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: > [{quoted}](name=ButtersBBG,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=58qdgr29,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-16T07:29:06.105+0000) > > Oh, I see. I don't really wanna post it publicly. so add me my Skype: rockdevil123
> [{quoted}](name=CreepingDeath99,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=58qdgr29,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-16T08:06:26.185+0000) > > so add me my Skype: rockdevil123 added
: > [{quoted}](name=ButtersBBG,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=58qdgr29,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-11-16T07:20:41.844+0000) > > ? I mean Skype = =
> [{quoted}](name=CreepingDeath99,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=58qdgr29,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-16T07:21:48.297+0000) > > I mean Skype = = Oh, I see. I don't really wanna post it publicly.
: > [{quoted}](name=ButtersBBG,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=58qdgr29,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-16T06:52:54.012+0000) > > Name: ButtersBBG > Skype: Ask in PM > Main lane 1 : (role) (champion) ADC - Any Meta > Main lane 2 : (role) (champion) Top - Bruisers/Tanks > work pref : gamer too much ask in Skype
> [{quoted}](name=CreepingDeath99,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=58qdgr29,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-11-16T07:19:47.577+0000) > > too much ask in rank team ?
: Making 5s Team (Gold-Plat Players Preferred)
IGN: ButtersBBG Rank: Bronze V Role(s) preferred: ADC Top Champions: Lucian, Jinx, Vayne, Kalista, Corki and Ashe. Do you have skype/teamspeak/curse voice?: CV/TS Are there any times that you prefer to play at or not play at (time zones help): U.S Pacific Is there anything else you want me to know?: Not really.
: Team recruitmen ( no rank required) TDD C1 ( serious )
Name: ButtersBBG Skype: Ask in PM Main lane 1 : (role) (champion) ADC - Any Meta Main lane 2 : (role) (champion) Top - Bruisers/Tanks work pref : gamer
Rank: Bronze V Primary and Secondary roles: ADC/TOP Champion pool - Any ADC, Tanks, or Bruisers Top Primary role: ADC Secondary role: Top Skype and/or curse: BigBoxGamer Estimated hours on league weekly: 21-42 Hours Weekly Age: 18 Time Zone: Pacific
Marconas (NA)
: Bronze/Silver Player Recruitment for Ranked 5v5 & a 3v3 Team
Main Position 1: ADC Main Position 2: TOP Rank: BRONZE V
LunaFox (NA)
: Ah! When you run League, before you click the Launch button, in the upper right hand corner you can select the region you log in to. Make sure it's the right one for your account. If you get lost anywhere else let me know!
That's not what I meant, I mean when click into the support page. None of it seems to make sense.
LunaFox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ButtersBBG,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=zWE2tsAh,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-21T03:42:07.664+0000) > > My client is set to the correct region, and I've tired to navigate that, but I always get lost there. What's up? What part are you getting lost at? Maybe I can help! :)
I get lost a the very beginning trying to find the correct option.
LunaFox (NA)
: Do you have the right region selected in the client? There's a number of steps you can try if you can't log in:
My client is set to the correct region, and I've tired to navigate that, but I always get lost there.
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RiRaY (NA)
: Haven't been able to log in after I patched - tried from 11pm-4pm Pacific. Have you gotten in yet?
not once Edit: finally got on
: No you fucking dont. First off you dont "deserve" anything at all. Why should the game give you anything?? Second off if you want something really badly go and get it. want out of bronze get good at the game. And might I add that it will take days before you even get somewhere.
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: Can't log in to league
I'm having this issue as well.
Renaille (NA)
: "I deserve plat" No you deserve bronze V Your cs is no where near plat levels ever, it's not even silver II levels.
