: Patch 9.22 notes
anyone else's game crash during the loading screen when it's at 100% ? It's happened to me so many times expecially in arams and norms it makes me restart league and join game late might as well let 'em remake right lul
: Patch 9.19 notes
it's ok buddy, i'm sure riot will get you a skin soon {{champion:516}} {{item:3070}}
: Patch 9.17 notes
oh hey ahri, i see you're getting your 50th skin {{champion:516}} {{item:3070}}
: Patch 9.16 notes
Nothing about the ghost plants?
: Patch 9.15 notes
Riot responding to the community be like Nope you're nitpicking and biased we win bye bye
: Patch 9.13 notes
finally another yasuo skin he's been neglected for too long
: Patch 9.13 notes
finally another yasuo skin, he's been neglected for so long : ^)
: Patch 9.12 notes
No shield for a mid-range mage like ryze is going to really fucking hurt
: They said theyll say something by the end of May
It's the 29th {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Patch 9.11 notes
Where's nexus blitz?
: I reported this bug as well the patch that they changed hail of blades. Was very excited to play it in casual games and in fringe matchups like teemo where I found it useful even before the change. It's disappointing that they haven't fixed this, especially since Riot claims to encourage the small minority of players that like to play characters with off-meta builds, runes and lanes. Also, obligatory D4 Shen main mention, because this comment thread is a cesspool of goldies trying to feel big smacking down a casual player. He's completely right. It should be fixed. It's fun, and it's not supposed to be broken. Fix this bug.
whats the bug?
: Patch 9.8 Notes
Nothing to address the {{champion:37}} {{champion:44}} lane?
: Patch 9.6 Notes
thoughts on making {{item:3025}} for melee only?
: Patch 9.5 Notes
Whatever, ill just keep playing apex
: Patch 9.4 Notes
{{champion:266}} no buffs after last patch feelsbad
: Patch 8.23 notes
No akali/Sion/irelia nerfs gg rito time to keep banning them
: Patch 8.22 notes
Are the championship rewards and stuff coming back after the kda event? I've been grinding for tokens to get a championship border and now its feelingbad that I might have missed my chance
: Patch 8.22 notes
time warp tonic - c h u g j u g fk me
: Except a role based system is what we need. Like, what if I'm a diamond level Support, but decide to play Top, yet I put out a silver level Top? That's not fair to those who are actually putting out Diamond level skill.
And what if you only care about your support? Which means you wont care about your other roles cus its not your "true" rank so you'll just not try and int
: Patch 8.13 notes
Yay now i can feed faster
: Patch 8.11 notes
On the esports page, if you looked at the vods/builds of a pro game, you could see the match stats and the builds they went, along with runes/masteries. Since runes reforged, you cant see the masteries anymore, so I was wondering when yall would allow these things to be seen once again? It's really helpful
: Patch 8.10 notes
much-needed {{champion:14}} nerfs, ty
: Patch 8.8 Notes
Feel like {{champion:14}} wasnt nerfed enough
: Patch 8.7 notes
No {{champion:14}} nerfs? I feel like his dmg is too high even when he builds full tank, especially since pros are taking him mid now. I dont think this is very healthy
: Patch 8.5 notes
The ryze rework is looking good
: And when sounding like A as in 'neighbor' and 'weigh'.
: 10 thoughts going into Finals
: All those changes to ARAM and you _still_ don't make the one that actually matters : #Making the entire champion pool available to any participant of ARAM, thus negating "ARAM only accounts". ######_Good job._{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
i dont get it
: Patch 7.5 notes
{{champion:115}} {{champion:120}} ??
: Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client
Soooo, by when do they plan to officially start replacing the legacy client? Like next month or in the summer or...?
: Patch 7.4 notes
{{champion:120}} ????
: Patch 7.3 notes
Blood Moon {{champion:4}} ----> Reaper (copy/paste)
: First, this was a fantastic read. I may never need another meme again! (that's a lie) Second, Faker has said himself that he is not good at 1v1's so I'm curious to see how he loses lol
Last year, he lost to Froggen in the first match. It was a planned Anivia mirror-match. The thing is, Froggen only won because of cs, while Faker made Froggen use his eggnivia passive twice, so yea, let's see how Faker does this time
: So He's gonna perform at the Finals in LA at ~4:30 and then be in Seattle to headline the biggest EDM show of the entire year by midnight the same day? Bold move
: Ask Riot: Easter eggs and books
Gifting IP? Feels kinda dumb to already own the champs and runes you want and just sit there with 30,000 IP. Also, yeah I'd love to read a League book, esp. about {{champion:238}} {{champion:98}} or some erotica {{champion:44}} {{champion:81}}
: Ask Riot: Summoner spells, 4K support, and Reddit
Tier 3 runes should cost less. Pretty hard to buy champs while trying to have the optimal rune pages for your champs, not to mention buying a whole 'nother rune page for a certain champ
: The stories behind the Worlds x Zedd Music Video
Video was awesome. Music could've been better
Wolfsuul (NA)
: Is there any way you guys at Riot could make the Purple Shockblade Zed darker like the previous rendition you guys were going to release? Purple is my favourite colour and the current "purple" just looks pastel and like a blue. Would love a deep dark shade of purple similar to the old ones. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/lsMXgqQ_odc/maxresdefault.jpg
Maybe a true black Shockblade Zed Chroma too?
