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Zac x Me (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=C0NCH0BAR,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=704m6Hvk,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-02T02:58:00.937+0000) > > Pretty darn certain you can. I always do it when I get blitz in ARAM. Since I'm on mobile I can't attach a screen shot :/ If it is possible please tell me how to whenever you get access to a PC and have some spare time
> [{quoted}](name=Zac x Me,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=704m6Hvk,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-06-02T03:12:55.126+0000) > > If it is possible please tell me how to whenever you get access to a PC and have some spare time Escape Sound Voice volume {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Zac x Me (NA)
: A "mute voice" button for your own champion?
Pretty darn certain you can. I always do it when I get blitz in ARAM. Since I'm on mobile I can't attach a screen shot :/
: What do I do against someone who stays under tower?
You keep good vision and conserve mana. You can then harass while they try to farm under the tower. Both those sources of pressure can lead to a CS lead and hopefully you can waste the enemies junglers time with retreating with your good vision while your ally jungler snowballs other lanes, counter jungles, or counter ganks. You got this {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I still have no clue wtf you are talking about. Should I buy this item? Why should I? Why shouldn't I? Please explain to me. I am too dumb to understand
If the enemy had %100 life steal, then they would only heal %66 of the damage they did. Don't worry about how it happens. It just does.
: Since Yuumi is leaked, it would be good if Riot reveal her abilities today.
Just be patient. They have a schedule that has been organized, so let them run it. Just because something was leaked doesn't mean they need to have papers flying everywhere. It'll come. Enjoy what you know now.
Oxodia (EUW)
: New Characters
In the ToS they say that they ask you not to, but if you do then you lose all rights to the concepts, meaning they completely own what the concept is in any legal sense.
: Riot games is the source of all toxicity
Smurfing in of itself is toxic. Play where you belong (usually done based on MMR). Smurfing causes people with lesser skill, game knowledge, experience, blah blah to get extremely frustrated at people who just want to roll face. If you want to roll face, play AI. Let those at a lesser skill level fight and grind up the same way you did; By playing against people their level and learn fairly.
tommyIAO (NA)
: So proud of myself.
You go boo boo 😘
: Why Nexus Blitz was killed unfairly by Riot (And why it should be brought back for another test)
Here's why I didn't play the second iteration of Nexus Blitz: 1) I LOVED how chaotic and reactionary the first one was. It was constant unpredictable action and on the fly adjustments with no real map forgiveness. The second one had a lot more strategy, ramp up time, positioning, and all the other things I played Summoners Rift for. 2) Game modes came out of no where. I simply told you that one was coming, but you had no clue as to what it could be. Now with prep time it became very stale because everyone positioned properly before and now it's like a baron fight instead of a frantic flailing of limbs just trying to keep their legs under themselves. 3) it simply wasn't balanced for all champion play styles, which meant you had to adapt a champions kit to fit, which created some pretty creative, crafty plays and players! Champs that have to ramp up in SR play a more assassin-y game until they are "on fire". All of a sudden they can play like usual, except are extremely powerful 7 minutes in instead of 25 minutes in. 4) Probably more but this is long enough.
Zullar (NA)
: Toxic Players: Ban More People
I think blizzard has a decent setup where you can "avoid as teammate" with two players and in HoTS frequent afkers and ragers get placed in low priority queues, which places them with OTHER ragers and afkers. Gives them a taste of their medicine and encourages cleaning up their actions so they can join the rest of the community
Kei143 (NA)
: Oh? What do they change "gg ez" into and why do you do it? Cos it's hilarious?
*AHEM* "Wishing you all the best." "Well played, I salute you all." "For glory and honor! Huzzah comrades!" "It was an honor to play with you all. Thank you." "Great game, everyone! "I feel very, very small... someone please hold me..." "I'm wrestling with some insecurity issues in my life but thank you all for playing with me." "Good game! Best of luck to you all!" "C'mon, Mom! One more game before you tuck me in. Oops mistell." "Gee whiz! That was fun. Good playing." "Ah shucks... you guys are the best!" "I'm trying to be a nicer person. It's hard, but I am trying, guys." "Mommy says people my age shouldn't suck their thumbs." "I could really use a hug right now."
