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Abandon (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hayaishi2,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jlqutnk0,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-09-07T21:04:41.249+0000) > > Fuck pro play. Preach. I hate that the 'GAME' is balanced towards Pro Play when 99.9% of players aren't pros or going pro. Pro play should be a naturally emerging scene based on popularity and love for a game and not just pushed (overwatch style) and enforced on everyone else. When a game is great to play and has healthy competition, pro play emerges by itself... so why do we have to keep doing these enforced metas and weird balance shifts to screw everyone else over? At this point it might be better to split the game so you can balance for the casual audience as well as the pro play audience.
While i agree with you for the most part, we also cant just not balance to pros at all, otherwise the meta would get stale in pro cause things like akali or yummi, that are hella op in pro but meh at best in mid to low elo, get buffed and its all anyone ever picks
: I genuinely believe they should revert the rework Oldtrox was never the problem child newtrox is, newtrox has been in nearly every patch since his release with so many things being removed from his kit to the point he shares basically nothing in common with the original champion other then name, while oldtrox was a viable toplane pick for nearly a year with basically no presence in any patch notes Their reason for reworking him was he was a "stat check" but he actually had skillshots and timing/strategy in his kit, while there are champions still in the game like yi udyr Olaf and others who can do litraly nothing except stat check So yes, imo aatrox should be reverted Oldtrox wasn't the patch notes problem newtrox is He wasn't so disparate in pro/solo as newtrox Nothing that made aatrox unique has been kept in newtrox as his kit is so problematic they couldn't afford to keep it Etc etc etc
Yea but if you mean original aatrox then you gotta remember that the champ was dogs**t. Him and old yorick were by far the worst champs in the game. His whole kit was bad, a janky skillshot in a wired V shape, an "AOE" "Knockup" thats actual knockup area was so small it never hit, a heal i think(?), and a revive. And NONE OF THE STATS MATCHED UP. At least with newtrox the build is understandable, imo they need to just rework him again and not do this shit, i mean ryse has a rework like every month, this guy can get him another.
: Does reporting people ACTUALLY do anything?
what riot SHOULD do is bring back the tribunal, and do it how CSGO does it where you cant be a toxic player and you also get your correct and incorrect verdicts tracked, with an occasional fake trial of an innocent player to make sure that your not just auto banning them, and if you are you either lose tribunal privileges OR your verdict doesn't count for much.
: Look at the player behavior and moderation section. It works.
no, it doesn't. if you said it works in high elo, then probably, but if ur in bronze or silver, hell even low gold, it doesn't do anything. out of the hundreds of toxic people that i have reported since the tribunal was canceled, 2 of them got punished, and im talking about straight inting, like they buy only boots and go 2-20 toxic, not had a bad game toxic.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Words of appreciation? For me?
I know I've seen that character before, but I can't remember her name or the show she's from. halp please
: I found the solution!!!! Don't leave.... or AFK...
ummm not always their fault, there a lot of reasons it can happen 1. blackout 2. internet crashes 3. LoL crashes
Azuré (NA)
: LeaverBuster "Lower Priority Queue" keeps refreshing!
also is there a way to dispute the punishment? my internet gave out 3 times in a game, for reasons that weren't my fault, and it put my in low priority queue.
: One For All is back with a twist!
I understand why they don't make it permanently available, however why not make it available of a week or two every year or something? interest in the gamemode stays high, and if you time it right t wont take much out of the competitive side of the game
: One For All is back with a twist!
idk why these cant be made permanent gamemode options, we can still play normal but having these as options for games permanently would be fun too.
: Trials of the Poro
so is the poro the new champ or is the guy that saves the poro the new champ? or is it both in a sort of teamed champs thing like Sejuani and her boar?


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