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: That's like saying "I didn't call him a ni%%%%. I just said ni%%%% after someone made Ekko/Lucian remarks." It's a racist label regardless, and thus a very poor choice of words on your part. Especially on an account you say you had just gotten back.
That's a good analogy, but do you really think saying %%%%%%%%%%% in one game deserves a PERMANENT ban
Twiggles (NA)
: If you can't see how calling somebody a chi%% cho%% is racist, then I really don't know what else to say.
I didn't call them %%%%%%%%%%%, I just said %%%%%%%%%%% after someone made wukong remarks I believe. I don't exactly remember 100% but that definitely isn't permaban worthy...
Twiggles (NA)
: That racial comment would be what most likely triggered your ban.
b..but how is that racist... they're literally cussing me out to their hearts content in chinese and nothing lol
Brujahbr (NA)
: ***
all that was is ching ch___
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capwill (NA)
: 2 former plats looking for team members to climb out of gold dynamic queue
Totalis (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shroom Junkie,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=oN4GWtgp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-23T18:31:00.610+0000) > > So true. > Unless you say it after a loss, or a 60-minute back and forth game. Then its just funny. If I lose in a back and forth 60-min game and the enemy says "GGEZ" that guy is getting reported and me wishing upon a star that night that he dies in a fire. It's wrong I know but that shit is the most aggravating bm thing ever.
I don't think you are ready for the internet. So many people on this forum get triggered by the slightest things, if you were faced with a real world situation where you were called a doodoo head you'd call the cops. Go play some simon says irl or some shit rofl
: Yes, I understand how she works, but my point is that you hate the E damage amp. But that isn't part of her ult. That's part of her E and how it works. If they wanted to tone it down, they could have changed it, since its only purpose is damage. It now reads "Deals double damage to chilled targets." Instead it could say "Deals 50% more damage to chilled targets." That's the sort of change you seem to want, and it's not what Riot did. Instead, they hit her utility and waveclear pretty hard by reducing her initial ult AOE.
Not really. Her stun, which amplifies the E's damage, is not that hard to dodge. Her ult is instant and covered a wide AOE which you couldn't possibly hope to dodge against an anivia equipped with a brain. I don't care if her stun amplifies her other ability, it's just the instant wide AOE ult that needed to get nerfed and it did which I'm happy with.
: I'm not sure how you think this was a correct fix. She can still use her "stun combo". In fact, she can do it MORE easily now, because Q has a longer stun duration, and E has a slightly longer range. And if she lands her ult on you, she can still do that instant R+E combo you hate. If you think this was the correct nerf, I wonder: what about her ult, by itself, did you think was too strong? It seems to me (as someone who plays Anivia) that if anything was too strong, it was the E, not the ultimate. The ultimate provided a lot of utility but not really that much damage on its own.
Her ult did too much damage amplification since it was sooo damn easy to land and just shard someone to one shot them. I don't care if she does that late game, but she can half ur hp bar early game with nearly no ap. Her ult isn't the damage I'm complaining about, it's just the combo damage that the ult boosts her other abilities by if that makes sense. I don't know much about anivia, but as soon as she gets either an ult hit or that stun ball hit then shards you you're basically dead.
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: Daily Reminder that Homer Simpsons was the ultimate league player before League even came out
: New dragon is hilariously oppressive or sometimes useless
ya ok op stop whining that the first dragon gives enemy a snowball lead; say they get their first fire drake at 15:00 and the enemy rengar has 250 AD. 250*.08 is 20 he'll have 270 AD _**270**_ now keep in mind it's EXTREMELY unlikely that rengar would even have that much AD at this point unless you or your team fed him to begin with. he'd have more of a 150-200 range It's not a problem, if you actually complain that 8% is too snowbally you're the issue and the dragons are just fine
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: You have made a Mistake Worst Morde NA
you are legit the cringiest person on this board. just go to a hentai board site if you love riven this much lol
Meddler (NA)
: Nice analysis and yeah, reducing frustration's definitely a big goal for these changes. We are looking to hit power to some degree as well though, laning power in particular (harass and shove/roam), which translates into lower late game power too on average.
what are your thoughts on fizz? he gets massive complains and this qss change is just a big no no
Pupel (NA)
: Problem is they are kinda underwhelming as a item and they dont really stack up to the other upgrades
% damage reduction on auto is pretty big. compared to the tiny 15 magic pen on the sorc boots these are golden
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Grivendal (EUNE)
: URF got boring really fast
lol so stupid acting like the real game is more entertaining. they both have the same objective and nothing changes except for champion choices
: So Lucian is a: Burst, Hyper-Carry, Mobile, Ranged, Lane Bully, AD Assassin.
