: Welcome to your temporary stay in the gutter
I play a lot of champions whove been in the gutter for awhile, thanks.
: 47-48% winrate for a Year. By your logic they should buff Mordekaiser. She's fine Mordes fine. It's the Hyper scaling Tank and ADC meta that's the problem
She is, on every stat site, in the top 3 worst ADCs. Also, hypercarries and tanks have nothing to do with it. Her early game is the problem atm. the winrate is only a small part of my argument. My main point is that she is one of the worst ADCs atm
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: Inspirational Champion Quotes
Illaoi and Camille are the most interesting VO's in game. You listen to them and just feel inspired. {{champion:420}} "I'm not big on sermons - broken bones teach better lessons." This plays on her character. She hates sermons and thinks making mistakes and/or having tough love teachers better lessons. {{champion:420}} "Life is too short for fear." JUST DO IT! Fear will cripple you and, as she would say, stop you from being in motion. {{champion:420}} "To die is to drown - so I will swim well, till I can swim no more." Put in the last drop of effort you have, because when you stop putting in effort, you technically die {{champion:420}} "To live... is to fight." Living, is putting in effort, working for what you want. {{champion:420}} "Reality is brutal." The truth is brutal, but you must get over it {{champion:420}} **MY PERSONAL FAVORITE** "Wisdom is frequently a kick in the head." Knowledge/Wisdom, quite frankly, kicks you in the head sometimes. It'll offend you, motivate you, etc. It spurs you to do things. It will clash with what you believe. But wisdom is wisdom, and you must listen to it. {{champion:420}} "The waves will drag you down, unless you fight to shore." You decide your future. You can either give up and 'die', or fight and prosper {{champion:420}} "Men live, men die. Change is good." Change happens. Change is good. If nothing changed in our world it would be boring. We must embrace it. {{champion:420}} "Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens." If you dont embrace change, you will never reach your full potential {{champion:420}} "Many die. Worthy souls find new forms." One door closes, another opens. {{champion:420}} "They will learn or they will die." Learn from your mistakes and what youve been taught or perish {{champion:420}} "Ah, everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face." Nothing goes according to plan, get it over it and improvise or watch it fail. {{champion:420}} "Motion is all." Your dreams, motivations, etc are everything. If you dont have any of that, you are nothing. {{champion:420}} "Life is the sweetness of fruit, and the joy of battle!" Find joy in everything, whether its the ups or downs in life. Enjoy every second of it! {{champion:420}} "Good? Evil? Why should we care for such things?" Why do you care what something is classified as? Do what you feel is right. {{champion:420}} "It is terrible to be satisfied. The world needs us to chase dreams." You are never really satisfied, keep going after the things you want, nothing is out of reach! {{champion:420}} "They must be tested to grow." If you dont challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone, how will you get better and grow {{champion:420}} "We are born knowing what to do. We must only act." You know what you want to do. So stop fearing over what could happen and do it. {{champion:420}} "My name is Illaoi." Her name is Illaoi. {{champion:420}} "My god is not love - it is a kick in the pants." This is kinda like when she says the wisdom thing, but it also means you shouldnt just believe what you want, embrace both sides, even if you dont want to. {{champion:420}} "I value truth - and barbecue." She likes barbeque. {{champion:420}} "I do not want excuses. The failure was yours." Self explanatory. Embrace your mistakes. {{champion:420}} "Your faith asks for obedience - it is weak." Never blindly follow something, always ask questions. {{champion:420}} "Your god offers light without wisdom." Always look for wisdom, even if it conflicts with what you believe {{champion:420}} "Live your journey - or die in mine." Stop focusing on other people, focus on what you want. OKAY THE VESSELS HAVE A TON OF QUOTES IM NOT GOING OVER THEM ALL {{champion:420}} "It is not what we have, it is what we can throw away." Materialistic things dont matter. You should always be thinking about what you dont need. #All in all, Illaoi is an amazingly developed character, and im sad no one notices this. For the Rioters that created her, thank you. {{champion:164}} "Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon." Either try your best or dont do it at all, as the difference is major. {{champion:164}} "I... hate... snow." She hates snow. {{champion:164}} "Don't engage if you don't seek to win." Dont fight if the cause isnt meaningful {{champion:164}} "Do nothing if you wish to be nothing." Self explanatory. {{champion:164}} "Ego brings everyone to their knees." Be humble. {{champion:164}} "Either