Ivexl (NA)
: Already done that. Reinstalled, repaired, updated my gpu, optimized my SSD.
Reach out to [support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us), they will give you a repair tool file that will fix everything and a more advanced diagnostic. Gl HF.
: Missing Blue Essence?
Ivexl (NA)
: Freezing?
Reinstall the game, check your drivers and update if needed, and make sure you've optimised the HHD.
: Level up capsules suck so far
Trying having all the champions unlocked... BE is a waste of time imo.
: Please look into this ban..
It is moments like those you need to simply not let it get to you and work hard on trying to overcome shortcomings others are having. Getting into a text war about what someone isn't doing is just distracting yourself from the match and then causing others to become offended or tilt hard(er). I've spent a lot myself and I know the loss too well. Granted I was doing a lot more drugs and drinking when I lost my others, I've been sober for a bit now and I can see how it really turned me into a toxic mess. There is a point where you can be passive aggressive in your coms and ask for ganks. To focus on having others not overextend. It really about how you communicate and how others will react. If they don't change their behavior, just work past it. If you lose, just move on it's not that serious. Remember this is for entertainment.
: I come back after 3 seasons League is basically the same.
It's a part of the community and there is an automated system in place now that targets toxicity and tries to make the place better. Outside of the champion additions, the constant refinement, the entire MOBA is roughly the same - at least until this recent patch. It is so much easier to go into matches and /mute all and to not feed into others if you don't mute the room. I am guessing the best advice is to have as much fun and try to never get angry or let it get to you like it does others and you'll have a lot more fun.
Sirii (NA)
: ***
Sure thing. I am mental, yep. I am bad at the game, yep. Gl HF.
: > [{quoted}](name=flesruoy llik,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=XXvXOxhn,comment-id=00000001000100000000000100000000,timestamp=2017-11-14T22:09:35.003+0000) > > Oh, I really don't like it. I am not willing to buy a name change at the moment and for the original purpose of this account, it never was intended to become a main as it did at the end of season 5. Its one of those regretful things I've done. I can help you with that one. Submit a support ticket to Riot and they will force a temporary name and a name change onto the account because of the name's inappropriate nature. > Yeah, I am not here to try to win sides, I just am using this to help me as an arbitrator providing feedback to others about a game we all love. Ok then.
Thanks, I am working on that atm. Cheers.
Sirii (NA)
: ***
Ok. If you say so. Again. I am inviting you, when and if you do, get unbanned to play me. I would love the opportunity to play. GL Hf.
Sirii (NA)
: ***
Right, but you're rank is not plat. It is silver 1. I was silver 5 with 15 lp when the season ended in S5 and s6 I got to bronze 1, but spent a lot of time not really caring that much about what rank I was. I still don't and mentioned before I have smurfs that show that. So you keep harping on the same thing. It is literally the only thing you have to use as an argument. Who cares what your name is... what is the deal with you being fixated on 2 things. And I am far from butthurt man, you are a very sad person who clearly thinks you're somehow better than everyone, make fun of disabled people, and have little to no idea about the real toxicity you possess. If I cannot comprehend language very well how am I conversing with you.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Text-based chat is actually the worst possible thing for both communication and player behavior.
Text is actually a lot better because it can identify when a player is truly using toxic language and provides a medium to track their harassment. I know you might see a lot of extreme examples of toxicity but it is all about how you go about communicating with others yourself. There are times where it is just ungodly toxic and there are some matches where it can be pretty fun and an overall good time when people playing are having fun and not taking it to extremes. That said DOTA and other MOBA's that have voice chat are sometimes one of the worst experiences I've had playing online. A lot of the online gaming community tends to say a lot of horrible things to one another and it becomes a standard amongst players to say things they typically wouldn't in public. Voice chat is an open door to make fun of someone's disability, sexuality, sexual orientation, race, and anything else another player could easily harass someone with. You can easily use DISCORD and try to play with premade groups using the application/ website to communicate. If you need to call baron hit tab select baron icon at the top and short-hand the words Baron into chat. Most players will understand if you're pinging for assistance that you're calling for a baron kill. Same thing with Drags. Masterfully using pings is one of the best parts about this game. If you can use the system well enough you'll never need to type and you'll be able to make the plays you need without heavy typing.
