: I honestly don't mind the addition of passes, though I am somewhat upset with how they've been added; to have, well, for example the icon in the most recent one; it just _barely_ pushes it up to $15 instead of $10 needed for the pass, and such. Which just is honestly unfriendly as a consumer, personally. But that aside; love the incoming changes, and I know for a fact, that I am still dying to know if we'll ever be given more refund tokens? I feel like a lot of people; myself included, wasted them on random things like refunding a champion and so on, when first joining, and regrets these decisions. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Heya! Thanks for the feedback on passes - there's lots of room for improvement and this helps us pinpoint where we might want to focus first. For refund tokens - there is nothing planned as part of this change but we were recently discussing what we should do. Will take your comment back to the team (but no promises).
: These items will be on sale for 50% off?
Most things will be 50%. Leaving the door open to experiment with some different options (eg: higher discounts, lower discounts but on sale sooner) and see how players respond.
Cadya (EUW)
: Bubo its not about the "total value" of a capsule... hes worried about not beeing able to work towards a specific champion in a reasonable amount of time because of the randomness of shards and the low amounts of BE you are able to get just from playing.. sure you can bank a ton at the beginning.. but after that ? lets say i wanna target a special champion that i liked in the rotation.. lets say it costs 6300 in the current pricing.. how long will it take if i dont get lucky af and get a shard on my next level up ? you have no "i can play 15 games and farm that currency and i will have that exact champion to 100%" if those changes go live
Thanks for helping explain! The short answer is it should take about as long as today. We tuned it to be similar to today assuming you d/e everything. The exception is if you are a high level and playing a lot per day because there's a bigger first win balanced by less in subsequent games. It can also easily be faster than today if you count for not spending on runes, getting the champ shard you want, the new ways to earn introduced over the last year (hextech, honor, events) OR depending on how many games you play per day. Hope this helps clarify.
: Thank you for this concise and accurate rundown. Everyone here appreciates it :)
Scuttle (NA)
: If we ticket support can they tell us?
Not at the moment. This would compete with more urgent / actionable player needs. This is one of pieces we had to cut and just won't be optimal as a result =/ Sorry about this
: > [{quoted}](name=BuboBubo,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=c7He9MWq,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-13T00:17:21.183+0000) > > No official way on this one. We thought it would be valuable but not as much as what we'd have to cut to make it happen within the timeline =/ Sorry man Not going to lie, that's super saddening. Is it at least in the pipeline, and planned for the future?
I feel you - sorry man. There is nothing in active development to let you see lifetime hours. Over time the emotes from veteran rewards and leveling will let you get close but its not a clean solution for what you have in mind =/
: > [{quoted}](name=Monstrous Yi,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=c7He9MWq,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2017-09-12T23:09:48.246+0000) > > I just calculated the runes that i bought years ago and i spent 108240 IP on them before September 1, 2017. The rewards requires at least 125,000 IP, that's 16760 IP more than i spent. I feel absolutely shit right now, i have over 100k ip and 42k BE, bought all the rune pages with RP too beside that i wont even get a mystery skins for my rune pages because i already own every skin. I get nothing from this, how is that even fair? Can we get a confirm on whether RP pages count for the total IP? Because they should in my opinion, we spent just as much effort, if not more, to get to the top of the Rune system. And I would much rather have this ward skin than some stupid epic skin shards.
: Mystery Mini Icons Box, will it only have 1 per box or will there be multiple Icons in there?
Artemia (NA)
: Is the exclusive rune ward skin for big ip spenders the same as the rune ward skin on sale for 6000 BE?
Ellundor (NA)
: I still our current IP going to be multiplied by 6,5 when the change happens?
No - your BE balance in loot will (before you receive your rewards)
Ellundor (NA)
: Is the 6,5 factor going to apply before or after the runes BE conversion?
: > [{quoted}](name=BuboBubo,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=c7He9MWq,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-09-12T22:56:04.020+0000) > > This website gave me a really inaccurate number for my personal account. I don't play very many normals so I don't think that would explain it for me. This is my exact issue with these sites. So my only question, are we going to get an official way to view our hours?