: 14 Day Suspension for doing a Cats Vs Dogs mission
Yeah, this is kinda lame. It seems a lot of people are not agreeing with the OP, so here's the logic behind the OP poster: 1) The mission previous directly stated an AI game, so the correlation of the mission NOT specifically stating AI on the next mission can lead to the thought of "I guess this one is against people". 2) Riot is incentivizing this team composition, which, if we are being real here, is not a sustainable team composition. It puts the premade at a severe disadvantage unless some serious thought is put into how to make it a reliable team composition. 3) Who would look at this whole "Cats VS Dogs" event, which has silly skins, silly trailers and silly missions with silly titles.... To take this one seriously? The human mind doesn't make the transition easily when you are doing a silly mission against AI with a group of friends in a virtual setting to instantly recognize the nuance of "Well these virtual characters are controlled by people now, so we have to put our game faces on for this normal, aka not ranked, game". 4) Say a real strategy is found, implemented, and after 58 minutes of patient push and pull and picking their mistakes while playing a perfect game... YOU WON! Well there is still a chance that you will get reported because it was a "troll team comp" and "frustrated the enemies". What now? Riot is promoting it, you played seriously and meticulously, but now that Riot set you up to break the Summoners Code you get punished for it instead of Riot realizing the mistake they made and simply change how the missions displays? That. Sucks. Keep in mind my previous statement that the environment of a full group of friends that just played a silly game against AI (I personally went assassin Ornn) should recognize the subtle difference between "matchmade" and the mission previously stating specifically AI game.
nelogis (EUW)
: Why Is The Rune-System So Focused On The Offensive Side?
The game has become shorter over the seasons. You used to need to budget at least an hour before starting a game; Now you can be pretty safe budgeting for 30-35 minutes. Since LoL has become a world esport there are more viewers who are not trained for long spectating and admiring macro play. The spectator just wants to see cool, flashy, explosive play or else their attention is lost. That, I think, is the main reason. Aggressive, micro games are more exciting for the average spectator.
: The greed of this company is reaching unexpected levels.
You can believe it's stupid and a waste of money and (insert more derogatory beliefs) but in the end they are a company providing a free game with purchasable gimmicks that don't enhance gameplay. I'll admit, I was frustrated and thought that this prestige skin stuff is just the dumbest crap in the world but it comes down to this.... I don't have to pay for it! I can just keep playing my free game with friends and enjoy the Bliss in knowing there are others willing to pay for my college tushy's game. Also, this is also how a free market works. They are going to push their luck in having the devoted paying players cough out more money until the demand is not equal to the supply (which in this case is players willing to buy it/labor costs).
: Can we get a more severe punishment for those dodging ARAM lobby?
I believe it is a 15 Dodge penalty on your first Dodge, which is pretty substantial. The second Dodge is 30 minutes? So it's a huge punishment. Now I'm not standing up for the people that complain about a randomly selected champ they got and decided to ditch because there are three systems that have been implemented to make it less random. The concept of ARAM is pretty clear by the name, so if you can't handle some goofy, non-main picks and team comps then you are in the wrong game mode.
: You do not play as support so please do not talk about something you do not know. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
No, that makes sense. Support kits are generally loaded with CC instead of damage. That allows for low income to be manageable with good outplay and decision making. When a support disconnects, they can still come into the game and be relevant because their kit is what makes them viable NOT their item scaling. A thresh hook still suppresses the enemy. An Alistar knock-up still takes someone out of the game. _But if Alistar doesn't have items to tank the enemy damage to get into range, then his CC is irrelevant._ Nope. His ult negates PERCENTAGE damage. I totally agree with supports getting lower income because their role is more outplay and set-up. That's why it's so fun! Don't have to worry about gold and instead get to focus on manipulating the map and enemy to your advantage for your team's benefit. Support main here in case you wanted to use the same argument.
