: Around 1.30 of a game LoL freezes. I can still hear people on LoL chat (audio). But nothing works
I found that i can leave the game and re enter it and it will work. idk this might not work for you.
: The hidden Jax
I know, i made this post a while ago and literally forgot to hit post. XD I'm an idiot.
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: Until Riot decides otherwise, PROJECT is a human-only skin line
This is certainly correct, i jsut have a few things to add: Not only are they just humans, but as we saw in the teaser for wave 2 (i forget the name (the one with {{champion:22}} {{champion:245}} and {{champion:55}} ), they all have a thing that they strongly fight for (this has been relaxed with the most recent wave somewhat), and that is what they gave up their humanity for. I am kinda confused on how the old PROJECT skins fit in with the new lore established with the story, hopefully someone can explain it to me. But yeah, they all have something that they fight for strongly (freedom, power, vengeance, love, etc.) I'm also kinda confused on how Program ties in. If i remember correctly they have nothing to do with PROJECT at all, and were meant as a skin line based around anti-virus software (from the initial Program skin line release post), idk i might just be missing something. Great post, keep up the good work! -Your resident PROJECT fanboy
: Clash NA launch canceled due to technical issues
Why are you assuming riot new about the problem way earlier than we did. Most things in league that seriously screw things up get posted within a half hour. They mentioned that issues happened AS THEY WERE ROLLING IT OUT, meaning they only knew about it like, maybe 2 hours before this post, MAYBE. When riot hyped up clash, do you think they knew that they'd have to cancel. Of course not. That's ridiculous. They expected it would go just like last time, perfectly fine. Also i have some experience in technical bugfixing, and i know that a serious major, system breaking problem that can't be easily solved often does not look like it until many many attempts to fix it have been made. Maybe it appears minor, or maybe it looks like a few lines of code will fix it, but in the end it turns out to be a monster of a problem. So again, this isn't riot's fault. I understand that your angry, but that doesn't mean you can just throw blame around. Again, do you get mad that your sports team didn't say something about the freak storm that would cancel a game. Of course not, their not psychics, its a FREAK storm.
: Clash NA launch canceled due to technical issues
I'm seeing a lot of well deserved disappointment in the comments and i totally agree how much this just sucks but I'm also seeing a lot of misplaced blame. This is not in any way Riot's fault, and they deserve no blame for this. What happened was there was a totally unforeseen technical issue that no one could have predicted, and that's why that had to cancel. You don't get mad at a sports team for having to cancel a game because of terrible weather. And to those saying they should have made sure Clash worked before they shipped it, guess what? They did. Clash has been tested on the PBE extensively and it even happened before with no such glitch in the system. This is a real tragedy, but Riot isn't to blame. Bad luck is. (Side note to Riot: Just wondering what was the exact nature of the technical issues, as knowing might help clear up some confusion)
: Lobbies can't be joined or created
Final Update: I've concluded that the system is working, but at a fraction of a fraction of the normal speed
: Lobbies can't be joined or created
Update 3: I got in a normal lobby, but cant start the que (despite selecting roles)
: Lobbies can't be joined or created
Update 2: I got kicked out of that and now cant make a new lobby (i was briefly placed in a normal lobby before getting kicked out of that too).
: Lobbies can't be joined or created
Update: ive now been put in the lobby for the last game i've had, but no one else is here, and i cant actually leave the lobby (despite clicking yes to the prompt)
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: Patch 8.7 notes
All chests should be changed to this new Cosmetic Chest thing now that we have honor capsules. It feels so bad to open a chest and get like a janna shard.
Nayzumi (NA)
: Why do ADC's have the cheapest item path, do the most damage with autos, and have supports?
They die at the drop of a hat from an assassin or sustained focus from a tank. They (with a few exceptions) have little burst, rely on luck for crits and depend strongly on that support to function. That being said i do think adcs are the most impact-full role for the sake of carying a game, with most other roles boiling down to helping the adc do this (tank damage for them, assassinate the enemy adc, snowball the adc in lanephase, etc.)
: Waht the F* is going on in Irelia's trailer?
Predictions: Passive: An AA empower (probably on a timer), that she sweeps her blades in front of her. Q: Same as current q but with a way flashier animation and also resets on using it on a MARKED target W: Stand still and channel a damage reduction (Like Yi's meditate with no healing) E: Send out blades in a long line, stunning the targets hit on the way out, then they come back and mark the enemies they hit then R: Sends out a skillshot that explodes into an arrowhead shape of blades on first Champ hit or at max range. Enemies hit by the blades take damage and are all marked.
