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: [CLIENT] Static when recording a Replay
I have been having this issue as well.
: I want to get a better starting grade. So i played my first ranked games this month and got graded today at 10PM ironically and got silver 4. next season i want something higher :|
Play more ranked then!
Valexfor (EUW)
: I would like to overall improve my gameplay, while I don't think I'm lacking game knowledge for the most part, my mechanics suck... As for rank: Since I almost made it to plat at one point this season, so I think I will look at climbing to at least high plat/low diamond.
That's a good one. I understand the game and how it works too, but I need to work on my mechanics as well.
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niver3 (NA)
: I was perm banned
When it comes to a permanent ban due to verbal abuse there is not much that can be done.
: Ok this has to be a fucking joke right?
Based on this post I'm sure it was more than negativity and it's probably a good thing you got banned.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bubonica,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=lxTFtXUI,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2016-11-05T06:21:57.364+0000) > > Thanks, haha. My cousin actually did it through a USB. I left the room to go get some food quick and he put a key logger on my computer and added it to my antivirus exception list. Wow, that's pretty dedicated. Yeah, locking your computer when you walk away is an important thing too, but you probably didn't need me to tell you that :P
I always lock it when I leave now, haha.
GarenRed (NA)
: Hey Riot, you dumbdumbs
Just from the post title it sure seems like you have not learned anything.
: Hi. I hope you find this post about account security helpful:
Thanks, haha. My cousin actually did it through a USB. I left the room to go get some food quick and he put a key logger on my computer and added it to my antivirus exception list.
: Oh ok, so no need to warn people before a two week ban. Totally acceptable.
Or just don't be toxic.
: In all and complete honesty I'm surprised there's a red post anywhere near this board. But seeing it in a thread where someone is openly praising them for closing an account down for reasons beyond their control is infuriating. Stick up for yourself, there's no reason why you can't have your account back if your security is back up to par.
Of course I'm upset. But think of it from their perspective.. Anyone could say that. There is no proof that someone else was on my account. I told them the situation and there was nothing that could be done. Of course I stuck up for myself. I have had that account since season two and it meant a lot to me but account security is the users problem and you are accountable for what happens on your account. Maybe if I had noticed my account was even compromised earlier I could have filed a ticket but I didn't.
: Numerous warnings before you are banned? Man that would have been nice. I received absolutely no warning whatsoever and received a two week ban (no chat restriction beforehand either) as my first offense. Not to mention I'm normally not toxic whatsoever and they even stated when I sent in a ticket that it was an "unusual spike in negativity." Where was my warning?
The two week ban is your warning. Two weeks is much shorter than a permanent ban.
Brayzon (EUW)
: So, I too have been permabanned for 3rd party programs after having my account seized.
Third party applications does not only include scripting on a certain champion. It includes anything that can give you an advantage over other players; timers, visual aids.
: No Praise for Riot
Riot has great support. They have reasons for banning accounts. They have great detection software for cheating and have a reporting system that allows you to have numerous warnings before you are banned. Plenty of time to change your act. I got actual help and make no money from this game, I play it for fun.
: > [{quoted}](name=SleepySlayer,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=lxTFtXUI,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-11-04T21:52:16.643+0000) > > Good to know Riot employees only respond to positive feedback, instead of the mountain of problems and flaws people find and post here in forums. Really shows you where the priorities are. Hi SleepySlayer, Just wanted to let the OP know that he/she gave me the warm fuzzies, but you're right that we could all do a better job of hitting these boards harder and closing the feedback loops with awesome players like yourselves. I do certainly try to address the critical feedback as well, especially in subjects that I feel qualified to speak on *cough* audio *cough*, but there's always room for more thorough engagement :)
How can you be disappointed with this, SleepySlayer! He personally addressed you! Side note, now I have those fuzzies :D Just saw that you were in audio.. I always get jealous when I hear the audio guys at my work test out the weapon sounds and my chair shakes.. Haha.
: Agreed! We always try our best to help and we appreciate that nice feedback from you :)
I wasn't expecting a comment from a Rioter! Cool! You're welcome! Keep up the good work :)
: ***
Like I said in the original post, there were actually responses.
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: Smurfing is a dick move though.
I agree. But sometimes you just need that confidence boost I guess.
nep2une (NA)
: You do realize there's multiple factors that go into checking who's playing? Including, but not limited to: IP, champion/role choice, order of Summoner Spells, whether people organize items by a specific way, playstyle (CSing, damage dealt/taken, etc etc), and so on and so forth?
Okay, so they are checking over my games to see if someone was on my account. Here are the flaws - there is a 50% chance that we use flash on the same key. I play all over the place. Just because I played jungle 100 games in a row and decided to play Support for awhile doesn't mean someone else was on my account. CSing, can two players not be equal in how they play. And just because I have a bad game and get lower cs doesn't mean someone else was on my account. IP - have you never played at a friends house before? Yes those can help identify someone being are your account but it is way too flawed.
: Unlock Permanently Banned Accounts For Reformed Players
There are permanent bans for other reasons though, like third party use. In my case my cousin got a hold of my account and used it. There is no proof though from Riot's end so it makes sense for them to ban my account. And in this case I did not get a warning or notified of anything, instant permanent ban.
: If you were recently banned and find out it's because someone else was on your account...
Ya, I have been banned for third party use. Was not me but was my cousin when he managed to get a hold of it. It was my fault though since it is my account. It sucks, but it makes sense because there is no proof that it was him.
Laura ß (NA)
: Where do I report an account that i think is being boosted, and is smurfing banable?
Smurfing is not bannable. A lot of high elo players smurf because there are long queue times or they do not want to mess up their main. They also have to climb the ladder too, they can't just start in Diamond. Boosting is reportable though.
Bubonica (NA)
: Banned for using program to change screen to black and white
It does not look like I will be getting my account back. My account was compromised by my cousin and he must have used some modification script or something. It is my fault since my account was not secure. It sucks but there is no way in proving it was not me since it happened on my account. Quite impressed with support I received though. Quick replies and they were not all automated.
: Yorick op in lower elo?
Anything is OP if you know how to play them.
: Why muting a toxic player is important to winning
I agree. There is a reason there is a mute button. If someone is annoying you or harassing them instead of letting them tilt you just mute them.
: dude im not the one to argue with... lol its not my rules... im not saying its isnt kinda bs... i just stated that it was against TOS best thing is to submit a ticket to riot and explain etc and see how they respond but they are big about 3rd party software or altering the client in any way
Fair enough. Just hoping someone at Riot is having a good day and they will let this go. I wish I would have gotten a warning or something and then I could have figured something else out.
: well it did break the TOS agreement.. you used 3rd party software and /or altered files of the client
But it doesn't improve my gameplay at all. It just lets me play the game without getting major headaches.
: R.I.P friend, gone but never forgotten {{item:3026}}
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m0gul (NA)
: Did you guys, uhh... reset your router?
They probably didn't wait the full 30 seconds you are supposed to wait when you reset your router.
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Bubonica (NA)
: Karthus Q Able To Cast Outside of ARAM Map
I guess it's almost like Ashe's W being able to be shot over the wall, but it's just the fact that it can be cast outside of the wall.
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: They commented no on this. But said reporting for intentional feeding works.
Makes sense. Just sucks when you are in it alone and each player will only get reported once, which doesn't do anything!
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