: Well fuck me for having a black out at such an inconvenient time. Honestly, do you people think about your suggestions properly?
You don't deserve to have league installed if you are intentionally playing in conditions where a black out is even considered. You shouldn't even be playing ANY game if you are living in those conditions. You know what you should be doing instead? TRYING TO BETTER YOUR CONDITIONS. Shut up with your petty excuses.
: > [{quoted}](name=Maawk,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=RnBAN9AL,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-21T05:24:54.789+0000) > > https://ogpeelar.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/wpid-728-computer-reaction-face-knife-stab-self-eye1.png me when I realize he makes tons of money doing it and I am secretly jealous
Eh, no need to be jealous of people that take the easy way out. When this kid's channel dies he's going to have nothing. The only skills he will have: Clickbait (maybe he can be a BuzzFeed writer), match fixing (maybe he'll make the first League of Legends betting site O:). That's about it.
: Thank you for the compliment. I don't hate him and I don't dislike him as a person. Never met the fellow, I have no idea if he is nice or not. I dislike brofesco's videos. For most people, 'I hate brofesco' is shorthand for 'I dislike his content' and not an attack on him as a person. It's not that different from people disliking somebody's art or an actor/actress. It's completely subjective and not based on the person themselves.
I dislike him as a person. Everything he does to get views screams con artist. I mean hell, there is PROOF of him stacking his team with plat - diamond players while the other team is completely bronze so that he can get a "5000 MANA KASSADIN OP?" *insert female-kassadin with tits hanging out for thumbnail* video out and make it seem like it's an actual build path that you can go.
: Because somehow, cartoon antics count. They don't.
Or maybe because you are too thick to realize that Cartoon Network /=/ Adult Swim. Not everyone can have an IQ over 10 I guess.
: 51% top 46% mid You make it sound like that is a substantial difference. Here is a fun fact, it doesn't matter that he is slightly more popular in top, he is still one of the most popular mids with a glass cannon build.
5% IS a substantial difference. In League terms, 5% is the difference between a champion getting gutted or left to keep wrecking solo q. Glass cannon Yasuo mid works because you are fighting other glass cannon mids. Being tanky against that Syndra isn't going to matter. She's still going to kill you in two combo rotations + an ult. You just have to kill her before she kills you. Being a glass cannon top against a Garen/Gnar/Darius. GLHF! Basically, your argument of "glass cannon" doesn't really matter. Two different lanes with two completely different requirements. Also, all the champions that you mentioned literally CAN'T build tanky because they don't have items that help them scale WHILE BEING TANKY. Yasuo can. It's cancer.
awdaf (NA)
: Please, for the love, restrict the use of new champs in ranked play for the first two weeks
Really wish people would stop posting this after every single champion. It's not necessary. Some of the best practice you will get is in Ranked, where you are playing against equally matched opponents. If I play Kled in norms, I might completely destroy the silver and gold people I'm matched with. When I play Ranked in Diamond, I might get absolutely shit on playing Kled, since it's practically a different game at that point. YOU also need experience playing WITH Kled. Banning him for two weeks doesn't help anyone. Not playing with him for two weeks doesn't help you. Everyone just needs to shut up, let people play him if they want, and not care so much about the 20 LP you might lose or the 17 you might gain. It's really not a big fucking deal. The big deal is getting EXPERIENCE playing with and against a Kled.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Even with alterations Dynamic Queue simply can't exist as a COMPETITIVE RANKED QUEUE. I mean, just look at what Riot did in Diamond+. Premade size limited to 3 _(was 2 last season)_ and autofill introduced _(basically old Champion Select)_. So to make Diamond+ not utter garbage, they had to... basically reintroduce Season 5 ranked queue. This is as much of a confirmation, that the very idea of Ranked Dynamic Queue is a cesspool and New Champion Select is completely unfit for higher ELOs. Of course Riot won't admit it and instead will prefer to "fix" it, by artificially keeping winrates around 50%, which results in games like I've shown. Nearly a whole tier of difference only to make you lose.
Dynamic Queue /=/ Champion Select. Sure a Rioter is going around spouting that HE believes they are the same system, but at the same time he probably thinks all Adobe software is the same since they can all come bundled together as well. Champion select ruined higher tiers of play. No one wants to support. No one was supporting at that level resulting in long ass queue times. That level of play is mostly filled with pro players queueing with 2-5 people. REMOVE the new champion select from Diamond+ and just leave the actual Dynamic nature and I'd say the queue times would be a lot better.