: Udyr Champion Visual Rework This guy had the same idea but with an actual visual concept drawn out. I really love what he imagined :)
: Champion Concept: Etri, The Winds Howl
Wicked concept! Surprisingly good weaving of balancing in the abilities too; A movement speed boost so constant as that seems way too strong until you realize the passive hinders her ability to auto attack during the movement speed but still allows for effective maneuvering because there is no chance of auto attacking during that boost. Could also make for some really cool auto attack path because of it! That alone is seriously amazing. I wish the ult could hold a little more _oomph_ because she seems like a unique AA based adc with amazing and calculated abilities (jike Jhin), not a unique AA based adc that just gains the ability to AA like a normal adc for some time. I really love it though. Good job bud :)
: niceu. ult could use a bit of tweaking but other than that +1.
Tweak away. What did you have in mind?
: i'll be honest his kit seems really really really boring
It's a simple one but the combo's are pretty rewarding. It's a {{champion:412}} -like kit where the abilities themselves are pretty straight forward but there are so many variations that can fit a lot of situations.
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Stacona (NA)
: Epho, the Time Witch
Some pretty cool mechanics with this kit. I've always wanted to see how others would interpret effecting cast times or ability speeds. I usually don't care for numbers since they are hard to test without actually testing them but the E literally heals 800 hp every second at rank one. Did you mean every second or something? That's the only concern I have. I love the experimental part of the rest of her :D
: I made a thing for a character that I made. Best enjoyed with headphones.
cuuliu (EUW)
: Farid the Mistwalker
Take this with a grain of salt.... What a dick champion! XD Like he has a built in blind, damage reduction, potential invis when you miss an auto, and can't cast your ult? Not a heavy, angry, upset comment. Just like, could you imagine playing against this guy?! He pokes you from the dark and then giggles as you can't do anything XD XD XD I do really enjoy the concept though. It put a smile on my face because these are pretty cool ways of implementing the mechanics, but..... *sigh* boy would that just be so frustrating! Keep going with them bud; I like the way you think and believe it can lead to some really cool concepts :)
: Nostalgia Game Mode Concept
perma-invis eve with six sunfires...... Bring it back
: Riot , Runaterra's Calamity
**PASSIVE** Doesn't really make sense to have a critical strike on an AP built champion. **Q** Like the concept of a moving taunt based on the enemies body that affects others around them instead of themselves. Really cool, interesting mechanic manipulation. Like seriously cool. I'm assuming the "Riot" CC debuff is the AOE taunt and not the root. I'm a little confused on if the root duration is increased or if the "Riot" taunt cc is increased. If it is the root, then I would suggest swapping the "Riot" debuff (which is just a weird taunt interaction due to melee's having to be stunned until in range) to be extended instead of the root. That way the enemy isn't nearly as frustrated but you get to have the cool manipulation ability be more effective late game, which is MAJOR CC. I like it. **W** {{item:3075}} {{item:1001}} . That's the ability XD Seriously though, I'm pretty ok with this ability interaction too. **E** Pretty sweet interactions with your other abilities! Little concerned about a control mage having such a huuuuge jump because 1000 units is (i think bigger than Elise's rappel? You can fact check me, but 1000 units is huge. So a CC ability with potential mobility should be considered very heavily. Also, since he already has a defensive style W, I'd consider not giving him a mobility spell as well since the defensive ability already contains MS boost. **R** Can the enemy leave the area? Can both people be attacked from external sources? Just a good thing to clarify since both champions have no external vision and the enemies death HEAVILY influences the outcome of the ultimate. I am not too sure how I feel about having an ult that can sabotage Riot with a pretty minor reward. If he successfully kills the enemy he gets an..... extended thornmail? With crit strikes every 3 seconds on an ap caster? That is extremely lack luster for the alternative of being completely disabled for 2.25 seconds on an ap caster. **OVERALL KIT** Dude, you just always have the jankiest scalings! A max % hp scaling AND max mana pool scaling for an ap caster? Why have both, but more importantly, why have max % scaling on there as well? Based on the mana costs you have that magic shield is already going to be pretty substantial. Also, his abilities don't really benefit from mana scaling because they don't gain damage, CD reduction, or have a toggle ability. Also, Riots ult doesn't even cost mana! **LORE** BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!! What a freaking LEGEND! That is such an un-orthodox concept of having a rioter join the league. That could just be the most fun lore to write because he could be a lore nerd going in or not give a crap about it and know nothing about his surroundings; Anything goes at that point. I guess his lore would be about.... his real life to explain why he wanted to be a silent dictator in the world of Runeterra? I dunno. Hope this was helpful and enjoyable in some fashion.
