: So I've never seen a command box style window; mine just minimizes about 2-3 minutes into every game. I tested it on multiple training games, and it happened at about the same time every game. I did the suggested fix -- the whole disable Microsoft task thing -- and I'm still getting tabbed out at the same point. :/ Makes early game trades really risky.
> [{quoted}](name=Spearforce1,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=xbZ1cTed,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2018-09-19T06:35:52.869+0000) > > So I've never seen a command box style window; mine just minimizes about 2-3 minutes into every game. I tested it on multiple training games, and it happened at about the same time every game. I did the suggested fix -- the whole disable Microsoft task thing -- and I'm still getting tabbed out at the same point. :/ Makes early game trades really risky. I'd do something similar to my fix, leave task manager open somewhere visible and use OBS to record and see what causes the tab out. Otherwise I have no idea how to help :(
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: Given a free loss of LP due to no Remake Option
They can't change your LP or give you a loss prevented after the fact sadly.
BxA Zeta (NA)
: At random points in game, the client tabs out
Update for anyone. It is a windows update or a Microsoft Update. Record your screen with OBS or something and wait for it to pop up. Just delete the file that comes up in the recording. But the comments show that you guys got that figured out lmao
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: The damn hidden root/stun on his R.
Everytime I notice it I get upset. I try to react flash it and It doesn't happen.
: I think kat's Shunpo always ends up behind her target, doesn't it? As for Yi, I've felt like there was a bit of inconsistency as well.
Kat chooses the spot.
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: Maybe we took Fiora too far?
At the same time, her passive if very specific usually so.. it should be more rewarding to hit 4 precise spots versus just pressing R.
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Karlyr (NA)
: What's Happenning with Replays Riot ?
the only alternative to LoLreplay that i know of is BaronReplay. And I haven't tested it.
: > [{quoted}](name=sh4dowflame,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OE0qiqpg,comment-id=003c00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-02T04:14:32.250+0000) > > The Lich Bane they nerfed :S made him a bit more reliant on DFG. But dont get me wrong, Lich is of course very core on him. Why would you necro this?
: when was woad scout quinn mentioned?
Hyrum Graff said "She's in the Freljord" so i mentioned the skin which is actually themed with her being in the freljord.
: Very arguable as you wouldn't need DFG when you are better off with Lich Bane.
The Lich Bane they nerfed :S made him a bit more reliant on DFG. But dont get me wrong, Lich is of course very core on him.
: What about Twisted Fate?
DFG is a core item on him. Kinda part of the pick potential of his ult.
: Honestly I am pretty sure they are spamming /laugh because Zeds laugh is one of the best laughs in the game.
Junkο (EUNE)
: Let's say Zed ults you, you can Zhonya, you can QSS, you can Exhaust him, *insert counterplay option here* him for the next 3 seconds Talon E's you with his old silence? He kills you instantly and there is nothing you can do about it Katarian uses her combo instantly as well. So does Akali Zed is the healthiest assassin in the game right now, he is only strong because Riot for some reason decided to nerf mana regen to hell and remove DFG in the AD mid meta.
You can pick a champ with a cleanse or untargetable ability (Vlad Fizz... Uhh..... Zed..) Or run exhaust, which will stop 1 of every 2-3 of his ults MAYBE (since he's all over the place he may not be very easy to exhaust) Zhonya only on APs, and then he could just put his W on the zhonya'd player and EQ AA and they die anyways. QSS is building MR vs an AD. Youre building defense for 1/4 of his kit. Meanwhile watch him shred you to bits with WEQ AA because you got that, instead of being able to trade. It's not exactly healthy. Lets not say "old" as that is literally "old". Zed isnt unchanged. Kat can be ccd or exhausted (no untargetable like zed) akali can be revealed in shroud (easiest to counter assassin if people just sweep or pink). Plus unmatched waveclear. I never want to see these listed as legitimate ways to shut out zed.
: Ah yes, another day, another Zed thread...
