: Another possible way to release Championship Riven would be to give current owners a chroma pack. From my understanding, they're just recolors, so that would be a pretty nice thing for players to have.
Im totally down for this idea {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Yeah make giveaway and previously sold skins available- CONTINUE TO PISS OFF YOUR VETERAN COMMUNITY. These are all that proved we've stayed with the game for a long time, apart from the Victorious skins. The game is already desperately short of collectible rare items. All players want to be set apart from other players- it is thru ownership of these skins or your ranks. When you make everything available to everyone- good luck with your game.
: The skins you are mentioning were obtained by actually earning them. Championship Riven was obtained in the exact same manor as every other Championship skin, purchased from the store during worlds. I don't care that you played the game before I did it doesn't mean anything . The holiday skins and the championship skins were created to celebrate something that happens annually, which is why none of them are limited anymore because it doesn't make since. Halloween doesn't only happen once, neither does Christmas or worlds. The only limited skin that make since are one's that were earned, and they already have those. The victorious skins are limited skins given out for your accomplishments in the game for a particular year. Championship is not Victorious and was only made for worlds so it shouldn't remain limited.
no point in arguing with you anymore, you obviously dont own any of these skins so your input really means nothing to me, riot asked owners of these skins to give their input about rereleasing them to the community and im strongly against it, its that simple
: Why? All you did to obtain them is purchase them in the store like any other skin. Its not like you had to go out of your way or earn them. This is just like the Holiday skins all over again.
exactly i dont they should have been released either they were supposed to not be available again but riot loves money so they rereleased them and gave us a useless border around them and an icon, older players take pride in playing the game before it was popular as it is now not sure why everyone is so against taking us playing league before anyone knew about it anyone with one of the unobtainable skins will know exactly why they shouldnt be released thank god they wont ever release the pax skins or black ali/human ryze/silver kayle
: More of a bummer than those who joined the game after Season 1 and find that they are completely ineligible from ever getting a skin they love for a champion they love? Those who earned their Victorious Jarvan 4 skin in Season 1 have had it for 5 years now, I think it's fair to say that's enough time to have gotten more than enough exclusive use out of it.
Thats not the point lol, its a reward to those to participated in league when it wasnt the huge game it is today. Giving it to a gold 5 player completely defeats the purpose of anyone that tried in S1 because that plus a summoner icon is all they have to show for it
: Is there any chance that Victorious Skins could be changed to a "You got Gold this season, you can pick from the current Victorious Skin or a past year's skin."? For example, lets say I main Jarvan IV, and I grind my way up to Gold 5, but the Victorious Skin is Victorious Urgot. Having Victorious Urgot sitting around waiting to be used in some ARAM would be far less of a reward for me than being able to get Victorious Jarvan. Players who have been Gold+ for all seasons still have a leg up because they would have all the Victorious Skins instead of 1 or 2.
Victorious Jarvan IV commemorates those who performed exceptionally well in the earliest stages of League. To give the skin to any gold 5 player would be a huge bummer to those to worked to achieve gold-plat in S1.
: Urfwick wants a Loot Box and voice chat and better support
As an owner of urfwick, rusty blitzcrank, etc I dont think that those certain skins should be re-released. however im all for more skins such as hextech annie being added to the loot in that the only way to obtain them is through hextech crafting.
Nyco (NA)
: Obviously you only clicked on the French Maid Nidalee one. The others show the old splashes. Be sure to thoroughly go through things before responding in the future.
I'm guessing he was referring to the splashes not being on the client currently because the patch isnt out yet, which is retarded. Also b4 yasuo main hehe xd
: Clicking on Nidalee's splash arts still show the old ones. {{item:3070}}
r u retarded

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