: I'm sure Kha won't be broken at all in 8.19... after all, there were already several Kha mains in high ELO even with no buffs. This doesn't feel like forcing a meta at all. It feels like deserved balance changes. It DEFINITELY isn't related to the upcoming Championship Kha'Zix skin either. Oh wait... most of the changes in the last few patches are NOT about correct objective balance. They are about forcing certain comps/picks/strategies to be dominant because Riot thinks they're more entertaining than actually having a properly balanced and diverse game. Is competitive integrity and FAIR balance really not on Riot's priority list anymore? There are so many champions struggling more than Kha even if they're not as "flashy" or popular. Those aren't even small buffs and he already had a good play rate in high ELO, as well as an above average win rate. It's hard to believe they really don't realize that they're just butchering balance with changes like this or for Pyke. Even the Lucian changes were pretty obviously over the top and he's now the best performing ADC in high ELO despite an enormous play rate. If Riot's going to switch to milking people with unwarranted buffs for skins or just because they want to showcase what they think are the "most fun" champions at a big tournament, they're going to lose respect/credibility/trust almost instantly and the game's player base along with it. Favoritism or skins should not play a role in balance. Riot should have a contract with the community where they abide by this. If League is to be a game with longevity, it needs to have an unbiased custodian (perhaps an independent organization). This shows a really irresponsible attitude on Riot's part. It makes a mockery out of people's time in ranked. Someone who's not even good at some of these champions will often see more success than another player with extreme skill on an unloved champion. There shouldn't be such large deltas between the effectiveness of champions and their power levels. Riot has to make a commitment to real balance if they want this game to be taken seriously as a competitive endeavor. When they make changes which clearly distort balance, it devalues the time everyone puts into the game to be good. _____________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: I may have overreacted to the Kha buffs! It remains to be seen but he's not too crazy yet based on the limited sample size so far. However, his play rate shot up a lot so that's always going to depress win rates. On paper, they still seem incredibly scary though and I think having such high damage already + more utility may incentivize tankier builds like Warrior-BC-Sterak's since you're often overkilling targets. I don't really have a problem with Kha being buffed if it's just a small nudge towards viability at the highest levels (although he saw some play even before). I thought that he was being overbuffed specifically to make him a nearly guaranteed pick at Worlds. Ideally, I think every champion should be viable at every level but I don't want the balance team to force a certain meta. It should develop organically and not because something is suddenly broken tier etc. That's all.
Same thing that was running through my mind. Kha is already being used to high success in high elo and now they're buffing him substantially. Welp, guess I'm banning Kha now 100%.
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Porocles (NA)
: There's maintenance going on for a few regions, and some services like ranked play will be unavailable. Per the [service status](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#na) page, ranked could likely return around noon. Bookmark that page for updates, and hang tight until then!
Wait, tomorrow morning?
meowwow7 (NA)
: so wait he's suppose to be spending his gold going tanky yet you are complaining about his build consisting of 3 {{item:1082}} and then going for the glory so the only tankyness you would have before that is from the mana on the rings and his passive ._.
By the time you complete your t2 boots, 2x seals, righteous glory, the game is at 15-20 minutes already. Then, you need to build a tank item. The longer you delay rightous glory, the more useless you will be because you will never be able to catch anyone and it will cost your team heavily during the mid-game.
meowwow7 (NA)
: i'm surprised there wasn't any qq'ing about the new {{item:3194}} or{{item:3193}}
I accept that Singed doesn't deal much damage to champions, so I'm not too worked up about those items. The way Singed is optimally played these days is to be a tanky engager/support rather than to spend gold building damage. If you spend gold on damage, you wont have enough gold for righteous glory, so you won't catch anyone and you won't be tanky either.
Rioter Comments
: Iirc 3rd best nidalee commented and said to just leave her alone she's fine. Tbh she really is, its just the meta champs right now (vi, hec, zac, lee) are cancer. The best buff nidalee could ever recieve to make her a solid pick again is simply nerfing those champs.
Pretty sure he doesn't want buffs because he doesn't want Nidalee to be a highly contested pick/ban champion. In other words, he wants to be able to play it in just about every single game like he does now. The truth is though, at about a 40% win rate, Nidalee is in desperate need of buffs; even if they are small ones.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.1 Jungle Nerfs
As a Singed main, the Zz'rot nerfs seem too harsh. Zz'rot is a core item on Singed and this is definitely going to hurt. The voidspawn don't even reach from one outer turret to the other. What if every fourth empowered voidspawn was able to go a bit farther?
