: I just got promoted to Gold 1, then just got non stop int feeders, bought accounts.
Get this shit in diamond 4, I leave lane winning, and then I hit tab and go yep, one of those where this lane and that lane lost me the game.
: Complaint About Honors
You can't type because Leauge of legends is a chinese own game, and in China you are censored... Don't believe me? Tencent owns 100% of riot shares.. riots name is only used because they host the Esport events.
: Why is Riot branching off into other game types?
Tencent, mad at blizzard so using riot name to make blizzard look-alike games, using the popularity of league of legends. Because Tencent owns 100% of riots share's and only 5% of blizzards.. Remember that, riot name is only used because they host the events that is it.
: More than one troll on your team? Shut up or get banned.
NA rank is a dead region Ranks has become the new Norms with a slighly better reward if you can make gold elo.. Noone cares anymore. I got diamond 4 this season and well... I stop playing 3 game in a row where im doing great in lane ready to carry, and my jungle mid combo are inting.. as a marksman main top support and me can't carry the game anymore.. its all mid jungle..
: NA is Losing because they are just that, the "4 fun" region. my team wont touch the enemy towers. but they deserve asspats and congrats for having "most kills" But those of us who actually try to WIN in normal matches are shamed "dude, its normals. Chill". But the moment I take on thier attitude and relax (and they start losing hardcore) it becomes "/all: Report X for throwing/feeding" like...Make up your mind?! Yeah these people will sit around and just treat it like a farming competition. Those of us who actually want to go for towers, go for objectives, go for nexus and try and WIN MATCHES, are shamed as being "tryhard" Yes I know Normals is for experimentation and practice, but its still held to the same OBJECTIVE as ranked. You Still need to take towers, still need to take dragons, still need to take the nexus and try and WIN. You want all that without wanting to win? there is something for that, its called THE PRACTICE TOOL! But NA has become the domain of spoiled toddlers who all think of themselves as faker 2.0 without actually wanting to try and win. Everyone is supposed to just treat them like the "best playa evah" without them having to actually try and take a tower. NA is full of spineless casuals wrapped up in thier own superiority complex. They dont want a TEAM, they want a personal cheerleader section. They want people who will kiss thier ass and tell them how OP they are without them having to lift a finger. Insist they get up off thier ass and take a tower or stop chasing kills and actually go after objectives and they will throw a fit about how "tryhard troll" you are. Or how "if you want to win matches you should go to ranked. at this point. If I see people actively avoiding towers, I WILL report them for greifing/giving up. Because they have no interest in winning, unless you count the kda dick-measuring contest (My kda is bigger than yours! I have more kills, therefore am better than u) 30 kills and 0 towers, 0 dragons, 0 objectives = NOT CARRYING, just starving out your team who could use that kill gold to take objectives.
True, and when I get mad at people who aren't trying to win, or just inting without a care in the world, yet give me 3 bad games where I type in 2 of them... Hit with chat restrictions, granted I been calmed cause I'm sure my next one is a 14-day suspension which then follows up with a permaban.
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: State of the game
Power Mac (EUW)
: What I gathered is "Let me flame, please, I need it". On the opposite (now, please downvote me), I hope Riot will keep punishing chat flamers harder and harder. It's not about being human, it's about being polite. With other people. On a hecking videogame, not your crucial work deadline. Seriously.
