: i average 4.55 KDA over 18 games and only got demoted
nah its just silver hell. new players smurfs. pretty much all forms of life are in silver soo its chaos
: lux and sylas? eww
lol don't you mean {{champion:44}} and {{champion:81}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Literally what the fuck is happening in ranked rn
its tough man. gotta try to keep good mental. try to get objectives. but ya its really hard to climb with how weird matchmaking is
: Matchmaking.
ugh i agree. just played one of these. g3 here. enemy team all golds and my team one unranked and one s2. you already know who fed.... and was usless{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Matchmaking..Coinflips.."GetGOOD""1v9"..
love matchmaking. im g4 and just had a game where my bot lane is s1 and s4 versus a s2 and a gold2. yaa goo guess who won that game.....
: Riot Please for the love of all fuck fix your god damn matchmaking, it is shit.
im in s1. the moment i get to around 60 or 70 lp bam 3 losses. bot lane or 2 lanes will just lose by 5 min. and just nothing can be done. then i look at winrates and ranks and wooow enemy team way better
: Sejuani good bronze?
try {{champion:106}} he really good
Jiazinho (NA)
: So this happened.
lol i get these kinds of games all the time after a mini win streak. cannot for the life of me get past 70 lp in silver 1 {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Seen (NA)
: "Match making is fair, it's based off your mmr"
happens to me all the time. only dif is im s1 and ill be agianst all golds and i look at my team and they silver 3 and lower {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Oh Boy! Promos! Surely I Won't Land Two Feeder Teams in a Row This Time...
least you can get to promos. i get to around 70 lp and bam feeders over and over
: can matchmaking make up their mind?
i keep getting one guy every now and then that is 2 tiers or more lower then me and i look at enemy team and they all one tier higher or more {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: PSA: How to Fix "Error Code 18"
Thank you soo much for this!!
: Just once, I'd like to feel like the loss was my fault.
just played a game where i watched my botlane lose all their towers and 20 kills by 10 min {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: the love that mord has right now is what's wrong with the forumers.
: Morde is Fundamentally Broken, and Riot will not be able to balance him with his current kit
tryndamere and gp counter morde hard. tryn is really good just dodge e with spin and whoop his ass lol
: Mordekaiser is the most broken champ ive ever played since garen/darius juggernaught meta
Champions that can kite him destroy Morde quite easily {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:114}} and more
: Reworked Mordeikaiser
you realize you can qqs it right???{{item:3140}}
you gotta roam and feed your dogshit team their gogo juice or they just become and anchor
horobore (NA)
: How was this not an S
you needed to ward more and bit more cs
Uriel (EUW)
: 5 games loss spree for the most BS reasons...
sometimes you gotta dodge. especially if all your picks are taken or banned. 2 dodges a day and if you need a third just take a break from the game. I been doing this lately and it helps a lot. Other then that the rest of your games are unfortunately{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} bad luck and just really sucks
: Mastery Ranking System is Garbage
wards also count in the score. somtimes that also holds back from an s
: Game is now more than ever about picking broken champs.
nothing feels better than getting stunned and nuked outta existence once and bam now you lost lane and it happens over and over
Talthara (NA)
: I am so fucking sick of this fucking matchmaking
i love when the enemy team has 3 one whole higher tier teammates. im like no wonder we lost...
: junglers who can carry
TheFortex (EUNE)
: Why is it that when i climb higher i get even worse teammates?
lol s2 and 1 are even worse. it is legit hell to climb
: Ranked is frustrating, in all honesty.
team fights basically who can burst each other faster :(
l30 VI (NA)
: my mid was bronze 1 ( ranked. )
its when sombody does well in their placments. mmr will place them in your games while their rank will be b1
: ranked game is rigged to keep you playing so u buy skins and riot can make money of you
get close to series and bam, there they are, the trashcan peeps with 30% to 40% winrates. yay me....
Ñaofumi (NA)
: ....
and this is when you say fuck it and dodge
: Why do I keep getting paired with people who don't know what they are doing?
got 30% winrate teammates past few games. i have a 52% atm they legit play worse than bronze players
: Is it sometimes near impossible to win your series?
love getting around 30% 40% winrate teammates in series or when i get close to getting into series
: Hard stuck silver, and I keep losing games, I've lost hope thinking about uninstalling
have climbed to s1 a few times this season. moment i get s1 bam loss after loss. whole team gets creamed before 15 min and nothing i can do to stop it usually. now im i s3 for like the twentieth time this season.
Syrile (NA)
: Yasuo is "Fair"
hate his dam windwall. rest of the kit is manageable mostly
: Something to say about rengar top and bot
played against him top lane one game. dude straight up jumps outta bush and one shots my vladamir at LV 1. im like wtf. after that i learned you kinda have to hang back on the side farthest from the bushes and try to aa or poke him when he jumps on minions to farm. i think its dumb how strong he is tho with his bush jumps
Vranesh (NA)
: Players with second accounts trying to keep their ELO low
ya ive seen this happening. they trying to get into iron lol
Kyunsei (EUW)
: I dare you, I say I DARE YOU Riot games, to tell me matchmaking isn't skewed to reach a 50% WR
sigh i feel moment i get over 50% win rate i get morons who dunno how to build right, lane, listen to pings, and to go for objectives. game last a long while cause im trying to carry but eventually i get overpowered and its gg
: Lf duo gold or silver
: LF Duo (im s2 jungler) Pushing for gold
Rioter Comments
zafey (NA)
: the client crashed on multiple players
: My Team DC'd, Some of Enemy did Not
SAME HAPPPNED WITH MY TEAM AND THE ENEMIES. IT WAS A 2v2 rest was dc and reconnectiong over and over
: Why is ranked so bad in this game?
You arent the only one that has come back to the game after months. Since worlds is up right now, hella people are back and trying to climb. I noticed the quality of players i was starting to get the first week of worlds was horrid. I thought to myself how are these people this rank? da hell? its cause people who got a high rank from months ago are back and since they played in the beginning of season their rank isntt correct cause they have forgotten how to do somethings
Xhaiden (EUNE)
: This is why Yasuo is the most banned/hated champ!
: Why does ranked make me so toxic
made chat super tiny (in settings) focus on your play. use chat to only call out and give some advice to team.examples: like lets not run into jung that isnt warded. or wait for adc. lets kill yi first. etc
: How do you carry?????
Wait for a mistake from the enemy team
: My experience with league
the toxicity lately is insane. especially at me since i am a jungle main. always either top or mid lane screaming at me cause they "got ganked 3 times". and its 5 min into the game. im like i need to farm and stop pushing soo hard without wards or just straight up all ining into their laner. im getting sick and tired of it. people need to realize the jungler cant do everything and always be around to baby you. take some responsibility and better you gameplay insteed of blaming. it doesnt help.
: I have never, in all of my years playing League, had teammates as toxic as this
lol i get an instant feedback notification everyday. its crazy how toxic and negative people are in solo que. best thing to do is to ignore them in games and or mute them. focus on your gameplay and if you lose its fine. it happens you tried your best and thats all that matters :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Drowning in toxicity
its been pretty bad. i just mute all now. there seems to always be at least one toxic person in each match
: I think my autoattacks are getting canceled a lot this patch when enemies move away
: [GAMEPLAY] Game client will not load
This has been happening to me also, sometimes itll go through if i reset client completely. Happening every couple games and its frustrating.
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