: WHYYYYYY is it not fair to handicap the strongest side? You keep repeating that it isn't fair, but why? The team Golds beat the Solo plats, so they're better than other team Golds who wouldn't have done so, and better than solo Golds who wouldn't have done so if they had been team players. Is it hard to understand? And NO. NO it's not equal to deleting the MMR system and letting everyone face everyone because BEING A PREMADE GIVES YOU AN ADVANTAGE. It's not like putting 5 B5 solos against 5 challenger solos. It's not the same. It's balancing the premade advantage with a higher solo skill on the solo side. HOW ON EARTH would it be wrong? Just tell me ONCE.
: > [{quoted}](name=SSJTribe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pHfgGLEi,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-07-21T17:27:36.165+0000) > > This, the winrate has nothing to do with it. It's that feeling of helplessness when you can't meaningfully contribute to the game. To be fair, I don't think DQ caused this. It already sucked when you got a solo on your team who constantly made bad calls, didn't follow the team, and sometimes single-handedly threw the game. I think DQ took an existing problem and made it worse.
That's a problem, though. DQ was supposed to solve the issues of solo q but instead it made the existing problems WORSE in some cases while creating even more problems on top of those old problems.
: That's why I asked, now is there something in regards to the actual part of that comment that matters or are you just focusing on a request I know full well was dumb because I mentioned my friends before?
Firstly, I'll ask you to leave the boards and never return because we have enough retardation around here. Secondly, I'll repeat what ExhibitD said: DON'T BRING UP YOUR FRIENDS IN AN ARGUMENT IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE PISSY ABOUT THEM BEING BROUGHT UP IN A COUNTER ARGUMENT. Just makes you look like Hillary Clinton. No one likes Hillary.
Kürama (NA)
: Hmm, you stated PST instead of PDT. This can confuse people. dArtagnan pls.
The only people it will confuse are people like you who look for things to nit-pick. Regular ass human beings know what he means.
: I think the difficult thing about Riot communicating with the community is that it could lead to internal conflicts and various problems if they aren't very very careful about how they manage it. Riot is effectively broken into various teams to work on different aspects of the game, and while it would be nice to talk to all of them, they also would need to make sure they're communicating with each other about everything which is being communicated by the community, and things can get lost or misunderstood in the mix. Also it's even more difficult since not everyone is going to be happy, so when one side of the community wants concept A and the other half wants concept B, and there's practically no way you can find a decent compromise, what do you do? In all honesty for now I think they just need to start by communicating a little more with the community (which I think they've been trying to do with the Ask Riot sections) and expanding it from there. They seem to have closed up a little bit from way back when I first started playing (About the start of Season 1, if not a little earlier), so it would be nice to get back to that level if possible, if not then at least as close as they can.
Not our problem. Riot claims they have an "open office" no head honcho for projects and people can choose to can whatever project they want. So does Valve. You know, that more than likely multi-trillion dollar company now that maybe pisses people off once or twice a year. It's almost as if you need your staff to be COMPETENT and know their fucking jobs if you are going to have such a model. Something Riot is showing they don't have.
: I tried playing heros of the storm. I get avg 120 frames on League at high graphics settings, Of course it drops but only to 60. I don't have any kind of fancy computer so im very satisfied with this game. I go to heros of the storm however and I have to set the quality as low as possible, and set the resolution as low as possible, and even then I can barely pull off 25 frames. I get a higher frame rate in dark souls 3 and I don't even meet the minimum requirements for that game lol.
No one was talking about graphics, you are grasping at straws to try and make Blizz look bad but I guess I can educate you anyways. Heroes of the Storm runs on a modified SC2 engine. You know the map editor for SC2? That, but better. SC2 is terribly optimized and will never get better. That means Heroes of the Storm will as well, unless Blizzard makes a new engine for it which has been unheard of until Overwatch which runs on it's own engine.
: The argument can go on forever, really. I mean, Riot isn't exactly a new company and they basically followed dota's steps until League took its own course. Guinsoo, for example, was a major co-creator of dota before working on League, so you can agree that he has experience. If you played the game for a long time, then you can remember how crappy it was at times (like when League had dodge as a stat and Jax was a nightmare). Well, now we have a similar senario with Blizzard trying to make Overwatch competitive. You can't expect them to make it perfect on their first try, no matter how good they are or how much research was done.
Stop using common sense! He needs his internet points to feel justified in making a shit post god dammit!
: very true. even then the points gained for winning or losing is ridiculous. 3 wins=one rank up. one lose is one rank down.
Depends on the game mode you get put into and Blizzard already said that it is something they will look into since they believe the system isn't giving you enough credit for winning certain game modes or when you are the underdog.
