Paroe (NA)
: Can someone explain to me, simply and in kind words, what the problem with yuumi is at its core?
Simply and in kind words, the majority of her abilities are frustrating to deal with because of the lack of counterplay. Now, they are testing stuff on the PBE to address these problems.
Arakadia (NA)
: > Again, I believe this is mostly subjective to what you find attractive as an individual, but to make this simple we will say that the males who have strong, sharp features, chiseled muscles, sturdy frame, symetrical elegant faces and clothing that really frames their muscles and body are "sexualized". This is true, but it generally doesn't occur to the same degree of female sexualization. Generally the most extreme male sexualization will go is to make the character shirtless, with Pantheon being the only exception I can think of. Where as female sexualization permeates the entire design, with general form fitting clothing and sexualization that goes beyond just the torso. And I will admit Riot is getting much better at it. They have been stumbling a few times in recent designs but the designs are sexy while remaining classy/fitting and we are getting more "equality" in terms of sexualization. It's just that many people mistake Garen's conventionally attractive face as comparable to Kayle who has sexuality ingrained in her entire design from her body type to her outfit. If suddenly Garen's armor was very form fitting to highlight his V and muscles, randomly exposed a skin tight body suit, he had an ass, and was posed in art/in game with an arch to show it all off, then perhaps he would be comparable.
Yes, I'll agree that the degrees of sexualization are not the same. I mean, I could be all "Well unattainable muscles/bone structure and mysterious masks that cause the mysterious boy fantasy are equivalent to unattainable body shapes/bosom/hip/waist/posterior proportions and body framing clothes/armor (if there is any clothes/armor to begin with)!" but that would be nearsighted of me and wouldn't be fair in the slightest. As long as we can agree that there is sexualization for both, even though it is heavily leaned in the direction of female characters, then I think we're solid. I hope the OP gets his lore concerns answered XD
Jacksin (OCE)
: yeah I don't disagree with anything you've said. on the money. i gotta make sure to point out that i'm not saying anything risky because people are known on the boards to be a bit... sensitive
Reading some of these posts, I'm gonna stay away from sexualization because that doesn't seem to be your point. Sorry about the wall of text about it! I agree that more diverse stuff would be cool. I love how rakan is the flamboyant one in the relationship with Xayah being more brooding and objective driven, though their voicelines successfully show they are more than their exterior. Taric is great in that he is not the traditional "I must use my strength to conquer" but more "I must use my strength to protect", which is sadly a less common thing that I believe should be taught more and more these days. In regards to female champions, I love how Illaoi is a stoic priestess who is like "I'mma woops yo booty. Bring your friends and you'll just receive even more of one". Neeko is interesting in that she is a traditional frail woman but her fiesty, lovable personality and clever usage of her talents (shape-shifting) can lead to dominant scenarios that leave you wondering what the heck just happened. Leona is straight up the Scottish mom that will lead the charge because her beliefs are so strong that Sunfire aches to pour through her sword and shield. The thing about all of these things is that they could be potentially real. Ok, maybe not smacking people with an orb that spawns spectral tentacles or summoning starlight to make you invincible, but taric represents a man who is tender and caring until his morals and principles are compromised by another's actions. Leona represents a woman who isn't afraid to fight for what she believes is right to the point of becoming a zealot. The key is that they can be real people. So, if they could make a tank female who is all about protecting those around her, then that'd be cool. If they could make a non-bicep bulging male who is a servant to a Noxian general (I did a personal champion concept around this), then that'd be an interesting exploration into a support. I agree with you that different avenues of personalities would be cool, but it needs to make sense in the world of Runeterra and done in a way that the player base can connect to and relate with. Have a nice day bud.
: thematically, why is thresh a support?
Is secondary class is fighter, actually. Lore wise is does make sense in the way that he originally started as just a guy who was in charge of some magical relics from getting into the wrong hands, but then he was like "Well as long as they don't notice my surprisingly sinister actions..." Until he was just left alone cause he freaked everyone out.