Kilanost (NA)
: I may be wrong but what you're perceiving as a faster decay rate is actually decreased void spawn health across the board. I'd double check that.
I read the patch notes. > VOIDSPAWN HEALTH DECAY: OLD 10% current health every 0.25 seconds ⇒ NEW 20% current health every 0.25 seconds
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: Proxy Singed - What happens when your jungler near your lane and asks for a leash?
Looking at your history, looks like you were boosted in July and camped the Gold 1. No one is going to believe your story. Enjoy getting stripped of your rewards.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Why not 7% though
Maybe they expect tanks to creep back into the meta with the mastery changes and they are preemptively adding counter-play so that we don't end up with OP tanks for many patches.
: Down in NA at 606am?
NA is down for planned maintenance starting at 5:00 a.m. central time (18 minutes ago). The patch should be out within the next hour or two.
: Be a bro. queue as support and you will have 1 minute wait times.
False. I queued as fill in normals yesterday and had to wait 15 minutes in queue just to be filled into the support role. Still a really long queue time for a role that I didn't really want.
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Chaos689 (NA)
: I just realized old Poppy had a place in this game...
Man old Poppy was so fun, but it was kinda broken tbh.{{item:3078}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3153}}
Dwith (NA)
: This community is really shallow
/mute all {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:1}}
: Sorry, but a permanent ban is permanent. The only time that you will be unbanned is if you are banned in error.
No way dude. You mean to tell me permanent means forever?! Mind blown.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
clOWN86 (NA)
: Top lane Tips please!
Split pushing is good, but from my experience in lower elo, your team won't know how to play around a split pusher. They might just fight 4v5 in the mid lane before you even have pressure. In higher elo though, people will play around your split push. I.E. You pressure top side so that your team can comfortably take an objective on the other side of the map like dragon.
XinCrin (NA)
: RIP Strength of the Ages
Won't be missed by me. Very overpowered in the jungle IMO.
: How do you deal with people reporting you for "boosting"?
Take it as a compliment and move on lol.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Apparently League of Legends is a competitive game
Preach it brother. I'm sick of only ranged champions in the top lane. We need some diversity. BTW what did you mean when you talked about the new masteries making ranged champs even stronger? I haven't had a chance to check out the season 7 masteries.
: Yasuo main, posting in a classic thread.
Can't tell if his name is supposed to be ironic.
: Should I get velkoz or Lisandra?
Velkoz is more versatile. He can double as a mid-laner or a support.
: Nidalee has one of the lowest win rates now
Nidalee is balanced for high-elo and competitive play. I don't suggest picking her unless you're in d1+.
: Doran's / Tough skin fix?
I think Dorans shield needs a small buff. These are pretty creative ideas.
: Tryndamere Question
Tryndamere is more of a split pusher, but there are times to group as well. Typically though, if you're strong enough to 1v1 and can draw 2 people to your lane, this leaves your team open to be able to 4 vs 3 the enemies. Of course, you have to keep pressure on their towers and not die. Timing is also important. You want to have hard pressure on the opposite side of the map from where you want your team to take an objective. Example: Dragon comes up in 1 minute, your team prepares dragon (scans/wards/pinks) while you push the opposite side of the map (top). If you can't even 1v1 your opponent, you have pretty little pressure and are essentially useless. I also want to point out that I've played Tryndamere in low elo and I've gotta tell you, most of the time, your team isn't going to take full advantage of your split pushing or they will just fight 4v5 before you can draw pressure. Feelsbadman. Teamfighting champions are easier to get out of low elo with imo (something brainless like Malphite).
: I honestly feel like elohell is more of a state of mind than a real thing
I feel like everyone has their own elo hell. It's the point at which their skill plateus.
: Top lane main who have to deal with no help but get blame for being bad LMAO
Even though your team-mates might not see it, there's value in having the enemy jungler visit your lane constantly. It leaves your jungler open to take dragon or safely gank other lanes. It also relieves pressure on the other lanes when the enemy jg is focusing on you. The best think you can do is adapt, ward, and try not to die so that you can just waste his time and get more value of the situation. Try to ward river around the 3 minute mark. The deeper, the better. Also, getting an early pink is definitely worth the investment.
: What to Do About Friends
Being closed minded and "all-knowing" is the reason many people are in low-elo.
: Quick Survey On How You Use Quick Cast/Non-Quick Cast
I have never used quick-cast. This is part of the reason why I've never even tried to learn champs like Yasuo or Lee sin. At this point, I'm too entrenched in my ways to try to get used to it. I also play on locked screen. If I were teaching League to a new player, I would recommend for them to start playing the game with everything quick-casted.