: When they rework Aatrox, the current one should die and the new one should pick up the blade
If i remember correctly from Varus' lore, i think Darkkins are bound to the weapons but aren't fully THE weapons themselves. They all had forms like Aatrox's but the other 2 we know of got sealed away. I think this is evident in Varus' lore when it talks about the sun empress "sealing the Darkkin in the bow" implying that beforehand, he was not just the bow, but also a body. I think that the weapons are a part of them that cannot be destroyed, but their bodies can. But even if their weapon cannot be destroyed, they still can. If current Aatrox just kicked the bucket, that probably would just lead to a slightly magical sword with no Darkkin in it. I get this from how if Rhasst is defeated by Kayn, the blade remains but the Darkkin goes away. Aatrox to my knowledge was never sealed away like the other Darkkin we know of (Vaarus (i spell it with 2 a's cause thats how it should be), Rhaast and female Darkkin in Xerath and Renekton's chamber all were sealed away by magic after the Darkkin wars). I do like the idea, but i don't think that's how Darkin work (like different reincarnations that is).
: A goodbye letter
I'll miss you my friend. You were the one who confirms that graves vapes now, and i have the screenshots to prove you did it on multiple occasions.
: Can hextech chests please not drop champ shards anymore?
Personally i fell lowing the disenchant cost was unnecessary as is, after all, orange essence was not effected by the ip-blue essence shift, so i think its at a good place now.
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I Null I (NA)
: Well... it's official...
Its not just size, its the sculpture. No contest Kindred when you take that into account.
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: swap 2 champ's passives
So far i've see many people forget what champs actaul passives are. {{champion:4}} passive is random extra gold on minion kill (maybe it was intended for farming) {{champion:223}} Is the licks thing, so it would do zaggat on another champ. To contribute: {{champion:20}} with {{champion:17}} passive, assuming during ult it would reset. {{champion:96}} with {{champion:222}} passive, because he becomes old kog.
Arakadia (NA)
: | Regarding Reav3's Post on Reddit about changing new Swain's art |
Thats probably the most detailed, considerate and well thought out response to a post i've ever made, kudos. The thing with the demon bird aesthetic that makes it limiting is that its a one-dimensional character trait founded on looks alone. It leaves the audience with "so that looks cool, not that interested in the story" (the pacific rim effect), and also the writer with no jumping off points. You tell a writer a character is a bird-demon and you can't go anywhere with that other than vague bad guy and bird puns (what i think happened with Vladimir's character), but tell a writer its a passionate, ruthless dictator and there are a plethora of possibilities, from the emperor from star wars to real life dictators to most of the villains from the Far Cry series, there's a multitude of possibilities, but bird-demon is a finished thought with little room for growth. A point i was trying to make with the hair thing was that of its the little things that makes grand stories great. Worldbuilidng is becomes captivating when tiny details are developed and committed to. So when a writer says "Noxian nobles have long hair" or "Not many people call Illaoi's god Nagakaborous but she doesn't mind" its stuck to from a writing and story building perspective. Well i do agree that Swain wouldn't feel bound to the norms of the culture, im not sure if its something he would care about actively defying. On the topic of crimson particles, am i the only one who thinks the soul fragments look like dark harvest stacks?
Arakadia (NA)
: | Regarding Reav3's Post on Reddit about changing new Swain's art |
From what I'm seeing is that someone could use the exact same argument for the other side of things. Why would Swain's lore have to change for the art- Just flip lore and art in your post and you've got an argument for the other side if the art was changed. Another few things: On the hair topic, hair and fashion is something ingrained into a society so much that its not consciously thought of. For example, rich people wear suits, expensive watches and jewelry in our culture, they have well kept hair within certain length guides (you don't see many people with ankle length or knee length hair nowadays), that's why it makes sense for Swain to follow the Noxian tradition. Secondly, it seems to me that riot is trying to move Swain away from the Bird Demon aesthetic and into a ruthless villainous genius leader with dedication and conviction. The issue with the bird demon atheistic is that while it is visually interesting, it doesn't lend itself to good character building. Also if they emphasized the demon more, it would feel more like Kayn in terms of aesthetic, no matter what differences of who controls what might be. The one problem i do have with swain's new visuals is that in game swain's overcoat sleeves look like they actually have his arms in them if hes not walking towards the camera, making him look like some kind of waddling man with horribly deformed arms.
: Intermediate yasou bot went afk
Next thing you know, Vayne bots will be trying to 1v5 at all times.
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: Patch 7.22 notes
How many games (on average) will it take to level up. If its only a few (2-5 max) (at least from level 30) then i'm totally down with that. But it its more (like the leveling up to 30 where it can take up to 50 games to level up once) then that's bad. Not getting any reward for 10, 20, 50 games is absurd. So what is the XP needed to level (or the formula for it) and how much XP on average does a win/loss give?
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
As i have said before, the thing I'm mad at is not the rewards, but the fact that riot said they would do something and did not follow up on it. It's holding them accountable. Also i cosplayed lamb and a friend of mine was wolf.
: Your two highest mastery point champions swap passives
{{champion:222}} {{champion:120}} So, i guess she gets some AD from her zeal items. If she had her passive as well it would be so broke. Getting a proc of Get Excited means like a temporary {{item:1038}} aw hell yeah. Hec, well, he now goes EVEN FASTER. But without his passive no free AD :( But with how i play him it means that teamfights just got even more freelo ({{item:3748}} is bae).