mckaøs (NA)
: Give me an Abathur clone from HoTS. A Champion that sits in base all game and does work from afar
It works in HoTS because there is no true "Jungler". There are optimal mercenary takers but they can also afford to lane properly and just find other ways to be a bother. The only conceivable manner I think an Abathur like champion would work in league is if he was a jungler, so maybe a jungler who doesn't actually gank in person but maybe through _insert ground breaking mechanics._
Sukishoo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=C0NCH0BAR,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9WIIVakR,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-03-06T04:02:14.691+0000) > > Star Gaurdian Line - {{champion:117}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:99{{champion:134}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:21}} and {{champion:81}} . Ezreal was added in the second's edition. You make the original Star Guardian sad for missing her {{champion:99}} as well as{{champion:222}} {{champion:134}} XD
> [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9WIIVakR,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2019-03-06T04:42:35.484+0000) > > You make the original Star Guardian sad for missing her {{champion:99}} as well as{{champion:222}} {{champion:134}} XD AH! I'm a nub, sorry. You are right
: Ghorban , the " Martael " Merchant ( Champ concept )
Let's dive in: **PASSIVE** Little strange to have an item oriented passive on a casting support but can definitely see the advantages. It allows for a not-so gold income heavy role not be punished for building improperly based on changing circumstances. That would be a real nice feeling. Maybe amp up the CD up to 270 seconds (4 1/2 minutes) because that is a pretty strong ability to be able to quickly switch potentially two whole items in one recall. Perhaps make his passive apply a reduced cost to FULL items instead of ALL items so that he doesn't get that much of a lead on the enemy support. That way it will still feel good to finish the item at a reduced cost but he won't be a 2 full items before the enemy has one without feeding them assists this way and that. **Q** Interesting concept of having someone be damaged AFTER the effect of the spell. That leaves room for some weird plays like clutch heals or {{champion:223}} noms. Because of this, however, I would give it a scaling knock-up duration but also increase the CD early. CC is super strong throughout the entire game, especially when everyone is very exploitable in the early game due to relatively low resistances and hp pools. Cool idea; would love to see how it would work in game! **W** Yet another cool concept! A heal that is best in times of clutch moments. Now if it was going to be a real "I better not hit that enemy" ability, then I would give it a 75%-90% effect of heal based on original heal instead of 50%. The reasoning is that you have it scaling off of BONUS AP, which does not include the original AP already supplied to him. It also has relatively low numbers, including scaling. I understand that he isn't meant to be a primary healer but having an ability that is pretty underwhelming always feels bad to play with as the player themselves and the teammates around him. **E** I can't decide how I feel about this. It's a very "sentry" feeling ability that makes potentially anyone on your team immobile and thus pretty un-responsive to what is going on around them. Sure, they can cast abilities..... But just sitting there can reeeaaaalllly screw them over. Viktor just puts his gravity field under them close to the ability ending. Soraka places her silence down close to the end. Ziggs' minefield. The list goes on. That'd feel pretty bad to play with and really abusable to play against. I get that you want a trade-off for the damage reduction and CC immunity, which is a good thing to be aware of but the health consumption and maybe a self-slowing effect could do the trick. Also, the %'s should be lower because that is a decent amount of hp just gone without the consent of an ally XD **R** Whew. That is one LOOONG description. Seems like a kindred ult that is shop-oriented. Now here is the deal; Why on Runeterra's green oblong sphere would a support with an already gold reduced shop get 90% OF ALLY PURCHASES?!?!?!?! That is INSAAANE income! It's a cute idea but would have to have multiple versions sketched up and debated over. For the potions, I really like that idea of bringing a unique set of consumables to your allies. Feels very right with his personality and support style. **OVERALL KIT** Mana costs are ridiculously high. This may be intentional to either force him into a mana hungry build or try and be a balancing factor but it would hit extremely hard. Mana hungry abilities need to either scale with mana or have lasting effects. Like Your W! Maybe if it procc'ed again, then it could consume 20 mana (or something). That way the after-effects still have a cost but only if utilized, thus not punishing you for something that really isn't within your control. **LORE** Little confused that there is a city in the sky that is exclusively held by merchants. Maybe you could shift it to a Yordle merchant since Runeterra already has a place far away from the rest of the World that is whimsical and full of life. I like how silly it feels in that there are memberships with tiers and you can prestige and become "One of the best merchants". Like, what a fun group to pick such a potentially pretentious system! It could lead to a lot of funny dialogue, culture structure, and style.