No official way on this one. We thought it would be valuable but not as much as what we'd have to cut to make it happen within the timeline =/ Sorry man
: Will we receive blue essence after every game? No, the new rewards system is all designed around champion shards (which can be turned into blue essence) dropping whenever you level up. ------------------------------------------------------------- You see this is where i see a problem, putting your currency on an RNG system is an atrocious idea. We don't know the numbers right now, but seeing that if you happen to get a 500BE champion you'll probably just end up getting a second 500BE or 1350BE (if lucky) champion if the champion shards are going to stay at the same chance low-high ratio. Which if you for example disenchant two 500BE champions you will probably only get around 400BE for 15 or so games which is nowhere near "comparable" to how much we get right now including the 150ip daily win bonus and around 80 or so ip per win. 500ip champions are the MOST LIKELY to get, i myself feel like if i ever get a champ card its only 500ip or 1350ip champs. So this is the most likely scenario, besides the system throws random champs at you that you probably don't like or already own out of the 137 champions in the game right now. I absolutely don't want the currency to be based on RNG, i want to know how many games approximately i have to win to get this one champ I'm willing to save up for, not play for xp and 15 or so games later hope I'm not unlucky and this hasn't been a waste of 8 or more hours for nothing but 400be for 15games. This is all speculations but i just hope this system isn't as terrible and RNG based it seems to be, wanted to spread my concerns.
Heyo - I think we tried to mitigate this. Please take another look and let me know if you still have concerns. Apologies if you've already covered it and I misread it =/ I hate RNG stuff. What if I get a cheap, useless champion shard when I level up? You can actually get multiple champion shards whenever you level up. If you get a low priced champion shard like Ashe, it will come with other shards to bring up the total value of the capsule. The capsules are balanced like this so that everyone will get close to the same value from hitting any given level, so luck won't make a difference to how quickly you can unlock champions.
MysterQ (NA)
: I hate this, but I haven't tried it yet. BUT you might level up in 15 games.... and get a 6300ip champ shard.... which disenchants into 1260BE.... so 5 more capsules and maybe you too can afford a new champion (15x5 = 75 games WHAT).
The overall champion earn rate should be the similar to today or better for most players. The [dev blog](http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/09/upcoming-changes-to-leveling-ip-rewards/) has a bit more info clarifying this.
ÁrYaN (NA)
: ***
This website gave me a really inaccurate number for my personal account. I don't play very many normals so I don't think that would explain it for me.
: Oh my god thank you thakn you thank you thank you!!! (I don't think you noticed my comment but that was actually my suggestion so I am so happy right now!) Thank you Riot it makes me so happy! :D That's the best Christmas present!! *-* Good job! :D
: Well, great news then! Just bought her here on EUW. As a note: I was not expecting at all her to go on sale honestly (before Snowstorm sales I mean). Yet the way you guys decided to treat this affair and, specially, the open communication you've had with this are the real spotlight here. I just want to thanks you for doing such an excellent job on this, keep it up! Now back to Summoner's RIft to feed a lucky midlaner :P
Much appreciated <3 Thank you for your support!
: > [{quoted}](name=NotJosephSmith,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=uQERzEsh,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2015-12-17T12:07:42.436+0000) > > I'm really confused about the situation with Challenger Ahri and had a question. Will she be available for ALL of the Snowdown event at full price and be on discount for the next 2 days, or will she be exclusively available for these 2 days? Bold part is what I think is imporant: >That’s why we feel the best thing to do is to re-include Challenger Ahri in Snowdown. **That means she’ll be available for the duration**, and will be included in the Snowstorm sale for 50% off on 12/17. We’ll also extend that sale for 24 hours through 12/18 because this is such short notice. Basically, I read it as "the skin will be available for all of snowdown for either full price or a discount if you get it in your personal shop, but for the next 2 days everyone can get it for 50% off due to our (Riot's) error.
Confirmed. She'll also be back in January.
: Hello! It's not directly related to the thread and I'm just curious: Do you know when CS Shyvana is purchasable the next time again? I think I missed it the last time.
My best guess (Crab is not around atm) would be when the 2015 Championship Skins come out, or next year around world's time (at the latest). Hope this helps!
: Thanks for acknowledging the mistake and putting her skin on sale anyway! {{champion:103}} However can I ask what happens to our Snowdown Shop slot? Challenger Ahri was 5th in my Snowdown Shop, do I get a new one to replace her as that one is technically useless now as you have explained? Thanks again for sorting it out though :) {{champion:107}}
One thing to note is that the 50% off sale is only for 48 hours while your personal shop will give you a bit more time to figure it out. This may not be relevant for players who can readily reload their accounts but for a large number this delta is significant. Unfortunately, we won't be able to make alternate offers to players who had challenger Ahri in one of their slots - but if players like their Shops then we hope to bring them back a couple of times next year as well. Thanks for your patience!
Chaotica (OCE)
: So that explains why I was able to buy the skin on my 190th desperate click. I'd been waiting for that skin for so long! Thank you for putting it back in
You know what they say... "190th time's a charm!"
