: > BurritoToGo: he called me a jew hugger BurritoToGo: idiot BurritoToGo: kys * BurritoToGo: die BurritoToGo: he said kys BurritoToGo: he said "at least some** get fed" BurritoToGo: you called us *s and jew huggers Don't repeat zero-tolerance words. If someone says them, don't repeat them. As the name suggests, there is **zero**-tolerance for them. That's likely why you got banned.
This was a joke so you can laugh at me
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Baedaf (NA)
: Orange... orange never changes.
*Cough* R.I.P Fallout 4 pip boy edition *cough*
: its all ogre now!
: I only gift people if they either do a nice job in game or are very sportsmanlike to me and others! :) Anyone can play with me to earn gifts ^_^
YOUR FRIENDS LIST ISN'T THE ONLY THING I'M GOING TO SLIDE INTO AYYYYYOOOOOOOO, I'm bored and have nothing better to do have a good day don't hurt me ;-;


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