: Boring to watch them win? Yeah methodical but not all their games are slow. Whoever wrote this apparently didn't watch S6 nor did they watch the finals of Spring Split 2017
Don't sweat the article. This writer just sounds butt hurt that TSM won haha. This article only highlights everything GAM did and nothing good about TSM. Writers really need to stop being biased. Whatever the reason though hopefully this will wake up TSM and get them to take the group stage seriously because if they were struggling now they definitely won't make it out of groups.
: Called it. #10 was Kabum beating Alliance
"THIS IS FOR KABUM!" Why isn't this a meme yet... Too bad Kabum wasn't playing this year...Pain is not worth cheering on. BR supposed to be helping NA although they did us a favor by showing us just how bad CLG is...XD
Eledrion (EUW)
: Hai created the best moment with his midle finger to Febiven.
He done did! It was a well deserved finger shot. I must say though this season EU really did a good job of getting this far into worlds. Hopefully this pushes NA to want to get to that level as well. As much as I hate the inbreed fighting within the west it does help to motivate both EU and NA to get better each time. Hopefully one day a western team that both sides can cheer on will finally beat the eastern overlords.
: ish? He got asked how C9 would fare and thats ish? lol Thats not trash talking, it's called criticizing/analyzing weakness. People call Riot and everyone else who took offense soft. Since when is flipping someone off in the real world a joke in any profession. You going to flip off a co-worker or a rival company for pointing out your companies weakness? Like it or not they are working when they play and represent their organizations. Setting a standard for "pro" players to act like asses on stage is not a future I want. Leave trolling and trash talk in the game not the real world. Grow up. Learn to take criticism and learn to use words other than cursing and hand gestures.
Feb was trying to stir shit up. What was Hai supposed to do, shout how hard Fnatic got penta'd. At least LOL hasen't gotten to the point where people are throwing fists at each other although I wouldn't be surprised if fans were. There's a difference between criticism and shit talking and Feb was definitely starting some shit. But I will agree that what Riot did was the right thing although its not only Hai who was out of line.
: Riot probably meant to fine CLG guys its all good
CLG should switch to a sport where they can finally show off how hard they can THROW!!
Goatic (EUW)
: I think this is totally fair. On a side note, I dislike Fnatic so very much, especially Febiven and Rekkles. There's something inherently arrogant about them - I just can't put my finger on the exact reason why I think so. {{summoner:11}}
Thank you. I'd honestly like Fnatic more but Rekkles and Feb just have those high and mighty attitudes about them that make you want to punch them in the face. I admire Yellowstar and how he put together a whole new team from scratch but sometimes they feel like they're the EU version of TSM but better and more arrogant. I get why they have to fine Hai but I think Feb just wanted to be an ass to C9 because he didn't want them making it out of the groups and wanted to start shyt up. How does RIOT just let that kind of behavior fly when he's basically dissing another team right when their about to play and within earshot. I wish it was SKT facing Fnatic so I can watch faker and the boys wipe them out and see Origen playing SKT in the finals.
: When c9 beat najin white shield in s4 worlds to get into the quarters. A really close game but also represented a big step for na to beat a Korean team.
C9 didn't take the energy like they were supposed to on day two...I think everyone had their hopes on C9 after CLG threw and TSM was being TSM.
: And paiN beating CLG. :3
CLG is trash I lost all respect for them after they lost too KOO and went on tilt. yeah you win some you lose some but just because you lose doesn't mean you get depressed about it. CLG honestly never had the chance of making it out. From their record they always start well and get everyone's hopes up but they throw in the end. Classic CLG. At least Alliance had the chance to make it out but they were upset. Pain beating CLG isn't that much of a shock since they were throwing that whole day anyways. I actually liked Alliance and was rooting for them and C9 and it was kinda sad they didn't make it out but you can't compare and huge upset like that game to just steamrolling a trash team like CLG.
: How far do I go to win? If an enemy is mad in all chat, I egg one side on so they fight and go on tilt worse than CLG after losing to KOO Tigers :).
Classic CLG. Get everyone's hopes up and throw all games the next day! Even their name basically says it. Counter Logic Gaming. Do great one day then throw because its counter logic!
: ***
No problem. Spread the word, get this thread noticed and lets get more support!
: Thx for this post dude I hope they gonna notice us ! because I live in french Polynesia and playing with 220 ms instead of 160 make a huge difference :( . And I play ranked all the times not normal at all (check my match history) :/
Your welcome. I didn't even know you guys had it bad too!! Spread the word please! Riot removing my comment link each time because its considered "spam".
: So here I am in Alaska, used to have 60 ping, now have 160+ ping. Thank you Riot for taking away my enjoyment.
[(http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/8pG58Ncp-hawaii-alaska-and-places-outside-the-mainland-unite)] I feel you. Riot don't forget about us.
