Porocles (NA)
: Maintenance began a moment ago, so this might be unrelated. I wasn't able to find any issues during the time of your post so I'm curious if there might have been an ISP, routing, or more local issue. Was this still an issue, or did it resolve on its own?
I was unable to even login after restarting client for all of last night until I eventually went to bed at like 3am eastern. Quite a few people below experienced similar issues in PA and NJ, all through Comcast. That being said, apart from ranked being down currently everything seems totally fine.
Villąin (NA)
: dear riot will you ever learn that your maintenance periods are horribly timed, stop being lazy and do maintenance and patches overnight
They maintenance is affecting all regions. Riot already acknowledged the unfortunate timing of this down time for NA and EU, but these aren't the only regions being affected and they had to find a time that best fit all.
ı i (NA)
: Same here PA comcast, Did anyone elses internet go out? It might just be comcast?
My internet otherwise seems completely uninterrupted.
Justiń (NA)
: I have comcast and live on the east coast (new jersey) never had internet problems before and I completely lost packets my last game.. couldnt do anything
Same, have comcast and next to you in PA. Totally unplayable, not sure what is going on.
RiotBok (NA)
: [COMPLETE] Aug. 2 Maintenance - Ranked Disabled and Possible DCs
Any chance some sort of maintenance is taking place already? I currently can't login after trying to restart my client during game, the packet loss was INTENSE, more than I'd ever experienced before. I checked, my internet is totally fine, frames were a constant 100+. Before said game my profile view showed I was unranked and had no honor level, and in champ select my mastery page selector bar was small and I couldn't open it. What's going on here?
: Doesn't being limited to one champ already bone you in ranked/draft as it is? What do you do when someone bans Soraka or picks Support before you? Dodge?
> [{quoted}](name=OmegaNITRO,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=WV2VqZca,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2015-11-12T19:48:11.316+0000) > > Doesn't being limited to one champ already bone you in ranked/draft as it is? What do you do when someone bans Soraka or picks Support before you? Dodge? Well hopefully that wont be an issue because they picked the role they want to play, so they shouldn't take yours unless they really are trying to troll you. About the banning the champ you want to play, its prob not a good idea to select the exact champ you are looking to lock in, I feel like that part may eventually be taken out if too many players use it to troll.
Lyte (NA)
: New champ select Q&A with the dev team!
I like all of these new changes, but I cant help but feel like the new champ select will limit the roles that people know how to play. For example, in solo que as it is right now, you have to be ready to play any role, as you are not guaranteed a high pick, and sometimes its best to fill because you have teammates calling mid only or feed etc. With the way things are right now, you might get your role, you might not, and after a few 100 games you understand just about every role in the game, and I think that in turn makes you a much stronger player. I find a top laner who understands the hardships of a jnglr plays better when getting ganked, asking for ganks, or an adc plays better when he knows how supporting generally works or vice versa. I main adc and support and based on my experience the "adc only can't support" guy generally never plays well because he is lacking knowledge in half of what is going on in bot lane. With these new changes, if everyone can just play the role they want, not only am I afraid it will increase que times like in team builder(which i feel like has been addressed somewhere but I never saw it), I am also afraid players will only have experience with 2 maybe 3 roles at most. We would all love to only play mid or adc or whatever we main and whatever our secondary position is, but by being forced to learn all of the roles I think we become better players who understand more aspects of the game and can better support our teammates because we have more general knowledge in what is going on. Like I said I main bot lane roles, but having played my fair share of top lane and jungling, I definitely can be more understanding throughout the game because I know the role almost as well as I know adc, even though I would never select top lane in the new champ select.
: just imagine the ults... It's like Bard all over again *no*
now whenever im trying to suicide under enemy tower to not give up gold, ill get a friendly aoe kayle ult + heal to keep me alive until the enemies get there.
: > [{quoted}](name=Murder Bro,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=BvErb2td,comment-id=00fb,timestamp=2015-05-21T17:41:54.654+0000) > > Serious question here Riot. Since you have made it quite public that you do not support free speech and wish to ban players to that use certain words, why not just not allow those words to be typed like a chat filter? These would be words such as "nigger", "fag", etc. that you are going to auto ban people for anyway, so why not solve the problem by filtering? Do you get off on issuing "justice" so that players who think they are on the moral highground continue to play your game, or what is it? That is what it honestly seems like with the new automatic ban systems where I don't even get told why I have a 100 game chat ban and then it expires only to have a 300 game chat ban pop up before I can even get a game without a chat ban in, but you going to tell those who hit the report button that they got a person banned. All I see in the future is people spamming the report button after every game with a person they don't like in the hopes that the system picks up a bannable word or phrase that is taken out of context. I don't care in what context you use the word "faggot." This is not a party at your house. You say that and you get your ass reported. Your freedom of speech demagogy is pure bullshit. Riot is a private business and they can proceed as they please towards racial or homophobic slurs. Get over it and stop being toxic.
darude saltstorm. this is the type of kid right here that reports people because they ask him to stop feeding. I bet you'd report me right now if it was possible. grow up OkamotoSenpai.
: Well, what about players who are intentionally causing you to have a bad day, which in turn makes you rage, especially when on a losing streak? Is this entirely fair? Because this happened to me recently and I don't think it's entirely fair that I could be banned if this continues. Not to mention, I think the Tribunal should be a tribunal, judgement by your fellow peers, instead of a select few, who may or may not know your pain, not to mention a machine, which could take terms out of place. What if one player is raging at you and you rage back, but you receive more reports than that person, does he go off free without consequences, while you're stuck with a warning or a ban? Lyte, why did you get rid of the judgement by your peers system? I had a 93% correct rating during my Tribunal judgement times.
I had 100%. That system was great, now its just a bunch if automated crap banning us just because we get reported. Doesn't matter what you did, you get reported and punished, whether you did anything wrong or not. Hopefully this system fixes that.
: Of course right after reading this, I had a very toxic team in which two summoners made recurring death threats and homophobic slurs at the end of game screen, just curious if all chat logs are looked at, or is it just the communications made during the time on the rift?
Up until now, nothing you could do about it. They handled all reports equally. one person who plays badly and gets reported by two toxic teammates or one person who is racist and gets reported twice will be punished the same. Hopefully this will fix that issue.
: New player reform system heads into testing
So does this mean no more getting reported for last hitting badly and getting ranked restricted? You're telling me riot is actually going to look at reports now instead of just punishing...bout time.


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