Jacksin (OCE)
: I'm just so frustrating with Riot's refusal to push past gender stereo types.
So, you have problems with stuff but to be clear YOU DON'T HAVE PROBLEMS WITH STUFF. Just teasing. Say what you mean, not what others want to hear. As for your message in this post, I'd agree that having a variety of personalities and themes would be cool. Let's do a run-down: **Sexualized Female Characters** I believe this is mostly subjective to what you find attractive as an individual, but to make this simple we will say that the females who have dis-proportionatly ratiod sized chests, waists, posteriors, and symetrical, elegant faces and minimal clothing are "sexualized". Female champions that fit all of this criteria is actually pretty big. **Sexualized Male Charaters** Again, I believe this is mostly subjective to what you find attractive as an individual, but to make this simple we will say that the males who have strong, sharp features, chiseled muscles, sturdy frame, symetrical elegant faces and clothing that really frames their muscles and body are "sexualized". Male champions that fit all of this criteria is quite a lot as well. So, a **LARGE** pool of champions are sexualized. Is that shocking? No. We like pretty things. We like to interact with pretty things. Each sex has sexy things about them, even if one attribute is more obvious than the other. Moving on to your desire for more exploratory lore, I promise you it's there; You just don't see past the sexualization of the champions. Every single character could be boiled down to a stupid sounding cliche like every single thing in the world can. Looking at {{champion:84}} , you could either choose to see that she is a rebel who finds the way she was taught tedious, encumbersome of the very teachings she was brought up to instill, and decided she had enough of it and went off on her own to bring what she beliefs is the true way of achieving her teachings goals. Pretty darn cool and epic.... or you could go "she is an edgy teenager who ran away from home". Her story is pretty cool and explorative of how ninja's traditionally work. It's not the traditional "damsel in distress" girl who can't fight for herself. {{champion:517}} is the epitome of sexualized (his in-game dance is him gyrating!) His lore is cool in the sense of showing the oppression magic endures in the walls of Demacia. His people are shunned and "lesser" in the eyes of the nobles. His imprisonment festered his hatred of Demacia nobles. Then he found a way to abuse the power of petricite, which Demacia prides itself on. He persuaded Lux to trust him and eventually lead to his freedom, turning the pride of Demacia against itself and beginning a revolution to free magic from Demacia's oppressive clutch. Epic, right? Or you could go "He is just a prisoner who started a revolution. How un-inspired!" He is a man who was oppressed and lashed out. Not the traditional "Knight in shining armor" type of story. I promise you all of the things you want are there and available if you are willing to look at the stories instead of the faces.
: Would like Support Advice from Plat/Diamond Supports (Gold Player)
You seem to be focusing on a lot of the proper stuff. At the core, support is a role designed to best set up and allow your teamates to come out on top. **How do you do that?** 1. Vision control 2. Map Awareness 3. Understanding how your champions mechanics interact with the opposing teams mechanics 4. Macro play (i.e. objective priority/control, wave management, optimal pathing) 5. Micro play (i.e. individual skill in a dozen different fields) 6. Positive mental attitude These things all lace together and lean on each other. Explaining how they all did would be a novel, so I'll trust you to find the connections and how each point impacts the others. Keep working on **ONE** thing at a time! I'm currently working on making sure my carry stays alive. Other things may suffer because of it, but if I accomplished that one thing, then I consider that a success. The previous thing I worked on was vision control. I worked on that for a month and within that short time of focus I went from an average of 1.5 vision score per minute to 2.5 - 3 vision score per minute. Don't give up. Don't give in to frustration. Use mistakes as learning opportunities. Use triumphs as a point of reference of what works and find ways to make those triumphs even stronger. Identify weaknesses, improve them. Identify triumphs, enhance them. You can make it to plat next season. :)
: I was thinking of a skin of Thresh when he was alive
If I could get my hands on a Thresh skin pre-Shadow Isles... makes me shudder with joy just thinking about it. I'd pay top dollar for that if they gave him voice lines that showed the descent of a normal man to a man drawn to sadistic actions through isolation and whisperings of evil magics. Ugh, thanks man. Now I am just gonna keep dreaming of something that is completely out of my control.