Considering this place is full of them. Kinda says something ^.^
Serevas (NA)
: No Zhonyas doesn't stop the application of deathmark, but the stasis prevents the damage, which is just as good. While the build path to Zhonya's is expensive, it's typically a core item on just about every mid lane in the game anyway so I don't see the issue. You're not locked into starting at the 1600, you can pick up Seekers for a total of 1200 which has a build path making it easier to build into anyway. Not to mention that Seekers helps prevent you from getting completely poked out of lane since it starts with 30 armor and it comes with a 25 AP, both of which scale up higher just for you CSing to a total of 45 armor and 40 AP. As to magic damage you shouldn't forget that Zed's passive does a % of your maximum hp as **magic damage** so it's not entirely useless to build QSS, while suboptimal, it's not completely wasted. At the same time, while I entirely agree that he's too strong at too many things, please tell me how to fix him without obliterating all of those things at once? I know I sure can't find a way. He's an assassin, so he needs to do high damage and be mobile to get to his target and do what he is supposed to do, he's AD based so naturally he's going to be strong against turrets which require you to auto attack them to take them down. The only way I can see damaging his game is through item and objective changes, all of which harm every other champion just as much as him. Zed balance is no walk in the park to achieve.
Here's the problem. They are fine with nerfing other champions to the ground in the past, but since they literally have said they like Zed, they are afraid to touch his power, just an AS nerf. Examples? Kassadin could be beaten, albeit hard, it was possible. Now he has the lowest damage out of any assassin. Fizz just got nerfed HARD, but is still somewhat playable. Eve was completely murdered way back when. TF went from must ban to kind of relevant, sometimes (lol yep). Give him a damage amp on his R and reduce other abilities damage. There we go. But dont reduce them to nothingness (poor fizz W).
: Javan need nerf?
Yes J4 needs a nerf lol. A tank with 1-2 dmg items 2-3 shotting carries is not ok.
: For nerfs, there's a reason for that. If there are no nerfs (only buffs or kit shifts), then you eventually end up with a bunch of overbearing champions that hard counter each other. While this is fun for some people, it changes a lot of decisions to "who hard counters their team", which makes the counterplay champion select, not skill. While nerfing too much is bad (Eve), just going "we cant nerf people because thats bad" is inana and how we'd get release xin zhao type champions every game. For that, Kog'maw is one of the highest damage adcs, who is extremely squishy and weak to all ins. As such, he ONLY works in a protect the adc comp, but works very well when he does get in one. Otherwise, assassins are being changed to have more counterplay, not being removed or gutted. Zed is getting nerfs to some of his stuff (right now it's tower pushing and AS), Fizz had his damage increased IF he lands his ult, etc.
Fizz got gutted really. He can survive late game on a single target with his R on them. Past that he's far from what he was. Like. Look up what they did to evelynn way back when. Its similar to that.
: Is now the worst time for game balance?
No comment on how I hear a bunch of talk about them bringing J4 back into the meta and suddenly he's op. And their Zed nerfs are literally random atk speed nerfs, vs His R Q E AA instakills, I dont understand that. SInce Zed is one of their 'favorite' champions they just cant nerf him like fizz. Or TF way back when. Or the now pretty bad kassadin.
: Hey there! This is actually intentional, since it's a 750 RP skin.
And Riot, made a free game. And then centered this free game around money.
Anderick (NA)
: Gameplay bug, Graves ulti reset
I dont mind trying to recreate this. You could recreate this with two people. Have Graves die to tower and Ult at the last second on a low health opponent.
: actually Quinn is from Demacia
Woad Scout Quinn is more Freljord themed. Quinn herself is from Demacia
Im considering that now ;~; or just more Rylais on my champs.
Pika310 (NA)
: Removing DFG? Changes to a large number of assassins? You all know what this means: more Sona nerfs incoming. I wonder what they'll attack next, probably her AD, both base and per-level as well as her auto-range. Riot's hatred of Sona is endless. **#BetterNerfSona**
Laning Versus Sona is not fun. And its like. You see her coming. you know it's coming. but she Qs, AAs, and you try to respond, but she just move speeds, and heals away. If you say my 'counterplay' option is to flash from that point, theres an issue. So ya she shouldn't do much damage with a low cooldown.
