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: Don't let them moderate you like you're a computer bro. They're like you gotta be 1's and not 0's. If we acknowledge that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, than so too is toxicity. It's all equal, or none of it is. Words that are super offensive to one person, are likely funny to another. They are just words, moderating words does more sociological harm than good. People have forgotten to agree to disagree. I've actually quite league because of this unethical tribunal system. Until they limit reports to explicit cheating, scripting, afk's and intentional feeders, I won't be seen again on the rift.
I legitimately appreciate the sentiment, bro. This isn't about avoiding the robot. This is more about helping me even out my emotional response to the frustration of working with other players. The shit you think becomes the shit you say and vice versa. You can't achieve a new equilibrium if you don't have the words for it.
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: > So I see "report x" all the time over players whom the messenger thinks cost them the game. Thankfully, their report rallying has no real effect. As the IFS only takes into account how many reports are filed greater than a value of 0 - so if there's 1-9 reports, the game is reviewed. If there's 0, the game isn't reviewed. > How do they get sorted out? As far as I understand it, the IFS looks at a player's chat logs and uses context clues to figure out, holistically, whether or not the player broke the rules, was negative, or flamed someone throughout a game. It's difficult to accurately describe without an example log, but the IFS is pretty good at catching negative and toxic behaviors. If a review finds no examples of misbehavior in the reported players' chat, the report is flagged as invalid and discarded. If the review does find misbehavior, the report is flagged as valid, and the player is appropriately punished - whether by reducing Honor progress for that match or with a mainline punishment.
That answers a lot of my questions, thanks. New question does the phrase "report x" trigger a flag?
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: Vision Score Details
This ended up being my consolation prize for bad games. I consistently outward the enemy support, and that feels good. KDA and KP are more important to me, but I don't get credit for helping take down towers, so Vision Score ends up being my third stat that I watch. It feels good to outward the enemy support, and this provides context for why I can destroy more wards and place more wards but still only come out a couple points ahead.
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Cartillus (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] Janna/Urgot - Urgot's R slows Janna for an incredible long time
Thanks, I was curious about why I couldn't play Urgot.
b2412 (NA)
: Honestly, people in NA didn't wanna turn on the icons for an IP weekend. I tried to get my friends to turn on the icons, but everyone has to be special and didn't wanna share the same icon as everyone else. Maybe it's just me but apparently an IP weekend wasn't enough of an incentive for NA to get their collective heads together and use the icons. Turkey won this competition regardless of who won first place at MSI, sadly.
Yeah I had no clue. Switching my Icon is such an inconsequential thing that I picked my favorite one and never touched it. I saw announcements and I watched the NRG/CLG games, but aside from that I was busy playing or not-playing league.
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Arie (NA)
: Community Skin Spotlight
Look at the triangular feet. Barn the Sentient Barn is clearly a Taric skin.
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
D is for Deez nuts, F is for Fwah! Got 'em
: Actually, I did also see Illaoi as less-attractive than they made her. Like a pompous, fat (in the unattractive way) gypsy-type. I was pleasantly surprised by what Riot did.
I saw that too, at first. Though less gypsy and more unpleasant foreigner that people put up with because she was loaded. Less Angry Esmerelda and more Fat Cruella DeVille. I came to a different vision when she started correcting other people's interpretations of her god.
: Champion Insights: Illaoi
I love her. She's replaced Urgot as my new favorite champ. Though I love her look, I had this vision of a hideous, bloated seahag who danced wildly to invoke her god as I read Shadow and Fortune. Something of a cross between Trundle's Mama and the Witchdoctor from Diablo 3. Can that be a skin?
celixon (NA)
: guess LoL fanart is gonna go on a rampage...
: Champion Reveal: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
I think I'm in love. Though, I kinda liked the vision of a monsterous sea-hag I had in my head during Shadow and Fortune. Like a cross between a bigger, thicker Sejuani and the witchdoctor from Diablo 3. This huge mass of diseased-looking brutish muscle, darkened skin, matted hair and hoisting some massive totem. I guess 3/5 ain't bad, and she is super sexy.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgipfNhZtNs This wasnt me but me and my friend were playing together and he did this.