Boomer (OCE)
: Now listen here, you little shit.
: Clash?
Seriously, why all the down votes? I've been wondering the same thing cause I need to start making the logistics for who can I play it with.
: Mana based champions have one disadvantage over energy based
Though an interesting point, I can see why that advantage is had. Building up that pool for spammable abilities should take more time than energy based units who have to carefully calculate just how much energy they need for the combo they want to execute. If energy pools grew over the game I'm sure they'd have just the same problem.
: I would like that, I sent you a friend request.
Gonna be honest, I didn't see this message so I thought it was a bot since I couldn't see a match history. I'll send you another one.
: Would anyone be kind enough to teach me how to play?
I'd be willing to sit down and go over the fundamentals, macro, micro, objective control, etc if you are serious about it :)
: Aphelios high-pitched painful ringing
Worst comes to worst, you can just turn the champion voice off and still get to play him :)
: Just played against Aatrox as Gnar and how do I feel about this games balance...
I actually really enjoy the {{champion:150}} vs {{champion:266}} matchup. It feels like a razor wire skill match of how the gnar uses his MS boosts and jump to Bob and weave aatrox chain and knock-ups. Then the ults simultaneously being used leads to yet another tense skill match of how well gnar can ragdoll aatrox while aatrox tries to cc a now large and fairly immobile giant. I love it! In the end, just respect his strengths, know your weaknesses, and combine those to work against the enemy (applies to every single matchup).
: Whats one word or sentence that can shut down any toxic players? (Not inc mute)
Snowbrand (EUW)
: It's better to make Fiddle's fear work like Ahri's charm instead of it being point and click!
Alright, so common misconception. They said "but it'll include much more than a point-and-click status effect (which _is_ staying on the lot)." That is not a garenteed fear on the mechanic. Even if it is, then it has the potential to work like Ryze's root where it is a slow effect unless a condition is met. Just give it time until we actually see what happens. Then, give it time to play in the actual game to see how it feels.
Obsedian (NA)
: Diversity in League of Legends
In the end, it comes down to what the people of Runeterra look like. If Runeterra was just all white/black/asian/latino/samoan/ajeiowcjiasci people then that is what would exist. Now, I believe {{champion:246}} would resemble latino, but that's just me. It's based on the population of Runeterra, what regions are released to the players, and why that race exists in the first place (reasons why they look different than other people/cultures).
: Give Darius R reset-indicator like Pyke R has
{{champion:555}} - Skill shot - Does half damage as physical damage if target is above the execute threshold {{champion:122}} - Point and click (meaning it can't be dodged (besides spell shields I believe)) - Always does true damage Seems fair to me
: No junglers released in over 2 years
I've been thinking about this too recently. I can tell you that designing champions for jungle is actually pretty hard because they have to be able to survive camps, kill camps, and still be viable to fight champions. Balancing around the concept of fighting two vastly different playstyles and mechanics is hard to do. Sure, you could be like "does 200% damage to monsters" but what about making unique mobility options that allow for ganking, jungle maneuvering, and actual combat without being OP or UP? What unique playstyles can be introduced in a role that is pretty hard to show breadth in? Now, 2 years is a long time with no junglers on the current champion roadmap, so it's a little upsetting to me. But with all the reworks that are allowing for older champions to jungle, I'm guessing that's a little compensation? Sorry bud :(
: Has riot given up on making real supports?