Not counting the games I've played recently where I just didn't care and fed on purpose like that MF game. My k/d/a is 198/62/162 which also counts a Pentakill on Corki. I deserve Platinum. :P
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AD Yuumi (NA)
: Okay got response typed up again. So as Jinx's designer I asked to head up the nerfs coming out for her this patch. Let's talk about them and Jinxy in general. First full info on the nerfs: The **min** damage on the R is being cut. The **max** damage is staying the same. Additionally, the execute damage is not being touched. **SMD rocket will ALWAYS deal 25/30/35% of the target's missing health regardless of range.** Below are the rough damage estimates based on ranges Jinxs should be familiar with: *NUMBERS AND CHANGES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE (or not). ALL THIS IS STILL IN TESTING* R damage @ Point blank:** 125/175/225(+.5) >>> 25/35/45 (+.1) ** R damage @ Minigun range: **175/245/315 (+.7) >>> 110/155/200(+.45)** R damage @ Level 9 Rocket range: **185/260/335 (+.75) >>> 135/190/245(+.55)** R damage @ Shock Pistol range (max): **unchanged - 250/350/450(+1.0)** **TLDR summary of the below wall of text: We like Jinx being strong for a variety of reasons but she may be TOO strong at the moment. Jinx's snowballing and hyper-carry potential is intended to be strong and we like it where it is so this change is targeted at amping up her main weakness (gets wrekt if jumped on). IF THIS CHANGE GOES TOO FAR WE'LL FOLLOW UP ON IT. THE GOAL HERE IS A SLIGHT TONING DOWN OF JINX'S POWER. ** Generally we like Jinx being a strong champ in League of Legends. Even when winning she has a lot of inbuilt counterplay which makes losing to her feel a lot less demoralizing. Thanks to her general immobility combined with the delayed and conditional nature of her spells players tend to come out of games against Jinx with gameplans on how they're going to beat her next time. Going off of this, it is likely that Jinx "at balance" sits at above a 50% winrate. This partially stems from the nature of her power profile. Jinx is highly snowbally, especially in AoE focused teamfights, and is one of the best characters in the game at taking objectives after killing off the enemy team. This is going to contribute to a higher number of wins in solo queue where the "group and push" strategy is so prevalent (Jinx loves grouping and pushing!). People group, teamfights happen, Jinx AoE's things, and 1 kill tends to lead to 1-4 more + towers and dragons. Additionally, it's worth mentioning Jinx's dedicated player base. If you run into a Jinx player on live that person is going to have 31 games on her on average, That's up there with other "I main dis guy forever" champs like Yasuo, Lee Sin, and Riven. For comparison, Graves has a similar play rate to Jinx (they're neck and neck for most picked ADC), and yet the average Graves player only has 16 games on him. This isn't meant to be a knock on Graves but more a highlight on the fact that many of the Jinx's you run into out there have played her A LOT and as such you'd expect a higher win rate out of her due to player experience. So I've gone over why we're okay with Jinx being strong so in that case why are we nerfing her? Well the thing is there's strong and then there's I AM THE GOD OF SOLO QUEUE strong. Jinx is trending towards the latter and has only been getting better each patch. She's got one of the highest winrates in the game at 55% across all elos and that combined with her insane playrate is cause for alarm. We felt some light tuning would be appropriate to level the playing field vs. other ADC's so we looked across her kit and asked ourselves "is there anything Jinx is doing right now that maybe she shouldn't be?" So as her designer I've always felt that Jinx is defined by the following strength and weakness **A) Jinx is a snowball:** If you let Jinx get ahead and can't figure out how to get to her SHE WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU LOVE AND BURN IT TO THE GROUND. **B) Jinx has a hard time with people who invade her personal space.** If you manage to jump on her when she's unprepared you should be rewarded accordingly. The strength is supported by things like Get Excited (the speed passive), the always-on AS/range+AoE steroids on Switcheroo (the Q), and Jinx's reach in general which progresses from 525 range - to 700 - to 1500 - to global. This power combination ensures that if Jinx has enough gold and manages to get a foothold of safety/advantage in a fight she WILL GET TO YOU, BLOW YOU UP, AND THEN TAKE YOUR TOWERS. This is good, it's character defining and it's what we'd like her to excel at. The weakness is supported by the ramp up on minigun, the cast/arm times on all her spells/ and the damage w/distance mechanic on the R. If you manage to close with an unprepared Jinx she's going to have a hard time dealing with you. Her spells leave her vulnerable, her AS needs to ramp for full DPS, chompers take a while to arm, **and ideally she can't just Graves ult you for a burst of power unless you're incredibly low on health. ** ^^^^^that last thing is where we found a possible problem. Jinx was winning a number of engagements off the sheer burst power of her ultimate, even at pointblank range. This to me is out of line with her strength/weakness profile. In summary: **Jinx is a hyper carry who can kill every single member of your team from extreme ranges if left alone but if you jump on her she should be at a severe disadvantage. ** Nerfing the pointblank ultimate makes the weakness more true and allows us to preserve her strengths in light of extreme power in solo queue.
