needHymn (NA)
: Does Ravenous Hunter heal off auto-attack modifiers such as Kayle's splash or Graves pellets?
I would guess Kayles splash since it COMES FROM her E, but probs not graves since its part of his auto/ passive?
: The problem with toplane, from a toplaner
garenteed* Also klepto should be removed. In NO WAY is it healthy for league.
: Why you should never consider the match to be over until it's actually over, in one image.
fr tho. ive won games where the other team STILL had a huge gold advantage over us and we won
: LoL, just happened to a guy in my Discord and it made me laugh
His mmr was still bad. Where you end up depends 100% on where your mmr is
: When will Lux get a new skin?
KazoKurosu (EUNE)
: By picking your toplane champion before enemy picks his, you're basically asking to get countered
rewt127 (NA)
: Cait traps
I mean shes the worst adc atm, and they HEAVILY nerfed their duration early because of this.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Hey meddler, whats the plan for caitlyn? Are you still trying indirect buffs?
: MF should get a new VO that fits her Badass Character
{{champion:51}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:110}} Need new VOs tbh. All 3 are super outdated for obvious reasons
: It gives attack speed, thus giving you a near mind-blowingly weak early game.
: Currently now, Jhin has a lack of keystone.
Footwork? Thats what Jhin took before preseason. Its actually pretty amazing on him for the exact same reasons. Also the AS thing is part of why Cait is suffering too
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: What is your main problem with the game right now? (Poll)
Riot doesnt seem to be addressing major problem champions like ones that abuse klepto, ones that are in the trash, etc
: Can we get some skins for champs that barely have any?
Hey now, dont diss on my favorite lady
Azadethe (NA)
: She outranges her by 100, but Vayne wins the late game/level 6. outright due to the difference in ult power.
100 is a lot in bot lane. Im kind of starting to question your argument now. Every player KNOWS that Cait (should) counters Vayne.
Azadethe (NA)
: Vayne was beating her in Season 7 too. Her traps are easy for vayne to avoid. The "Caitlyn counters Vayne" votes are a lie.
?????????????????????????????????????? Caitlyn outranges the hell out of vayne early and can poke her everytime vayne goes for a cs. At least this is how it used to be
Azadethe (NA)
: They sustain it back up because you are dealing with Fleet footwork, support enchanters, and teams who know your kit well. Cait's entire gimmik is trying to kill in 1-2 seconds full HP. Land a net, with a trap behind them, and then Head Shot, and follow up after they land on trap with another Head shot. If you're trying to poke down, it doesn't matter WHAT adc you're vs; they will outheal simply because Warlord's Bloodlust *cough Fleet Footwork is back in the game. You'll notice that the top Cait players aren't just getting Coup de Gras. They're getting Absolute focus, since Cait spends most of the game at high HP. They also get Fleet Footwork, where the "meta" players are getting Press the attack, even though Cait rarely gets in 3-4 attacks in a volley (even when trapped, Cait usually only gets in 3 attacks and has to make the most of it with a Headshot Net combo). They also Overheal vs Triumph, because Fleet Footwork is a shield battery. Learn to not soley believe that Press the attack is good on all champs.
I dont go PTA???? Also Caits gimmick is shoving lane, poking you down under tower, and rushing first tower. Which is super hard for her to DO in this meta for reasons i stated above. Her combo damage is negligible an wont kill the adc early. And if youre in range to do a full combo, their support can easily just turn out you. Shes just not good right now. VAYNE is even winning against her
Azadethe (NA)
: Then mimic the Mains. Just because for some reason MOST Caitlyns are building a Statik Shiv on a relatively immobile adc doesn't mean it's the RIGHT choice. I've hit 3100 crit on the current meta Cait, and I didn't have a Statik Shiv. I've also 1v3'd. This is an example of one of those champs people are playing wrong. P.S. As I said, the sample size of 58% is about 1/10 that of the "meta" which has 2100 games. So it's not exactly a small sample size on EITHER proportion of the stats. If it was 180 vs 24,000, I'd agree.
I main cait. and I go BF>Zeal>IE>Shiv and boots somewhere in there. She still feels TERRIBLE. No matter how hard you poke they just sustain it right back up. Youve also got Aery/Comet adding onto enchanter/ap poke. Those supports outpoke the hell out of you. Then you have tank supports, who Caitlyn HATES playing against. Doesn't help that aftershock does so much damage. I had a 68% winrate on her a bit before S7 ended. And a majority of people on /r/CaitlynMains also think shes terrible atm. Hell, even the best cait in NA (FirstTimeCaitlyn) thinks Cait is terrible rn. I dont think theyre playing cait wrong. I think with all this statistic evidence and anecdotal evidence presented, she just not good rn.