: Skt lost and SSG won. Rip in shit faker’s self esteem
Was that him with his head down, almost unable to get up to shake hands after the game. He look like he was actually about to die.
Knalxz (NA)
: Faker is proof that regardless of how good you are, you team can always bring you down.
In the last fight, Faker didn't have flash, so SSG capitalized on that, so it wasn't really his fault.
Stexe (NA)
: I don't think this will be a very popular comment, but... It has been over **4 years** since Riot Games promised they would follow up with Limited Edition (LE) skin owners. Hippalus and Tryndamere both promised that there would be a survey to get LE owner's reactions to how Riot handled bringing back skins that you said would never be brought back. We're still waiting. And many of us still are hurt by how you handled it.
To everyone flaming this comment, remind yourselves, he is not asking for special treatment/skins, he is asking that riot uphold their words and he wants a SURVEY, he never said his opinion on the survey, just that he wants what riot promised. Too often people bring something up that riot promised and didn't do but get down-voted and called things like "petty". If a company makes a promise and doesn't deliver, regardless of your thoughts on the matter, you have the right to and should say something. That's the way we keep them keeping their promises. In this post he says that many are hurt by how they handled "it". Everyone assumes its the LE process but it could be the survey, as people who bought a product with a promise (Its limited edition) and then finding out that's not going to be the case, they have the right to throw their hat in the ring. If you get a computer part and it says it comes with 3-year warranty, but for some reason (lets say a massive product recall by a 3rd party), they reasonably want to withdraw the warranty offer. You are right to throw your 2 cents in as the warranty contributed in your decision to buy the thing.
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
If riot had not said what they said about mastery, i would not give a damn, i'm annoyed at the broken promise not at the rewards. The point is that they don't have a grasp on what their playerbase wants/does not want.
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
I apologize for how i worded that, i should have said it much better. When Riot reworked the honor system, they said they wanted the system to give "meaningful" rewards to players who are honorable and play nice. Here's the thing, at the time of my post, the only honor reward was the ward skin. I'm now more in favor because of the charity voting system because that's honestly such a great thing. I guess my point was is that since honor levels get reset, i fell like there should be some kind of more universal benefit to the player's who climbed high. For example: rank resets at season change, but you get a loading screen border which shows up always (not selected like a ward skin) and more notably a boost in the rank you'll get next placements. If they made honor 5 people start in honor 3 halfway to 4 next season, that would be great. Another way is with the new emotes system. Having a honor specific emote (maybe even themed so its a polite emote (like "GG" or another positive symbol) would be GREAT. But sadly not everyone will ever even use the reward they gave, making some people (about 85% of my friend group) feel like they got cheated and they got treated no better than the toxic Riven main with honor 2.
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
Riot, I don't need ward skins. Nobody needs ward skins. I already have the riot ward skin, so I'm never gonna use another ward skin again, i fell my honor 5 is completely worthless and i feel gypped that my honor is getting reset with no real reward. (I got the ward skin off of cosplaying kindred at a convention).
: I need help with this one Invasion wave
I would disagree with you there, firstly we had good adcs, 2 of us are tried with out adc mains, secodnly we had raka, janna and poppy. That was the game with the best comp for what you described but it worked as bad as all other comps. The one you are talking about is a breeze, just rush to the finish when you get near the end with a poppy or ez or ahri.
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: Patch 7.9 notes
I'm actually pretty sad that there are no minor reworks this midseason like there have been before (things like {{champion:84}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:101}} and almost any of the marksmen). They were honestly my favorite part of the midseason/preseason because of how much change these small, quality of life changes made. I wanted champs like {{champion:78}} or {{champion:54}} to get updated in some capacity. Also i find it funny how they still haven't addressed {{item:3056}} in all these changes.
Pops R (NA)
: The Heart of the Cards
: MFW...
I got DJ sona from hextech. But i already owned the skin. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
TBakes (NA)
: Lesbians Exist in Runeterra
She says it in a taunt to Darius also just making an observation, maybe shes a {{champion:254}} sexual (the pun is too old, end me now).
TBakes (NA)
: Lesbians Exist in Runeterra
Well Camille does say "Bravado is contrary to civility. Much like boys". maybe i'm reading to into this.
: Shyvana's passive will revolve around killing dragons
: It's always homicide to kill another living being, Same species or different species. It's just that some are taken serious while others are taken lightly.
> [{quoted}](name=JayHog1992,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=AZnJvxZM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-20T17:01:13.760+0000) > > It's always homicide to kill another living being, Same species or different species. > > It's just that some are taken serious while others are taken lightly. No. Homicide can be broken into 2 parts. Homo which is Latin for Man or Human. Cide which is Latin for Kill or to kill.
: The difference in how some supports are treated...
: Bohemian Rhapsody: League Version
: I'm an alpha client tester, and i didn't receive the icon.
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: Can someone in that 1% tell me the difference please?
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