: There's no reason to nerf shroud in all these different ways when you could just do one simple nerf. No need to over-complicate things.
I'd be ok with her having one stack of true stealth per shroud cast. Her ability to pressure under turret is good but it shouldn't be as oppressive as true stealth for the entire time. To elaborate, upon entering shroud grant true stealth one time only. Upon leaving and reentering grant invisibility/stealth (the one eve and twitch have)
: Finally got Plat for the first time!
Congrats that's quite the accomplishment and the speed at which you did it is inspiring
Rakashua (NA)
: Added, IGN: Jinjekkai, support main, Silver/Gold or Plat/Diamond, whichever you prefer.
> [{quoted}](name=Rakashua,realm=NA,application-id=W0aEVjIo,discussion-id=IvEF45Pa,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-31T23:57:58.870+0000) > > Added, IGN: Jinjekkai, > > support main, Silver/Gold or Plat/Diamond, whichever you prefer. You are violating one of two rules; account sharing or smurfing. You prolly shouldn't put that out there.
JigglyJr (NA)
: Gold Top LFT, organized competitive!
You seriously haven't found a team yet? I've been seeing your post for like the past week
Cöup (NA)
: LF late night PST team
Bump. Obv still looking.
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Ecophile (NA)
: 3v3 Ranked Team (NA)
same im down
Julíen (NA)
: Proving Grounds League is Looking For Staff!
2 things; your invite to your discord expired and your sign up form is only catered to teams not free agents
Jitsu (NA)
: Lunar Esports LF Top Laner And Support (Silver/Gold Elo)
Ign: Cöup Rank: g4 and g5 solo/flex respectively Role:supp/top Timezone: PST open sched minus sundays Top Champs:{{champion:25}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:98}} for top; {{champion:98}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:240}}
WL Ellen (NA)
: White Lotus Academy LF Mid Sub.
-IGN:Cöup -Role:MIdd/sup -Solo/Duo rank:g4 -Flex rank:g5 -Champ pool:{{champion:103}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:50}}{{champion:99}} -What is the meta to you? (within your role): depends on bans but i'd say Ahri is never a bad pick. irelia/ other assassins then control mages -Are you open to receiving coaching?: yes please -What is your current competitive experience?: been on several teams in a variety of positions -Availability (time or times that you usually play):PST pretty adaptable sched minus sundays. thats family time -Anything you'd like to add or let us know?:Prefer to play support but can ensure mid doesn't lose. I don't hard carry often hence the pool. I would prolly fit best in a team with a hard carry jungle or bot lane pop off
weenking (NA)
: Creating a silver-Gold team
IGN: Cöup ROLE:supp/top RANK:g4 TIMEZONE:pst SHOTCALLER(Y/N):Y but so tired of it. VOICE(Y/N):Y TOP 3 CHAMPS:{{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:143}} for top;{{champion:98}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:240}} STRENGTHS: know how to close and identify win conditions WEAKNESSES: once ahead play a bit to aggro.
: ROLE: Jungle RANK: Gold 2 (solo/duo) TIMEZONE: EST (I stay up late so its ok) SHOTCALLER(Y/N): Y (Kind of? im learning) VOICE(Y/N): Y TOP 3 CHAMPS: Rengar, Graves, Sejuani STRENGTHS: My muscles. But seriously, probably my ability to learn quick. WEAKNESSES: I am working on my tactic to not dive into a 5 v 1.
> [{quoted}](name=TheSnowyLeopard,realm=NA,application-id=mEj1xnKk,discussion-id=tkRYF6iG,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-13T20:17:02.804+0000) > > ROLE: Jungle > RANK: Gold 2 (solo/duo) > TIMEZONE: EST (I stay up late so its ok) > SHOTCALLER(Y/N): Y (Kind of? im learning) > VOICE(Y/N): Y > TOP 3 CHAMPS: Rengar, Graves, Sejuani > STRENGTHS: My muscles. But seriously, probably my ability to learn quick. > WEAKNESSES: I am working on my tactic to not dive into a 5 v 1. dude teach me that OP strat. :P
DSNatsu (NA)
: Creating a Ranked 5's Team
skips over the definitions and votes no:P also 16 or 16+. id assume the later but the former could be plausible
: LF for a top laner for a B/S/G team.
You mentioned be available but not the time you would be looking for. Care to elaborate?
: SEA will still only be able to have one team qualify for the Worlds Play-In (potentially more, should they do very well at MSI this year). Nothing has changed about the number of teams that represent them at Worlds, other than Vietnam now having their own dedicated Worlds spot separate from the rest of SEA.
I think this is only temporary based upon recent success. I think they have to perform similarly at this year's msi retain their spot
: Can we please have OmarGod back? Reignover has been absolutely horrible all split.