Azadethe (NA)
: You do realize that if you actually dissect the stats, the players are choosing the wrong items, wrong runes on her? There's a HUGE subset of Caitlyns building (bots) Berserker Greaves and THEN IE rather than vice versa, and that huge subset only has a 36% win rate? And the highest win build has a 58% win rate in about 1/10th the games as the most common 2? You're building wrong and some are running macros.
no matter what site you look on, she has a 45-47% winrate, regardless of what she builds and when also that 58% winrate has a scarily small sample size. Indicating that only mains are building that
: Ult or no ult, adcs power spike waaay harder, and basically get spoon fed for 10 minutes, the issue is they have several low cost hi use items, like the two mentioned previously and {{item:3094}} they have extremely cheap spikes, where a tank or bruiser will still need at least 1 more item than the vayne has to not lose that 1v1 instantly...Or {{champion:222}} , or shit even {{champion:42}} can rock a duel with a few items
Shiv RFC is bullcrap. Everyone knows this.
Azadethe (NA)
: She bullies hard as heck. One mistep = losing 90% of your HP vs Cait. And she's not an early game adc. She's a mid/late, and she excels at 1 shotting.
If youre losing to cait in lane youre playing wrong. She hits like a wet noodle, her traps dont last long, shes easy to kill if you get a good all in going, and she doesnt start to turn on until about IE Shiv Boots RFC. Her weakest stage atm is her early, which is backed up by stat sites. even her late game, her BEST point, (40 mins+) only has a 54% winrate to go with her sub 50% winrate all game Also tryinf to poke in this meta LUL {{item:3302}}
: {{champion:67}} and her {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} openly scoff at the assumption an adc needs more than 2 items to pop off
Well, Vayne is another one of those weird ones that get a lot of free things from her kit, rather than her build. Riot noticed this and are nerfing the AD on her ult.
Rester (NA)
: This is actually more informative than the standard threads saying "Raise item costs for adcs they're so op"
Thanks! Im trying not to say if adcs are OP or not. Im just trying to clear up a misconception on these boards that seems to be going around.
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Azadethe (NA)
: Caitlyn is fine... I can still pull 3100 damage crits on her, her farm's still reliable, and her traps work the same as always. What's "wrong" with her?
She cant bully like shes supposed to. And since she cant bully she cant snowball like shes supposed to. She gets outpoked, tank supports can engage on her (which she HATES), she feels like she does no damage early, her poke is useless bc relic, footwork, overheal. etc.
: I winder why ADCs are so op..
The thing is, is that ADCs need multiple items for their build to start being efficient. Trinity is a HUGE powerspike Tanks are, well, tanks. Redemption or whatever support items are instantly useful Assassins are Assassins and have huge early spikes with things like Duskblade As you know from league, numbers are deceptive. Winrates dont tell all, Scalings dont tell all, etc. ------------------------- Lets start with **assassins**. {{item:3147}} 2900 g, same with {{item:3142}}. Huge powerspikes bc their passives/actives **Bruisers** {{item:3078}} 3733 g. probably one of the best early powerspike items in game. {{item:3071}} 3000g. An amazing stand alone item. CDR, HP, MS, MS, Damage. **Tanks** {{item:3194}} 2800 / {{item:3143}} 2800 g. Tanks are weird. Cant really count them in here **Mages** {{item:3165}} 2900g. Amazing powerspike and very gold efficient item. **ADCs** {{item:3031}} *3400g.* Its ok as a stand alone item, but isnt very effecient without more crit chance and AS, which is why adcs usually go BF + zeal, making the build 4600g before things start to get efficient. But then you have to remember most ADCs rely on AS too, so theyll need more AS from boots and stuff to increase the efficiency of their build. The total costs isnt why ADCs are considered great late but not as good early. They require more items for their build to start kicking in. Its like needing to stack damage for lifesteal to be worth it. Downvote me all you want, but this is why ADCs are considered weak early, you can ask any high elo player and theyll most likely tell you the same thing. This is also why theyre considered item reliant, as their abilities dont do much on their own (there are exceptions yes, but generally this is how it is). Edit: Games are also ending faster so less people are reaching full build, giving them less cases where they get their fully efficient build.
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: They could do a third artwork with jinx actually crying while hiding in a building of the aftermath of the conflict. Showing that despite their differences they came from the same garbage childhood and deep down jinx didn't want this. Dunno, would help create a deeper character depth while building more of the lore. The artist is really talented btw.
this would be so cool! 2 dif artists btw
: Title should have been most depressing, soul crushing fan-art you've ever seen[/img]
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Seen (NA)
: What is the one phrase that puts you on full tilt?
Its just a norms Lets end i gtg to school in 10 mins First time anything in ranked Gg (like 5 mins in) Juggernauts are tanks Afk
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 12
Hey Meddler, whats your stance on Caitlyn atm?
: At no point have I ever thought a clearly exaggerated quote was ever something actually said. Though I suppose there should be something in the title to make the obvious sarcasm clear to everyone to remove any hint of doubt.
You dont use quotes to put words in other peoples mouths though. Quotes should only ever be used to actually QUOTE SOMETHING someone said. This is a basic English rule and misusing it is a very bad habit.