_So after just doing Pyke, I realized how ridiculously long this was, so I'm just gonna list out Pyke. But I wanted to provide a full breakdown, so here is one. This type of thinking helps learn the ways to manipulate and beat your opponent._ I personally hope Riot keeps making AD based supports. It's really no different besides the fact that now a supports auto attacks matter, which most AP based champions get a buff too anyways. I'll break each champion down as to why they work. **Preface** People tend to get really freaked out by the concept of having more than 1-2 passives and 4 basic abilities. So, when people like Yasuo, Pyke, Senna, Jhin, Lee Sin, etc. are introduced, they feel their kits are extremely overloaded. The thing is that the walls of text are made so that a certain playstyle can be reached, otherwise that playstyle would never be achievable. {{champion:555}} - His kit has a ton going on, but that's because of what he is supposed to do. _[in order of abilities Passive - Ultimate]_ Pros: Large HP Regen from champion damage Can reliably discern where enemies have vision Bonus AD. Instant single targeted slow or a single targeted channeled pull that slows enemy upon hitting. Movement speed steroid that grants camoflague. Can be used to proc passive while still being in proximity of combat. Dash that allows to go over terrain and is followed by an AOE stun for any enemy behind him. A blink to an enemy that has the potential to execute, reset, and grant bonus kill gold. Has an indicator on enemy HP bars to indicate when they can be executed. Can ignore shields if they are within the execute threshold. Cons: Only gets the HP Regen from champion damage, meaning turrets, monsters, and minions don't provide the grey health. Melee range auto attacks allows for easy kiting or harrasment in a lane with a guaranteed 1 ranged enemy with potential of 2. If enemy had vision of him, he doesn't get to Regen the HP. The grey HP only converts some of - not all - of his HP to grey HP. The grey HP has a cap. Can't grow his HP pool in ANY way. Channeling the pull is very telegraphed, slows him, and can be interrupted like any other channeled ability. Both forms are skill shots. Supplies ample warning of him in the area by providing an audio queue and a visual queue. If the enemy is below the execute threshold, they get an even greater audio queue. Decaying movement speed boost. Enemies within his detection radius remove the camoflague, causing him to be seen by them. Must place himself in a place that is risky for any assassin in order to provide the stun. Has to use his most reliable source of escape to place himself in the center of danger. The stun has a delay, allowing for reaction timing to dictate if it lands or not. Dash can be interrupted. Skill shot. Non-traditional shape with not much room for error in placement. Awkward delay that allows for reaction time to negate its effect with healing, invulnerability, untargetability, dashes, blinks, and potentially just walking out of it. Not executing doesn't reset, provide gold, or deals the full damage. Blinking into an enemy expecting them to die and then being surrounded leads to a very vulnerable assassin. Skill shot. **Overall** As with all champions, they excel at a certain thing. Pyke is extremely good at setting up picks and spreading wealth, potentially even killing the entire enemy team if left ignored. But if he does not have a dominating presence in the game, then everything he does can lead to his death. An assassin that is supposed to be in the middle of the fight is very dangerous and hard to pull off, so he needed something to allow for team fight survivability (passive and E). He needed to be able to have an AOE presence (E and Ultimate). What he doesn't do well is 1v1 unless he is ahead, but who doesn't? Late game Pyke loses a lot of power because the stage of the game means he can be blown up the instant he enters the fray. He doesn't actually do much damage if you check the graphs at the end and he can't solo kill unless extremely ahead. Pyke is an assassin that thrives on setting enemies up to take damage from allies and then finishing them off, which means he needs to get into the fight first, survive, and then end it. That balance of initiation, killing power, and vulnerability is an extremely hard line to walk, but it is an amazing concept and should not be easily disregarded or else we are left with heal bots, shield bots, and damage sponges, which can get pretty stale. I really hope Riot can keep finding ways to blend playstyles without damaging the integrity of what the role is supposed to do. {{champion:202}} - AD spell caster that hits HARD when he does and still has reliable damage when he's on cool down, but is very slow in execution, preparation, and telegraphed in a ton of aspects. {{champion:235}} - AD/AP spell caster with heavy hitting ranged abilities, but her auto attacks are tailored to be slow, less crit damage, and require two on the same target within a short window to stack her passive. Keeping the distance between her and the enemy is crucial, or else she is easily killed. {{champion:350}} - Can disrupt the enemy by reliably harassing them and providing buffs to a single ally, buy has a passive that is only effective by becoming vulnerable to enemy engagement, is completely vulnerable without an ally nearby, and loses a lot of power in her kit when not attached to an ally.