: Cats vs Dogs skins event only for male champions??? Seriously?
Star Gaurdian Line - {{champion:117}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:99{{champion:134}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:21}} and {{champion:81}} . Ezreal was added in the second's edition. Looking through the other skin lines it looks like a mix or at least one of the other gender is involved with no isolated gender as extreme as this one. It's OK if there are male and female separations. It's OK. Please don't taint something as adorable as Corki riding a corgi or Rengar and Yorick dressed up as a soft, cuddly kitty. I am sure that there will be another female skin released soon. Probably for a champion you won't play, but the representation will be there.
: Warwick needs QoL changes
I feel like Warwick is actually not fun to play against. A champ that can follow your trail with increased speed without vision when you are in a prime position to NOT fight that then can latch to you, even if you blink and also has an ult that suppresses and heals him the entire time. I think he is one of those early game feast or famine characters, which is fine. That's the same with Rengar, Lee Sin, Pantheon, etc. Now this is coming from a support main, so I might just focus on his ability to stick to my teammates instead of the actual numbers, sooooooo this might be totally off. Hope this clarification from the other side helped?
Reiizm (NA)
: Lore facts that sound like bullshit but are actually 100% true
{{champion:555}} Failed being Jonah and died in a fish's belly, but the fish's magic said "Nah" and brought him back to life.
: Amazing analysis :D and you made me realize that maybe i made this champ too spoiled for its own good , both forms have no existent counterplay at all at the hands of a decent player , its more like.. just choosing a 2 methods to completely rob the enemy team of LP in ranked xD so that said , R.I.P Trickle i will always remember you as my first champ concept . and many many thanks C0NCHOBAR your analysis is a blessing and you even respond fast hahaha . {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
No prob bud. I really admire the effort you put into it. It's also hard to make balanced concepts when they can't be tested at all. There is also the problem of thinking "What is a unique way I can make this mechanic?" and "What can this kit lack in?" and then putting it in instead of keeping to a strict design or play style. Glad you are continuing with your concepts! Don't give it up and you'll make some lovable, stunning champions.
