: > [{quoted}](name=CIapper,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pbNJdyg4,comment-id=0002000000000002,timestamp=2019-06-08T00:12:13.583+0000) > > Can you rec me a good windows laptop, below 1500? Not too heavy and no 2 lb power brick would be nice. I make music on the side so gotta be conveniently portable. > > Maybe ill try going back to windows when i start to make real money https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/xps-15-laptop/spd/xps-15-9570-laptop/DYCWB1651H Similar size, almost the same components except quadruple the storage and a faster processor for $300 less than the $1299 mac model :/ I mean that was with 0 shopping around, that was legit in the first 4 options of laptops. If I spent even 10m I'm sure I could get similar specs for cheaper than the current $999 that machine is but I can't be bothered when within 5 seconds I found a better performing system for $300 off. To get the machine I linked to cost as much as the entry level mac you need to select the configuration at $1300 that still has double the storage, a cpu that shits on the macs, an actual nvidia TI graphics with video memory, etc. Like it wins in every single performance based category lol. The mac is for style and looks, it's ok but get out of denial my guy. To get a model of Mac that spec for spec beats the $1300 configuration you need to buy the $2399 model.... are we really going to pretend there isn't a clear difference? Thats a 1k difference, it only gets worse as you look at better specs.
cool, thanks for the rec, ill try that one out when i get a chance!
FkValeRly (EUW)
: of course its a silver player telling me to git gud lmao
cant do shit as an adc when the whole team goes 0.8 kda :)
: Mac OS is a nightmare for developers to work with compared to windows. It's a shit show. They've targeted certain coding languages like Java over the years and made integrating them a pain the ass. I mean that's all apple products. They make integrating third party everything a shit show so you are forced into doing every in apple's turf. To a larger extent, everything that isn't in mac's native coding just runs like shit in comparison. > [{quoted}](name=kda akali,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pbNJdyg4,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-06T12:05:49.996+0000) > > Mac was made for people who need the organization and on-the-go utilities that simplicity provides. They have more advanced cyber security and more customization built in with MacOS. It really isn't an inferior product. If you want to play games you can buy a gaming laptop. Macbooks and Macs were made for work rather than games. You don't need to judge others purchases especially when they're something you can't afford. More customization? Apple is known for ripping out third party support/plugins and internal modification interfaces in favor of pretty buttons and UI. If your talking about customization as in making pretty look prettier than maybe? but as far as _actual _customization of how your machine operates to the 0's and 1's of the machine, mac doesn't compare. All apple does is dumb down everything and make it look pretty and trendy. They are nothing but marketing geniuses and have built brand recognition that sells itself. They can sell their macs as the ultimate work laptop to primarily around college age demographics because of this marketing. I go on a college campus and everyone has macs, literally everywhere. I go in the real world and macs all but disappear very fast except in select locations with the same marketing demographic as apple. LOOKING AT YOU FUCKING STARBUCKS!!! You pay for macs for the brand and the GUI. It's the EXACT same thing as buying an alienware. Buying a rolex. Buying Jordan's. You eat their marketing telling you it's x y and z meanwhile all it really is happens to be style, design and prettiness. The fact that apple can get away with the specs on their new macs for that price is absolutely disgusting. Hell even on their ad for their newest macbook: "Play a graphics-intensive game like Fortnite and enjoy responsive performance and vivid detail."........................y....yo.....your joking right? Fortnite's graphics are specifically stylizied to run on toasters. My 8 year old dell inspiron which could only run league of legends on low has fortnite. You are NOT going to tell me your machine can support graphically intensive games and then list fortnite as you example! Just another example of apple's marketing taking advantage of trends and people who don't know better.
Can you rec me a good windows laptop, below 1500? Not too heavy and no 2 lb power brick would be nice. I make music on the side so gotta be conveniently portable. Maybe ill try going back to windows when i start to make real money
: Jesus, you nerds are arguing Windows Vs Mac in a League of Legends post? Why can’t people accept the fact that both systems have their pros and cons? Why do people like you have to make it mutually exclusive? Or maybe people who bought Mac knows for fact that Mac sucks at gaming and primarily bought it for working/smoother system/its style, yet OCCASIONALLY wants to play a LoL game to relax? Just because Mac sucks at gaming doesn’t mean Riot has done a good job at optimizing the game for the system. And that population isn’t small at all, which represents a huge profit flow for Riot.
Yeah i expected to receive some ups from Mac users, not people to fight over which os is better xD But yeah, ios seem to show much quicker response and less errors from updates (God, when I owned Windows shit would brick its own). I hope some day people would start to understand some people dont dedicate their computers to gaming... no diss
Fìzž (NA)
: I'm pretty sure the overheating isn't on Riot's side, more or less apple. They're pretty well known for more underhanded tactics to cut corners. Such as using a case and cooling that's not enough and causing overheating.
But i never have fanning problems when im out of league :o
Infernape (EUW)
: Honestly, I'd dual boot Windows with Bootcamp just for games like League. I doubt Riot's going to optimise their Mac client simply because of how little people use it on that OS compared to Windows. About the overheating, are you using a MacBook or an iMac? If you're using a MacBook, they're notorious for getting ridiculously hot when they're under load (especially if it's one of the newer ones with a Core i9 processor).
I thought about it but using 50 gigs of storage just for this one game sounds ridiculous. Also it might take more cpu, needing more cooling power, i havent tried so idk. Im using late 2015 macbook pro w 16gb ram, so when i run the game without too many other stuff in the background, im on around 9gb while playing... still fanning like windows xp xD
: soon you can get a new mac pro with 32 gig of ram 256 gig hard drive for only $5999 what a deal!.
I bought my late 2015 ver with 16g ram and 256 hd for 1200, refurbished xD
FkValeRly (EUW)
: this would make sense if champions like nocturne and rengar didn't exist, you press R every 60 seconds and you kill somebody, that's like 2-3k damage, any poke champion will always have more damage than rengar and nocturne no matter how well they play.
Well if u keep making excuses to why you cant contribute to the TEAM and dont take people's advices, you may never know why you never get it
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