Sirii (NA)
: ***
You're in silver... it's not masters. You're not some untouchable player I couldn't beat. It would actually be easy in my opinion. Also, your rant was deleted because it is abusively toxic, you know that little notification you get next to new replies. I am sure you do. When you clicked it today you clearly saw an arbitrator remove your post and that one was one of the finer moments in proving how toxic you are to everyone else.
: I disapprove of their behavior, but I'm not siding with you either. You think you're clever for spelling "kill yourself" backwards? You're not. It's asinine and childish, and most people aren't even going to notice anyways.
Oh, I really don't like it. I am not willing to buy a name change at the moment and for the original purpose of this account, it never was intended to become a main as it did at the end of season 5. Its one of those regretful things I've done. Yeah, I am not here to try to win sides, I just am using this to help me as an arbitrator providing feedback to others about a game we all love.
Sirii (NA)
: ***
Look. Your former chat, the one I reported once you begun to become awol has been removed. Therefore its contents and the things you harassed me over last night has been removed as it should have been. You didn't know what my handle was until another person told you and now you somehow associate whatever your agenda is against me, with me trolling people. Another falsehood. You keep talking about how much better you are, but you're in silver 1 man. I mean come on. It is a rank. I am telling you lets one v one and you're a coward and keep falling back to things you're making up in your head. You constantly goto calling me mentally challenged and constantly use that as your crutch and I hope you can learn to actually spend time around those who are mentally handicap and learn about how others with indifferences are actually not too much different than you. I do not know you, but I can tell you're a very young person and I would pray for you because you are a naive person who doesn't understand the sheer gravity of what you're telling someone. I really wish you the best, because it is very apparent who needs real consoling and real-world experience with others. Best wishes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sirii,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=XXvXOxhn,comment-id=0000000100010000,timestamp=2017-11-14T21:47:35.245+0000) > > Bronze 4 player account name "kill yourself" is going around in player behavior boards spamming troll comments. That does not answer my question; what are you hoping to accomplish by acting in this manner?
Targeted harassment. He is upset that he was placed on a 2-week suspension and posted a heavily edited version of his chat logs. A rioter came in to clarify, what Sirii called an unjustly served suspension and after I tried to explain to him the real reasoning behind his toxicity he has since made a point to follow me and troll me. I am here to help others. His agenda is the opposite.
  Rioter Comments
: It doesn’t take that long to level up honor when you try (be positive, interact with your team positively, etc) and it stops the ‘real’ assholes from ruining the game for thousands (millions?) of others.
I am working on it ATM and haven't seen a change and get about 1-2 honors a match... sometimes none, but that's fine. I had about the same amount of honors when I was at level 2 and saw 3 within 30 matches or so. I am guessing it is going to take me at least 200 matches to get back to level 2.
: >Doesn't mean its accurate. Unless there is data linked to it, they can claim anything. I'm pretty sure Riot's own internal metrics are going to be about a bazillion times more accurate than anything we can guesstimate. I don't think they have any reason to lie to us about that. >but a lot of those players go on to get a permaban at one point or another. A lot don't. I don't remember the exact wording on the ban message but we're talking tenths of a percent of people that wind up with an account ban, either temp or permanent. A lot of people sure, given the tens of millions of players, but very few proportionally.
> [{quoted}](name=Karunamon,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=qjAmb4m2,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-14T21:26:38.907+0000) > > I'm pretty sure Riot's own internal metrics are going to be about a bazillion times more accurate than anything we can guesstimate. > > A lot don't. I don't remember the exact wording on the ban message but we're talking tenths of a percent of people that wind up with an account ban, either temp or permanent. A lot of people sure, but very few proportionally. Oh yeah, their data is going to be likely based on all players worldwide and its sort of hard to judge if NA servers are more lenient than say OCE or EUEW when it comes to this, but its all in the wording. They don't get another chat restriction because they get banned :D. And yeah it's like .00781 of all players get permabanned but out of the millions who play. Either way, most people who are toxic don't really understand their toxicity.