This is from My perma ban account where I banned Yumi which he had a 40% winrate in 78 games. and this dude got upset and Inted him and his duo q reported me, yes I was trying to win till he was running down. This is the type of typing that people are getting perma banned for. because they are being ran down on 15 to 20 games in a row. I Don't know your elo or what type of typing you see. But I don't type KYS, I don't call people %%%%%%s. and Yet I get punished because I'm in promo for diamond and being hard inted on because I ban Yumi. this dude was a morg one trick really. 97 game with 70% winrate his yumi pick is just a troll pick. I understand some people say 100 times worse stuff than this. But they are also 13 and at anytime I hit TAB Mute chat ping. and that it As long as that fucker is still playing he and trying to win he can rage type all he wants cause I'm not seeing it. Game 1 Pre-Game Kaepora: no Kaepora: nam yumi Kaepora: please Kaepora: you have a 40% winrate on yumi man Kaepora: don't be mad Kaepora: just don't want to play with them odds Kaepora: why Kaepora: you are plat 1 Kaepora: you probably be diamond Kaepora: if you didn't play 78 games of yumi already Kaepora: lol Kaepora: 70% winrate on morg Kaepora: lol Kaepora: just don't run it down and i will carry In-Game Kaepora: playing with a troll Kaepora: ^ Kaepora: the dude yumi pick is a troll pick too Kaepora: 78 game 40% Kaepora: winrate Kaepora: adn mad Kaepora: i didnt want to play with his yumi Kaepora: simply because i asked for it to be ban Kaepora: can we end this nightmare Kaepora: so we can report teemo and move to the next game? Kaepora: as a jionx Kaepora: the game over for me Kaepora: fizz and draven are to ahead Kaepora: but Kaepora: the only toxic Kaepora: player is you Kaepora: picking something Kaepora: because your mad Kaepora: about your 40% winrate Kaepora: getting banned Kaepora: you where Kaepora: first thing youi said Kaepora: someone else wanna support Kaepora: i don't want to play wioth this adc Kaepora: then you Kaepora: continue Kaepora: to pick Kaepora: teemo support Kaepora: because im simply didnt want to play Kaepora: with the champion yumi Kaepora: didnt say i didnt want to play with yiou
Zeyphel (NA)
: ***
This is so true most trash talker are not that bad, but get punish 10 times harder and quicker than those who int every game.
: No need to thank me on the feedback because your post was just as insightful. Where i dont think forcing players into normals is the solution i do respect the fact that you went out of your way to think up a solution, where as many people on here just say "x is a problem end of story". Ill give you a couple reasons why i dont think this would work. 1. Normals would then become a troll infested queue of players who got pushed out of rank for playing bad constantly, so instead of taking their normal games seriously or trying to better themselves they'd just troll those games. 2. Trolls would take advantage of this system by intentionally putting their teammates behind by taking their cs and not fighting the enemy team. Basically making it so that if this happens to you, you either open mid or feed because you'll be behind in gold. If this happens over a the set amount of games you could end up getting removed from ranked queues and have to play normals because trolls. Which would then cause further frustration to players. As you stated at the very beginning players are holding ranks with lower than a 50% winrate. This is also a big issue and what tilts the playerbase who run into this, is we're powerless. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3151869568/218544956?tab=overview Take this game for example, there wasnt a single thing i could do. My 4 teammates combine for 7/39 while im 10/9. Thats less kills than me over my entire team while having over 4x my deaths and by the end of this game me and my entire team get -16 to -20 LP. My solution was to use a rank system based on merit not based on win. Because your rank represents YOUR skill level not the skill level of your team. Now multiple stats would be taken into consideration in respect to that game. For example, top 5 dmg dealers in the game earn +5 LP. top 5 vision score +5 LP. And to offset this worse 5 dmg dealers -5LP. Now players would argue, but then i can never have highest dmg as a