Sageace (NA)
: I don't see why they just have {{item:3128}} to where it only amplifies the USER's Magic Damage dealt to their target instead of just amplifying ALL magic damage dealt to the Target? And maybe reduce the 15% maximum HP damage. And maybe reducing the duration by one second. I can see why Riot is intent on removing it due to those powerful burst assassins. But... eh... Then again, {{item:3100}} exists.
They also nerfed lich bane quite alot to where some pros believed Iceborn on Gragas/kassadin was better than lich.
iainB85 (NA)
: Ugh. Just ugh. Already seeing more full AD comps than ever (with the exception of pre-season black cleaver era last year) then you go ahead and do something like this right before season start. AP/Mage players are probably at an all time low in League of Legends history when this goes through combined with the mana regen nerfs. They'll have no answer to so many scenarios. Time to jump ship and go to faceroll manaless bruisers like the rest of the world.
oh ya a full AD comp won worlds didn't it. Talon Twitch rengar or so. Riot then removes DFG. Cuz we need moar AD
: > However, Zed is going to NEED nerfs now. He will get very very very strong from his AP competitors being shot down. This is pretty true as the AD Assassins will come to rise as slightly stronger now that the DFG is pretty much going the way of the Heart of Gold and Philo Stone. > I honestly do think that Annie will need some compensation. That item adds alot to her, it is even build on her as a supp. It did add a lot to her as support in executing a ton of damage as a 2nd APC, I'm sure we'll see something but I'm not sure how they'll pull it off since she does have pretty high burst already for non mobile mage.
: Deathfire Grasp has been removed from Summoner's Rift on the PBE
{{champion:4}} main here. Finds this to be terrible, new rift made it where TF can't waveclear the same with the necessary movespeed setup. Now the mid game burst potential is pretty crap. Riot didn't address the change to him on new rift release because he wasn't popular and it went unnoticed. Now they get rid of DFG. Better be increasing something. Or give me my freaking CDR on my E back and take away this random AS buff. Like everyone else said, meanwhile Zed. Who is a champ Riot "likes" (literally quoting) so they've been afraid of nerfing him. Give us like a 140 AP item with CDR in replacement or something legitimately useful.
: Zed doesn't need nerfs; Bruisers need Buffs
Zed however is not balanced. Riot said themselves that they didnt want to nerf his damage because they 'like' him. Now if thats not favoritism idk what is. An R that basically doubles damage output. 2 flash(ish) things. And its all Aoe. And % health dmg. I am a Mage main (I guess?) but i play all roles and enjoy them. I also enjoy shen. But i dont feel what youre talking about when im playing him. But looking at the history, Zed wins S4, stays strong through out the season. Its the next season. He gets an R change to give him a definite escape. I mean... what.
: What if we reduced the range of everything on Zed's kit?
I say reduce W range slightly. And make E do reduced damage to minions. Doesnt sound too bad.
Tik115 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotScruffy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ik9r8Es2,comment-id=0037000a0000,timestamp=2015-01-08T00:43:13.249+0000) > At our current rate of ~8 new champs a year, I think we have at least a few more years before we start to hit the point of slowing down further. Don't take this the wrong way but personally you should be slowing down NOW, why? well name a champion that came out that HASN'T had problems in terms of ether bugs or balance {{champion:421}} - Gets a massive spike with the Hydra to the point of outdueling pretty much everyone and lets not forget submarine Rek'Sai just making it stupid, funnly enough untill we get to the actually balanced one this one is the most balanced, props to Beat Punchbeef for that {{champion:429}} - Unfun to face due to passive, is pretty much a Premade bot only champion {{champion:268}} - Released buggy and is STILL buggy 4 months down the line (albiet not as bad but still) {{champion:150}} - Has officially killed Melee top laners {{champion:201}} - Released being able to solo ADCs even if their fed and he goes full tank, has had nothing but nerfs since his release 7 months back {{champion:161}} - THIS GUY! Was balanced, your last champion that wasn't oppressive and wasn't OP/UP was almost a year ago and lets not forget you released {{champion:157}} and {{champion:236}} the first of which you have, again, been nerfing since release and the second you had to mini rework him just 6 months later and STILL had to nerf him considerably Look I know this looks like I'm just saying your balancing team doesn't know how to balance and I know not everyone plays new champs on the PBE but I would much rather you DON'T keep to that 8 champions a year and instead focus on making the new champions not have these oppressive, OP/UP, Buggy issues, have them on the PBE longer make more changes because honestly It's getting irritating seeing each new champion make the game less fun for the older champions.