attack or run, your indecision is repulsive." Be decisive, indecisiveness will be your downfall. {{champion:164}} "The law protects when it is protected." Law only works when people agree with it or let it happen {{champion:164}} "Less hat, more pants." She wants caitlyn to put on more pants {{champion:164}} "Child, I've considered every outcome. Plan accordingly." Dont do things youre not prepared for {{champion:164}} "Regret is what tempers the steel of our soul." Stop focusing on the past, its damaging the present {{champion:164}} "The right word cuts more deeply than a knife." The way you word things means everything {{champion:164}} "It's not lies that cut but the sharpness of the truth." Truth sometimes hurts more than lies {{champion:164}} "Everything has a place. Forgetting yours is dangerous." Know your limits, and work off of that {{champion:164}} "It is not the weapon that defines you, but how you wield it." What something is means nothing. How its presented, used, etc is what matters. {{champion:164}} "The world is not black or white, but a delicious shade of grey." There is never only two sides. There are many sides to something, dont be close minded. {{champion:164}} "The difference between success and failure is adaptation!" Pretty simple. {{champion:164}} "Complacency breeds death." Always look for ways to get better, dont have a big ego. {{champion:164}} "If life hasn't changed you, then you have failed!" If you havent learned from what has happened to you, then you have failed at life {{champion:164}} "You won't avoid the consequences of your actions." You cannot avoid the consequences of what you do. Be mindful. {{champion:164}} "Patience isn't a virtue, it is the virtue. / "Patience is what separates good hunters from dead ones." Be patient, it means everything. {{champion:164}} "The future favors the versatile." Change to what happens or fall behind #Camille is a bit more down to earth lessons about yourself. I find her pretty cool.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Bubbaman73,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hXPirmx5,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-14T02:54:10.953+0000) > > I mean thats just the players though, not really relevant to the champion herself. im saying that the illaoi players need to take some responsibility in the fact that people arent falling for their gimmicky playstyle anymore, and riot needs to do something about these champions that are horrible at decent elo and stomp really bad, low elo players.
Ah, yes ok. Illaoi is just useless by design. she cant stay by you and you can dodge all her damage.
: i recently lost a game because of a dumb, asshole illaoi player that REFUSED to group. She was d5 so w/e. I think riot games needs to look at champions like illaoi. The type of champions that leave you to 4 v 5 and pray to god their team wins on their own. Because any legitimate top laner will let illaoi "splitpush" or do whatever illaoi players like to do when they're afk top lane, and basically win the entire game through tp plays, or simply by TEAMFIGHTING. 5 V 4 teamfights are impossible to win in an even game. and illaoi players, much like nasus players, refuse to play the god damn game and wonder why they lose or have shitty winrates? Because people in decent elo are able to punish their boring, uninteractive playstyles and help their team. Was i tilted that the illaoi inted, never grouped, or did anything in my game? Yes, but was i surprised? No, because these players never learn that the playstyle their champions revolve around is fooling low elo players into cheap wins, and being punished by non-retarded players. Horrible, horrible, horrible thing to do to your team.
I mean thats just the players though, not really relevant to the champion herself.
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: from the start I already knew the first 4 items, but I have no variation, thanks
I mean you CAN build {{item:3089}} too, although its a very greedy pick. Athenes is usually first or second, as the ap and sustain is nice You build the heal and shield items as needed, ardent if you need to give someone on your team AS and/or you need AP Redemption for the AOE heal Mikaels for cc Frost queens for AP and slows Watchers for vision
: reccomended build for nami?
{{item:3174}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3092}}/{{item:2301}} {{item:3222}} {{item:2055}} and Oracle alteration. This is more of an item pool but you get it.
: Whoever did the new MF chibi Icon
I would love the morg and tf og ones xd
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 10
Do you think Cait is a bit weak right now? She cant really use any keystone extremely well, as fleet footwork is just meh, takes her longer to proc PTA, and her tempo scaling is bad. Pretty much the same case with illaoi too.
: Another preseason. Another time of year for ADC to meme and act like victims in need of dire buffs.
Another preseason, another time of year for everyone to **** about every class in game. chill the hell out.
