: That was hilarious. you flamed your team, not using words grandma would find offensive does not change the intent or the fact you flamed your team. Semantics and random bitching about north korea wont change the fact that you got punished for flaming your team.
"random bitching " => just another proof that RIOT approving bullies and bans people for cash flow. Enjoy lol bully
Chermorg (NA)
: Riot takes a stance that considers discussing players/behavior in game to be considered negative attitude. I haven't fully decided if I 100% agree with it, but I definitely see where it comes from. The in game chat feature is for talking about game-pertinent information, not for behavior, not for anything about reports/mutes/etc. Talking about others' behavior and telling people they're wrong constantly ("stop trying to police behavior on a video game please", "if hes tilted then on by pings...", etc) is negative and detracts from the game environment for other players. Keep in mind Borrower said "Here are some examples". I can almost guarantee you this isn't all of them - Borrower has a habit of picking out pieces that show multiple behaviors (demeaning to specific people calling their actions/behavior petty, discussing behavior, telling people to stop doing things that you don't like, and being a general dick) instead of providing every single piece of negative chat that got you punished. Regardless of if you agree or not, your chat was negative. Those lines alone did not get you the punishment - it was those (likely multiple times over multiple games) as well as what appears to be a general, all around "I'm better than you" attitude. ---- I'll just point out in conclusion that you say "stop trying to police behavior on a video game please" as you're trying to police behavior on a video game. Kinda ironic, is it not?
When someone gives me advice on what to buy on my champ or some tip on how to play can I report person and make her/him get suspension on reason: ("I'm better than you" attitude.) ?? "Here are some examples" => why he does not provide example which are clearly not debatable? is it because there are none? that s why they need to suck out of finger the reasons to justify faulty system ?
Korios (EUNE)
: Ok
Personally would not recommend continue playing. I got similar issue I got suspension for saying "lol way to focus support". If you continue playing you will forget how RIOT treats their "customer" (which clearly they don't see us as customer but more like (insert any word you like)) and start spending money again and eventually get ban because during the game you were breathing too fast (and hey it is quite a negative attitude sign).
: Tell ya what give me the chat logs of your last lets say thirty games and i bet i can find you something that would get you your chat restrictions and bans.
I tell you what. You give me all chat logs for all the time you played and I find reasons to ban your account. Also give me the stats for your driving history and I will find the reason to take your license away. Or even better give me detailed report of everything you do and bet you will end up in some prison. I think I understood your logic.
: You can report for anything.
Thats exactly how this system works. I got suspension for 14 days because other players reported me for those 2 reasons but in reality they were mad that i did not group for baron. I asked to explain RIOT. They said i was Upset toward teammate and degrading towards teammates. I asked to explain again. Support used my chat log to show that "Lol way to focus support" is laughing at your teammate and "I am supporting more than anyone else" is like i meant that support is useless. Not a single offensive word was used nor I addressed any messaged towards anyone. RIOT has broken report system and their support sucks out of finger reasons to justify it. In a long run it will create tons of people feeling treated unfair and will promote bullyes (BTW I was verbally abused during that game multiple times but i ignored).
: Providing the evidence would give you a way to subvert their system, and force them to develop a new one. It's never going to happen. stop cheating, and for that matter, stop gaming, you don't deserve to play if you cheat honestly. Not to mention those that cheat will never be good at the game, what a waste of everyone's time, including yours.
Providing evidence is common thing when you are being accused of something (specially when you are innocent). RIOT is famous now for banning endlessly everyone so they can create more cash flow. "you don't deserve to play if you cheat honestly" => so you accusing him of cheating without evidence as well. Seems like you are working for RIOT or something (similar pattern of behavior). On top you are boarder line RUDE to other player without any evidence.
: Sure it does. One of two things happened. Either they misclicked from standard response a to standard response b or, more likely, don't really feel like wasting MORE time on you explaining that cheating is wrong. You know you cheated. I know you cheated. They know you cheated. Its boring and honestly, you got more than you deserved when they responded at all.