Rioter Comments
: We're still collecting information on Hawaii and Alaska connections, as both are unique cases when the severs move. We definitely don't want to leave anybody in the lurch, but it's difficult to solve for everybody. The information we're collecting (the same kind your friend submitted) will give us a better idea of what a "good" connection looks like from both regions, which then will inform our approach to making sure players in HI and AK are on the best possible connections they can be (e.g.: home connection optimization, ISP routing, etc).
So were literally stuck on the iceberg and the island until the ping lifeboat comes...So how about that 2nd server
: They'll never say this, but the player population of Alaska and Hawaii is probably too small to matter, especially compared to the east coast of NA. Basically, they're cutting those states off as part of the greater good.
We live on a fucking island with only 1 road leading to each end of it. I don't exaggerate when I say a good amount of locals play MOBAs like LOL. At Kawaii-con we had a tourney for Dota 2, LOL and HOTS.
Buzanami (NA)
: Looking to play with fun people and break the meta with
Hey guys I added all of you in game! msg me whenever I'm on and we can play together!
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjXHyUo_CgU&feature=youtu.be&t=201
PLZ notice me LIGHTDRAGOON88 SENPAI! XD (Also yes, after watching this video and hearing magikarp say it a lot I ended up looking it up and found out about the whole cigar thing. That's why in Eve's line it says how I haven't noticed until recently. Before his video I had no idea Riot even removed his cigar which seems so silly to me. XD)
Buzanami (NA)
: So Graves, I head they took away your cigar...
For those people that are like, "move on" and such, this is such a fun topic to talk about so don't take it so seriously. The whole deal with this is just so stupid that we need to laugh and make jokes about it. We all know Graves' in game doesn't actually have a cigar but for Riot to just remove it from a splash art sounds so silly. However we can all agree that Graves' whole character design matches with a cigar and seeing him w/o one just feels kinda empty.
: Ignoring "laws" would get the game banned. How is that fair to players from that region?
Then the Rioters in THEIR own respective regions should edit it out like they do with bone champs in china. Not have to scrap one champs splash art in every region.
Krigjer (NA)
: Why is it such a big deal that it's missing. You've been given a reason why. Leave it at that and move on.
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Risuzaru (NA)
: It took 4-7 months to release OCE, BR or Turkish server (since announcement till release). It takes more than one year already to release japanese server (counting since Riot Games Tokyo was announced). Japanese teams - without their own server, being forced to practice with higher ping, abroad - can't be prepared good enough to fight all these regions, with their own server and years/months of comfortable practice, everyday. Especially turkish team, which play at their "home". Last IWC tournament showed that so well (turkish team have won in Turkey - was it hard to predict?). I know, every team want fame and money... but all, that japanese teams are getting now is disrespect, from majority of LoL's players (except anime lovers), for being one of the worst (if not the worst) region, that is just going to feed/ give easy points to their opponents at IWC tournament. It will not change... till Japan gets their own - long awaited - server in this "old game". I wish It wasn't so bad for Japan as I say... but as I live here, I see what is going on with japanese players and LoL. Season 5 is going to an end soon and there is no japanese server yet. So many japanese talented players are not interested to play with high ping and different language... players, that you see in japanese league, call themselves "pros", when in fact, real pros didn't even start to play this game yet (who heard about Faker before there was a korean server?). Sorry for my "engrish" - not my mother language.
Where are you playing at? I was playing at cafes in the Tokyo area and the ping was fine lol. There was even a discussion about this in the forums. Plus LOL isn't even that popular in Japan. All I've seen are ads about PS4, MMORPG's. Gotta get the rest of 日本 paying more attention to LOL and not パズドラ before we can get our own server.
: Teams shuffle rosters for 2015 Summer
R.I.P.- Saintvicious, Hai, Steelback, Krepo, Cop, etc. I feel bad for Steelback that (just because Rekkles wanted to move back to a team who was winning the split when Elements had a bad season that he) has to get benched. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Rekkles leave Fnatic in the first place for the chance to be on a number one team w/Froggen? Why pick a guy whose loyalties change so easily over someone who helped put Fnatic back at number one. Also I really hope Incarnati0n does a good job of stepping for Hai. I want C9 to take back #1 followed by Liquid and TiP honestly. Seeing the synergy between the players of those teams really makes them so likable. Personally I wanna see Piglet and Impact go to worlds again.