: If it's not Kennen, it's Jayce
Yep something has to be done. Last week I suggested buffing Doran's shield so that melee champs can survive the lane.
Elrosp (NA)
: Help me out of elo hell Riot
In order to demote, your MMR has to be really bad. You must have been playing against mid-silvers. If you can't climb against mid-silvers, you need to improve your own gameplay. Please note that I'm not attacking you, but I feel like someone has to point it out. "These shitty teams"
: Would you please reconsider my permanent ban?
Good grief. I hope this teaches you a lesson. No, your account will not be unbanned. That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. Based on the chat-logs you provided, you definitely deserved what you got. I mean, jesus... you hardly said anything that would contribute to your team's victory. It was all negative talk from your end. Additionally, it's not just "a few bad games". I'm pretty sure you can only get perma banned for toxicity after a long pattern of abuse. Didn't your previous temporary bans teach you anything? In any case, don't waste your time here trying to get a second chance. Make a new account and reform.
: Top lane keeps feeding
Play enough games and it should average out a bit. You will get the Fiora on your team half the time and the Garen the other half. All you can do is try your best and accept that you can't choose your teammates.
: What separates Bronze from Diamond
> Pick non-garbo champs You can get to D5 just off one-tricking any champion and having decent mechanics. However, you won't get much further if your macro is bad.
Kotex (NA)
: Chance to get gold before season end?
It depends on how good you are. There are 3 weeks left in the season. Assuming your MMR is average, you would have to win around 20 times in a row for Gold V. Of course, you won't have a 100% win rate, so you have to factor in losses. Depending on your skill level, you'd have to put in at least about 50 games.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hello Im Josh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sNfWkAFW,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-01T14:19:22.640+0000) > > The top lane meta is very stale at the moment. Only ranged champions are truly viable (Gnar, Jayce, Gangplank, Kennen). . > Only ranged champions are truly viable (Gnar, Jayce, Gangplank, Kennen). . > Only ranged champions are truly viable Gnar, Gangplank . > ranged champions are truly viable Gangplank . > ranged champion... Gangplank {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
That wasn't a mistake. I consider Gangplank to be a ranged champion even though his auto attack is melee. His Q on short cooldown is ranged, his barrels are ranged, his ultimate is ranged.
Shadòw (EUW)
: Doran's Shield needs a Buff
I like it.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: does this make anyone else's blood boil?
Honestly, just /mute all in low elo. They rarely communicate anything of value, (flash timers, ward placements, prepping objectives). Half the time that they open up their chat box it's to be toxic in one form or another.
: Why does Trundle have such a bad winrate?
I think its because of the ranged meta like you said. Trundle is good against tanks because of his ultimate and tanks just aren't being played atm because the meta counters them so hard. Singed dropped from 53% to 49% with this patch too.
: They should just change the passive from: UNIQUE: Blocks 8 damage from basic attacks and single target abilities from champions. to UNIQUE: Blocks 20 damage from basic attacks and single target abilities from champions. *Half for melee basic attacks. ____________ With that they will give a small buff against melee champions, +2 reduction, and a huge buff against ranged champions, +12 reduction. Thus making laning against a ranged top laner beareable.
I like the idea of blocking more from ranged attacks, but this is way overkill lol.
: High skill cap mid liners
Yasuo is a high skill cap champion that can be taken top/mid. He gets a bad rap because many low elo players try to play him without possessing the requisite skill to unleash the champion's true potential. If you invest a couple hundred games into the champion and commit to reading guides and learning it, Yasuo can take you a long way. Here is Dopa's recent take on yasuo. "Bullshit aside Yasuo is a broken champion. People say he's a high skillcap champion, but the secret with Yasuo is knowing how to control yourself while playing such a overpowered champion. Yasuo's weakness comes from the fact that he is too strong. His laning phase is so strong that after the laning phase people do not know how to keep calm and throw the game." - Apdo
Caítlyn (NA)
: I feel bad for...bruiser players?
Play something with a gap closer. But yeah, as a Singed main, I'm getting real sick of Gnar and pokey top laners in general.
: Question to all Players about Promos in Rank
I think scripting is kinda rare, especially after the recent ban-wave that Riot did. The only scripters I've seen used to be on Cassiopia back in s4-5 and most recently a few Kogmaws.
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: Lagging for no reason?
Do you by any chance live in the southern part of USA? I have been experiencing lag despite perfect ping/fps. I live in south Texas and everyone else's ping was fine except for one other guy who lived in south florida. Both of these connections pass through Dallas I think. Maybe there is a problem at the Dallas hub.
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