If you think reignover has been horrible all split then you obviously haven't been watching the games. Clg routinely gets early game leads usually off his back. There have been multiple throws by stixxay and multiple carries by him as well. The inconsistencies are what is plaguing the team not reignover. Don't even get me started on bio. The only consistent performer has been darshan but the meta makes it more difficult to play around carry tops. If they can fix their sup/jg synergy there will be a more even curve to their games until then they will get early leads and squander them in the mid game.
: ***
Olleh has had success in every region he has played in. He finds most success with engage/ pick supports.
: TSM wins NA G2 wins EU EDG wins LPL SKT wins LCK FW wins LMS ....................... SKT wins MSI The next 4-5 months in a nutshell
I'm going to dispute pretty much every region but lck, na. I'm going with RNG. Better off season moves. Uzi uses the momentum from all star to finally capture the domestic crown. Not to mention karsa. Ahq in the lms. Mostly due to the aforementioned karsa and Westdoor stepping down as mid... finally. Although jteam/ HK e-sports are dark horses. In the eu I feel this is the most wide open it's been since g2 stole the show in 2016. They lose it now. Jankos isn't enough. I'm giving the edge to fnc. Don't be surprised by s04 showing up big. Those are my thoughts.
AidanWR (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Scuttler doesn't like being stunned
i do believe the wall interacted and dropped the stacks. that would be my guess
Cöup (NA)
: [CLIENT]login issues
if you have friends that are experiencing the same, post on here to attract riot
Rioter Comments
: Worlds 2017: Wuhan International Tickets
Could we maybe get the world's championship page updated to this year. Many of the teams that are in the play in stage and group stage are qualifying or have qualified. Some people may want to find out about some of the teams prior to the actual start of worlds.
WL Ellen (NA)
: Competitive 5v5 Team LF Jungle, Top & ADC
Position(s) desired: Jungle Your availability (in EST): 5pm-3am Time zone: PST Age: 31 S6 / Current rank: G3/ S3 in duo G4 in flex Top 4 best played champions:{{champion:154}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:113}} Top Champion(s) you struggle against:{{champion:107}} {{champion:28}} Please Link your op.gg: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=C%C3%B6up
Rioter Comments
: Serious Team Looking for JG Must be at least Silver
Rank: FlexG5, solo/duo S2 Champ: Gragas/Zac/Elise/Vi/XIn/Sej IGN: Coupdapoopscoop Time zone: PST Availability : 6EST-whenever daily
: NA LCS Week 2 stats breakdown
More articles like this about your scene would be very much appreciated
: Why would Flyquest pick up Wildturtle?
the adc upgrade is minor and not what they should be focusing on. They have a true liability in balls, in the top lane. Top lane is the most stacked and they field a really poor laner when they should be using the scouting department and possibly an import slot on the position.
: Competitive Ruling: Felipe “YoDa” Noronha
I think the people that are flaming riot are forgetting two major things; He violated two rules and he is under contract. Without knowing the specifics of the entire contract you can't say for certain that they are outside of their jurisdiction to punish the player. When you sign contracts it's not uncommon that you give up certain freedoms that most of you seem to be speaking towards. I encourage you to research contracts in professional sports and read a few behavior clauses before you condemn a company for doing what they should and said they would do.
: ˜”°•. Tactical Gaming .•°”˜
This is a decent community to find new people to play with and if you have the pleasure of playing with the OP he will carry you <3
: That's it? It's the same thing that you guys sent out like 3 months ago! Everyone already knew about the new EU and NA regular split procedures and new system, but nothing new to the article? How about * A roster check to see the team's rosters * Trades and player movements * Player records that might be broken in this upcoming split or just milestones such as/ Balls having 898 assists and Darshan having 996 assists they will soon be the only 3 LCS players with over 1K assists as a top player the only other player so far with over 1K assists = Soaz with 1180 total assists...( Kiwikid if you can him as a top with 1444 assists) * How about Xpecial nearing the 2k Assist mark with 1910 total assists something that has never happened before in the history of the LCS? As well as being the all time Western Assist leader, as well as possibly in all League E-Sports. * Bjergsen nearing the 1K mark to close in the gap with Doublelift, he currently has 965 Kills, Sneaky has 824 Kills. * How about Reignover closing in on the 1K Assists board and would be the only 2nd 1K Jungler Assist leader in the Western LCS the only other 1K Assist leader= Meteos with 1237 leading jungler assist leader. *Casters predictions in the upcoming split(team rankings 1-10) similar to Worlds pick'em but instead something a little funnier like Split pick'ems. * A schedule( so people can call out work on certain days when they want to not miss out on say TSM vs CLG etc etc)? But NOPE none of that !