: Trickle the elusive omen ( Complete lore abilities original pianoPiece and short story included )
Alrighty. This is quite the concept. The kit is very..... well it seems like it would take forever for anything to get done. Every ability is very long and has elongating mechanics. Let's break this down: **Q** The cooldown measurements are pretty janky and also way too low to be a harassment tool AND a heal that scales off of damage. That allows for Trickle to build like a mage for damage but scale into healing better than most other healers since it potentially heals up to 3 champions. How Q interacts with her ult is fine, but doubling a primary abilities range from 950 to 1900 is PREEEETTY insane, especially with the cooldown it has. **W** This gave me a sudden tank vibe instead of a healing damage dealer. Passive resistances that do not correlate with her already natural scaling resistances is really strong on a tank and tanks don't (or aren't supposed to -_-) do damage, so imagine this on a damage focused champion. I understand the trade-off of using the ability removes these resistances, but that just means it makes a very strong anti-poke/laning phase tool and an all-in/escape tool. Then there is the CD. 16 seconds on rank 1 is wack. I think yasuo's wind wall is close to the mid 20's, which is a directional skill that can be worked around. Galio's damage reduction ability goes from 20-40% (excluding scaling) PHYSICAL damage reduction with a 16-12 cd on a tankier character meant to be in the center of the fight. You see where I'm getting at with this? **E** Pretty ok with it. I'm assuming the cast time windows are pretty small because that provides a decent amount of mobility that leads to a big chunk of damage and constant CC. **R** Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Harvest form is pretty busted. Blessing form seems out of place. **Overall Kit** This whole kit seems to not really an identity. It's a bunch of abilities that don't harmonize into a coherent play style. An harassing ability that scales well into healing with damage output, extreme defenses that might be punishable, but more likely than not will just be frustrating to play against, a mobility ability that leads to a heavy tank burst and CC, and an adaptable ult that allows for EXTREME damage boosts and survivability or exponentially boosted healing and tankiness. I never really understood where Trickle is supposed to be played. She seems to a master in all the lanes; A mega flex pick that isn't very punishable. She seems to be a tank enchanter on steroids. **Lore** Enjoyed it thoroughly. A god-like creature that is graceful but holds the tender frame of the world in its ignorantly herculean palm. Anything could happen without explanation and it could be the will of Trickle; Falls into the realm of Bard mysticality.
: R doesn't strike you as absurd or unbalanced? There are 11 towers on both sides, so 22 in total, 11 x 40 = 440. She gets 500+(30% AP) on-hit damage, add in her obvious {{item:3115}} and she gets 515+(45% AP) on-hit damage, then you put a {{item:3124}} for 1,060+(90% AP) damage every other auto, not including her base damage, AND she exceeds the atk spd cap during this. Being rooted might seem like a counter balance, but she gains 900 range so she just sits in a bush and ambushes you with Hail of Blades or something(2,120 + 180% AP from the 3 autos). The damage numbers are literally insane, even with only 6 towers. #kogmaw2.0 Going AD doesn't help either, as 50% AD scaling on-hit damage is rather freaking strong.
As I stated before, I don't really care much for numbers, so I don't go too far out of my way to do the math and items. I just look at the concept, not the actual implementation of it all. With your explanation she would have to have numbers juggled around, but the concept is pretty awesome in the idea of taking structures enhances her gameplay, so she should focus on objectives early to become a late game monster. Maybe one way would be to have her ult be benefited if she was involved in the takedown of the structure, but it's still a cool idea that can spawn a new way of thinking.
: suuure brooo , just hammer away with the content tag me give me links :D aswell as your other champ posts ! i can take em >:) im a sucker for lore , champ and content , AND ALSO i make some unique Lore posts from time to time to make runeterra more vibrant that doesnt concern champ concepts , do you wanna analysis those aswell ? just for fun ? hahaha
Could we do this way? 1. I friend request you over League 2. We exchange emails 3. set up a google folder 4. I dump all the champs in there and we can share future concepts without the public's criticism If you're uncomfortable with that, then that is fine. I just didn't want to have to convert everything to league's formatting and snipping tool all the visuals to imgur. Also, dealing with anyone and everyone that has a problem with the concepts is not in my interests; I just like doing it as a hobby, not a real skill. Let me know what you think.
SSmotzer (NA)
: [Guest Concept] Anna, the Mist's Huntress
Just get this clear, Anna's Q loses it's prior effect upon leveling up, right? Otherwise, that is WAAAAY too strong, especially for a primary damage and basic ability. Also, for the level 3 rank, we would need a number for the slow percentage because that could be a brutal chain cc ability for simply one ability. Aaaaand 3 seconds of silence and disarm is wicked strong, so lower that duration and it should be ok. As for the rest of the kit and the concept, I adore it in a horrified way. Reading all of this, I could imagine my heart beating faster if I heard humming, a heartbeat, my vision lessen, being lunged at by a murderous bunny impersonator that carries me away to Demacia knows where.....!!! I seriously love it. There is some real good counter-play woven into her kit due to the strength of her abilities, so that is a great comfort and also pretty well implemented. For the ult, I would try and find another way to interact with the environment, like maybe Anna camoflauges for 1.25 seconds and allows her to blink to a certain distance AWAY from a champion, then 5 Anna's will appear evenly around the target and charge the target. the duplicated dissipate after 1 second. Just something that keeps the idea of causing someone to scream in terror, but having a more reliable source of interaction. I really love it. Wish I could play her.