"wasting MORE time" => and that s exactly the attitude RIOT had towards all community. Not only they are unable to explain their actions after you spend money on their game, but it seems they are even unable to click on right AUTO response. PEOPLE when will you realize LOL is a SERVICE PROVIDE which treats you like (insert any word you want). when that happens you switch provider. There are tons of competitors more than welcome to treat you will respect (not saying allow you to be toxic and use cheats but have dignity to talk to you as if you are human being and not some faceless (insert any word) that they dont care about)
: I'm banned without a single curse to my teammate. Even got a tilt proof honor.
Forget about it dude. I got suspension for 14 days for saying "Lol way to focus support" and "I do more supporting than anyone else". Apparently according to RIOT first sentence was offensive because I laughed at my teammate and second was offensive because what I meant according to riot is that my support useless. I loved how RIOT employee took my words changed them to what ever he thinks will fit to justify their system and said that suspension is fair. Fyi I was reported by 4 teammates for not grouping with them for baron (it was a bad idea) and I had to tolerate tons of abuse from them. Yet none of them are suspended and I am. Way to promote bullying in a game. Riot's ban system is broken now. Can easily try this out. Play in group with friend and at the end report everyone from games and you will see way more frustrated people on this board. For RIOT it is a new way of making extra cash since all your purchases are not transferable from the account.
: The point though is that he was CURRENTLY on a chat restriction. If you're being negative while actually SERVING a chat restriction, you're going to get a harsher punishment very quickly. It's like getting detention for fighting at school and then getting into a fight IN detention. You really can't show riot any more clearly that the punishment you got isn't working.
Be negative and be offensive are two different things. I adore how being "upset" at your teammates for bashing you all game is suspension worth punishment now. Not a single word from that chat is offensive. Reasons riot gave are sucked out of finger for justifying broken system where your teammates can report you for no reason (did not do Baron with them) and you get ban. And the best part of all, you ask them for full chat log from other player but answer is always silence. It s clear fact to me now. Riot either created bad system and now tries to justify it or they are doing it intentionally for increasing cash flow from there game. Personal opinion, it s probably second. Anyway my recommendation never use chat because trust me right now you think you are reasonable person who won't be ban and next think you know word "thx" or "brb" are not allowed a d you have suspension
: TWO PREVIOUS CHAT RESTRICTIONS<-------- This is the reason you're banned, You've got a pattern of behavior and you keep doing it even after they punish you. Like it or not you're to blame for this, learn to not hit the enter key or hit mute all reform and we'll see you on the fields of justice.
Well I thought there is something wrong with riot system but now I perfectly see that all people with any sense of logic already left this community. You saying that i keep doing it, but yet you don't give an example what exactly was wrong. Apparently word " lol " is now restricted because it means laughing at other. And saying any sentence is restricted as well because riot just changed the meaning of that sentence and gives suspension. If riot truly wanted to remove all the toxic people out of game, just remove chat and leave pings, because all communication can be done like that easily. Instead chat is on, toxic players are keep doing there staff (not a single teammate was banned/suspended when I reported them for verbally abusing me. But hey they suspended me because i was "upset"=> not grouping with team for Baron aka death pool. Yet riot sucked out finger the reasons from my chat just because their auto ban system obviously does not work properly). I am glad riot figured out the way to make people spend money over and over through their ban system, watch them soon implementing "buy you account out of ban" system. A
Ulanopo (NA)
: You need to post the chat logs in their entirety before we can respond.
It is entrire chat log https://imgur.com/a/4Roig#zUCUUuK
Chermorg (NA)
: 1. No, it's like if the cop stops you, notices you had a $50 dollar ticket before, you paid it, but you were still speeding, so he gives you a higher ticket or arrests you instead of giving you another slap on the wrist. 2. There's a reason that you can type more yes. But you seem to be unable to keep your comments directly related to the game, and as such, I recommend you try to keep your comments short, sweet, and to the point. 3. You are free to mute people if they are verbally abusing you. You are not, however, free to verbally abuse them back.
