: Rotating Game Mode queue update
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: Champion Update: Kassadin
{{champion:44}} {{item:3070}} *in the arms of an angel song* Hi my name is Sarah McLachlan and every year many great champions such as Taric go unnoticed and unupdated. Resulting into a 0% pick rate and the lowest level on the totem pole of the meta. For just $0.15 pennies a day, we can help stop champion abandonment and graphical outdating. Donate now at http:\\UpdateTaric.ritopls.co and see an end to the despair of Taric and his pizzafeet brother Mordekaiser.
PressMaybe (EUNE)
: 33% & scanning files
I got to 5,000 and it started updating on its own. I think it's patching while it scans. just leave it be and let it freak out for a while. that's what I did
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{{champion:44}}: "Will I never feel what it's like to be great?" {{champion:82}}: "These feet are unbearable! Release me from this burden and I shall be the strongest champion in the rift!" {{champion:412}}: "Poor lost souls." {{champion:112}}: "They are obsolete." {{champion:111}}: "Lost and forgotten." {{champion:6}}: "They are condemned." {{champion:103}}: "They've exhausted their use." {{champion:121}}: "Change is good!" {{champion:83}}: "Everything has an expiration date." {{champion:120}}: "Their souls beg for release." {{champion:30}}: "Your time has come." {{champion:38}}: "You are null and void."
: End of Season Rewards and the new Master Tier
{{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:25}} These are the only three possibilities that can be in that picture. These three only have that style of ear.
: Patch 4.18 notes
**35 YEARS AGO** {{champion:83}}: "Drink, {{champion:82}} . Claim your destiny; You will all be conquerors." {{champion:82}}: "And what, Gravedigger; Must we give in return?" *The Gravedigger slowly pulls back his hood* {{champion:83}}: "Everything." *{{champion:82}} slowly pours the cup back into the cauldron, with maniacal laughter coming from behind him.* {{champion:120}}: "You reject this gift?!" {{champion:120}}: "And did you bring these, mongrels here... Just to watch you die?" *Suddenly a large barrage of minion fire rains down from above, seen in the front of the line is {{champion:82}}'s newly formed ally {{champion:44}}. He lets out the invigorating call:* {{champion:44}}: "NOW!!!" *{{champion:44}} sends forth a super wave armed with two Cadillac minions. They fire giant chain nets rooting {{champion:120}}. Only to be futilely snapped in one swing of his staff.* *{{champion:120}} Attempts to dash toward {{champion:82}}, destroying minions and the earth alike. Only for him to dodge the attack, manning the gun of a downed Cadillac minion. {{champion:82}} then fires a large cannonball stunning the enraged {{champion:120}}, and suddenly, from the Fog of War; Mordekaiser appears leaping towards enemy {{champion:120}}, landing a single fatal blow to the head with his mace.* *As the powerful {{champion:120}}'s body nears combustion, {{champion:82}} stout-fully stands to accept the fate of the blast. When suddenly, {{champion:44}} sprints towards the determined {{champion:82}}, tackling him and saving him from sure death.* *The smoke clears, and {{champion:82}} is seen walking towards the Gravedigger, grabbing him forcefully by the shoulder.* {{champion:83}}: "This... was not our destiny!" {{champion:82}}: "Times change." *{{champion:82}} then shoves the defeated Gravedigger to the ground. {{champion:44}} is seen pulling the mace out of the {{champion:120}}'s skull, throwing it towards the victorious {{champion:82}}.* {{champion:82}}: "WE WILL NEVER BE SLAVES!!!... But we will be... Updated." *The massive Pizzafeet army is then seen marching towards a portal that will surely take them to the Riot Headquarters.* **11/13/14**
: {{champion:44}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:121}}: "Change is good!" {{champion:111}}: "Do you hear them calling?" {{champion:92}} : "Burdens of the past." {{champion:112}}: "They are obsolete." {{champion:6}} : "They are condemned." {{champion:41}}: "Look what trawled out of the bunghole!" {{champion:44}}{{item:3070}} {{champion:82}}: ... {{champion:82}}{{item:3070}}
I can do these forever, rito.
: Patch 4.18 notes
{{champion:44}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:121}}: "Change is good!" {{champion:111}}: "Do you hear them calling?" {{champion:92}} : "Burdens of the past." {{champion:112}}: "They are obsolete." {{champion:6}} : "They are condemned." {{champion:41}}: "Look what trawled out of the bunghole!" {{champion:44}}{{item:3070}} {{champion:82}}: ... {{champion:82}}{{item:3070}}
: Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, revealed
{{champion:44}} : "Finally! Sion! Maybe I'm up next!" {{champion:111}} : "Lost and Forgotten." {{champion:83}} : "Everything has an expiration date." {{champion:82}} : "Affliction... Forever!" {{champion:44}} {{item:3070}} Pizzafeet4eternity
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
{{champion:44}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:111}} "Do you hear them calling?"
: These were so fun to draw!! I'm so happy right now!! <3 What do you guys want to see next TELL MEEEE!!
{{champion:412}} plea I'd love to see gnar chewing on his lantern. Or trying to imitate his chain with his boomerang
: Headhunter Caitlyn never misses
{{champion:44}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:82}} "Left to die..."{{champion:111}}

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