: Champion Concept (1): Sha'Kor, Breaker of Worlds
I really like this. All of it. Lore is a wicked concept that is represented brilliantly in the kit. Without play testing I can't say I love her E just because there are so many numbers and variables flying everywhere with it, but strictly as a concept it is super intriguing. It's all pretty well thought out and pretty darn balanced. I never care much for numbers unless they strike me as absurd, so it seeeems fine to me. Her E does seem pretty punishing to use if not used properly, so maybe go a little lighter on the punishing aspects of it. I personally suck at jungle and ADC, but she would definitely peak my interest and give jungle a shot. Well done good sir {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: heheh my first champion analysis of one of your concepts , hmmm where to start . Kato eh ? , first of all i like his Lore its pretty unique.. one can usually tell or decipher one's motives or morals but kato is an anomaly , he's not like draven who just demands the people's admiration and cheers , or Darius that has immense Resolve to prolong noxus and be its weapon . One might say kato is crazy ? and just does whatever he wants may it be violent as long as it amuses him or tingles his twisted cravings or motives :D but yeah he's such a savage twisted trapper xD ( just made that up ) that saying i would love playing him if i was a support main , his chain CC potential is nasty ( immediately ulting someone after the dream catcher's duration ) and not to mention he can keep pelting you with autos while in the process , great job CONCH0BAR for creating a crazy boi support ^^ i like kato's vibe more than Pyke's .{{sticker:galio-happy}}
Oh my, I forgot this was here! Well thanks for the analysis. Glad you found it interesting because he was my first so it could use some polishing. The lore concept I fell in love with though. I actually made a rework of Pyke because I know a majority of the community strongly dislikes him and I understand why (even though I love him. He's my second main). I wanted to keep the concept of an aggressive support that shares gold, but made a kit (and lore that i drool over) that would seem more fair to play against, as well as be more interactive for both the player and the enemy. I have word doc's that have the visuals for my concepts if you want me to send you the documents..... somehow?
: Thank you so much for the quick response and a long hearty analysis + critique :D I will try to keep the lore out from the abilities next time :D ( it’s just so tempting in my part to add those though heheh ) and I will make another champ concept again of this scale next time when inspiration strikes and I will believe and hope you’ll be around that time and make an analysis again ! :) thanks 🙏 if you want me to analyze stuff from you or a friend aswell don’t hesitate to tag and ask me ^^ have a nice day , and also thank you for taking the time to read the lore :D I lovingly made it as it reminds me of another JRPG I love Back when I was a child
No sweat at all. I love seeing what others think up and how they think the world of Runeterra can be fleshed out and brought to life, as well as adding to the game in an impacting, positive way. I totally understand getting carried away with lore, which is why I gave that tidbit of advice since I used to do it XD. I have a whole list of champs if you really wanna give them a look with a couple in the works. Tell me how you'd like to read them and seriously keep me in the loop on your new developments. I wish I could do this full time! Take it easy bud and good luck with your concepts {{champion:201}}
: " Myreu , The Last of the Brood "
I'd agree with everyone here to tweak the ult due to it's complexity. I'm assuming you are going for a pretty beefy tank with two basic abilities that heal with one being enhanced for his full ult duration and having a damage reduction mechanic. Having that strong of a tank feel makes me concerned about two of his abilities scaling based on the enemies maximum hp and missing hp. Even though his primary damage ability has low scaling, those damage percentages are pretty crazy. If Myreu hit an enemy tank that had 3000 hp with his W late game, then he would do 500 magic damage, which is a pretty big chunk of damage concerning Myreu is focused as a tank. That doesn't even consider the damage reduction after the fact. I like the concept of a top laner that is mythical in evolution and the abilities support that pretty well. Also, just to make it easier for us, please keep the lore bits out of your ability descriptions for clarity. If you wanted to italicize the lore parts so we know what is lore and what is actually impacting the game, then that'd be fine too. Keep going with it! A bilgewater dragon sounds super BA and I would looove to see it in game {{champion:201}}
: hi will you analyze my champ concept aswell and let me know what your thoughts about him ? or if you would be the type to want to use him in the rift ? :D thanks brooo
Sure thing. What did you think of yyellowwish's concept for Yaga??