: Carrying is physically impossible in bronze, sorry. Supports don't buy SS, no one buys upgraded trinket, it's completely unsalvagable. The entire divison needs to get nuked off the face of the earth
Bemapon (NA)
: I will admit feeding was a little harsh of a term. I more meant you were just not doing well. Everybody has bad games, I know this very well, however if you really think you deserve better than bronze focus less on your team and more on you. What can you do to make the game better, how can you turn the fight around. that kind of thing. Dont get me wrong your team is important, dont be that guy that sits in lane and split pushes all game while your team is dying 4v5. Im just saying learn your weaknesses and try to improve on them. Instead of blaming your team and matchmaking look at what you could have done better, if you cant find anything find someone to tell you what they think you should improve. I believe you have what it takes to get out of bronze, you just have to work for it.
I've worked at it for two years now, it's never gonna happen and it's not like my PC can record games. It's too old for multi-tasking and every LoL replay client I use tells me there was an error when recording the game. I don't have replays to watch because my pc is too old, or none of the software works for me. And, this recent game made me rage so hard because I was carrying the whole game and my team started feeding. Long story short, I went from a 7/2/2 lead with a decent CS lead to a 7/7/2 finish after my team fed and there was nothing I could do. Long story short, I don't have a headset anymore.
: says the guy who plays ARAM all day. How bout you actually play ranked for once to put your theories to the test. InB4 you pull a random account thats in challenger
: If it is that difficult, then maybe you're only slightly better than those that you're playing with. Or maybe even just as good as them with a huge ego. If you were significantly better than the people you were playing against, you could snowball most games with little trouble.
I do snowball, I snowball every game. Most the time I win my lane and the mid lane and get very strong, so my team decides they need to get the enemy stronger. That's how it works in Bronze, you're not allowed to be good.
: and a lot of RNG-esus. Dont forget that part.
Bemapon (NA)
: If you are better than bronze your team should not be enough to hold you back especially if your skill really is at a platinum level. I got placed Bronze 1 this season after being silver 2 last season. It did not take me long to get out of bronze and now I am gold 5. You dont need to fight 1v5 you just need to win the fight for your team. If you are trying to 1v5 them, then there is your problem. Your Lolking shows that you are inconsistent. Some games you do really well, others it looks like you are feeding. tl;dr You are not plat skill.
Truth is, I almost never feed, I end up giving up kills once my team notices I'm getting fed and decides they need to get the other team even more fed.
: Easily win your games until you reach your correct ranking, just like everyone else.
: You claim to have an advantage of skill over the average player in your games; you can either use it and carry harder to win more, or squander it and blame the team who isn't as good as you.
I can't 1v5 the enemy team, because my team wants to fight longer than they should and give enemy team 4 kill to 1 kill advantage all because they wanted to kill that guy that had a pinch way behind the enemy tanks and enemy carry that is present.
Akeydel (NA)
: Play, rise up the ranks. If you really are that good than it shouldnt be difficult for you to carry every game, i mean, a plat in bronze games? Theres no way your team could hold you down.
I get that much, but there are plenty of ways my team can hold me back. Over extending, over staying, over fighting, feeding, leaving, trolling, and just being bad in general. I experienced all the over's in my last game playing as Kalista when I would pull my support out of a dangerous spot, he would just go right back into that dangerous spot.
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Ðïana (NA)
: It would be unjustified IF they said "You must change your name every month in order to continue playing." They've never said that, or anything of the sort. They've been NICE enough to give you the chance to change your name - Something MANY games don't even offer at all, or offer ONLY for real life cash. Not only do they give you the option, but they give you the option to earn it through play, or pay for it if you're in a hurry. It's a luxury purchase. It's like saying "Getting my $35,000 car painted costs $2,000! Overpriced!" Except that getting it repainted is a LUXURY. You have the option of just going and buying a new car in the color you want, which is ridiculous and costs way more, OR paying the LUXURY price to have it painted. Or you can deal with the scratched red paint and realize that a cosmetic luxury has a price, due to it being not in ANY WAY required.
To be honest, I don't even want a full name change I'm very happy with the BigBox part of my name and I just wanna swap out the Gamer part for GG. I really don't like the, "Gamer" tag at the end anymore and it's pretty ridiculous to pay $10 to only remove 4 letters and add another that's already in the name. And, I also stated a solution for people that wanna change their name non-stop they a single player can only change their name 2 to 3 times in a 6 month span. I mean, there is no effort on Riot's part to change names at all. All they do is open your file that contains your account and change your account name and save the change, actually. They probably don't do anything at all, and everything is automated. Which is why I can understand an automated machine might have trouble with a flood of name changes.
