Sarutobi (NA)
: I would think if anything they'd look at people who just got off a ban very carefully to see if they actually learn anything from being ban. It really depends on how toxic you were in those 3 games. If your chat was nothing but toxic behavior i think it would be common sense that the next tier ban would be coming. I find this as a good thing because that means the system they have in place is working faster/quicker.
My main concern As I said is that they banned me immediately following my second game, that means they only had time to personally review one game and it was within 24 hours of that game. This all means that my account was perks banned by the system and no riot employee had an eye in the case like they EXPLICITLY say they do.
: Really though, just fuck this game. There's a reason why old league players are leaving, banned or not. **_RIOT DOESN'T GIVE A SH!T ABOUT YOU!_** The game is just bad, not Heroes of the Storm bad, but the game is just bad. Riot is only in it for the money, they have terrible customer service, run by greedy individuals soley based on taking your money. This is better in the long run for you! Get away from this game, go play mario or metroid. Find a better hobby that doesn't involve this evil corporation that give next to no sh!ts about it's customers.
Truth. Riot needs to understand that you can't treat people this way(showing absolutely no concern for the older players). When you do things just for numbers is when your game collapses.
: If you can't go 3 games without raging at someone, you didn't learn anything from the 2 week ban. Hope you can enjoy whatever new game you play without getting as frustrated.
I think that if a murderer gets released from prison after 10 years and gets a parking ticket, he should insantly be sent life in prison with no parole or trial
: I got permabanned THREE games after my 2 week ban
And ofc in the email riot claims to have conducted an "extensive" audit on my behavior before providing chat logs from half an hour ago
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: I am extremely disappointed that jhin made it past PBE like this
literally as soon as you see you're up against jhin you might as well dodge/afk
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: I know it feels awkward seeing Lee Sin picked almost everygame and his insane early game pressure, but fact is, he dropps really hard in mid and lategame. Even tho it's a snowbally early game meta his winrate is at 46% which is insanely low. I dont see any reason for a nerf
I think as a principle when a "high skill" champion is the most popular one in the game its a sign that somethings out of place, just like riven not too long ago. Sure theyre not all over LC$ and they dont have alarming winrates, but one game against them and you know they need to be changed.
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: She's an assassin. She kills squishies.
> [{quoted}](name=MotherTeresa1910,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gl7IFlAy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-19T22:59:45.152+0000) > > She's an assassin. She kills squishies. She builds dead mans plate and like 3k hp and tons of armor/mr. I dont see lee sin killing people who have multiple armor items in one QeRQ when he builds only warrior and cleaver for damage and hes broken as fuck too.
: How To Spot The Real LeBlanc
The problem with her passive is that makes her untarggetable briefly and throws off your combo completely, not that you cant identify her clone afterwards. It also has like no cooldown
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Azmoran (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bruddah Mase,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=6p4r1YI8,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-17T23:35:25.784+0000) > > if riot wants LC$ to gain any real traction, theyre gonna need to cut down these delays between games, especially now that games are even shorter than before. If you look at real sports, the games either last way longer or happen more rapidly. Between champion select, interviews, random waiting etc the delayss just seem to last forever and I usually end up just not watching anymore Real sports? I watch them all the time. You are just rambling nonsense. Their are plenty of delays in any sport, just name it.
nfl games last hours and the break between them is the same, if not less
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: Should turrets hit harder and/or have longer range on champs?
I think they should deal a % of either current or missing hp. Id prefer missing so getting hit by a tower in lane while poking didnt cost you the whole lane. And no matter what they NEED to follow people through untargettability. Just make them switch targets then switch back
: It's not that Thunderlord's is "2 gud"
Thunderlord's is just stupidly designed. Why was lich bane proc ap ratio nerfed? why was dfg deleted and liandries nerfed? Burst champions are designed to the perfect amount of damage for their role(ideally) and such effects as thunderlord's break them when viable. If you've laned vs renekton lately and had him do 75% of your health in one combo you know what im talking about.