He is not a hyper carry, he has short range and is really squishy so if you cc him he's done for unless you has godly qss timing and dashes out of any cc which is what works for any other adc with a dash. He only bullies you if you lack a brain and decide to stand behind an easy Q path for him. He doesn't assassinate you because he takes atleast 2 passive rotations late game to kill you or atleast an auto and a passive rotation, of course he's fucking ranged he's an adc??? burst is the same as assassin, but again he has no tank melting tools in his kit and that youmuus black cleaver build falls off a ton so aside from that he is still squishy and lacks damage versus tanks unless they sit there and jack off during his ult.
Garekk (NA)
: Nocturne's ult should mini-fear all enemy champions immediately around his target.
He doesn't badly need something going for him... infact nocturne is one of the strongest jungler assassins. He's pretty strong overall, can screw enemy vision, has a built in fear cc, some sustain, a spellshield, and a stat booster.
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Neamean (NA)
: Elderwood Kayle
ok but nerf her first FUCK KAYLE
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: How does Fizz's ultimate interact with Gangplanks oranges now btw?
It can't be qss'd but they probably left gangplank alone so I don't know
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: well if you wanna waste a ban on sona, make sure you ban also yorick and amumu
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: Update the dragon callouts to include the type.
Man this is such a dumb suggestion is it that hard to read the scoreboard rofl
: How are you level 30 and not know that?
: Sales aren't on IP prices
omg you can't be serious lol
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: I never trust the critical analysis of someone who cant be bothered to hit shift to capitalize the first letter of a sentence. I mean that is a pretty low effort typing maneuver and yet... all lower case. I mean if a man with holes in his shirt and shit stains on his pants were telling you the secrets of the universe, would you listen. Sorry, your all lowercase post has shit stains on it.
oh boy you got me lets shift the topic to make it look like i'm mature
Elewd (NA)
: i mean my point still stands, he had one of the lowest playrates in the game and now he's suddenly incredibly popular after he got buffs and itemchanges. Lucian outdamages Twitch Vayne and kog'maw during the earlygame, to the point that theres no point in picking them if i can just pick lucian and just do the same damage easier and safer.
yeah i don't think you can be communicated to. just fishing for upvotes by hating on lucian some more lol. all of those adcs i listed can burst luc early easily. vayne can dodge his q, twitch can stack e and burst him with some good supporting, and kogmaw can outrade him since lucians dash has a long cooldown early and his q is his primary source of damage. his passive is NOTHING early
Elewd (NA)
: other adc's are playable, lucian just outdamages them during laning phase, midgame, and lategame. he has a super high playrate because he is overpowered, not because he is "fun" otherwise people would've been playing him before the adc update, but they didnt.
no he doesn't holy shit stop spouting crap twitch and vayne and mf and kogmaw can destroyyyyy luc
: > [{quoted}](name=Brujahbr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JpvgUthi,comment-id=0006000b,timestamp=2016-05-15T05:19:42.666+0000) > > You only come out to nerf him when there's a hate bandwagon. hes currently the top adc with his his play and winrate being steadily climbing. hes played 40% of the games, which is relly damn crazy.
omg he has a 50% winrate fam and his core build is not a black cleaver build do you even read it or just jumpin on the hate bandwagon too lol
Meddler (NA)
: We'll be nerfing Lucian because of Lucian. Ranges most likely (possible options at present look like Q passthrough range and W range), with the goal of keeping his in fight power/mobility but making him pay a bit more price for it.