Izbiz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BigBoxGamer,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=7TnkXkEB,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-04-21T20:56:56.476+0000) > > I think I'd rather not have the option to change my name than having to pay $10 for it. It's like on WoW, if you wanna get value out of a name change then you're better off changing your character's race, or buying server transfer to a server where your name already exists. Then don't pay $10 and keep your name. Riot believes that the price they are charging now will get them the most money. Makes a lot of sense for a company. It's called supply and demand. Honestly. Kids these days are so demanding.
Honestly, you still haven't justified charging $10 for a service that's normally free anywhere else. If you wanna pay for my name change, by all means go ahead. You have no problem trying to justify the cost, so you must have no problem paying for it if someone else disagrees with it, right?
: It's a luxury piece of content? You don't like your name then that sucks , unless you wanna pay $200 and 167889975322467 hours to get every single champion and runes you have on a new account, and the skins.
Ðïana (NA)
: I don't see how it's really over priced. It's 100% Pure luxury. It's not something you could ever under any circumstances NEED to purchase. It's something you WANT, as a luxury. In the end, $10 to change your name is cheaper than $200 to make a new account and re-buy your skins. Still a good deal in my eyes.
Izbiz (NA)
: Most games does let you change at all _shrugs_
I think I'd rather not have the option to change my name than having to pay $10 for it. It's like on WoW, if you wanna get value out of a name change then you're better off changing your character's race, or buying server transfer to a server where your name already exists.
Jamaree (NA)
: Oh no, I'm not saying you should, just what people use it for, you might be right though, not sure.
I get what you mean, but it's just overpriced.
Jamaree (NA)
: Most people use it as an IP sink really.
Because, I have money to I.P boosts. I use my I.P to buy champions, I never use R.P to buy champions.
: Maybe if you wouldn't have picked a stupid name to begin with, you wouldn't want to change it!
That's a terrible excuse to justify something that is overpriced.
: 1,300 RP or 13,900 IP is too much for a name change.
-1, funny. People complain about overpriced chroma packs, but that chroma prices is much more realistic than charging $10 for name changes.
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: When you know your main is outdated, but you don't want them to get an update
: Something's wrong with LP gains/losses.
Yeah, it's almost like your win rate doesn't matter sometimes.
: "_____ or feed" should earn the same dodge privilege.
Teemo mid, or feed. ;)
: Bronze Life
It's not about how bad the enemy team is, it's about how good you are. Step your game up, put that team on your back and carry the game and don't die 9 times per-game.
: :O I main Ashe! OH MY GOD I'M SCARED! I'm like the biggest Ashe fan ever. I really don't mind her how she is, but man this will be interesting.
I like her, she can be fun to play if you're playing against people that doesn't know how to push the fact she has no mobility and her volley gets stopped by minions. Because, if you are playing against that playing as Ashe will be a nightmare and the chances of getting her let game power will plausible at best. I guess she plays into the fantasy of playing a stationary archer, but stationary archery is no fun and completely unreliable in this kind of combat the game is. This is the kind of fantasy I think Ashe should play into.
Ariaflux (NA)
Thank you, hopefully she comes up next after {{champion:25}}, {{champion:13}} and {{champion:78}}.
: AD Item that applies Grievous Wounds
That would be ridiculous, and pretty hard to balance properly, it would be my forth item build on everything, or third depending on who I'm playing. That would just be a ridiculously overpowered item and just heavy counter an item like Thornmail, the tanks only way of actually fighting back against an AD Carry. And, on Zed, that would be my first item build every time, because that would just be ridiculous unless it's early game potential was just so worthless, then I would just stick to BorK on Zed first.
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: **The Sleeper** A distant cousin to the laner, the sleeper is an intriguing player as the sleeper is one part feeder, two parts wanderer, and one part play maker. The sleeper usually is found picking any role that isn't bot lane. At first sight the sleeper may appear to the average baddie, starting the game by going 0-3 in first 10 mins with out a single word spoken or ping pinged. However the sleeper seems to get better with every passing moment, and is now glued to CSing after losing tower 12 minutes in. Yet that all changes when the sleeper suddenly gets a kill and is now pinging "on the way" to gank another lane. Five minutes later, the sleeper is now 6-3. How did this happen? nobody knows, but the sleeper is now very awake.
I guess I can be more described as a sleeper.
Karlyr (NA)
: Can someone get "banned" from the forums for excessive raging / trolling ?
Welcome to the League of {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}}
: @Riot Can Miss Fortune Be Given A Visual Update?
Brace yourselves. Fappening III is coming.
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