full tank. But as a full tank they should always have highest dmg taken and that would be a stat too. Basically the stats would look something like this: 1.Dmg 2.Vision Score 3.Dmg taken 4.Dmg to objectives 5.shielded/healed amount 6.KDA 7. Win/Loss (not regarded as a category) How the system would work. Since current we get +100 LP (20 to each member for 5 members im going to assume on average) we can divide those LP over the 6 categories evenly 100/6 = for 17 LP per category. Now since the best 5 members get LP for each category we can divide that further 17/5 = 3.4 LP so LP would be rewarded as followed: Top 5LP 2nd 4LP 3rd 3LP 4th 2LP 5th 1LP 6th -1 LP 7th -2LP 8th -3LP 9th -4LP 10th -5LP For a win the winning team gets +5 LP each and the losing team gets -5LP each, making the outcome of the game still a factor. Which means if you can essentially lead all cateogires you can possibly gain +30 LP. Now this most likely will never happen because certain stats are better suited to certain roles. Like vision score and support or dmg dealt and carries. This would do 2 things for the ranked system, 1 it would push players into filling roles for their team (not like top bot mid roles but if the team lacks a tank role because it would guarantee a player +3LP assuming they play their tank correctly and tank more than all characters who arent tanks in the game). 2. It would force players to not only compete to win but to compete to do better than their own teammates. Basically rewarding players who play consistently well or consistently carry, while also discouraging trolling and afk farming trolls. So lets calculate a game where everyone does their part. Carries: dmg dealt, dmg to objectives Supports: Heal/shield, vision score. Tanks: Dmg taken, Healed, Dmg to objectives. KDA and Win can be applied to any role. Overall that leaves you with a possible 10 to each role exclusively when played correctly and another possible 10 for the win and KDA of the player. Meaning a player who carries successfully can get +20 LP still while a player who carries but their team still loses will get +10 LP. Now when you look at something like brand support it can get the dmg spot but it opens up the heal and shield spot. The point of the system would be to reward consistent play while shielding the players LP from soft inters. Basically making it if someone is going to troll they have to do it obviously in which case Riot can then implement a system where you can do player reviews with a high accuracy on reports or change our current report system in a different way to detect hard inting. Notes: It doesnt need to follow this +5 LP to -5LP system you could have it range to the top 3 only where 4th and 5th get -1LP each and instead the first 3 roles get +7LP, +5LP, +4LP.
This would be a nice system as well, with this system we could remove promos so when you hit 100 lp you auto jump to the next division like in TFT. This is something I could also get behind.
MagicLance (EUNE)
: If this isnt in s10 im going. Selling acc and never coming back.
Haha Thank you for the supporting comment.
puśsý (NA)
: Season 10 makes or breaks it.
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/h9Bt91mt-state-of-the-game give it a read.
: Most overpowered champions of all time v2
Pyke A assassin support who double as a tank, and share kill gold, while have the ability to be hit with a thresh q but instantly E away, and stunning said thresh if followed. Rakan Ability to ult then q knock up under tower then dash out, unharmed. Maybe all these new champions having dashes wall jumps wall walks, or teleportation in side people are to much.
: How can a normal person not get pissed off at team mates?
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/h9Bt91mt-state-of-the-game my post giving some idea so people like you and me who do get mad, don't get punish so harshly because we have back to back game were we are trying, and our teammates are passively inting, and we get in trouble, and they carry on.
MagicLance (EUNE)
: Riot Games Going Downhill/// Season 10 /// Player Experience
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/h9Bt91mt-state-of-the-game Give my post a read, and see if you like my idea for punishments, I think bans are extreme these days and should be reserved for script users and booster/boosted accounts.