Mizby (NA)
: My team surrendered while we were killing the enemy nexus last week. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Always wanted to do that.
Vbunnie (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Slna,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=8LEMGEHX,comment-id=000e00010001,timestamp=2015-10-31T12:28:07.082+0000) > > Why do you want players to get more gold? This way people reach full-builds faster, and the players who get gold advantages are caught up faster since when two people are full builds having 1k gold or 20k gold left is the same. So if all players reach full-build first... things will also cost more money as more expensive items are being introduced and gold gen is probably being nerfed
Then what was the net change? That makes the new influx of gold totally arbitrary and unnecessary. The only way I can see this as something that should happen is if Rito is looking for more nuanced gold costs. Referring to item tiers, the more expensive items cost the most and weakest cost the least. It seems like manipulating gold costs is more to the end of increasing that middle ground so they can add more items that are not top tier and don´t fit into the lower established tiers.
: Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin to win: One For All returns
I was hoping for more doombots this year. In fact, Urf vs Doombots would be epic.
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Rueian (NA)
: As a player who actually has behavioral issues, what is considered genuine reform... Because I still feel like my effort is marginalized every time, I have serious issues holding back emotions. I find myself blowing up 'most games' in frustration with my team. Not the players specifically but how they play, or rather how we play as a team. I'm in no way in the right when i blow up. and i dont mean to ruin people's experiences. But i dont want to quit or be forced out of this game because i have emotional issues. :/
It's a bit callous, and it's a flawed solution, but I've found some peace in assuming my teammates are bots that simulate erratic players. That's why their skill varies wildly despite being matched and why they range from non-present to useful to toxic. I mute everyone going in and when they make mistakes, I remind myself that I'm the only actual player. They're all bots. There's no point getting angry because they're bots. They're toxic because they're simulating toxic players. All this puts a lot of stress on me because I end up taking every loss personally and it's led to me not having fun, so I'm trying to further develop the idea, but I rarely ever lash out at anyone regardless of their play or dialogue (dialogue only being an issue if I forget to mute everyone).
: My ping has been consistently higher in NA lately, what’s going on?
Arlington, TX ATT DSL It jumped from mid 90s-110 to 120-150 and it spikes to 346-500 every few minutes. This changed happened within the last couple months.
: Nasus is a Jackal actually, it's a very common mistake.
Riot referred to him as the "classic one dog late game wrecking machine".
: {{champion:54}}: I'm taking your rock. {{champion:92}}: I'm taking your life.
{{champion:54}} : "Does anyone feel a breeze? Hey Riven, while you're back there, can you get in front of the sun? It's in my eyes."
: I think people are missing the most important aspect to this update: It is now viable to have the full pentakill skin team in a game.
Yorick's floating in a no-man's land where Riot doesn't know how to curb his cool abilities, so they nerfed him into oblivion and now he's exceedingly difficult to play well. Due to the nerfs, there are bruisers that do his bruiser job better than he does and his uniqueness doesn't compensate.
: Ballerina{{champion:14}} all the way!
What are you talking about? Sion would make a great Chippendale, not a ballerina.
KDragonL (NA)
: Try looking through the report a bug section of the boards.
Ah, why didn't I think of that? Thank you very much, friend.
: That's a "G"! http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20141120101439/onepiece/images/archive/5/52/20141123174338!Lao_G_Anime_Infobox.png
: Bugs are actually a separate species of arthropods, and only have 4 legs
Ah see, I knew from memories of Biology that I was wrong, but I couldn't remember why I was wrong. Thanks for the info, friend.
: Spiders aren't *technically* insects.
: It was an ant.
Only an ant? I was expecting at least a wasp or maybe a spider.
: False there is no 'Q' in the title.
> [{quoted}](name=ChewTobacco,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=OjeULH21,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-07T05:56:44.197+0000) > > False there is no 'Q' in the title. The top half of the g is a Q
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þang (NA)
: Idk I think he's got some strong competition {{champion:268}}
Azir's dance has like a 4 second loop. Voli goes on for ages. Competition over.