D rok (NA)
: Thanks for the update - just wanted to say I absolutely ADORE the Snowdown Shop system of catering skin sales to our play style. It's really exciting to open the skins since you know there's a high chance you'll be interested in them. very fun. :)
Thank you for your kind words! Will share with the team - I'm sure they'll be delighted to hear it =)
: Hello WizardCrab, About Ahri Challenger, what if she's proposed in our Personal Shop at the moment for less than 487 RP (292 or 390 RP for instance) ? Does it mean we have to buy it for 487 RP no matter what ? Or does it mean we will be able to buy Challenger Ahri for 292 or 390 RP in 48 hours ? Can we have a sale price difference already? She's also taking one slot for nothing in the personal shop atm.
If she is in Your Snowdown Shop for 70% off then you will have to wait until her regular 50% off sale is over to grab her at 70% off- sorry about the wait!
: Riot, Do Something About Bots
Thanks for the replies, this will help us isolate and take action
Lugg (NA)
: Personally, I see bots in ARAM pretty much every third game. While it has gotten better, there are still lots of them out there.
What tipped you off to it being a bot? Was it a specific champion played a certain way? strange buys?
: > [{quoted}](name=FarRockBF,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Ewxdr513,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-05-20T20:07:33.849+0000) > > This would be the entire point of the class :). Cool then I'm very interested.
VBA macros in excel are super handy and surprisingly powerful with even just the basics. Highly recommend giving this a shot!
: Riot, Do Something About Bots
Hrm, what game mode were you playing and what tipped you off to them being a bot? We've regularly clamped down bots in the past but new ones do pop up and we are always on the lookout for emerging threats. Thanks for the feedback!
: A question about skin pricing
For the most part, yes. This article goes into much more detail: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752944-Guide-to-Legacy-and-Limited-Skins
: Let me know what you think of it, I'd love to know what you guys think of a system like this :D
The community already heavily influences a lot of our decisions via forums, surveys and other feedback. A direct vote would dial up the agency even more which is cool. Have there been any particularly glaring instances where people were unhappy with the majority choices? Would love to learn more to understand the implications better.
: Why are there only NA eCommerce employees right now? Do you guys review the data from all regions and do adjustments based on the info ( i mean if there is something)? Bad question to ask... So maybe someone for a game on euw? :p
There are regional eCommerce teams as well which own things like local payment methods, promotions, local policies and much more. Since we are all on different time zones and somewhat spread out, this turned out to be a central Q&A. We do look at data from each of the regions. There are many local differences that we wouldn't find or understand if we didn't look at regional data and get context from the teams who relate to these players at a more personal level.
: I'm not sure if this is still running but if so, have any of you guys ever seen the "Power to the Players" system that Jagex uses on their game Runescape? It's a really good system that really does make you feel like your part of the community, along with knowing that your vote does actually count, it might be worth taking a look into as a system like that would work wonders on League, thanks for taking the time to read!{{summoner:10}} p.s. Sorry if i'm not allowed to mention other games :c
I had not heard of this and will check it out now - thanks for the pointer! No harm in mentioning other games and companies - we want to hear the best ideas out there.
: Hi, I'm really confused that all teams who attend world champions 2014 have summoner icons sale in the game except the Chinese teams(OMG, EDG, ROYAL) Could you put these summoner icons in the store pls?{{champion:32}}
I am not a 100% sure on this but last I heard there were some challenges around licensing/contracting that made this hard to do.
: How about HUD skins? with IP. It would encourage players to play more to get a different HUD :D In game and Out of Game
HUD skins does come up often as a suggestion for a new content type. Maybe I am misunderstanding but I think it would fall generally fall into the cosmetic category.
Faemn (NA)
: So what you are saying is that my future degree in Business Intelligence would be perfect for this?
It would also be a great starting point for our analytics team!
: > What are the plans for double ip weekends right now? Udyr touched on this here: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/H004gAPw-ecommerce-qa?sort_type=best&comment=00030000 > How do you decide what champion will be free, or on sale? Last answer on this topic i saw was in 2010. For free champions, we like to have a mix of roles, difficulties, and prices in each rotation. Sometimes I also like to put in champions with interesting interactions, whether that means there's a 'hook' rotation with Thresh, Nautilus, and Blitz or some lore interaction like Diana and Leona. I also really like to put Rengar and Kha'Zix free together :D For sales, the biggest factor for determining what goes on sale has been how long it has been since it was last on sale, although we're now evaluating this to see if there are other methods that can bring more value for both us and players. There is also a rotation of the price tiers of content on sale that can be seen here: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39670814 > Are there any plans on summoner icons for good behaviour, or summoner icons for playing X amount of games or playing for x amount of time? We've been thinking about which behaviors we want to reward and how that affects the game. If we decide we wand to go down that road, it could include some of the ideas you mentioned here. No promises here though. We really don't have anything to get excited about yet. We do often have things like you mentioned though for events :) > Pudding or cake? 100% pudding. No contest.