Weensw (NA)
: If you want to play a fling comp for fun, what lanes can those hero go?
{{champion:27}} Top {{champion:106}} - Jungle {{champion:6}} - Mid {{champion:119}} - ADC {{champion:555}} - Support
: No, no, NO. Playing an adc with these is hell. Win your lane, that's more important. Do not abandon your adc. You're not "spreading your influence", you're throwing your primary late game carries farm under the bus. Roaming requires opportunity - and is better into the midgame after a turret has gone down and there's more room for farming.
It's more situational than that. Overall, A support should roam when they can't make an impact their lane. What situations are those? 1) The lane is pushed past the point where the support can reliably set up a kill for the ADC. The support should then roam and either deep ward the enemy jungle or ward dragon and then go mid lane to apply pressure. If both lanes are shoved, then the support should help the jungler do drag if they are near by, shop if they have the money, or twiddle their thumbs while they wait for the lane to reset. 2) The enemy is providing more pressure than the ally support can, effectively nullifying their presence in the lane. If the enemy bot lane is pushing into tower, then the support should coordinate ganks with the jungler, enticing the enemy bot lane to approach the seemingly vulnerable ADC, causing a double kill in your favor, instantly shifting the momentum of leaning phase in your direction. That gank could also swing into early turret and dragons. 3) The enemy is providing more pressure than the ally support can but is also manipulating the wave properly to not be exposed to ganks. Bottom line, lane is going to be a tedious time for the ADC, but the support who is sitting there doing nothing is wasting the entire point of the purpose in the game. If the support sits in lane and not able to provide pressure or kills, then they are just an experience sap on the ADC, who at that point will need all the advantage they can get to stay relevant. The support should try and apply pressure in mid, jungle, and potentially top if right herald is being disputed while the ADC tries to farm safely under tower. Essentially, the support becomes the junglers support, helping the rest of the map get ahead. This causes either the enemy support to roam to match the opposing support or try and push it in bot, which then opens bot to ganks. The support, while roaming, should also be establishing vision control wherever they go, prioritizing the next highest objective. Roaming is super critical, so a good adc needs to adapt good map awareness, dueling limits, recall timings, and farming techniques.
: Why do people hate stopwatch?
I hate stopwatch, but I can respect its purpose. What I want is it to have the active last 1.5 seconds or something instead of the whole 2.5 second duration zhonya's gives. I wish that for such a cheap item that builds into something and how cheap it is that it should last a shorter amount of time.
Cräfty (EUW)
: A message from a jungler to all lanes!
Nice exclamation points. But for real, some real good points in here, even it they were a tad more aggressive than they needed to be, but some people need that aggression go get it through. Honestly, jungle is really hard and having teammates that can really work with you is hard to find, so I hope the people that read this can implement these tips and from there grow their understanding of macro play because that's a ton of what jungle is.
Robb1n (EUNE)
: What it takes to climb elo?
Well I'm not in diamond, but I'd say to really respect your opponents and learn from them. Use the times they kill you as a moment to understand why you died and how they capitalized. In the end, you can't control your teammates; only yourself. So do just that. Do your best to learn, keep a calm head, and improve yourself. Eventually you'll get good enough to either carry, match skill level, or stabilize a little more in your rank.
: Season 10
You must have gotten Lord DGAF huh?
: Playing front line champions no longer feels fun
I mean technically tanks are still tanks when they live for 2.5 seconds when a squishy ally dies in 0.3 seconds.... Soooooo..... That's the best devil's advocate I got for you.