You only come out to nerf him when there's a hate bandwagon. It's not like this build is even more oppressive than his normal crit build. He's an amazing adc, and I like to think of him as the thresh of adcs. Has balanced weaknesses but is also almost always good. Twitch is muuuch stronger than lucian and has extremely long range and you should leave luc as is. Instead of following that dumb hate bandwagon, look at stats and see how much stronger twitch actually is. Even vayne can beat lucian.
: wait, why are you nerfing Lucian? He isn't even that strong. He's played in ranked mostly because he is fun and in competative because of his mobility. His winrate is literally 50% yet he's up for a nerf? Meanwhile Twitch gets to stay at 55% assassinating squishes and melting tanks whenever he decides to ult. Lucian is seeing so much play because the meta favors adcs who can live long enough to do damage, blame the environment, not the champ.
this only got downvotes by idiots. this is completely true. the new lucian build isn't even as strong as his normal crit build, and twitch does 1000x any other adcs damage and can basically get a penta with a few shots. Lucian is amazing as he is and he shouldn't be getting nerfed by riot because they want to follow the dumb hate bandwagon.
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nep2une (NA)
: The butthurt is real.
Yeah, it is for you. You can't come up with a proper response because you're trying to be a keyboard warrior and stick to some crappy memes.
nep2une (NA)
: See, that's the point. If you've been enough of a dick to get to that point, you don't deserve to be playing for 2 weeks. OH WOW, YOU'RE BORED, OH NO, WHAT SHALL WE DO? THIS IS A NATIONAL CRISIS GUYS! Oh wait, try not being an asshole. Then maybe you wouldn't have been banned. Your fault, and yours entirely.
Oh no! Someone cussed you out and your feelings are hurt. Quick, make sure they can't play for two weeks so I can rest assured I can be a horrible person non chat wise and get away with it while making sure anyone who says the slightest bad word to me is banned!
scazzman (NA)
: the OP has a valid point. many toxic players. particualarly those who are verbally toxic don't know where the "invisible line" is. because it's invisible. and for people trying to reform. that's a problem. and "dont be negative" isnt an answer. because "negative behavior. is vague and subjective. imo riot needs to come out with a complete list of whats ok and whats not while this list would be largely arbitrary. it would let people know exactly whats ok and what's not and allow reforming players a list of things to avoid doing. and would let trolls know an example list would be this will get you punished outright "intentional feeding" "hate speech" "trolling" "irl threats" this will get you punished if you do it repeatedly "asking for reports" "raging/insulting your teammates" "passive aggressiveness" "taunting""allies or enemies" "spamming chat, pings or surrender votes" "trying to coerce teammates" "afk" "excessive cursing" "retaliating to a toxic player" this is ok and wont get you punished and should not be reported initiating a surrender vote voting yes on a surrender vote complaining being direct muting a teammate muting chat altogether im also putting this list up on a separate board
yes! this is my point. "complaining" is too broad tho, many people get triggered if you say the slightest thing about their gameplay lol
: Fraid so. It's all or nothing now. One more transgression, no matter how slight, will get your account banned permanently. Either reform now or be prepared to level another account.
: It's true. Work on reforming now. :) Here's a link to the original thread talking about the updated punishments.
hm not sure if stupid or edgy and stupid
Kei143 (NA)
: next punishment is a perma.
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: Lucian still broken
People just jump on bandwagons easily. You just said he has a 51% winrate. You have to be joking, lucian is one of the most balanced adcs if not the most balanced. Lucian is basically the thresh of marksmans. His strengths and weaknesses are balanced and he's a great pick in almost any case.
Zerolera (NA)
: I'll be the first to admit that I can be toxic in some games yet somehow I've never gotten more than the "we understand everyone has a bad day" warning. Maybe it's unjustified but I have a hard time sympathizing with people who've been reprimanded because of that considering that I've flamed, left, insulted people etc... I just don't do it to a consistent extreme.
That's what I'm emphasizing. People don't really care what they do if they don't get warned because most people I know don't consistently go from dicks to angels. The problem is, when you randomly get permabanned out of nowhere because you don't know if people are getting offended at your "reformed" self, something isn't right.
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