: Since Manaflow Band is basically being reverted to Meditation why is it worse than meditation was?
because your ability costs nothing. so if the abil is 50 mana thats .83 mana per second or 4.15 PER 5 SECONDS
: I'm wondering why Illaoi has gone unnerfed in 8.1...?
Shes thriving because everything in the meta is in line for her. Why would you nerf her for that? -Klepto is still too good -Tanks are super meta -Bruisers are bad -Steraks is in a great place for her -Much needed bug fixes happened -and so on But also, -Illaoi has clear counterplay by punishable cooldowns and having no mobility or cc -Illaoi has clear counterpicks Once they fix klepto, Illaoi should go back under the radar.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bubbaman73,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ncacfwz9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-11T06:03:31.909+0000) > > I know this doesnt relate to your topic but please dont use quotes unless someone ACTUALLY SAID 100% OF THAT. I do whatever the fuck I want for purposes of making a point.
But then youre spreading false info that a rioter actually said that. If you want to prove a point theres more effective ways to do it.
: "Jinx isn't as strong as the other hypercarries so we're going to massively buff her right clicking"
I know this doesnt relate to your topic but please dont use quotes unless someone ACTUALLY SAID 100% OF THAT.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.1
Do you feel like Cait and Lucian need a buff? As a Caitlyn main, she just feels so bad to play right now, and all these indirect buffs dont seemed to have helped her.
Purgë (EUW)
: i really like how new login screen shows only tanks and adcs XD
Lets be honest, Galio isnt even a champion atm let alone a tank lul jokes aside I theorize they picked those champs bc theyre really hopeful for them in S8
: Tanks are stronger and other ADC's are doing much more damage. Caitlyn's DPS is average due to her meh AS, since the shift from Runaans she's lost multi-target damage. Caitlyn's multi-target damage was nerfed, her single target was buffed. Lack of runaan's means she's doing less damage in a teamfight. It's not that she feels like she's doing less damage. She IS. But it's not only due to her as a champion. It's that other champions have been powercreeped. She doesn't synergize that well with the ADC keystones. Tanks now have more available access to armor since the tank update last year and the item that used to make what is essentially a single target ADC a multi-target one no longer synergizes with her kit well enough to be bought everygame.
I meant after preseason hit. I played her a lot after her buffs, and even got a 60% winrate on her. But now she feels like she does no damage.
Jo0o (NA)
: If 4/5 people want to surrender, they're allowed to surrender. What's there to report them over? They weren't trolling, they just got demoralized and gave up. Shit happens.
it wasnt 4/5. just 2 of them at first. then they tiled and got the others tilted
Rioter Comments
: you can't just buff things until everyone is strong we've had two seasons of that and that's why we're in this shitfest of a meta right now as is just because cait and lucian aren't roflstomping everyone like they used to a season ago doesn't mean we should buff them. and buffing them just to specifically counter vayne whos clearly too strong right now is also a bad idea lo and behold, leads me to a cait main, so what can you expect
A. The removal of rune resistances hurt caits early game a sht ton paired with her hp nerf B. Caitlyn feels like she does less damage now? Idk why it is but this is a general consensus among cait mains C. Theyre both getting outpoked with these new runes. With all these points considered, I dont think nerfing all other adcs will fix the problem at hand. D. Just because i main cait doesnt mean my opinion doesnt matter. How about you stop looking people up and just respect their god damn opinion for what it is. If you dont agree just say you disagree, state why, then keep it as is. To get my point across, lo and behold, leads me to a tank main, so what can you expect
: Lucian and cait were both garbage during ardent meta and vayne wasn't played over tristana twitch and kog during ardent meta the sole reason she's strong now is because tank supports are meta especially alistar
Caitlyn and Lucian were both at least playable. Right now, trying to play them is borderline trolling. Also consider that twitch was super meta in the ardent meta, who outscales vayne
Slythion (NA)
: Vayne is only good right now
This is what ive been thinking for days. Vayne should NOT be getting nerfed. Cait and lucian just need to be buffed back up so her counters actually exist also remove relic shield from adcs please, makes cait and lucian even WORSE with all that sustain.
: If folks have skins that stand out as being super loud when compared to base and it's annoying, let me know and I'll look into getting the levels better - it's super relevant to some of the BTS audio stuff we've been doing lately! Edit - Specifically audio stuff is the stuff I can/ will be changing
Aether Wing Kayles E autos sound like nails on a chalkboard. Way too sharp and loud.
: With Caitlyn having the second lowest winrate on ADC role with 46% ....
No, even as someone who OTPs cait a lot, that interaction was toxic and shes more balanced without it. We should be looking to buff her early game back up or buff her late game for how bad her early is atm.
: It would be cool if we got a story arc every game play season.
That would actually be so cool. Like season 8 could be piltover focused and figuring what the hell is even going on there at this point (seriously theres just been so many random stories thrown in piltover, whats the main threat/plot?
: Oh boy I can already feel the lethality Caitlyn jungle, spamming R form the fog of war through lanes
Maybe she can get revealed during the duration once she fires her first bullet.
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