: > [{quoted}](name=flesruoy llik,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=qjAmb4m2,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-11-14T20:56:52.689+0000) > > I disagree. I was level 3 and had a moment of weakness and was a total asshole to my team. I got my 2-week ban and realised it was just uncalled for and have been trying to get back into a positive mindset and not always get so angry at a video game. Reforming a player can happen, but it takes that player to understand they are the problem and they need to work on themselves and their communications. I have 0 honor at the moment and its a bit embarrassing, but I am working on not passing judgments and trying to get to a better rank. You sir, might be an exception, but a majority of people don't reform like that. I think there'd be a different mentality if not only did you lose your free rewards, but you also couldn't even play in ranked until you've at least "proven" to have reformed. You know what I mean? I know I was pissed that I lost my honor level from getting chat restricted, but do you know how _livid_ I would have been to realize I couldn't play my decay games and I was going to demote _because I was being a whiny little bitch one game_? You know how careful I would be? Getting a ward skin is cool I guess, getting random chests or whatever is cool I guess, but not being able to play the game mode that shows how "good" I am in ranked and progress there? Oh boy.
Nah I get you, but how can you have a chance to prove yourself without going on and trying to keep playing 'ranked' mode to be better. It is like in real life when you're locked up. You go back into the world, but to find a job it is a lot harder and a lot of people simply won't deal with your past, even though you moved on from it; but it's a two-way street because there are still highly honorable players who get bans every day due to their toxicity finally catching up. Just because they're honorable now doesn't mean they are different and that's why blocking their ability to play a certain mode is not the answer.
: >You sir, might be an exception, but a majority of people don't reform like that. Riot's stats say otherwise. Most people who get even a chat restrict don't go on to get a second one.
Doesn't mean its accurate. Unless there is data linked to it, they can claim anything. I'd assume making people shocked that they're that bad on the rift with communications does something to adjust the toxicity, but a lot of those players go on to get a permaban at one point or another.
Sirii (NA)
: ***
If you want, I can go to your post where you said (paraphrased) "if there was anytime to tell someone to KYS there would be no better time than now" directed at myself in a reply just 24 hours ago. Come on man, stop lying and making harassing statements towards myself and others. I told you once and I will say it here. 1 v 1 me. You claim you're going to have such a bad experience doing so, but I think you might learn a nice lesson about talking too much.
Sirii (NA)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Sirii,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=XXvXOxhn,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2017-11-14T21:00:54.750+0000) > > 1. I wasnt perma banned, it was a 2 week suspension for 3 games in which i told the worthless players on my team the truth > 2. After sending in a ticket they reviewed my account and unsuspended it > 3. 30% of players are in bronze, with the majority being above bronze 5, which is where u r headed by the looks of ur lp. > 4. I never actually lied about anything. I provided the games and u spammed troll comments at me. Given ur name is "kill yourself" backwards i checked your account to see who else u troll and it seems to be everyone in this board. U must suck so much ass at this game u troll actual good players to make urself feel better. > 5. One on one with u wouldnt even be worth my time because ur a pathetic child who seemingly has some sort of mental disorder. If riot had half a mind they would ban u cuz having u on my team would ruin my experience. > 6. League is a game that takes mental effort to actually climb the ranks, and u r legit incapable of climbing. Thats says a lot about your mental capacity. league clearly is not for u, cuz youve gotten nowhere over 2 years of playing the game. U need to take a hard look at your life and think about what simply isnt meant to be. The fact is, u clearly suck at the game and ur never going to improve. My man, you're not reversed, you haven't had a game in 2 days since your last fiasco with Shaco - the same one that triggered you to come into here, lie (as we all saw the real conversations that triggered your 2-week ban), and begin whatever tirade you're having with me. My name in game or here doesn't mean a thing, you've gone and associated it with whatever you want to believe because that is what pathological liars do - they manipulate the truth to fit their agenda and believe whatever concoctions they've strung together hoping for some sort of person to be triggered and fight you back. You sir, have a mental disorder and you commonly use this as a means of argument. You do it in the game and here, its kind of a sad story to hear that is your only constant argument you have for other players. So which is it? 2% or 30% and if you must know I heavily trolled to get to my current rank. I can easily outplay you and yet you're boasting about how much better you are when I have smurfs with similar rank as yourself. You make assumptions that I would ruin your experience when you've done so to many others... that's rich. And another assumption. You assume I made this account the entire season of 6, but it was at the end of 6 when it got to 30. The next season you're demoted one level down and started in bronze 5. So by the way the system works I played on there and did what I felt like I wanted to. I enjoy how much you think you're so much better, its sort of funny man.