Gnar doesnt beat equally skilled Irelia. Wukong top does well vs gnar also (in my experience). But generally ya. Gnar beats out MOST melee top laners. And if you see gnar, send an adc top and enjoy it. Since gnar damage is slightly less than most adcs.
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: Known Bugs since the 4.20 patch
Now i cannot load into a game. Client loads to around 60% and slows down and then stops around 70% and never moves. i7 processor. Nvidia GTX660M. Its not on my end. Gonna go play the original Counter Strike and see less bugs.
Lyte (NA)
: No one is ignoring the fact that sometimes there are server issues. I failed to mention that if the server is DC'ing players, or there is server instability, LeaverBuster does not count those matches--that's my bad. Up above I was just referring to issues where you DC because of your ISP or hardware, that's when you should fix your connection before trying to play more games.
Packet-loss, is not a sometimes thing. And it's inconsistent. I dont think ive seen Riot seem so nice yet rude at the same time before
Lyte (NA)
: Whether a player DCs or intentionally leaves, it's still a ruined experience for 4 to 9 other players in the game. Although it isn't the player's "fault" when they unintentionally DC, it's even more unfair to penalize up to 9 players per game while a player figures out their connection issues. If you DC from the game because of League of Legends server stability, Leaverbuster won't affect you and won't count those games. If you DC from a game because of your ISP or hardware, please fix your connection first before playing more games.
When a rioters post is downvoted below threshold, there's clearly an issue. Considering what's been previously stated (increased packet loss due to RIOT and not the player) it should've been considered, and not as your statement is saying, completely on the players side.
: i dont like akali. i think ive played her twice. i think shes fine lol, big difference
you're oddly passionate about akali if you don't like her. plus you have no experience with the champ o.O
: The fact that someone becomes more popular and the meta changes means that someone should be nerfed? lol
Got it. you like akali. You're sticking to pro akali even if proven otherwise. I like the OP's idea, and i play akali. She gets too much free dashes. And yasuo is banned due to being imbalanced to where he can 1v5 or go 0/3
: Really? Interesting...
If you're interested, check the source page (right click to find it) on any champ page and look for promo.na.leagueoflegends and it should be a mp4 or webm. Here's twisted fate's links. Before Fog/rolling in: http://promo.na.leagueoflegends.com/video-teasers/intro-twistedfate.mp4 With Fog: http://promo.na.leagueoflegends.com/video-teasers/loop-twistedfate.mp4
: \*facepalm* Totally forgot to talk about that! It really is interesting. I heard somewhere that what's written in TF's card is "Shin" in Chinese. I refused to believe this translation... but it's interesting nonetheless
Seen everyone say this, but as a TF nerd, It's always said that :P, and the cards have always been white on his champ page except that one. For no reason. Well it's old, check his champ spotlight.
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Galhamon (NA)
: Shadow Isles Marksman
Kinda like Varus, but from the Shadow Isles lol. Idk if they will do this soon, but probably eventually. Considering Varus and vayne aren't exactly.. not shadowy.
Marenjii (NA)
: Ok, we all see how much he burst in practice though. Numerical theory is nice, but in game, his burst is still monstrous.
The percent hp is just unecessary lol. ok Q applies AD and sheen item effects and W. W active, Q active, fizz ad, +sheen item. So much going down at once. Plus a random DoT just because.
Rikari (NA)
: The Viable picks there are Ahri,Zyra,Lissandra,probably Orianna and Malzahar. he can all in the rest.
Ryze generally murders fizz lol. Fizz has a horrible lane, and cant burst him by the time they both got items
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