: As an adc, what to do when your support abandons you?
When the support roams, they should roam to get your team ahead in vision, map pressure, objective control, gold lead, and exp lead. ALL of that can be negated if the ADC dies while they are roaming. So, whatever you do, don't die. That could mean giving up 10 cs but if they support did their job they got mid a kill boosting everything previously listed and potentially getting a turret, dragon, or herald. Now if your support is roaming when the lane is even and the enemy has either equal or high lane priority, then that's on them. They are not doing a good job and leaving you to suffer the consequences of that. Farm under turret, don't go near places that the enemy could potentially be (so good map awareness and tracking enemy players) and not greeding for anything. If you are getting camped by the jungler making it a 3v1, then that means the support should pressure mid and shove that turret or pressure an objective with your ally jungler. If you are getting turret dived relentlessly then it's best to just drop the lane and shove mid until they take bot turret and then go bot and farm safely at tier two turret. It's a terrible spot to be in as an ADC, but most, if not all ADC's, scale with cs very well, so play the long game and hope your support is not a nincupoop.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Pyke'ish Tank
I actually made a concept similar to this, except I made them a fighter support. He would get bonus gold on assists based on how much damage/CC he applied to the target. If he took the kill, however, the bonus was lost.
mirAcIe (EUW)
: Using your pinky for Q is self sabotage
This is such a trivial post and discussion. Everyone can prefer different key bindings. That's why they are customizable. Let the guy play without his pinky.
: Just got in gold, what to focus on to get to plat now?
Long story short -- Respect your enemy and play around your allies play style. Some people are pretty good. Some people are.... Less so. Always give your oppoents the benefit of the doubt in skill and recovery while giving your allies the "less so" status and carefully observe their gameplay to understand how you fit in their role. Playing around your teammates works better than trying to get your allies to play around you.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Just ... Shut up please
The thing is voice lines are an expansion of the lore that sometimes doesn't get fleshed out in the actual lore itself. Hearing it directly from the champion is much more powerful than reading about the whole town they are in for that story. For instance, a short story that is about Vel'koz and Lissandra, [], really expand on what it means to be an ice born. It shows what's under the ARAM map. The protagonists of the story aren't in game champions. So this story gives you perspective of how Vel'koz and Lissandra interacts in the world of Runeterra, but hearing them talk about their motives, philosophies, and moments in their lives is much more impactful. Pyke, for instance, talks about an underwater city, which you would never get from the "actual" lore; He is just some spooky spectral from reaper of the harbor in the lore. Pyke shares intimate details of how "the last thing he ever drank was priceless". That is HUGE on an emotional level. We understand that something so simple as a drink is monumental to him. "Work hard and then die.... The other way is worse". Comical, yet it shows where he is in life (death?). He is constantly pushing towards an end goal that we think is crossing off the names on his list of those who betrayed him, but from another voice line he says how "his bosses to need gold" or something along that. Now we know he is an employee of someone, but we don't actually know who.... It gives the player a very personal look into the champion they are playing. It gives the player a chance to relate or be intrigued by a champion, which could lead to more exciting gameplay or more "maiming" that champion. In the end, if it really upsets you, then it's easy to tune out or you could turn off VO in the audio setting, but it is a great tool to explore a champions story while still playing the game.
: unpopular opinion: the new logo looks nice, change my mind
If they kept the background of the old logo and put it on the new logo I'd be super happy. Honestly, it doesn't matter that much but a simple text with no shape seems pretty lack luster. I understand minimalism and stuff, but it's a little "too" minimalist for me. I just don't want the border gone :'( I'll forget in like a week though, so whatever
Xphineas (NA)
: Not a pyke main; not trolling; pyke needs some buffs, real talk.