: lol rito that would be 6 not 5 skt skins
EZhoon breh
: the caches give 2 skin shards and 2 project cores (with a chance at a cache fragment - and a gem also if i remember correctly). Regardless the 100% chance at getting a gemstone is worth 2K RP in some cases (as RNG is a pain). getting the free cache with the icon bundles for 750 ip each can be pretty good (i got kitty cat kat so im happy either way). btw 10 gemstones = hextech annie or soulstealer vayne (which are hextech exclusive skins)or 5 gems for the ward...
I'll just pray to RNJesus
: You can always tell who doesn't play much Galio, when they mix up his moves, right? XD
: Patch 6.14 notes
Sona changes? Oh Let's break it down!!
: That could be cool.
What's a Yorick?
: What's a Galio?I think you're referring to a Galleon {{item:3069}}
No, I think it's just the new champ
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >Just a few more improvements to Tibbers following Annie’s midseason update. With a smarter bear, the sky’s the limit for Annie players everywhere. Yeah, she needs to top winrate charts again. Can't have the poster child _(literally)_ of no-counterplay go sad for a patch. >Azir’s problems are many, but can be oversimplified as ‘too many pros, not enough cons’. Amazing sustained damage, long-ranged initiation, really cool armor - he’s got it all. **This patch, we’re taking a crack at his damage progression over the course of the game.** TL;DR This patch we are making a change that affects none of Azir's strengths, to make people shut up. >Lux isn’t struggling too hard these days, and yet her success tapers off at higher levels of play. We’re giving a bit of a nudge to the skilled Lux players out there by shifting power into successful spell-weaving instead of single spell-hits. TL;DR -10 damage on ability that is use mostly for CC and up to +34 late game damage from her passive. TL;DR;DR We're buffing Lux. >We’re happy with how Void Shift’s gameplay incentivizes chipping away at Malzahar’s defenses, but his range and raw pushing power give him too much control over when opponents get to interact with him. TL;DR We support cancerous, rage-inducing gameplay mechanics with no cooldown, which removes any kind of interaction with an already anti-melee champion. >We’re looking to dial back Rek’Sai’s team contributions, making the information she provides more about telling you ‘They’re somewhere over here!’ rather than ‘They’re **exactly** here!’ Except that's how echolocation works, dumb. >Like Malzahar, Viktor’s a champion whose laning phase goes from ‘careful control of the minion wave’ to ‘invalidate your opponent’s actions with god-tier waveclear’ immediately following an early Hex Core. We like how Viktor’s power progresses naturally from laning to bigger group fights, but the efficiency of Aftershock’s clearing potential almost ensures that he’s ahead of the gold-curve once he gets there. Except he can't clear waves since the last time you nerfed his Death Ray, the fuck? >http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Taric_4.jpg Is it just me or did they make his nipples as invisible as possible? >http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/MissFortune_9.jpg Where are the tweaks? That's not the updated version!
I'm on board with the Annie part
PK Flunr (NA)
: Who's that
I think it's the new champ
: Riot, do you ever think you will 100% remove Point and click CC/Nukes? It feel's really unfair to play against, and has literally no counterplay excluding Fizz,Vlad,Yi,And Ekko due to untargetable. For two prime, and problematic examples, Annie and Pantheon. Annie is a high burst, low mana cost ranged Mage with a point and click Q that refunds mana, and the cool down on unit kill. a W which is almost never used in Annie's combo due to it not being point and click and small range, a useless E which is only used to proc a stun, and an Ultimate with 0 cast time that covers a bigger AOE nuke+CC than Ekko's ult, and then gives Annie free anti-Dive protection for 30 seconds.Or in other words, Tibbers. She offers low, to no counterplay depending on if you can predict and move fast enough away from the Tibbers summon. If you dodge her Q with the stun proc'd via Fizz troll pole, she does NOT lose the stun, she keeps it and can just rinse and repeat, and her range is high enough to avoid being catchable unless you flank/see her misplay. On the other side of the spectrum, is Pantheon. His kit is simple, and is almost unmissable if you just use one move first. His Q is a Point and click ranged harass tool, with a semi-low mana cost, it can crit from his passive, and has a very low cool down. His E is an AOE cone doing multiple ticks (I.E Instant thunderlords) which also procs the crit, and his ultimate is only used to really get to the back line. The two abilities I missed, Are the ones that let his point and click play style flourish. First, his passive. "As Pantheon auto attacks, or uses spells he gets a stack of(Insert passive name here) at 4 stacks, he will be able to block the next incoming auto attack" This is very unfair from a gameplay perspective, if you read that and his W at the same light. Pantheons W is a point and click stun, which is also a dash, and procs his passive. This makes trading with him, extremely unfair because his passive can even block tower shots. (Original Jax anyone?) Pantheon can literally point and click Q, point and click W, get a free E, and then Q you again, all while being able to dodge two of your autos, or even two tower shots in the process. It makes versing him in lane very unfun, and very frustrating. He has a LOT of room to make errors, and the one versing him can not afford to make even one.
Pantheon and Annie take no skill.
Malvolio (NA)
: > Soul of The Lords Well, I got a Dark Souls feel from this... Do I need to spam press B to roll from thresh's hook now or no?
Praise the sun!!!
: Patch 6.13 notes
Where are the boot enchantments?
: and this isnt a diana skin but... BLOOD MOON EVE! {{champion:28}} http://www.skgcl.com/portal/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/eve14215125.jpg Concept Art^ beautiful!
Might as well put a link to rule 34 :/
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