Sirii (NA)
: ***
Well because there are people like you who come to post here, tell others to hurt themselves offline, and lie. Not everyone here is like yourself. Why RIOT allows you to post here when your account is permanently banned is beyond me, but you're a very toxic person and need to seek help offline.
: Everyone with Honor lvl 0 should be banned out of Rankeds
I disagree. I was level 3 and had a moment of weakness and was a total asshole to my team. I got my 2-week ban and realised my behavoir was just uncalled for and have been trying to get back into a positive mindset and not always get so angry at a video game. Reforming a player can happen, but it takes that player to understand they are the problem and they need to work on themselves and their communications. I have 0 honor at the moment and its a bit embarrassing, but I am working on not passing judgments and trying to get to a better rank.
Lolzor (EUNE)
: Just as I thought. You can not pinpoint exactly. Says all for me. I dont have more questions.
The entire thing is toxic. There is nothing more to pinpoint than saying the whole thing. What is so hard to difficult. There is no reason you should be arguing about who is in what role at any point, you bring post-game arguments onto the rift and causing a distraction. You're calling people trolls constantly. I took away maybe 4 or 5 things of text from the original manifest and I was left with one of the best examples of how not to speak to a team. What you cannot understand, is the same reason you feel you're being wrongly suspended.
Sirii (NA)
: ***
You're spending a lot of time targeting hate towards me when you were called out and shown to be a proven liar. 2% is not where bronze players are its more like 48-57% of all players fall into bronze and there is only a smaller percentage above that. If you think rank is a distinguishing characteristic of someone's ability, I would like to play you one on one. Oh, that's right. You're permabanned.
Lolzor (EUNE)
: What language? What exactly is wrong?
> [{quoted}](name=TroΙΙ,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=aLN2Lrqi,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-14T19:44:14.734+0000) > > Game 1 noobtroll: ? noobtroll: Im support wtf noobtroll: I think Janna top is troll pick noobtroll: I had support role from start wtf. I said nothing in lobby noobtroll: dunno why she picked Janna noobtroll: Im support noobtroll: IM SUPPORT noobtroll: SUPPORT noobtroll: u know english noobtroll: ? noobtroll: go top as janna if its doesnt matter whats the problem? noobtroll: u picked Janna top so go top now noobtroll: and? noobtroll: and stop troll noobtroll: what can I do? I played 1v2 as support noobtroll: yes my fault, I got assigned as supp and go suppm, ur right my mistake noobtroll: coz 1v2 noobtroll: ye ye, and Olaf supp on LCS is not trollcpik noobtroll: if teemo sipp is trollpick draven adc is too noobtroll: So in my last 7 games as teemo supp I won 6 noobtroll: Indeed trollcpik noobtroll: Janna picked second support, what can I do? noobtroll: my role is support and I play support noobtroll: yes 0/5 coz i played 1v2 noobtroll: rep for playing supp when got assigned as support noobtroll: press Tab and u can see roles assigned noobtroll: top-jungle-mid-adc-supp noobtroll: how I troll? I got supp and picked supp noobtroll: wheres trolling here noobtroll: teemo supp 62 % win ratio is trollpick noobtroll: nice logic then noobtroll: :) noobtroll: ggwp m my whole team flame 24/7 noobtroll: 62% win ratio, and draven still spam on chat TEEMO IS TROLLPICK noobtroll: logic lord noobtroll: "why teemo supp is trollpick? because HE IS" its draven and janna logic noobtroll: ggwp noobtroll: I won my last 6 from 7 games as teemo supp, 62% win ratio. Janna: idc, teemo is trollpick noobtroll: look ur items noobtroll: TOP noobtroll: y I will ;/ noobtroll: janna draven most toxic in my team btw, feel free to rep noobtroll: Janna Draven most toxic I've edited some but most all of it is extreme, uncalled for, and you should have never gone on a typing rampage. In the future, you should have tried to simply play, type less and play more. I've said what I thought of your entire coms before and feel its redundant to say if you're just not getting it.
