crispy66 (NA)
: yes please, maybe make towers do percent health with increased armor penetration
Or scaling per shot true damage
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: They should really add items or summoner spells that reduce healing
Grievous wounds should be buffed and put on more items. Decent line of thinking. That might balance it out a bit.
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Saloz Mat (EUW)
: please RIOT please fix this toxic item who making some champions really hard to handle
Its not that Gunblade is too OP, its the combination of it and Ravenous hunter which has made gunblade champs unstoppable after 15 minutes. The level of healing is at a maximum imbalance currently. Any champ such as akali, kat, Leb, ekko, they all now have infinite in and out fight potential. THEY FULL HEAL FROM HALF HP IN ONE USE OF THEIR REGULAR KIT. 3 buttons, boom full hp. SKILLMODE. If you dont see the problem with this you are part of the problem. Ravenous hunter should be nerfed or removed, gunblade should be nerfed. Period
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: They did something because every champion who can buy it; is buying it. Zed with Lethality is the most busted thing I have ever seen in this game. Edge needs to be removed, or the active needs to change. I would prefer they just remove it.
Edge needs to be removed
Byrdyflu (NA)
There is definitely something to fix. It is not just effective against non armor builds. I main Olaf, I build Full tank, a lethality build can chunk me to nothing in seconds late game. I was at full build at once with 4k hp and a ton of armor and mr and a hecarim can still 2 shot me. Something is wrong 60% raw is a problem.
: Lethality is the same as it was before at level 18...
but at level 18 the player has 3 or more lethality items the point it reaches critical mass
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