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Wuks (NA)
: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (+ Elementalist Lux Giveaway?)
I'm thankful that I have a good group of friends to play league with. Suppose I'll choose 133 if no one else choose that yet.
: AP/MR item for long range casters.
Yes but what then about all the Gap Closers that 90% of the shorter range champs have? A perfect example is Leblanc. Yeah I can stand back and throw abliities, but she can easily enter her range, from outside of my range, with just one w.
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Ralanr (NA)
: A stupid idea: Nami's ult.
or or or or.... they could make it so that Yasuo's windwall ability can only block a certain amount of projectiles
: How Do You Guys Deal with Jayce?
: I like how Shen got instanerfed as soon as he hits meta, Yet we buffed lee sin.
My issue with lee sin is that he can start his ultimate, cc'ing you by the way, and flash behind you to send you away from where he flashed. lol #skill
: Which one of these champions is so annoying to you, they should be removed. (hypothetically)


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