: How would you spread out the power? Her other two human spells are a trap and a heal, you can't spread that power out without turning her into a support. The only way to spread that power would be to completely change two of her abilities.
You're absolutely right. Spreading power into human form is pretty tough, considering that her other abilities are piss-poor utility. I suppose what could be done is removal of damage amplification on a marked target. Really, when you think about it, Nidalee's entire identity is based around mobility and damage, with little utility to compensate. I think with how League of Legends is nowadays, very few champions can be healthy when all their abilities are selfish in design and don't provide anything for a team outside of damage. So yeah, maybe the idea is to change one of her abilities in human form. It seems detrimental, cutting out the attack speed% + heal maybe a viable way to give her utility in other ways. Her clear could be compensated with some healing on monsters or some sort of innate sustain built in Cougar Form's passive. I think another way could be by removing damage amplification from her kit, while maybe giving her some sort cc to her q? I know it sounds crazy, but a light slow not only gives some minor utility, but also still retains some of Nidalee's ability to gank, since damage would be taken from cougar. That being said, her long range jump could be retained, since she wouldn't immediately burst the target. Although this could cause a problem similar to that of Frozen Mallet back in the day, so I'm this may not be the best way to go about it. So maybe taking away damage amplification and changing her human form e might be the way to go give her some ability to lane again. It could be a difficult undertaking to really get this to work, but I'm of the opinion that its not impossible. Maybe having human Q or Q1 slow on marked targets would be start. Giving her some way to wave clear could be a solution, but that negates a major weakness she has historically had when played in lane. It's hard to figure what kind of change to her e could be done that would not make the champion over tuned, but be beneficial overall and allow for her to lane. I can't think of anything at the moment, and of course I'm not game designer or on the balance team, but there are probably ways to solve frustration of playing against her and also simultaneously give her some tools in order to reintroduce Nidalee as an ap caster into a solo lane. (I don't think top lane Nidalee is healthy for the game when played as an ad bruiser, since, if I'm not mistaken, is/was reliant on base damages and ranged autos in order to get a lead. I don't think that's an intended way for Nidalee to be played, similar to that of Tank Ekko or AD Neeko) I'm just writing this as I think about it, so forgive me if this is a bit incoherent, but a radical change could have a consequence of a champion feeling super clunky to play and almost irritating, kind of akin to LeBlanc and Fizz during the mid-year mage updates. Either way, in order to get Nidalee right it would have to satisfy the current playerbase as well. Therefore: - Jungle Nidalee clear should not be impacted or not be impacted by much - Nidalee should still have a gap closer of sorts. As much as I dislike it, it needs to stay to some capacity, otherwise her ganking ability would be hurt immensely. Reducing the enhanced pounce range could be a way to redistribute power into other parts of her kit. Additionally, Nidalee's identity can't be as sharply focused on damage. Even assasins have some identity that goes a little bit beyond damage that is unique. I'm not saying Nidalee doesn't have unique qualities, but I think they're not utilized as fully as they could be. Although that's just my thoughts, peanut butter and what not.
: Nidalee Players Want Riot To Step Up And Fix The Mess Riot Created.
I hate Nidalee. I do. I hate Nidalee so much, she should get a revert. Yup. I would much rather deal with nuke spears that players can't hit than with random over 9000 pounce from half a screen a way. Fuck Nidalee. Declaw that cat. At least an amped up Nidalee spear can't put me to sleep and nuke me with true damage. Granted, not a full revert. Shifting around power sounds good. Gotta spread that peanut butter, y'know? Can't just have it concentrated in one spot on the bread, otherwise that's just weird, y'know? So long as Nidalee isn't long-range jumping on me and 1-shotting me with an auto-attack or inting into the enemy team, despite having a massive lead. Really, Nidalee is more like a more complicated Nocturne, and at least Nocturne has a spellshield and the option to build at least somewhat bulky with bruiser items. So yeah, declaw the cat, spread the peanut butter, man.


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