: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16 notes
Can we please take a look at {{champion:119}} 2-4 people play him every single game. Its obnoxious
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14B notes
I think the most frustrating parts of assassins are three things 1a. Assassin dummy tanks draw your team out, forcing you to build xephyr(s) 2a. Assassins crit for insane amounts meaning you have to stack PDs or play yordles 2b. Assassins also have extremely high damage spells. Meaning your PDs arent actually all that useful and you need dragon claws. Ex. {{champion:84}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:555}} You need 3 different items to counter an assassin team whereas any other situation you're trying to build up your own team
: So, Riot just buffed the Baron without mentioning it in the patch notes?
Even after heavy watchful eye of {{champion:223}} He's missing clarity. His passive needs to be a timer on the hotbar like {{champion:122}} bleed so you know exactly when the stacks fall off for counterplay.
: You people make me hate this game more and more,I have been playing this game since season 1 with every month that passes you make the game worse and worse. You nerf jungle to the point where you can hardly do anything early game causing people to actually stoop so low as to play ivern. You nurf akali to the ground and say oh we are going to keep an eye on her and see where its goes .... you legit just hit her with a shaco teir nerf destroyed what the whole champion was about. As for the skins LP and crafting system they are all jokes before you could actually buy champs without spending money now you have to wait 10s if not hundreds of games to get enough points for 1 new champion. You people are killing the game it was once a great champion and now you are slowly choking it out with your bare hands. Don't even get me started on the lore and garbage valentine skins.
Akali is literally a gimmick champion and thats all she was about. Akali uses Q in W to HEAL and deal good damage and couldn't be autoattacked by anyone except a mid-late adc. If you try to auto her when she q's her invis is so quick it literally cancels your auto giving you no chance to retaliate. She also healed so any possible damage you did with an AOE ability was healed right back up and she still has the benefit of being invis to reengage Then lets take it to the tower. The tower is just a way for Akali to hold you in an exact spot in your lane when the minions crash into it because she ignores them. You're forced to sit there and farm the minions at that specific spot. Making her ranged Q useful for harassing and healing up. while choosing at any time to dive you with W. She can also reset the aggro after she hits you when her W is expiring, let her Q come back up, q and dash back out. Giving her 5-7+ seconds of free trades under tower and in some cases HEALING for tower diving. She was so gimmicky and unpunished by towers its a joke. She's super dead tho I cant disagree. Yeah it was a lot. But foreal that champ's identity and mechanics were overall toxic for top lane especially. imo.
: Patch 9.3 notes
I really like the {{champion:84}} nerf. Interesting gameplay mechanics per specific champs ({{champion:34}} egg, {{champion:150}} transform, {{champion:412}} lantern, {{champion:119}} axes) All fun things to add to champions Removing standardized gameplay mechanics all other champions have to abide by is not fun. She's going to be really bad and dead, yes but stopping her from being able to overall HEAL on a 5-7+ second tower dive is healthy for gameplay imo.
: > [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BnOMXey0,comment-id=0004000000000001,timestamp=2019-01-31T04:13:20.041+0000) > > snipped for space Strawman, complete mis-representation of your opponent's argument The statement was in regards to re-rolls, which involves the chances of rolling a champion, NOT an actual increase with in game stats. I can understand your intent, but the actual effect is completely different as well as the statistical advantage being completely different as well The two are completely different, and on top of this, statistics would like to point out that an additional re-roll does not provide a significant advantage to those with the pass. You have a 0.006% chance of getting any one champion. Even if you rolled twice more, you still have a very, very, very, very, very low chance of getting a singular champ. If you even wanted one of 5, or even 20, the chances still are very low.
Its .699% you forgot to move your decimal place. But the other team gets 5 picks automatically and whatever champions they have in their pool so about a .80% chance or so Regardless there is no consequence to rerolling twice (if you have all champions) even if you get 3 crappy picks. You get to pick the best one of those or others' rolls. A stacked team will get 5 rolls more every game. This is rare to find a stacked team vs a nonstacked but its to prove a point.
