'd be allowed to have his own bloodsworn. Demacia They'll no doubt allow same sex marriage, far too risky for public image. nobles might be more open than we think. J4 shyvanna might not be cannon but he atleast seemed willing to accept her. I think painting them as elitist might be a mistake, demacia seems to be build on the foundation that anyone can be a hero through hard work. Marriage isn't magical and neither are the gays, so they'll prolly be gucci.
> demacia seems to be build on the foundation that anyone can be a hero through hard work. umm, isn't that more of Noxus' MO? they accept "strength" in all its forms so it feels like they'd be more hard work paying off and what not. Demacia has duties carried by families ({{champion:86}} and {{champion:99}} are both Crownguards for example). In the end they probably still wont be super anti-LGBt like you said, but maybe their citizens are more pressed to get married and and kids to carry on their family's duty be in blood related or adopted.
: If you could travel into Runeterra right now with your current memories, what would you do?
I'd go to Noxus, I'd hopefully learn magic and in the mean time take the painting knowledge I have and make propaganda posters. because hey Noxus seems open about magic and the only things they care about is that 1. you doing what your best at and 2. that thing be useful to the empire. {{sticker:draven-pose}}
Terozu (NA)
: You're so focused on what Noxus is you forget to ask what it can be. Riven is asking what it can be.
This, although it does get weird comparing Darkwill's Noxus with Swain's Noxus
: What is the Noxian dream made of? Is it Iron?
Noxians dream in Steel! It is Iron made Stronger!
MS exceI (EUNE)
: Riven shouldn't be a Noxian anymore
I pray to god that Riven doesn't become Ionian, for two reasons 1. Ionia is already the most populated nation in terms of champions, they don't need it 2. It would make both Rivens and Noxus' storys so boring compared to what it was/should still be If Riot when with making Riven just an Ionian, this would be her story "i was with the bad people but now i'm with the good people" I don't want that to be Riven's story because that is not what Noxus is any more. its not just some evil empire that uses child fighters and gas bombs, that was Darkwill and Singed who because Swain was at Ionia when this was done overthrew Darkwill and other than demons it worked because Noxus as a nation agreed or at least was convinced that Swain was right and Darkwill was not. Also Riven is to be blunt every good thing about Noxus in a single champion, she was an orphan on a farm but through her own grit, drive, and strength was able to not only able to be an honored warrior with a gifted rune blade but was given her own Warhost to lead. Only "beaking" when she lived after a battle she should has loss because of Singed's Chemical Carpet Bombing. Riven, as far as i can tell still would still believe in Noxus' "Strength in all its forms" stuff even if she "like the old lore" thinks that Noxus itself is failing to uphold that belief. If she instead just went that Ionia's belief systems are better than mean old Noxus, it would kill a lot of the effort Riot made to make Noxus more than just "Evil Empire.exe". but i will admit to being biased
Arakadia (NA)
: Kai'sa being in the Void doesn't stop her from having big breasts and low-cut-v-necks, your right. But it does create disconnect between her lore and her art when you do not show any signs of being a survivor of an underground hellscape. You can have sexualized characters who connect with their lore and fantasy (Evelynn, Elise, Ahri) but you could not have picked a worse example of sexualization being okay with Kaisa.
this is basically a failing as wording, Kai'sa is a character that has gone thought the worse hardships but still holds on to her humanity. however some people heard that she was a "survivor" and was expecting a character that went all Castaway. thats just my opionion on that thou.
: i actually agree even though it sounds braindead...
Papuga (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CurlyCrusader,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Y9UyER3H,comment-id=001f,timestamp=2018-12-01T00:04:02.627+0000) > > Modest looking models don't sell skins like the big tiddy anime girls do though. I hope you don't seriously think that's a major motivation.
umm, Riot makes almost all their money off of skins, why wouldn't they have that as a major motivation?
: Oh, my sweet summer child...
Don't do me like this. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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