: I have to wonder, did Blizzard do any research on successful Ranking systems from other games? I do agree that Leagues problems are much deeper than Overwatches. But I do feel like if Riot would ask the community for more help in making these changes that League could bounce back. Keep in mind that my experience in Overwatch is anecdotal. I just thought I would post on it because Ive almost had more Afk's in overwatch than I had in my entire ranked season so far in League. out of the 800 games I've played in league this season I've only had about 20 afks. 3 days into overwatch ranked and I'm already at about 8 afks. I'm not counting the team leaving after the first guy leaves, I'm counting strictly the first person that leaves, because in every case the rest of the team leaves after the first guy.
No one cares about the systems other games use. Overwatch isn't "other games." It's a Blizzard game, and they use Dynamic Queue. They have been since Heroes of the Storm beta. Sure, they made strides to cut back on the "dynamic" nature of it, but it's still not solo queue. So your point isn't valid. CS:GO, the most popular game right now in the world (I say that since Riot has stopped boasting about their numbers so I assume they dropped hard) uses a Dynamic Queue. I can play with as many friends as I want. Maybe it's YOU that hasn't looked at other game systems, or maybe you are too thick to actually understand them. I can tell you right now, that you probably played the first 2 days of Overwathch's ranked system. No shit there were leavers. People at that point were used to the drop in and drop out nature of Quick Play, and I believe it was also in Competitive during beta. I have been playing Overwatch the last two days for 8+ hours and have only seen MAYBE 10 leavers (most because groups drop out). Really nothing to worry about. Unless of course you want to make a shitty thread to get fake internet points and feel good about yourself.
Elikain (EUNE)
: This can't be an excuse for their Ranked sucking from the start. I'm positive they had more than ample time to do the research on successful ranked systems and devise one of their own, with most of the kinks ironed out. But you're right. It's new and will improve further. A rocky start certainly hurts but it's not going to break people in halves. The same is true for League. I think that people are just so dumbfounded at the idea of DQ being better for all parties involved and are unwilling to accept the change. Therefore a lot of people reject the notion and go as far as refusing to play. The truth is, DQ will exist in both games and Riot and Blizzard will improve it in time and you'll see both games flourish.
Except it is a perfectly fine excuse. We had competitive mode in Overwatch's beta. Players said it wasn't rewarding enough. So Blizzard pulled it and worked on it. Imagine that. A multi-billion dollar company admitted that the messed up, pulled something from the game, implemented it later and its 90 times better than it was in beta. Sure, leavers are a problem. But if someone leaves I can leave too within a minute with 0 penalties. Yet we are going to sit here and ignore everything blizzard did right? From the very first day competitive launched, if someone left BEFORE the spawn gates opened the match just ended. It never existed. Yet it took Riot 6 years to think that /remake was something fair for the players to have. I can see EXACTLY who is in a party. Riot will never give us that. It's "too toxic" to know who is playing together. I have built-in voice comms and I can communicate with my team in real time. Riot will never give us that. Again, they "think" it's too toxic for us. This isn't an issue of Dynamic Queue working, it can work in any game and Overwatch does it damn well. The issue is the companies making the system and their willingness to listen to player feedback. I feel Blizzard will make bigger strides in the Dynamic Queue scene, they have been working on it since the Heroes of the Storm beta. But they listen to player feedback. Riot tends not to.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: It is not good. However, in Overwatch it is at least understandable, because it is a new game and in a different genre. It is by no means good, but understandable. The genre of the game also matters, because overwatch is not a moba and thus ist ranking system can be different.
I'd disagree with you saying it's not good. It's good in Overwatch, terrible in League. In Overwatch's case, you can use your argument. It's a new game designed from the ground up as a TEAM game. People know that when they play their first quick play match. BUT that is how a dynamic queue should be implemented. From the beginning. League, on the other hand, started off as "I'M the carry. Listen to ME cause I have the best calls." Not to mention players in China and Korea were picked up for teams based off of their SOLO play division. Why do you think Korea is having such a backlash against DynamicQ? They can't tell who is ACTUALLY a great player. This has been engraved into the player base SINCE ALPHA and Riot is trying to change the mindset of the players. Also just going to point out that Blizzard doesn't try to actively hide who is a premade. I get to see, before the match even starts, who is in a party together. Of course, this will never happen with League since "It's too toxic to show who is in a party", or "The technology isn't there yet."
: My experience is only Anecdotal so I'm not claiming it to be the norm. However due to the point system in overwatch, boosting will be even more of a problem. From what I've read you can invite people within 50 skill points of you, and on a 100 point ranking system, that is a Huge margin for having a booster.
Bullshit LOL. "I'm going to boost you, ONE competitive point at a time." Not to fucking mention, Blizzard already worked out a way to STOP boosters. Want that shiny animated player icon? Then you HAVE to stay within the top 500 players. Good luck getting boosted there and staying there. You're going to boost people 500 competitive points so they get their golden weapons? Doubt it. You're just some shitter making a shit post to get shitty internet points. Case closed.