Lolzor (EUNE)
: Nope, they flamed me from start, coz I didnt let them push me out of assigned role. You just do not know the context and therefore you make bad conclusions.
There is no need to I can read your chat log and it is not acceptable as deemed by your peers who reported you. There is never a reason to use the language you did.
Beysik (NA)
: Hard to be humble when you're getting flamed by a 2-15 bot and then get called bad. but ok.
See you need to learn to stop letting things like this get to you because look what doing it has caused. There is no reason to be argumentive and degrading when playing. I wish it was not the case, but the toxicity is really bad.
Beysik (NA)
: Unreasonable perm ban? or am I wrong
This was toxic at its core. Constantly abusive through microagressions and negative banter. Type less and play more. There is no time that any of the communications you had are deemed acceptable on any level. You were degrading and abusive multiple times and now wonder why the account is gone?! I am going to assume, generally because I have a good idea about how the system works, that this is not your first chat related offensive and you have not since reformed. You need to type less, not focus on bad plays and what others are doing and make calls that will win the match and work through any shortcomings your **teammates** are having during the match. So here try this one out, be quiet and be humble because you need to practice the words you were trying to preach to others.
Eriskegal (EUNE)
: Reporting a lot making your reports lose weight
Ah... see that is the actual problem with the community - it is overly report happy and who cannot go a game without constantly doing it and you're one of the reasons for the somewhat toxic environment you're complaining about. I honestly do not report every game. I did a while ago, but then I realised my reports were for players who might have had a bad game but kept trying and I made an excuse to assume it was something I deemed as 'griefing'. I've seen daily, hourly, and nearly every match the report happy atmosphere that is in the majority of the community ranked in Bronze - Silver. If you don't meet someones particular aspirations for the game, they go after you calling you toxic names "troll" "noob" whatever the case it, it is actually yourself that is the problem. If you're constantly finding a reason to report, because you can, then you may need to reconsider your actual place in the game. If you're become "constantly tilted" you might want to really take a moment and really analyze yourself before judging others. This is a game, played for entertainment purposes, and ranked play is competitive but has no place for you to constantly put players down if you aren't having fun. It's like being the only guy at a party with a ~~shitty ~~ poor attitude making everyone else negative because you're dissatisfied with others. Take some time away, play some bots, smurf, do something to make yourself feel better about **yourself** and then come back to the rift and enjoy the game.
Lolzor (EUNE)
: The only thing is that another player picked and doubled my role without my permission. I tried to explain to him in the game that you can not do that. And for that I was punished? Cool.
That is the problem. You don't possess authority to requirement another summoners acceptance in any role and you should never be trying to aggressively force your own personal agenda on the rift. And you took what probably was a heated argument onto the rift and had negative thoughts about the lane meta from the start. You were punished because of your toxic constantly degrading communications. It's pretty clear to see.
Lolzor (EUNE)
: I was just talking with my teammates about why they picked second supp and they tried force me to go other position... Without flame. How it is bannable lol...