> [{quoted}](name=Xphineas,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gb82OKjg,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-17T23:33:06.055+0000) > > Not a pyke main; not trolling; pyke needs some buffs, real talk. OK, whoa. Where do you think Pyke needs a buff? I play Pyke and I think he seriously needs some tuning to bring him back down. They should revert the gold buff, revert the single target damage on tap Q (to champions only so he still can't wave clear), and give his tap Q a little bit more damage back. I even think his movement speed boost is kind of too much because of how strong the invisibility already synergizes with his passive, so maybe chill on the scaling MS he gets from leveling it up.
: Not to mention even if he misses the kill by a second or so (say his target dies to an ally and then pyke ults immediately after) it still gets a reset.
That's not true. He gets the reset if they die during the cast animation. I believe Puke definitely needs some reworking, but let's not say false things.
: The least popular item of League of Legends...
I thought it was still an AP item..... I might be getting this more now.
Hjelp (NA)
: These boards are too filled with repetitive negativity.
I made a mistake and my team laughed with me about it. Was a fun group to play with.
: > [{quoted}](name=C0NCH0BAR,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UyeNbeF4,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-15T17:23:32.597+0000) > > Up to a 20% decrease in the late game on attack speed. That is massive. That effects her passive damage output and her scaling into the late game even more than just flat damage nerfs because it's a percentage. You could laugh at any nerf if you wanted to based on bias, but a nerf is a nerf. Sorry her still existing isn't a big enough nerf. She will still hit max attack speed lategame.
> [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UyeNbeF4,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-15T17:36:41.193+0000) > > She will still hit max attack speed lategame. Possibly, but it's not a free stat. She will need to be more aware of getting attack speed stats. It also takes away from lethal tempo if a Kai'sa player wanted to go with it. Even if this doesn't comfort you, then rest assure that Riot HAS nerfed her, even if it isn't a ground breaking one. Also, Riot could be weaning her damage off instead of totally dumpstering her power.
: > [{quoted}](name=C0NCH0BAR,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UyeNbeF4,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-15T16:33:44.948+0000) > > She got nerfed this patch. I wouldn't call that pathetic excuse of a nerf impactful.
> [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UyeNbeF4,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-15T16:53:23.953+0000) > > I wouldn't call that pathetic excuse of a nerf impactful. Up to a 20% decrease in the late game on attack speed. That is massive. That effects her passive damage output and her scaling into the late game even more than just flat damage nerfs because it's a percentage. You could laugh at any nerf if you wanted to based on bias, but a nerf is a nerf. Sorry her still existing isn't a big enough nerf.
: They won't nerf kai'sa because her playrate is the highest in the game which means she makes the most money from skins right now.
> [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UyeNbeF4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-15T15:12:21.113+0000) > > They won't nerf kai'sa because her playrate is the highest in the game which means she makes the most money from skins right now. She got nerfed this patch.
: I dont get the interaction with ignite and pyke passive. He only heals when you lose vision of him, but ignite grants true vision for its duration. So how the fuck is he healing?
I recently read ignite because of this and it turns out it doesn't give true vision, just vision of the target. So going invisible still works.
Aden9 (NA)
: Morgana is banned frequently, but still feels underwhelming when available.
Honestly I ban her because of her Q, not her shield. She is a direct counter to my mains because of her shield, but that's what makes the lane so interesting. Can I bait her into using it and then go in for real? Can I use her shield to travel farther on Thresh so I can get an even longer lantern travel distance? It's honestly quite fun. But that DANG Q! Starts at a 2 second root that goes up to 3 seconds! That's an eternity of CC for one basic ability that doesn't put her at any risk. It's also fat and decently long. I'm ok with the rest of the kit and actually kind of want the rest of her kit to have more impact because she could be a very interesting peel champion. But no. Q, W, R, E, Q for 8.5 seconds or CC while being immune to it.