þang (NA)
: I've had this happen to me so many times and there have been many times where my game just froze and didn't realize it. Also there have been times where my friends clients would freeze and they wouldn't realize it, but the game wouldn't start until they restarted the client. We should have dancing {{champion:55}} like in the store :P
> [{quoted}](name=MiIey Virus,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=o9jZWtnx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-05T09:58:23.217+0000) > > I've had this happen to me so many times and there have been many times where my game just froze and didn't realize it. Also there have been times where my friends clients would freeze and they wouldn't realize it, but the game wouldn't start until they restarted the client. > > We should have dancing {{champion:55}} like in the store :P Her dance is a bit stale and static, but {{champion:106}} has the moves.
: I find the best thing to use on Varus to activate his ap on ult and W stacks is Rage Blade, you get a boost to atk speed per basic, some flat AD and AP and it meshes really well with his passive.
> [{quoted}](name=Sixxy DAD,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BHLEY2IH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-05T08:15:17.138+0000) > > I find the best thing to use on Varus to activate his ap on ult and W stacks is Rage Blade, you get a boost to atk speed per basic, some flat AD and AP and it meshes really well with his passive. I just thought of something. If you hit one champ with your ult, will the next victim in the chain have blight stacks procced? Meaning, if I shoot Ashe with blight and then ult her, can I switch targets and mark Thresh with blight in the time it takes for the ult to spread so that the blight is automatically procced when the ult reaches him?
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: Tryndamere with scaling cdr blues and quints
I've recently adopted a similar build and I'm not really seeing it on any of the major guide sites. I'm running 20% AS, 15% CDR, 9 Armor, and 5 armor pen with runes and my masteries are a bit spread out. I build Warrior and Visige for the final 20%, I also build Shiv, Thornmail and Merc Treads. I usually cap it off with Hydra. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1800193628/211851448?tab=overview I got the idea of the runes from Trick2G's 5.5 Godyr and applied them to some of the concepts in Chimalpopica's AP Tryndaspindawindamere. As it stands I don't deal QUITE as much damage as straight AD Tryndamere, but I'm much for sustainable. I don't just spin in, ult, kill, and die. I actually have a decent chance of spinning back out, healing and going back in. I also take towers down and push faster than AP Tryndamere, though I don't sustain as hard. I'm confident enough in the build to play it in ranked. I'm only Bronze 3 so take that as you like, however I'm trying to figure out how I can improve it other than queuing and fucking up until I get more things right.
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
: You’re cordially invited to a soirée!
Susan's Pimp Cane is official.
Sypork (NA)
: Two Words - Disco Taric
"Debonair" Taric?
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: After reading this pretty deep article on Lol's growth, I found myself taking a trip down memory lane and remembered all the good times I've had...so after reminiscing hard...I stupidly scrolled down to the comment section....only to find whiners that want URF back, whiners that can't appreciate the good riot has done...literally, in every article there has to be a scrub that screams about bringing urf back and more scrubs that agree with him/her...why can't y'all just accept that URF isn't coming and stop being annoying brats. It gives an image of an eternally dissatisfied community that, at this moment, with this article leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Feel free to downvote me to death...{{summoner:11}}
I will disagree that they're scrubs considering the word's origins in arcade gaming.
: Nah. It was just Singed the whole time.{{champion:27}}
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Not sure if you'll find consistently good things in mine, but feel free to search the logs.
weihe123 (NA)
: You now wake up as your main. What do you do?
Xelnath (NA)
: What's on your mind tonight?
I'm feeling burnt out, and guilty for feeling burnt out. The truth is that I cover a lot of bases in my family and I put a good amount of effort into school. However, because I feel it'd be a moral and personal shortcoming to not only do what I do, but do more; I can't help but feel frustrated that I feel so tired. In short, I do a lot, but I could (and feel I should) be doing more, but I feel tired and I'm frustrated that I feel tired. I just need to win at something. I need one good victory to get my brain meats on my side again. I'm 77/100 for my next promo. I might give that a shot.
: [Survey] Personality Type and Favorite Champion
INTP >Preferred< Champion is Janna However, my favorite champions are Urgot, Sion, and Braum; in that order Very, VERY, cool though. I look forward to the repost.
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