: Delicious Malicious Mordekaiser Christmas cookies
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: Eve and Rengar have practically the same gameplay pattern, why does Rengar get away with it?
eve always gets too tanky when shes strong for what she brings to a team and rengar builds glass. Back when rengar could build tanky he was nerfed too. that being said rengar is an abomination right now and needs some SERIOUS changes
Visigoth (NA)
: Vel'Koz has only received a single stat change since release
Well actually hes kind of overpowered right now
: He counters melee's, you as jax you should have played from behind. If he bandages you, w his face and ward jump out. Hes forced to either let you go, or ult, in which case you can just run away. You tried to 1v1 an obviously built up amumu. Learn how to counter play.
"Obviously built up" did you not read the part where I said we were same items and level? Amumu is an almost entirely aoe based initiating tank who's meant to contribute to games by doing lots of damage to everyone over the course of the fight while cc'ing them. Jax is entirely based on 1v1ing single targets, thats literally what his whole kit is designed for. Amumu should not be able to 1v1 the likes of fiora/jax/tryndamere early game because hes already got so much strength invested in teamfighting.
: ... I can't even... this post... I can't. Nope, I've got to. 100-0? He ONE SHOT YOU?!?! Amumu's kit is literally designed around tanking... resisting AA's, and doing % HP DMG per second... if you had no MR... and stood in his tears... you lost because you just didn't play logically.
So is there some way to fight them that DOESNT involve standing in his tears? And yes an amumu with an abyssal scepter can kill any squishy with QEWR before they get free of the cc, i don't know where you've been if you havent seen this. Amumu has had a winrate at least on the top 5 for years, it's just silly that anyone else who gets to a 55% winrate gets gutted while he gets a free pass because pros dont play him
: Type "going for 100 deaths" run directly at the turret without attacking and keep ur account, thx
You say this like it's some hate crime against humanity or some kind of murder case. "This is something a person with no fear of repercussion does because they have been taught through previous inaction that there will be zero reprisal." LOL. its a video game grow up everyone has the same chances of getting matched with the guy
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Baunjo (NA)
: Oh no damage! Oh no! At least it's a skillshot. And you have to follow up on your second Q into melee range to get that missing health damage
Oh no he has to be melee range on a melee champion to deal damage.
: Solution? WALK AWAY WHEN SHE ULTS, and SPREAD OUT That's pretty much it
Spread out MIGHT be a good argument but "walk away" is silly when it gives you like 1 second warning
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: No, you weren't "forced to dodge". You chose to give up on a match before it even began. Don't try to blame someone else for your lack of resolve.
So you actually think its possible to win vs jax soraka AND lee on one team? I don' think a pro team could beat a bunch of bronzies if they had those champs
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Daeana (NA)
: one of the things that made her a bit less potent in her Role performance was how she engages enemies in combat. In human form she needs to lay or trap or land a spear for her longer engage or time coming out of a bush right for that speed burst engage I think her passive should also activate off a basic attack instead of just abilities. as well as maybe put the armor and MR buff back to her cougar from not a lot but enough so that it makes a difference in form changing and engaging. these would be the light adjustments that I would make to try her changes in tactics.
her hunt bonus damage applying off basic attacks would instantly make her the most broken champion to ever exist. And clearly you never played vs bruiser nid when got resists or you'd know thats an equally terrible idea.
: I agree, this feels like S4 where it was either pick Renekton or get creamed
Yeah but his late game feels stronger now than in S4 and he actually gets to build damage items unlike in S4
: How weak is akali?
She's still stupid with thunderlord's decree she can 100-0 anyone at 6 and for the rest of the game. I don't know why people think her W being weak against new wards does anything to stop her 3 dashes
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Drehirth (NA)
: Just another toolbag looking to farm upvotes...
or maybe I just had the shit experience of playing vs him for the millionth time. if you think i care about upvotes on a video game website you're something else
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: Zed is weak I have no idea why you're complaining.
> [{quoted}](name=EcchiOtakuTM,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3vwz0jqA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-04T23:33:45.306+0000) > > Zed is weak I have no idea why you're complaining. Have you played against him since his buff?
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