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Insidious (OCE)
: @Riot Look into whatever is causing the performance issues this patch, it's becoming frustrating
Ive been noticing random freezes for like half a second or more for some reason this patch and more. Idk what it is but its bothersome at times
: These runes favor only certain ADC's and help the others none
Because lethal tempo is undertuned to PTA, give it time. itll even out with balancing.
: Anyone Else Feel AOE Champions Have Less Viable Keystones?
{{item:3070}} {{champion:420}} {{item:3070}}
: Jax needs to be rework on passive due to new runepage
: Inhibitors fall and games are over at the 10 minute mark
Offer a solution. Stop just complaining. Its preseason and things are gonna by crazy.
: The Wait is Almost Over...
Level one cheese on Press The Attack Caitlyn. Or tri force steraks harvest illaoi.
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: You are correct about ADC being the most difficult role. Most of the shit post on here will be from terrible feeders that have no knowledge of position and play squishyes with no hard CC. If you are looking to play on auto fill then play higher mobility ADCs so that bad positioning can be mitigated more easily. {{champion:51}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:81}} All have get out of jail free cards. The key to being ADC is to stay alive so that you deal as much DPS as possible. Its not even about kills its about just consistently pouring damage into the enemy team.
Tbh you cant just simply pick up Cait anymore. She requires quite a bit of skill to use to her to the point where shes useful.
: I need a braindead ADC to play for whenever I have to autofill. Any suggestions?
A. No adc is braindead, all of them require decent skill B. {{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:21}} all these teach you the basics
Acidalia (NA)
: draven, tristana and caitlyn need to get balanced or wacked with the nerf bat
Caitlyn's in a fine spot now. Maybe a little underpowered but buffing her more is risky territory.
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Fearless (NA)
: Runes, Contextual Decisions, and Data Intelligence
Would you consider giving Illaoi back her E interaction with Dark Harvest? It was her only damage rune choice, and now shes only left with Grasp, which is very situational. She just doesnt feel as if she has a solid Keystone choice now.
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xelaker (NA)
: Stop saying league has no cheerful, happy, or silly champs
: What ADC/bot lane would win?
The more skilled players
: it's tru. Lametover
: And yet look at the poll, aside from Cho'Gath (Though he at least has an execution indicator) all of them are ults that do more damage the less health the target has.
But he still means any ult used to finish someone off. Why does it matter anyway? Caitlyns ult is often referred to as an execute, so I put it here since its satisfying to land.
: An ability used to finish someone off isn't what the OP is talking about, he's specifically talking about ultimates that do more damage to lower health targets, Cait's ult is flat damage, not percentage based.
> All of which serve the same purpose, finishing off enemies. Straight from OP
: It's gotta be irelia. I can tell because it had the word nerf in it. ;P
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 1
Hey Meddler, as an avid Caitlyn and Illaoi player I was wondering if you have their clouds on hand? Thanks!
: Yo what do I do vs an assassin J4 fr
{{item:3026}} {{item:3157}} and watch as your team blows him up bc hes squishy af and he probably blew all his escapes to dive
: Cait's ult isn't an execute.
Unless youre in pro play (where they know to mind caitlyns ult), Its used as an execute, even if its not exclusive to executing.
: Who has the most satisfying execute ult?
{{champion:51}}. You get a big shit eating grin on your face once you know its gonna kill them.
: Who are some good ADCs for someone wanting to learn to ADC?
{{champion:22}} Great for learning positioning, trading/poke, and kiting. All around a solid adc thats always been great for picking up the role. {{champion:222}} Same as Ashe, but less focus on kiting and more on positioning.
: {{champion:51}} & {{champion:498}} are pretty good starter ADCs.
{{champion:51}} Requires you to know how to skew lane advantages, and isnt that great in teamfights. This is accompanied by having to have good mechanics on her. {{champion:498}} Requires knowledge on her e, and requires you to carefully position all game.
: I have absolutely no clue why you got downvoted
Same. Its whatever tho lol
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Czeslaw (NA)
: Biggest Art to Lore inconsistencies?
{{champion:51}}'s Splash vs model just seems... off...
Jozitor (NA)
: Best Split Push Junglers?
{{champion:24}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:77}}
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: Fuk wait for you to get it on your own X gon deliver to ya!!
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