Well its not that you're wrong or right, its sportsmanship and the idea that this game is a metaless atmosphere that encourages alternative metas that might not make sense to all players. Jana mid does work, I've done it before and had ok success in the past doing it - so I don't see why placing it in a BOT role would not make for a decent team. So long as there was a balance you will win, perhaps not the lane but the match. Depending on your team at that time, if you had a grave or quinn, roaming jungle you would have still had a AD ranged player who could also do a bit of CC. Its a matter of trying to think outside of the normal metas and trying to accept new things. My entire assessment of what occurred is this: you decided to let something you didn't accept mentally tilt you before playing the match out and trying your best. You spent more time flaming others, even if you don't think your text shows it, it does.
: except people who are limited to english and their native language don't understand your name (like me)
ha ha, try it backward mate. You'll get it.
Zerio777 (NA)
: Adding someone as a friend after also reporting them
It's generally to block you afterward, in my experience, but you're right they just want to be even more aggressive. I would just deny it and /mute all in-game or /mute summonername if they're causing issues to start with. Probably better to be the solution than the problem.
: The Honor System is so crappy it's unbelievable...
> [{quoted}](name=EmperorEli16,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=91VIbqAi,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-14T12:47:00.861+0000) > > So here's a little story to fuel the rage of all of my fellow slightly toxic players that get punished for the dumbest reasons. As another summoner mentioned, you cannot be just slightly toxic - you are or are not. You either learn the ability to forgive others and overcome bad plays and learn to not aggressively degrade others who are here to enjoy themselves in a game that you and they love to play. When you are becoming physically angry and spend more time typing on the rift above focusing on how to overcome the shortcomings of whatever player is having a bad match, then you need to take time away from the rift. To target aggressive degraded uninsightful communications to others, you're actually the problem. It takes more _skill_ to be a good teammate than to play this game and it takes a lot of time to figure that out. I hope you can use some of this in your gameplay and become an even better player. GL HF.
Dalthor7 (EUW)
: yeah i was worried about that but yeah chat will be off when im allowed to play again xd thanks for the reply
Actually, there are written rules about who should be taking last hits on minions to earn CS. It is not griefing if you're in a lane and the BOT player is incapable of landing last hits so a support takes what could be lost or just simply takes over. A support can actually carry very well throughout a match, especially in lower-mmr matches. If you report that as greifing when a player is constantly playing and working towards a win to the last moment it doesn't fall under the griefing sub-text. it's more unsportsmanlike and RIOT really changed the way reporting unsportsmanlike behavior is identified and looked at. Granted I'd be angry in that case, but I also know how to last hit so it doesn't happen too much here {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} .
: i think your name influences their chain of thought more than anything
It could, but it's just a handle. Not everyone pays attention to a players name and automatically assumes they're going to be a 'noobtroll'. Ergo, mine is a great example.
Lolzor (EUNE)
: 25 game chat restriction.
Well yeah... It is because you're abusively targeting communications that are negatively impacting others and the 25 game restriction should be a wake-up call to stop over typing and play more. Type less and play more. You're constantly focusing on the movement of whatever player and causing problems by chatting with everyone about what you deem is unacceptable. Believe it or not, it is not a reportable offence to build outside of the common-metas-you know. If I go {{champion:24}} support and build AP and take last hits, its not trolling, it's just bad manners. Would I be upset if I was you, yes! But, here is the thing, if you just try and see how it works and play the game through you might learn something you didn't know about the game. It's not reportable if the player is not intentionally running down lanes and feeding and it is not griefing because as long as they're trying it could be a new meta that this season has made OP. When you start individualizing microaggressions to players you're being toxic and worst than any player who might be working on a new meta they know that works. Use this time to learn to get more team-friendly chats across and stop focusing on others. If you're overly focused on what one person does you're not focusing on winning but griefing in your own sense. GL HF.
judoka13 (NA)
: Chat swung too far?
