: Well if your honor is up, good for you! That story sounds pretty inconsistent with what typically happens with being toxic, as it should impede your honor progress.
It totally should impede my progress, it has in the past, i lost my main account due to finally snapping on people. That's why I find it so strange, maybe its a coincidence or some shit, I dunno, but I found it funny enough to post on here... and I don't do that too often haha
Voldymort (EUNE)
: you need to keep in mind that high honor is not a punishment shield. if you get reported you'll get punished, be it honor 5 or 0
Oh, i'm not worried about punishment or avoiding it, I just thought the situation was kinda strange and funny.
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Newhook (NA)
: A public apology to Riot Games
You act like Riot owes you something... I'm sure Riot REALLY appreciates your humility.
: it has to do with the ranked split up they did forcing people to play 5 different roles. Autofills were happening all over and people were off rolling and causing system abuse and trolling on purpose in games they were filled in. I had an account that was very mmr sensitive and it took a lot of effort to get it to gold mmr after suffering a lot of losses from bad people last season. Ended pre season at gold 2 and it was probably around a gold 4 mmr. The new season started off okay but once i ran into the constant games with people losing on purpose i just dropped fast, im like 20 games in wins under my losses now and the account is basically dead. Its losing like 25 lp and gaining like 12 and its sitting at gold 4 so it probably has like silver 4 mmr. Even though i play like a plat player. Their new system basically killed my account, sad to lose an old account that had so many skins on it i liked. So i just started a new one and im leveling it up :/. But yeah the new system allowed for a lot of bad players and trolls to force games to lose early. They also never reset mmr and the games were wildly off, like my enemy bot lane would be a duo and both gold 2, probably smurfs, and my bot lane is silver 1/2 players... Idk... It's riot games, I expect dog shit from them now i guess, they stopped running the game right after season 5 with the release of dynamic queue in season 6... but then again, no company ever runs their game right forever, eventually they all slip up and make some kind of mistakes.
Similar situation with me. Went from G3 mmr to literally losing 18/20, followed by a still shitty win rate for the next week or so, it didnt matter if i hard carried or just played for fun, at least 2 lanes would feed 0/8+ and it was game. I mean, I was 52% win rate in my old account last season after 300 ish games and then just dropped. I'll take my hits when I mess up, I've lost games for my team, sure. But I have noticed a huge increase in people trolling, afking, and purposely throwing games. I had 3 afk's in a row, including a promo game. I stopped playing for nearly a month, uninstalled and have just recently started playing again. Now i'm noticing a positive change in the tides, the games feel more fair... but like you I'm stuck gaining 12 lp on a win and losing ~25lp on a loss... In fucking S4, I know I'm not a great player, but something was definitely up, and I feel like Im now stuck in elo hell.
: I left LOL, completely, mid game exited and uninstalled. I muted the guy that was harassing me, he then landed me with a barrage of pings. He was the first person I ever muted, and obviously the last. Edit: I had 0/0/0 when I left, it's just I found all the negative energy was contagious so to speak. And making me more angry and hateful. It's funny losses don't bother me at all, but all the hate I can do without. It's a shame, because I really like the game play but I don't think I'll find a replacement.
I did the same thing. I wouldn't mind if the rules were applied evenly to everyone, but I'm done dealing with toxic feeders and trolls.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fbadr,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=wA1Xgz0R,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-05T22:49:28.586+0000) > > If you have 2 afk's over 2500 games then consider yourself a lucky league player. You must not play in ranked, because you meet those assholes every fifth game. I think you misunderstood my post. I have two leaves on my account in 2500 games played.. That means as long as this game has been going I've probably left twice and it was uncontrollable leaves (power outage/internet died). Also in the same post I stated "three 4v5s in an hour" and "2 or 3 yesterday as well". Simple maths my friend :) The point in my comparison is why am I being grouped with players who probably leave every other game.... when I have virtually no leaves.
: The game is at a point where trolling is more fun than playing the game itself.
that's how it seems, i might start doing the same. Saves getting penalties.
: Morgana and Kayle's 975 RP Skins are not up to standard.
Well no shit, they're directed towards kids who have no financial sense. Riot could ship out a package of shit and call it "brown jax" and idiots would jump on it.
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GreenSlot (EUNE)
: Can i return from honor 0 to honor 2 or 3?
: Tell me how you cope with non stop 4v5s?
If you have 2 afk's over 2500 games then consider yourself a lucky league player. You must not play in ranked, because you meet those assholes every fifth game.
5050BS (NA)
: Riot only banns if you call out trash in your game.
Exactly, throw as much as you want and waste everyones' time, just make sure you don't swear or defend yourself haha
: > [{quoted}](name=Fbadr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8YVr7YyR,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-03-03T00:57:02.855+0000) > > Maybe there's a new Riven skin coming... Let me guess Dog Riven skin, since the cat vs dog event
And the splash art will be another 3/4 view, action shot focusing on her boobs and warface, just like every other female champs' splash art haha
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Someone posted a match history of themself inting on the boards and wasn't perma'd lol.
Thank god they didn't say 'fuck' or flame anyone else playing, that REALLY would've ruined everyone's game...