: You mean " As in I had 7 deaths and didn't do much but yes I was still trying to win and was actually behaving, even so A bad game with 7 deaths while everyone else is doing good is Inting. I won that game." Feeding not inting. Inting means you're dying intentionally if you're trying to win you're not intentionally putting your team behind in gold. " still making decision you would I.e normally see in Iron-silver and you get multiple games like this" Ive said it before and ill say it again i've lost all respect for ranks because the integrity of the system is faltering. Players are reaching higher elos than they deserve (not speaking this from myself, ive had many players tell me this), in which case they feel "oh i dont play at a gold level and i reached gold so even if i dont play at a plat level maybe i can reach plat" and some actually do get to plat and diamond as well. At this point i dont feel the ranking system rewards based on skill. Now im not saying you cant climb if you're significantly better, what i am saying is you know that adc thats 1/5 or the top laner thats 2/10 or the mid laner who just sits under tower while you 3v4 bot all game or the jungler who afk farms and somehow still manages to get a win. All these types of players are walking away with +LP as well despite their carry going 25/2/10 and they went 4/10/6. Im also not saying "carry or dont get +LP" im just saying players are moving up going 4/10/6 every few 6-7 games or just afk farming and letting their team carry. Eventually holding a 50% winrate they will climb which means going 1-1 is a +LP for them and its also why players who just play safe and farm even if they arent farming well can get a better winrate then players who play more aggressively and actively try to create advantages for their team. For example, take a lee sin jungle who knows hes strong early game and decides to gank top knowing the enemy jungle can counter it, now he knows lee + riven is stronger early than an overextended teemo + level 2 kayn. On the other side his riven doesnt want to play aggressively or take a 2v2 because they'd rather play passively. The lee ends up committing the riven doesnt the lee dies. These situations spiral to riven playing passively under tower while teemo (not being the best at this just an example) roams the map and causes pressure. Now you'd think often times the riven would lose more games than they win, but they play this play style because they know how to play it and the only games they lose are the ones with the player like that lee sin who was trying to push his advantage and instead ended up throwing his early game due to it. Can we actually say if either side is wrong in what they choose to do? Not really. But what happens when that riven reaches an elo where her passive play style in situations where she benefits from ends up costing her games because she doesnt take her advantages but the enemy team will capitalize on its advantageous stages of the game. Its not that the riven is a bad player, they just got away with playing sub-optimally until they reached an elo where 5 players need to play optimally to win. I know this doesnt cover the entire concept im trying to convey, but its just an example of how one player gets by winning games that another player who may have more skill/knowledge will lose. And this entire situation is team dependent, which s where the whole "coin flip" idea comes from, which people will tend to deny.
yes but the main problem is a lot of these people are holding ranks, and not deranking as well, even with less than 50% win-rate. While some say me trying to play and still trying to win even tho I went 4/7 I still say I inted, Cause I did something knowing I was gonna die, and give up a kill, But this is 1 game, then i go a few games before this happens again, the problem is I'm getting people who have had Multiple game of inting, or Bad scores "" and to me, that is just someone who is not taking rank serious enough, which then causes someone like me who is to get what some say is toxic, and I type. This is why I think punishment like losing rank rewards or bans are to much, when we can simply get people to go play normal's, and cool off a little. Also it would let people who think ranks is the new normal know that oh maybe Rank is serious and I shouldn't go play ranks unless I'm gonna take is seriously. But if they do, they will be sent back to normal's for X amount of game, but won't receive a overly harsh punishment for being human and having emotions or for having multiple bad games, cause multiple bad game still warrants a go play X amount of normal's game and figure out whats wrong. then go back to Ranks. I think this could solve a lot of rank issues without changing the game to much, This would also keep players from losing large amount of money spent on skins champs ect. because their not a legit reason to harshly punish for typing you fucking idiot what are you doing, when they are upset because (new player is playing like the last players from the last 3 games) This might also help make rank more competitive as it should be, and make game less of a coin flip and more on skill reliant. also some roles need a buff and other need small nerfs, cause Season 3 we could solo carry game 1v9 as mid top adc jungle were really good roles, with support being the only role that was weak, Support are over buffed compared to then with supports like rakan and pyke over taking games much more easily than a adc can. Pyke support sometimes out carries a jax top thas is hyper fed. Also thank you for your feed back! Chainman3
: I don’t see a universe where Pyke is ever reasonable. He will always be too safe.
: You'll need to move some power from the bot lane to top.
Diamond adc main here, Only 2 adc right now are in the good spot. Xayah, Kaisa, other wise adc are extremely weak only reason xayah and kaisa are good is because they are over tuned, and kaisa and build ap or ad.
: Please stop giving me Plat players in my Draft games. It makes me anxious and frustrated.
If its normal I should be fine it give you a chance to learn, and improve. Don't be upset for losing normal game instead take it as a learning experience so when you decided to try ranks you will place low but climb quicker do to the knowledge you get from playing higher elo players.
: State of the game
Thanks for the support guys.
