: They don't tackle both. They tackle only blatantly obvious chat violations. Your adc even admits in chat that all you have to do is group 5 and push with baron? You have 3x in the next 15 min with 3 baron plays and they could do exactly that and win a match. But every time, despite admitting it is what you HAVE TO DO to win and that it is the CORRECT CALL, the run elsewhere by themselves and afk farm only to die and throw away your chance to end. If someone calls me an asshole, I can mute them. Yes it's toxic and it should be addressed, yet it is not MORE toxic than someone throwing the game 3x in a row doing the same thing... a thing they openly admitted is the wrong call and to which they admitted they know the correct call they should be doing instead. The second situation is equally toxic if not moreso, yet it is not punished at all. And you can't mute poor play either which arguably makes it far worse. And the worst still is playing under-the-radar toxicity AND combining that with poor play. Spam ping another player every time they make any little mistake. Talk about their itemization like they're some idiot. Talk about them like they're not contributing to the team at all despite them making a bigger contribution to help the team than anyone else. When they adapt to what you want, you go an change to do something else and screw them over, then make fun of them for it. And all the while, throw the game at every opportunity. But oh wait... that's just you having a bad game. And you never called them an idiot, so you surely weren't harassing them or being toxic in any way. Much like if I were to go to every one of your posts on league and write some fictitious accusations against you but avoid any truly foul language and do that for oh... a month straight... that wouldn't be toxic behavior on my part lol. It would be. Now imagine that I did do that and... you didn't have any power to deal with that kind of behavior, but just had to put up with person after person treating you like that. Do you think you might get mad? Do you think you might say something unkind to me? Yeah, you would. And therein lies the problem. In game... that kind of crap behavior gets excused because it's not blatantly toxic even though anyone in game would tell you that they know exactly what the other person is saying or implying. Plausible deniability or lack of detection in the first place gets it excused. It's not griefing... it's having a bad game. As though you can't tell the difference if you have half decent understanding of the game and actually watch the match. So if I auto an enemy and then farm minions as I run down the lane at their tower I'm just having a bad game as I die over and over... because I dealt damage before I died? Sure... just like how writing all sorts of bad stuff about you but never using a word that would get me punished is totally not toxic (that's sarcasm by the way). So if you'd do something about it on the boards because that behavior isn't ok... why is it excused in game? Oh, and we players don't have the luxury of removing players from the game unlike you guys with people writing stuff on the boards. That's why I told you to imagine me doing that to you on boards except you aren't allowed to do anything about it. Because Riot sure doesn't address it in game. Which leads to the whole... you'd get mad and say something eventually. And if you would do that... how can you fault someone else for doing that in game when facing essentially the same scenario? You can't. Yet that's exactly what Riot does. Do you think op here wants to be toxic? If he did, he wouldn't go to the boards to address that issue. He's going here because of the problem I described which isn't being addressed and needs to be addressed. He wants it fixed, others want it fixed. They're going because they know that if Riot actually addressed the elephant in the room... the REAL toxicity in league properly... then much of the remaining toxicity like that of op wouldn't exist to begin with. You don't pull off the leaves of a weed and expect it to die. You pull up the root. So if there's problematic behavior A that is causing problematic behavior B, you don't fix it by simply addressing problematic behavior B and ignoring or excusing A because behavior B hurt A's feelings. You address the source problem A and voila, you've now solved problem A AND B. But nah... that's to simple. Better to lie to people exhibiting problem B and tell them A is a myth and they're a bad person. Cuz obviously bad people try and solve the problem and give a shit about it when they have a problem (sarcasm). Op here is trying to solve the problem. Pull up the weed at it's root or else you can remove op here and another weed will just grow up from the roots and take it's place. Op here might be a weed, but he's more than likely a leaf. Put another way... you can treat a sick patient by easing the symptoms of their illness and still leave them sick and having to fight off the illness with their own immune system, or you can treat a patient by attacking the source of those symptoms and helping their immune system have an easier time making their body better. Right now, Riot only treats the symptoms of lol's toxicity illness. It leaves the source of it's toxicity untreated. And sadly, lol's innate immune system isn't up to the task of healing itself of toxicity. It needs Riot to step in and actually treat the source.
I absolutely agree with you and looks like some trolls are Downvoting us. This is the root of the problem: Toxicity under the radar. People quiet in chat but trolling in game, playing first time champs, playing champs meant for mid in the jungle, and so on. And then, because you want to win you get upset you can't then say anything or you will be reported, and the chat ban acts fast. League is banning people that actually care and will likely make others matches less miserable and then leaving the non-toxic stupid players keep doing their stuff.
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: League has lower prizes for winning because they give out full salaries to all pro players. DOTA 2 makes 5 people millionaires, LoL gives people livelihoods.
Still, many sports give out full salaries to players and being world champions is a big deal. What is a million bucks divided by all the members in a team including manager and everything? That's nothing. Don't get me wrong. All I am trying to do is to wake up the mind of those that are blind and been manipulated. League makes a lot of money in each ticket it sells, ads, and the game itself. The cash reward for the winner should be no less than a million bucks per team member. This is a billionaire company been cheap. Its all. That could even improve their sales because people would really see the chance of becoming rich by playing video games.
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