I'm gonna just go ahead and say that cake is way better. Pudding texture is just...{{champion:96}}
: Where's my sweet sweet Order of the Lotus Karma skin?! You can just...you know...unlock it. Rito please. And on a serious note, have you considered selling a bundle with all champions in it at a discount so that completionists like me can buy all the champions with RP without having to pay for each one individually?
> Where's my sweet sweet Order of the Lotus Karma skin?! You can just...you know...unlock it. Rito please. My Karma play may be bad enough to lose to bots but that is a risk I am willing to take just to play that skin. > And on a serious note, have you considered selling a bundle with all champions in it at a discount so that completionists like me can buy all the champions with RP without having to pay for each one individually? Nice idea! This could definitely be done. The sticker shock on this worries me though - something like the first N champions for Y dollars might be more viable.
: - Can we get a Ratio of how Mystery skins are going out? For exemple, a Legendary skin is 500/1 and a ultimate 5000/1 - Are you planning on working out how IP gaining works and/or do a Rune bundle for begginer players?
> - Are you planning on working out how IP gaining works and/or do a Rune bundle for begginer players? We are looking into improving the new player experience around runes, specifically making T1 and T2 more accessible and less of a purchase you look back on with regret. The target sentiment would be something like T1 runes, which are generally considered a good value for the cost. Can't promise a timeline though.
AnonTwo (NA)
: Oh hey, a Q&A on GD. Nice. umm...let's see. * What was the thought process behind charging RP only for some of the avatars awhile back? * Has there been any thought of putting in more IP purchases? * Any defined plan for championship Riven? * Are there any plans to revisit refunds on VU/reworked champions, provided the difference is considered enough to define it as a different champion entirely? For example, if someone played AP Sion and the playstyle is being removed completely from the game
> * Has there been any thought of putting in more IP purchases? It's definitely something we want to do but its been challenging to find ideas that don't create risks at the same time. For cosmetic content, the general plan is to have them be purchasable with RP and use that to fund development of features, upgrades and content that make the game better for all players (both spenders and non-spenders). This lets us have gameplay content available without having to spend and lets us stand by the core principle of not being able to spend money to get an advantage over other players (excluding skin-timidation). That's not to say we can't/won't do it (eg: summoner icons, name change) but that we tend to be cautious. Another idea could be to have more gameplay content available for IP, but then players who are newer or aren't able to play as often wouldn't be able to access this content readily and that would make them less happy. Yet another idea was to allow gifting of content that is already available for IP. While we really really like gifting, this would increase the incentive to bot and hack accounts, which would likely do more harm than good. But as the number of players who have excess IP continues to grow, it is something we would love to solve. If you have any ideas or cool things you have seen in other games, please shoot them our way!
Mansana (NA)
: Sorry if I took it the wrong way. But yea no problem.
Thanks for clarifying Mansana. No worries Xello, it's a legit question and confusing, especially if you weren't interested in these skins at the time.
: Riot VS Users
: Riot VS Users
: Riot VS Users
Tirasu (NA)
: @riot about Legacy Skins
Which skins are you talking about specifically?
: LEGO Poro
Nice! We want more!
: quick bundle question
Dayro (NA)
: is it legal to sell an account?
It is against ToS and could lead to a permaban
: Is that so? I can't say I'm surprised, personality traits are one of those things that everyone is interested in and it's a fun thing to compare. I only really got into forum lurking about a year ago, so I guess I missed it :P Every Rioter is extroverted, hmmmm. Now is that a factor in being chosen or simply a result of working for Riot, I wonder? Or maybe just the ones who are active on the forums? Interesting.... Thanks fro sharing! =)
Its probably influenced by selection bias in who posts on the forum | that they are employee or not. Interesting indeed, but it does feel a little bit horoscope-y
: I'm Curious
xNTJ and Darius or Sona... Hrmmmmmmm
: Well, I read this on another post, which I think is worth sharing: The two Ultimate skins, Pulsefire Ezreal and Spirit Guard Udyr, are for champions that share a name with a member of the Riot staff. (Bot Riot Ezreal and Riot Udyr are employees at Riot. More champions under these circumstances are: * Veigar * Tryndamere * Ryze * Volibear ("Volibar") * Zileas ("Zileas") It is likely these champs are getting looked at for ultimate skin opportunities.
Interesting but just a coincidence I think.
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