I would just like to say that the off season was extremely volatile with roster movement. The average fan would not realize the new additions. An update to the team pages with the new rosters and maybe a background blurb about them would be awesome and possibly create more early spring split engagement from the fan bases. At this point in the year rosters will have mostly settled down maybe a few teams have yet to lock in rosters but the vast majority of teams have been practicing and announced their starting rosters. It would be great to see an update from the Esports team @ riot.
MissVendel (EUNE)
: jungler looking for a team
It might be for the simple reason that you are on different servers. Hence the EUNE and NA.
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: [HSG]: >> Heavenstrike Gaming is CALLING ALL SILVER AND GOLD PLAYERS!
We have a gold level team that might be willing to scrim you guys once you get all settled. Pm in game and we can set something up.
: HellsPlatoon Clan Needing Dedicated/Pro Teams! LCS SPONSORSHIP!
I'd recommend making the website more accessible to people that want to research the organization. Maybe include an 'about us' module or news related module to allow people to see what you have done recently. Without much information, besides what you may provide on teamspeak, you are asking a lot of players to take a big leap of faith.
: [Darkness Awaits] Looking for Support and Top Laner Silver thru Plat
I know you are set on a support but I thought i would drop my info. IGN: coupdapoopscoop Time Zone: PST Age: 30 Top/Support - Support Rank: S1 Champions you can play in this role - Support: {{champion:432}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:25}}{{champion:201}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:43}} . Other to a lesser degree to include{{champion:16}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} etc.. [](http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=coupdapoopscoop)
: [LFM][Silver+] Final Hour is looking for a Toplaner, Jungler and a Support for ranked 5's!
: Hot NA girl looking for duo
you need to upgrade your grill brah
: Hot NA girl looking for duo
grill i think you mean
Cöup (NA)
: Silver support LFT
are there any PST team or late night EST teams in need of supports?
Cöup (NA)
: Silver support LFT
still on the hunt.
Cöup (NA)
: Silver support LFT
still on the hunt
: yo need a good team to play with just started rank on this account.
id recommend not playing lee support. work on leona shes strong right now
Cöup (NA)
: Silver support LFT
it kind of depends. Duos can be counter productive to climbing as you increase your odds of getting more people on the enemy team that are on a chat client. i'd probably give it a few games
Rioter Comments
: Looking for a support for our team Silver+ (if you're bronze you will be removed)
Timezone :PST Role : Support Solo Queue Division :S3 Team speak Communication Application & Microphone Accessible (Y/N) :Y to all List; Your Top 3 Champions for Role Applying :{{champion:432}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:201}} Briefly describe your play style : Make things easy for my adc by managing our stances in lane Your strongest attributes : Peeling, warding, shot calling Your weakest attributes : Sometimes I'm too aggressive levels 1-3 and don't always mirror my adc Why you would like to be apart of a tournament team : My current team is on it's last leg and I don't feel like the effort I put in equals what I'm getting out of it. Your past experience on a tournament style team or ranked team (If Applicable) : Captain of previous team we were good but scheduling conflicts made it not fun or inconsistent. 20-11 last season. I think we peaked s2 and then not enough games to progress any further The best time to reach you in-game : afternoons and late evenings
: 1 champ doesnt change how lame of an effect movement speed is on what is 3/4 times a very high priority objective. Movement speed is almost impossible to make feel worth it unless you have a ton of it. Hecarim doesnt magically change that and make the stat interesting.
movement speed is very important even a slight increase over your opponent means rotations are faster, you get back to lane to cs faster, you join fights faster. Literally everything is faster. Movement speed is directly proportional to the amount of map pressure you can exert over the opponent.
: Silver titties and beer
IGN:coupdapoopscoop Timezone:PST Main role:Mid Champion pool:{{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:115}} others as well to lesser degree Age:30 I'm a former captain of a team and kind of over the rigors of maintaining that team. Between finding new talent and scheduling practices, maintaining excel spreadsheets and going over reviews it just became too much to handle and league became a little less fun. I just want to get back to being on a team where I can show up and enjoy the game and get better as a squad. As to me I'm a laid back guy. Play typically at late night 9pm-whenever. Have school during the middle of the evening so that's why I play a little later. I'm a fairly experienced shot caller. I have unique invade paths for this elo, good map awareness, and keep myself pretty safe even if I fed my lane some kills early I come back and am a force for the late game. Strengths: chill, don't flame, understanding my limits and team limits based on champs and builds Weaknesses: Don't always finish kills(supp main formerly so I share more than I should), CS is a low point for my expectation of myself(typically 68-78/10. After 25 mins I tend to make larger strides as I'm more willing to take camps from jg)
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Cöup (NA)
: 8 man league, two game scoring, drafts wed night
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