Buzanami (NA)
: "I see you use that bird of yours to scout, Quinn." (Revival)
{{champion:133}} "Wow Ashe, you didn't cry like you normally do. I'm impressed....no offense." {{champion:22}} "It's ok... _sniffles_ I've become used to it by now so it doesn't affect me as much anymore." {{champion:112}} "Oh...is that so? That's unfortunate." _puts away beakers._ {{champion:133}} "Viktor, what's with the bottles you were holding beneath Ashe's face? {{champion:22}} "Wait, what!?" {{champion:112}} "Well sometime a [while back](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3144872&page=1) I heard Ashe's tears were used as a miracle "cure-all" to any ailment, sickness, state, etc. so naturally for science I wanted to see if the rumors were true. I even gathered some "Volun-tears" to experiment with them on..." {{champion:69}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:83}} "SO CRY ME A RIVER BITCH!" {{champion:112}} "For science!" {{item:3070}} {{champion:22}} {{item:3070}}
Rioter Comments
: I dont think any NA teams can afford the price that chinese organization offer currently
West region is EU too...
: dont worry na fans will no longer be dissapointed with the new c9 so sad that hai left tho :(
I really hope Hai's replacement can bring that team synergy that Hai brought. Fun question though who would make a good C9 mid replacement...? C9 Alex Ich...lol
: Fnatic brings pride to Europe at MSI
Fnatic played a great series. Nuff said lol. Personally I would like to see Liquid, Impulse and C9 make it to worlds. If TSM is gonna bring a laspe mindset into competitions like this then that spot needs to go to a team that wants it more. Being ahead of the curve in NA doesn't mean you're ahead of the world. That's not to say I hate TSM. They finally found some kind of harmony and that really helped them win spring but w/the way they came into this event and their shoddy performance I really question how a team like this beat C9 in the finals. Still though, good job west!
: Fnatic brings pride to Europe at MSI
Fnatic played a great series. Nuff said lol. Personally I would like to see Liquid, Impulse and C9 make it to worlds. If TSM is gonna bring a laspe mindset into competitions like this then that spot needs to go to a team that wants it more. Being ahead of the curve in NA doesn't mean you're ahead of the world. That's not to say I hate TSM. They finally found some kind of harmony and that really helped them win spring but w/the shitty performance at this event I really question how a team like this beat C9 in the finals. Still though, good job west!
Cheryl Cole (EUNE)
: Oh pls... NA is sad now, they feel sorry about their behavior, but wait till summer split starts... Load of bullshit and saltyness will come from NA once more. Btw yesterday Faker said NA players have amazing mechanics and play agressive etc... not like EU or Korea. What an epic bullshit. He actualy believes Bjergsen playstyle is NA playstyle. So now in the eyes of the god NA looks like mechanicaly superior region, despite its not true at all. I would gladly watch NA fall.
Actually since when has solomid ever felt sorry for their behavior lol. At least C9 woulda been more humble. Plus it doesn't matter where the player comes from, Bjergsen is playing for NA just like Huni is playing for EU. The regions' playstyle is gonna be an influence on anyone's playstyle or vice-versa.
: It sucks as an NA team to see TSM doing so poorly. I'm really looking forward to their AHQ game to see if they make it a good one, but I am kinda worried TSM may get bounced and not make the bracket which would be super sad. I think Fnatic did super good coming into the game and realizing where their strengths lie, and I think Huni is just an interesting player in general. I'm kinda sad that Fnatic is bringing back Rekles though because seeing a team come together like they did this season was really cool, and yellowstar putting together a team of less experienced player and them doing so well was really cool. I really wanted to be able to just like Fnatic as a team and organization not just because they win, and have a team to root for from EU. I know from a skill perspective it probably makes sense, but the whole reason I watched EU was because Fnatic and UOL both seemed to just be willing to support their players and focus on team chemistry over bringing in big names and we don't really have that much in NA (except C9, but I've just never been a huge C9 fan). Bringing in Rekles when he was obviously not as committed to the team or his teammates just sits wrong with me and so I'm hoping TSM gets another shot to to take them down.
Yeah, I'm not a fnatic fan (I actually was hoping Elements would pull through) but I think everyone can agree Rekkles leaving Fnatic then asking to come back when Elements didn't work out is a dick move. I really feel for Steelback.
: YellOwStaR breaks down TSM bout
Today is a sad day to be an NA fan. It saddens me one, that this is the team that took down C9. Two, they were totally arrogant coming into this match thinking Fnatic would be a pushover and paid for it. Fnatic deserved this win. I just wish the EU/NA bashing would stop. With SKT playing how they did today it feels like another Korean team is gonna take worlds again. I want the west to win so badly this year.
: I wonder how many people have not seen guardians of the galaxy considering the comments
: Oh give it a rest Ronan... you're not gonna rule the galaxy.
Yeah my first though was Guardians of the galaxy, not Star Wars lol. It's not even a light saber.
: Europe strikes back on Day 3
I have mad respect for EU teams for being able to finally draw the first wins for the west over the Koreans. I'm an NA fan but I don't care for the EU vs NA thing because in the end Korea and China makes that rivalry pointless by knocking us both out but this goes to show that the west is finally adapting and that we can take down the hype-trains in the east.
: Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, revealed


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