: ARURF Club IS Pay to win. URF is dead
<Removed by Moderation> Someone who has all champions unlocked and the urf pass get the maximum 2 rerolls EVERY SINGLE GAME. Because you only get a maximum of 2, if that person has ANY semblance of intelligence will reroll 2 times EVERY SINGLE GAME.
Kai Guy (NA)
: I am not arguing its not an advantage. Your more then welcome to actively hate it. I am not sold its more of an advantage then a dedicated Aram account. Look, You are more then welcome to hate it. You don't have to like it. You can get upset at riot for it. There's nothing wrong with you viewing it as unfair. Its very clearly not Pay to win however. There is no pay wall preventing victory for free users. Its not every top tier hero being Cash only unlocks. Its not having guns and gear with Stats always better then free items. Its not a fancy Boat/Spaceship/Tank with extra firepower hp ammo etc. Plenty of Free to play games have advantages you can gain with $. Leauge for seasons 1-7 had rune pages. Running rune pages was a pre game advantage. Multiple pages for your main gave you better match up options vs not having them. Over a long string of games this advantage could generate a higher win %. Or not. Just having the advantage was not and is not adequate to ensure a win. That's Still not pay to win. Your a Zerg main. New expansion comes out and new units fix the major issues with zerg playpatterns you use. You buy the expansion. Your now stronger and can win more games by using new unit types. Purchased power? That's an advantage. That's also behind spending $. Do we ever call expansion packs Pay to win? I say no. I say pay to win is literally that, you have to pay to be able to win. You cant compete seriously otherwise. Your welcome to disagreeing if you want, but I don't see how any one who has any experience with pay to win games would feel gold spatula club accomplishes this. And if your so nit picky about $ being spent on anything for an advantage you shoulda had beef with league from season 1. So again, not asking you to like it. Just want to be clear that this is not a Pay to win Situation.
Hey man I appreciate your reply. I understand that p2w means something a lot worse for people who are familiar with shady f2p games and I personally think runepages were a p2w mechanic. Though I grinded this game so long I never bought a champ with rp and think only bought 2 out of 18 runepages with RP because of a sale. I already had a number of them. But I don't think we should dismiss these things as not p2w. Even if its a dumb casual gamemode. It's reprehensible to pay money for OBVIOUS advantages. This reroll thing isnt even a "If you look at it like this" No. Its a straight up advantage. But things don't have to be blatantly obvious to convince players to pay money to be successful and win. Its a disgusting tactic and should be spotlighted at every chance. And speaking of ARAM accounts...this doesnt help against those who switch over to ARURF. LOL. that sucks. xD About the zerg thing Im unsure about how to feel about that. I do think that games should be accessible and competitive from the get-go. Though I understand there's a lot of work put into an iteration of said expansion and was released much later. Preferably they could let whales pay for skins or something xD and have everything be accessible in multiplayer but release single-player separately but I'm not ignorant enough to not know that the game's core is the multiplayer. But I actually do kind of disagree with it but idk the solution I guess. There's got to be a more creative and inclusive way to handle it. But that's an outsiders opinion and I dont know their finances or demographics or stats or anything. I cant hold a concrete opinion. Its something to think about. Also didnt play league in season 1, only found out league in season 2, what was so bad about it im curious?
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BuffaloJuggler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BnOMXey0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-31T01:47:46.773+0000) > > You really don&#x27;t understand this concept??? > > Imagine if one player gets to roll a d20 twice and gets to keep their highest number > > And the other player gets to roll a d20 thrice and gets to keep their highest number > > Over 100 turns the player who get to roll thrice will have an unfair advantage on the person who only gets to roll twice. Its not totally random dude. Its pay to win. I'm not going to argue about it again, i think i made my point clear over 3 threads now.
Players with all champions unlocked and the urf pass get 3 random champions EVERY SINGLE GAME without consequence. And their team gets to take advantage of their rolls. Do you see how this could at all be unfair? How more chances for getting a better champion is an advantage.
: I dont own all the champions and ive had times where I get two rerolls, so i dont know what youre talking about.
Did you have 0 rerolls and then go to the next game and have 2?