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Koonzi (NA)
: Plat 2 Jungler looking for squad
add gabora is cameron have to play on my smurf account
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: D3 Adc Main looking for a jungle 1 trick or a thresh blitzs naut pyke support
: D3 Adc Main looking for a jungle 1 trick or a thresh blitzs naut pyke support
: D3 Adc Main looking for a jungle 1 trick or a thresh blitzs naut pyke support
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: Na D4 Adc Jinx One trick 63% Winrate Looking for Support, or other one tricks for duo
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: d4 adc looking for d4 support or jungler
: d4 adc looking for d4 support or jungler
: d4 adc looking for d4 support or jungler
: d4 adc looking for d4 support or jungler
> ******_~~~~_******{{champion:555}}
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: I have literally the opposite problem. Main account plat 4, my second account is literally permalocked in bronze 4. Every time I get matched, I get matched against people who are either win-trading (no evidence to support this but god damn...) or against smurfs who snowball by 5 minutes where the scoreboard is 2 to 17 by 10 minutes. I can't get my gimped account out of bronze, no matter what. The "Just learn to carry" argument *does not* apply to season 9. I honestly think the balance issues are the result of two things 1. Tencent and Rito want people to spend money on TFT stuff 2. The current lawsuit Both of these things have league basically sitting on the back burner. My main account was ranked gold 2 and I carried to plat 4 in 150 wins. My other account is stuck going 1 win 1 loss, 2 wins 3 losses, 2 wins 1 loss, 1 win 1 loss, etc. The level of imbalance in low ELO is *absurd* right now. Games are either kinda fun, kinda okay, or complete rofl stomps where my 4 "at elo" teammates feed 20-30 kills and I'm the last person to die, and the scoreboard ends 6 to 41 or something absurd like that. The problem exists across all ELOs. I'd like to report on silver, but I haven't gotten my alt there yet.
this is why duo q shouldn't be a thing in solo q, elo booster get so many request these days some even make more than pro players, Dopa himself admitted he makes more money boosting back in the day then he could ever going pro. when they get account request the get on discord find someone else with a similar ranked account that need a elo boost, and proceed to duo q with them to get to the rank that the account paid for as quick as possible.
: Ok... someone who is 0-1 is below your self imposed threshold so a loss to that guy is going to cost him a lot more? Just because he started the season with a loss? Same can be said about someone with a record of 500-502 he loses once and instantly gets punished harsher even though he is pretty much right where he is meant to be. So that instantly makes your second point quite sketchy at best if not outright wrong to implement. If someone is duoing then at the bare minimum he is actually experiencing tougher competition and hopefully improving. Unlike the actual boosters who just give their account to some random person to climb because It's way easier to climb alone than with a constant heavy rock weighting you down. So congrats you did nothing to stop boosters whatsoever. So anything else you want to add? Because these two steps literally accomplish nothing
No duo q in solo q is a huge problem. One i don't like getting stuck playing with 2 duo q every game, they usually perform bad and when i look them up they got a 40% winrate in the last 7 to 8 games played together its not fun. 2 if your neg winrate you shouldn't be climbing but let say you fall 45% and below you should have a punishing return forcing you to drop to where you belong faster rather than so slow.
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HàrrowR (EUW)
: People still complain about ADCs?
now as a plat 3 adc mains soon to be plat 2 rocking 66% winrate on jinx, i Like agro supports like Lux depending on enemy team comp. now I agree i would be diamond if I didn't have 2 account plat 1 get perm ban for cussing out a support player who locked in support in plat elo not to play lane phase and just watch. that is the most frustraining thing ever, almost like he in a duo elo boost game, and the booster like go support do nothing don't die, but the support super important in the lane phase. No enough cc. why my team all pick non cc champs vs yi zed talon akali.. rip my jinx. but remeber this is solo 1 it will never be perfect and ADC will always be the hardest role to climb it why you see the lowest rate in high elo top 10 be adc mains.
: Fps seem lower?
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IDarkGaiaI (EUNE)
: [RANDOM FPS DROPS] that i never experienced before , right after patch 9.13
Same and im running a 980 ti use to average 240+ fps teamfights 198 fps now i run 125-143 and it really annoying as well. so not just you dude.
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