This was the hardest thing for me to do and I think a lot of players need to apply this logic, so I'll share it with you. When this happens there is really no reason to begin to feed into their activities. If you're spending time focusing on their movements and poor plays, you're not paying attention to your own champions needs. It is a lot easier to be forgiving and try to take a professional mind-set to what you're doing on the rift. I am not saying be totally a tool, but if you just look past a bad play or a poor start and keep on trying there will be a moment when you might overcome their trolling and could cause them to start actually playing. I've seen countlessly when if you don't feed into them and make it seem like whatever they're doing doesn't really impact you or your team and you're trying a lot of players will stop. If they don't, then /mute [summonername] and group with your team and try and win. Don't get caught up in a chat war, because anything that shows communications that are indirectly/ directly abusive can be picked up and their trolling will cause you to lose an account/ ban and that's never cool. Remember we're all here because we love this MOBA and at times hate some of our fellow players, but you need to be _better_ than their trolling and work on trying to overcome it. I know this isn't what you're expecting to hear, but you can become the problem if you feed on their bait. GL HF.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: How riot should counter adcs without nerfing/buffing anything BUT ADDING !
Just bring back DFG as an AD-marksman focused item and make people rethink pushing too aggressively bot {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: PSA: being overly 'positive' in chat towards players in a way that you know is tilting...
/mute all and focus on the match and your gameplay. Stop feeding into others and letting whatever banter they have bothered you.
: *cough* {{champion:105}} *cough*
{{champion:420}} there is plenty of fish in the sea
: To be fair to myself I'm toxic only when it comes to shit like my teammates trolling me, like if the jungler just comes to my lane, tries his best to lasthit the whole wave, smites minion and then suicides to the enemy - intentionally or not.
Yeah, I know that feeling, its taken a lot of patience and positive thoughts to stop myself from going batshit angry at those kinds of plays. But a professional baseball player once told me that the difference between a good player and someone who is unsportsmanlike it understanding bad plays happen and to move on from them - intentional or not.
: What?
he's referring to an in-game tip you'll see from time to time.
: also this is war ... its not about being positive. demoralizing your enemy is half the fun.
haha I agree, but you're dealing with a very sensitive auto-checking system looking for a lot of things and a lot of negativity. I fully agree with the idea that having the other team muted at all times is a good thing, there should be no time that you talk with the enemy.
: thats what the language filter should be for.
Oh it is, but when it comes to getting banned it is not related directly to the usage of cursing or whatever word it is how it is used and in what frequency a summoner is typing. There is a huge difference in getting upset and asking why a player didn't engage in a gank or telling your team to have better map awareness vs. Urgot you fucking idiot why didn't you move, useless or you fucking closed eyed idiots LOOK AT THE FUCKING MAP. Just because it is censored you're still being toxic and chat abusing players and that's not an acceptable use of in-game coms.
: why is there a language filter?
Teen rating on the game and just some people don't need to see cursing, being told to kys, or just any other illicit words that are not really conducive to making the game and its community positive. There is not a ban if you curse it is more about how you do it and in what manner. If you're saying fuck and its something you're saying after a poor play, it's excusable. I've yet to read someone saying they got a chat ban cause they said one word, it doesn't work that way. But if you had a kid playing and some drunk got agro and told your 14 year old daughter to suck on '''whatever'''... i am not saying she wouldn't know what it meant, but its language a child shouldn't be told.
: "You are responsible for everything happening on your account" stance is unnaceptable...
Great post! I agree some 2-step would be nice, especially when CC's are used to make micro-transactions.
jelite50 (NA)
: Got banned for nothing???
You should not have said a word and played. Type less and play more. What you think is trolling could just be a meta you've never seen, a champion in a new meta role you're unaccustomed to, or just someone who for the lulz trolled. Is there anything you can do at that moment. No. You simply need to work around it and move on. Does it suck?! Yes! But going on about it in the in-game coms because you're directly affected by it is causing a distraction against other players and to get banned means you either went to the extreme and told him to 'kys' or something of the sort or this is not your first time dealing with poor communications. You're better off moving on from the incident and remember to keep it cool and keep playing.
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