: You know i don't care about this Yoirck nerfs but it show something funny about Riot logic
: Pointless as humans will never truely change their behavior over a video game. I've had over 10 accounts perma'd now. I've grown as a human progressing through a career thats now making well over 6 digits, purchased 2 homes and a few cars but still refuse to baby these people who play a video game online. If you make a mistake I'm going to point it out and if they want to thrown down the gauntlet of keyboard warrior I will not back down even an inch. Honestly you guys need to just make 2 different servers. One for the men and one for the kids who play the game cause its cute and not competitive.
: hasnt been hotfixed because firecracker vayne is still on sale, wait for the event to end. garuntee within 1-2 patches she'll be nerfed.
dnsup (NA)
: Your energy is being wasted on a game like LoL.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Discussing permanently banned accounts and the stigma surrounding their appeals
I've had 1 permaban and a couple chat restrictions, i'd say half of the time i actually earned the punishment given. I didn't throw out any ZT words, I literally told trolls off, used 'fuck' a few times and got perma'd for it. It is what it is. Looking back I should've just kept my mouth shut and let *literally* my whole team troll and throw the game. Which thinking about it now really is a lose-lose situation for me as in the end i'm the only one who got punished, either by wasting my time in a hopeless 20+ minute game enduring verbal abuse, or by finally telling them to fuck off and receiving a penalty. Fun. To be honest, I gave up caring about the whole system, i'd take it seriously if the rules were applied equally to everyone but it really doesn't seem to be the case. I can't say how many times I've reported people for dropping slurs directed towards me only to check their profile the next day and see that nothing changed and they've kept playing. I used to play League for fun, now it just feels like some weird addiction time waster, i get no fulfillment anymore as I've come to expect most games to be filled with assholes, and i'd say 75% of my games have at least 1 of them. I say do away with the whole stupid system, it doesn't stop jackasses in any way, especially when its so easy to buy or start a new account. Let people say what they want, censor ZT words in chat and just let it go. I honestly don't think this community could get any more toxic, so who cares, let em go wild. Its clear that this system doesn't stop people from talking shit or throwing games even after being punished, so to hell with it. Maybe everything I said is bullshit, but i couldn't care less anymore.
Hotarµ (NA)
: You don't always get the instant feedback message and sometimes it takes time to build cases against a person so the system can dole out a punishment. This usually isn't the case with hate speech though (racism, homophobia, etc.) so it might just be an error or you didn't get the message.
ok gotcha, good to know, thanks! And cool summoner icon haha :P
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jreezy (NA)
: Ranked in silver is the worst experience
I have been feeling the same way lately. I'm not saying i'm an amazing player, but I held my own and sometimes carry. Game after game I watch at least 2 other players feed +8 deaths and I just lose hope. It doesn't matter when I play mediocre, it doesn't matter when i carry 15/4. My win rate is embarrassing now after going strong forever, and I know it cant be reflective of my skill. I'm no high elo player, but I know I can play at gold/low plat level, I did all last season as Silver 1 with my friends who were golds. I guess just keep punching, try to play better, pray to LoL gods that you'll get placed with more competent players. I am still learning and hopefully improving, just gotta keep at it.
Seen (NA)
: This "I give up" 5 minutes into game meta needs to stop.
It happens, i went 3 games in a row where at least 1 lane fed +10 deaths. Riot is more worried about people saying "fuck off" to one another then they are about feeders, those who give up, and afk's who throw ranked matches. I know I've said "I'm done" a few times... It's usually when another lane is throwing heavy early on, like an 0/6 top at 10 minutes, or 3/12 adc. People jump on just to play like ass hats, its just the community i guess. its almost pushed me away from league.
iDarkWind (EUW)
: You gotta be joking. If you believe that Kha'Zix is even on the top of the worst, you never faced a Karthus that powerfarms and kills you by clicking on his ultimate.
: if you knew how to manage your money you wouldnt be raging about it being wasted in a comment section lmao
If you have enough cash to flippantly drop $150 on a skin (which is the dumbest thing i've heard in a very long time) then im sure the loss of $150 isnt that great, quit complaining. There'll be another $150 skin that you can buy. I can't believe i'm actually typing "$150 skin"... the stupidity is just blowing my mind.
: We do! Six each I think?
Oh man I can't wait, its gonna make being a mediocre Anivia one-trick that much better haha
RallerenP (EUW)
: "Riot should just make a list of banned words" and how not to be condescending.
I just ended up hiding the chat window all together. I don't have the patience to deal with trolls and loudmouths who like to talk shit, it's just my temperament; if someone is repeatedly insulting me telling me to 'kill myself' or calling me a 'r%%%%%' im going to tell them off, just like I would on the street (I've never used slurs or 'banned' words). Unfortunately those situations eventually resulted in my main being permabanned. I understand that some people can shake off all the bullshit, but my pride cant handle it haha. After that experience I just don't bother with the chat, I am usually with a group anyways so voice chat makes up for it. The inconsistency in the system just isn't worth dealing with in my opinion, whether you're guilty, innocent, defending yourself or kidding around you'll get the same punishment, no thanks. That being said, bring on Papercraft Anivia!
: Papercraft skins are awesome!
Awesome skins, especially Anivia. Really hope we get some chromas too.


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