Kai Guy (NA)
: I object to calling it pay to win. There is no Pay wall preventing you from winning with out extra rerolls. Your correct, it is an advantage for a single account comparative to another single account. The Lack of a reroll for teammates and enemys will be RNG, For any individual match there is no assurance your Paid reroll is going to have any value or assist you in a win. It will be RNG. Your example of 10 vs 15 is not reflective of reality of any match. A 5 man team could just as easily only have 1 set of rerolls even with all of them having the pass. You cant have more then 2 per game even with the pass. Any individual game the advantage from the pass will be Random. Its never a BAD thing. But it does not inherently give you a win. It does not guaranty victory. Victory is not being held behind paywalls. So that's not PAY 2 WIN.
Im saying though if you have all champs and an urfpass you will always get 2 rerolls. That person will/should roll twice every single match giving themselves/team 3 chances every game for a good champ.
: In the description of the golden spatula club, it says that the max rerolls you can do in a lobby is two. All that means is a person playing urf with the club is guaranteed to have one reroll per game, whith the maximum still at two. You can still get two rerolls without paying for the pass, and calling it pay to win because of that is dumb.
If you have all champions you get 1 reroll, If you have all champions and urf pass you get 2 rerolls correct? What would ever stop someone with an urfpass from rolling twice to give their team a chance for better champions every single game?
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Like i said previously: It's not P2W. You get rerolls after playing games. Paying players don't have to play one game without rerolls, but still have the same chance of getting trashy champs. Yes, it's stupid and pointless, but it's not pay to win.
You really don't understand this concept??? Imagine if one player gets to roll a d20 twice and gets to keep their highest number And the other player gets to roll a d20 thrice and gets to keep their highest number Over 100 turns the player who get to roll thrice will have an unfair advantage on the person who only gets to roll twice. Its not totally random dude. Its pay to win.
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: Patch 9.1 notes
Please add a timer for {{champion:223}} passive!!!
: Patch 9.1 notes
Please add {{champion:223}} passive to the hot bar/ability timers!!! Playing against him and not knowing when exactly my window of opportunity to attack is painful especially against such a high MAX HP tanky champion. "He's in a bad spot but are the stacks on me about to decay? If I jump in now I might be able to attack but should I wait 1 second? If he Q's me do I get stunned and die? Can I quickly stun him right when the stacks start to decay?" I would love for you to add a timer window on the bar or something. Im not sure if many people have noticed but we need more clarity please.
: Except flash and dash have two totally different meanings. One can not dash through a skillshot and avoid it but one can flash over it.
But when you're a noob all you had was {{summoner:6}} (dash)
: Patch 4.18 notes
Could you guys also add timers on Azir's sand soldiers much like how thresh's lantern does? It would make it easier to know which soldier is leaving the fight and better caliber the effectiveness of your soliders for positioning. I wouldn't say its a buff but more clarity to help Azir. As well, I feel there should be some sort of "mouse over" ability or even an active AOE circle to check the range he must stand to attack with his minions. I seem to walk in an out without clear understanding of what my positioning needs to be to attack enemies.
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: The Final Boss approaches
Arcade {{champion:74}}
: Patch 4.7 notes
Yeah I don't know about you guys but as far as feral flame goes why not give junglers an incentive to gank? Maybe raise the stacks by another 5 or keep it the same, testing is key. Say stacks are 1 or .5 for large monsters and 2-3 for kill/assist up until feral and only up until feral and also make dragon and Baron worth 2 stacks. Maybe 2 for assist 3 for kill. Don't make that concrete because again, testing will prove what's best. The trick is to make people more inclined to gank (more stacks) and also work as a team and get into fights (objective control/dragon/baron). I feel there should also be a cooldown on the bonus stacks for kills and assists. The cooldown being 30 seconds or so. First kill/assist is 2 or 3 and consecutive kills/assists are only 1. That way if an early teamfight breaks out the jungler wont receive 15 stacks. They could at max receive 8 if it's an ace. And as I said, these bonus stacks are only good for machete - wriggle's. The early game is what needs focus for this item and since the nerf to the healing it seems this could be a viable option.
JSJ22 (NA)
: Mafia skin line is exclusivly for ADCs I believe.
Rito has claimed Yasuo is a Melee ADC such as Master Yi. "Marksman" would be the correct term.


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