: My Best Quinn Rework Concept: Quinn and Valor, The Heralds of Justice.
As others have told you, this kit is super complex with no counter play whatsoever. She has an answer to everything: Potential massive damage on one ability that is easier to land the more times you do, a blind, stun, team negation TO cc, self negation to slows, massive movement speed regularly available (unless Valor dies, which wouldn't be hard to avoid), constantly able to HAVE a champion involved in the game and be an impacting influence with Valor taking Quinn's position upon death,and encouraged escape or engage with no negative consequence that would follow either action. What I suggest is finding what the core game play you want from Quinn and Valor, recognizing some strengths and weaknesses to that play style, and working from there. It could be fun to play this version, but it would be a NIGHTMARE for the enemy. There is simply no solution on how to counter play against Quinn with this kit. I'm glad you are excited to give it another shot because it can take quite a few tries and revisions before the champ really comes together, but when they do you never would have wanted it any other way. GL bud {{champion:201}}
: New Champion Idea -- Yaga, The Sewer Stalker. [New AP Bruiser]
I imagine her as a jg/top. Seems a little stagnent _(heh)_ in skill expression, but that isn't always a bad thing. Would her ult cd be long if no kill is had? Cause that would be a little weird to manage, but if it is a low cd then it wouldn't really be more than an extension to her passive instead of a power spike.
Reksee (NA)
: Elebreene- The Unstable Vessel
Perhaps instead of taking damage immediately from her passive, make it after 20 seconds or so. Otherwise, she would get punished for roaming and recalling, which takes away a biiig part of the early game. Then in late game team fights she would be passively dying, so the enemy wouldn't have to do anything besides wait her out, gaining a 4v5. When she does land abilities, they have such massive cd's that it's still possible to just poke and wait. The amount of bonus movement speed on her kit seems pretty random and against the idea of a long range nuker. Their weakness should be having someone in their face or actually escaping their range, so having such a fluent mechanic such as MS boost would be frustrating. Think of late game Jhin passive constantly allowing him to edge away from enemies while blasting them away - not fun at all. For the good! I enjoy that she gains an empowered ability every now and then because that can allow for stronger, varied gameplay which makes every situation unique and really tests that Elebreene's ability. Besides Xerath, I can't think of any obvious champions designed specifically for long range AP nuking, so having another option would be pretty sweet. Keep going with designing; It's always a fun muscle to work and the reward is always worth it {{champion:201}}
: If you guys are in college or planning to go to college, what major are you pursing and why?
Computer Science because the future is more technological than the present, so coding and understanding computer will be more important than ever. Means safe job field and good pay, along with being around computers all day
Mituss (NA)
: Returning to the game after 2-3 years, Started back in season 2. game worth returning to?
It's in a very swingy state of any mistake potentially being the game changer at all points in the game. There are also a whole new lost of unique mechanics that are hard to outplay, so if you want to get back into it, then be sure to study up or else you will get real frustrated real quick.
: League literally partnered with Marvel to make these comics, lol
True, but for the experience in this field. If this is really how league characters come to be then whatever, but based off all the short stories and other lore items Riot produced it does NOT feel as if that is how characters came to be.
: Well.... technically... those ARE Marvel comics, just saying.
> [{quoted}](name=Ebonmaw Dragon,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=XFfcUXuL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-22T00:34:36.119+0000) > > Well.... technically... those ARE Marvel comics, just saying. I understand that, but it's not the Marvel Universe, so it shouldn't be portrayed as part of it. They partnered with Marvel to have their experience, not their universe.
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