: How to win with bad teams
TL;DR at the bottom. Bad teams are generally about your teammates ego. If you treat the good things they do that seem so basic like "good cs!" or "Good warding. Keep it up" it feeds something that they will invest into. They have someone notice something they did in a positive way and will work hard to keep doing that. Make sure you are playing well, which to people with big egos means NOT DYING. If they can't lash at you with a "3/4 mid laner gg", then that'll help them respect you. Sure, you might have gotten ganked by your teammates lane with jungler help 3 times under turret, but they won't care for that. That leads to the next point: Respecting your opponent. Respecting your opponent is a massive mental advantage. All of a sudden you avoid places where you don't have a solid understanding of where they are. You only do things you know will put you a step forward. Don't know where the jungler was recently? Ask the team. Still don't know? Don't engage because he could be sitting in your side bush. Once your ahead, a failure becomes a critical failure due to shutdown goal and boosting the enemy moral. Respect them the longer the game goes on because late game can be a victory or defeat in an instant. If your bad teammates don't have good map awareness (i.e. not pinging missing lanes or having objective awareness) make sure to ping an extra time in a non-aggressive way and maybe even type MIA or where you're going. Ping help on them once and then the objective or location you want them to go to. Just one on each. The ping on them immediately tells them you want their attention and then they watch for where the next one is. DON'T PING MORE THAN ONCE ON THEM. Maybe twice where you're going based on urgency. TL;DR Treat them like short fuse ego babies. Reward the small successes and YOU learn from their bad ones. Make communication AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE. Respect your opponent by playing as if they are always equal and potentially even better, cause they could be.
There was something called Team Builder (I think) that basically did this a couple seasons ago. You would select your champion, role, and play-style before you even queued up. Then you go into queue and Riot would represent you to anyone who needs that role filled to create a full team. Queue times would take MUCH longer because people could custom pick who their team was. Even after all that custom selecting and grooming, there were still huge queue times because of the lack of "support mains". You would wait up to potentially 25 minutes EVERY queue because of all these specific variables lining up. As a side note, I loved it because I was a support main so I got into game fast! XD I can totally understand why the rest of the roles had a nightmare of a queue time every single game.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Damage scales faster and harder than defense.
DISCLAIMER: I know NOTHING about stats and am only speculating because this is an interesting observation. Do offensive builds scale harder or faster than defensive builds because when you are ahead, you build offensive to keep that lead? You have the gold income to do it, so why not? Whereas on the defense, you don't have the gold income that your opponent does because you have spent time dead, which means no CS, kills, or assists. You have this huge gold deficit in comparison to your winning opponent, so their ability to buy more items that hurt you scale faster because of the income they have that you don't. SO! Would it be balanced to lower the cost on defensive items because that helps those behind a little more? That would lead to people not building offensive stats, so that could feel balanced because of the switch-off of killing vs living. But then we go back to tank meta. Also, that means Riot would be holding the hands of those who losing, which would feel bad for the people who are winning. This was an interesting question!
: Voli/Fiddle VGU
I just love Reav3 so much. I can't explain it. He is so good. Always honest in answers. Sharing as much as possible. Clearing any confusion. Gaaaaah
: Suicide threat in pre-game lobby
I can't think of anything. Unless Riot could somehow give information on where the person's computer is. I hope it all works out. Good job being available and acting on the side of caution.
: What will Fiddle's 3-hits passive be?
If fiddlestickles lands 3 auto attacks within a certain time window, his next auto attack silences. His ultimate automatically procs this on every champion hit (meaning his first auto on every enemy silences)
Reav3 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Spideraxe,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=u95tmZGx,comment-id=00010004,timestamp=2019-08-15T19:29:17.697+0000) > > Is this one being developed by Jag, Newmilky and Jellbug No, this one is being worked on by NewMillky, Maxwell, and Interlocutioner
I just love how open you are with us. I know you have to keep things under tight wraps, which I also appreciate, but you find a way to answer what we ask. Thanks Reav3!
: Reminder that bans are supposed to be strategically used on counters
What counters tilt, the ultimate counter to everything? Banning who tilts you the most. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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