About cop situation. If there was a speeding again, but the problem that there was no speeding and gives a ticket for regular driving. Seems like quite a corrupted system.
: Sounds like you thought you could get around high punishment priority by avoiding specific words. Riot is smarter than that.
Smarter in what? Taking words changing them the way they want and give suspension? Systems are created to clearly say when something wrong and something right. In Riot's case: "we feel like you were bad boy so lets punish you just because we want without any hard evidence" => every similar situation used to happen in USSR and now in NORTH Korea. I guess that s where community is heading.
: this is the shortest chat log I've seen in a while. if you don't mind me asking who was the enemy support?
My support was blitz, and enemy support was leona and adc was vayne. (Actually i am not 100% sure because game was while ago. I was not playing for some time)
Chermorg (NA)
: You spent the entire chat talking either about being tilted or being angry with your teammates for their actions. It looks to me that you were possibly even *on* a chat restriction - you typed very few messages so either you didn't type much or you were on chat restriction. You need to improve your behavior, not be so condescending, sarcastic, and passive aggressive, and only use chat for important game-related information such as the following: >enemy at baron >please come drag >need help bot etc. Most information can be conveyed in 5 words or less and without directing anything at a particular player.
1. I was on chat restriction, but what does it have to do with this? (Riot's has the same argument, which does not make sense to me. It s like cop stops you and says oh you had a ticket before you paid it but lets give you another one just because you had it before) 2. Most communication can be done in 5 words yes, but there is a reason we are allowed to type more than 5 words. Some people pref using more than 5 words. Never saw the rule of using "only 5 words" => P.s. it is actually a good idea, may be RIOT need to implement it and there will be less verbal harassment. 3. As for the rest. I wish you saw the full chat conversation, because during the game i was verbally abused minimum 15 times by 3 different teammates. Also they were blaming me for not playing the way they want me to. "passive aggressive" => interesting thing. If I wont communicate with team at all does it considered passive aggressive as well ? Kinda hard to clearly state what is passive aggressive because anything can be called that way. So it is not a rule neither.
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: When was your 25 game chat restriction
my 25 games was a while ago. I play pretty much only on weekends. So I did not know that I have a suspension for the whole week. Since I got my 25 games I barely talked during the games, usually just ignoring everyone. I can understand they would give me 14 days if I was really "aggressive" but in this case it was other way around. The whole team reported me only because they went to do baron and died while i was pushing lane.
: Screen shots are always a nice addition. If this really is all that was there I find it very confusing that you would be punished. You should put in a support ticket if you haven't already.
Yes, I will open a support ticket. I have attacked the screenshot.
: I think it might be legit I have a similar situation atm. Seems like its just the bots banning for reports. Ive seen pros be far worse than this and get nothing and nobody thinks of it but low elo report people they dont like instead of on deserving.
Thanks for trusting me without screenshot. I just attached it for the rest of the people. I will create a ticket and try to get suspension removed.
: I feel the same. Like he is omitting part of the logs or other games.
You can take a look at link. http://imgur.com/a/4Roig
Xyzx (NA)
: idk i doubt that, i mean ig post the screenshots and if im wrong than yea its a dumb ban and should be undone, but im sure theres more.
Here is the screenshot http://imgur.com/a/4Roig
Xyzx (NA)
: Post the entire chat logs, not just the parts that benefit you.
Lol, this is the entire log. I have not said anything else during the game
: I feel like there is more to this then the "logs" you posted. I might be wrong it is just a feeling.
There is nothing more. They gave me suspension just for this log that s it (can provide a screenshot if needed). The most amazing thing they don't even give you full log to show that other players were abusive.
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