: I feel really bad for asking this, but... who was she?
Finished "The Voice" in... 2014(?) in third place, ran a YouTube channel where she uploaded all of her covers, just recently released her first EP with her band "Before You Exit". Edit: She was also heavily into gaming culture, as the post points out, being a fan of League of Legends and many other old school titles.
: Riot, what's holding up the next video?
1). Time constraints. 2). Time constraints. 3). Time constraints. Also, they have been showing us their work. Every single champion in the past year has had very detailed and lore filled animations to go along with their release. So I mean... yeah...
: First of all, to avoid confusion, if you're talking about 5 different teams for 5 different departments (Ex: Design, Balance, Lore, etc), than you just can't take someone from the Lore Department and put them into something they don't understand at all. That is not at all how it works. It's like taking a computer nerd, taking him to a forest, and telling him to cut down trees like the other Lumberjacks. The Computer nerd is a complete fish out of water, and won't understand what to do, nor have the capabilities to do it.
No. I'm not. Art team can keep making skins, lore can keep making lore. Right now they have the "live team", a team that works on PBE patches, a team working on the DQ system, and a team working on the new client. All at the same time. If they REALLY wanted to get DQ fixed, they would reduce the live team size, reduce the PBE team size (patches can take longer, people won't complain) and merge the extra resources into the DQ team. This includes merging the new client team into the DQ team. I don't want a new client before my ranked experience is fixed.
: riot deserves all the backlash they're getting. absolutely bullsh*t with some of the decisions they made this season thus far. In their latest video, they openly admitted that they've had alot of issues regarding dynamic queue and that its not perfect. Well, why the hell didn't they make it an alternative game mode instead of replacing the old system? By far, the worst decision they've made because I am damn sure its costing them alot of their player base. If the concept that you've designed is a prototype with high risk low rewards, you better TEST it first before you decide to implement it fully to replace an older system that was already working (for 5 years!).
This is an example of Riot doing what we call in system design a "Direct Conversion". This means that the brand new system immediately replaces the old when it is ready. What they should have done, and I'll get into it later, is called a "Parallel Conversion", but like I said, later. Direct conversions have one major upside: They are fast to implement and relatively cheap. On the down side, there is no way for you (or the users for that matter) to catch any bugs or errors until we are using it, like we are now. This can have MAJOR disruptions in the company when shit doesn't work (sound familiar?). Now, what they SHOULD have done is a parallel conversion. With a parallel conversion, you KEEP the old system and the NEW system running together for a few months. This allows users and creators to dabble in the new system and report any bugs. This, of course, takes more time to implement the new system AND costs more (we are running two systems that achieve the same goal AND having to maintain both until the new replaces the old. Not very efficient business wise), BUT you catch a lot more bugs. The upside as well with a parallel conversion is that if you find the new system not fit for release, you can easily pull it to keep working on it and then bring it back up later for more user testing along side the old system. Now I know what people are going to say "We tested it on the PBE". Yes, because PBE testing 100% matches the amount of people on the live servers. Get outta here. It could have been really easy to make this work too. They could have given users incentives to play on the NEW system to test it so they could collect data. "Play X amount of hours in the new system this month and you get Y% discount in the store/merch store." "You get X% bonus IP for playing in the new system for this month as a thank you for helping us collect data." But they didn't. They took the fast and cheap way out, and now they are suffering the consequences.
: As much as I agree with the idea, shutting down Ranked isn't going to give them more resources than they already have,
It actually can though. It baffles me how people assume "You CAN'T just do x" when time and time again other developers (even in different fields) show that you CAN. Companies with smaller teams have done it so please just stop spoon feeding excuses to Riot. You know what Valve did with Dota in a year? MADE THE GAME RUN ON AN ENTIRELY NEW ENGINE. Gee, I wonder where they pulled the resources for that out of. Maybe, I don't know just spit balling, smaller team for patches and a larger team for what actually mattered? Riot on the other hand: "Let's have 5 small teams working on 5 separate projects at the same time! Cause that's totally efficient!"
Rioter Comments
Simpumba (NA)
: Does Azir ever go a patch without getting a new bug?
He has parts coded as minions, walls, a dash that you can extend the range of WHILE in the moment of the animation, an auto attack extender that you spawn.... A speck of grain in any of the spaghetti breaks him.
TyRamos (NA)
: How does this not have more comments and up votes? Riots patch writers don't even know what important mechanics like Sated Stacking works. Holy hell Riot. At least act like you guys know what you're doing (Xin and Kogmaw buffs anyone? Or release warlords bloodlust )
You act like Riot is a tiny company with only 15 employees. There are constantly changes going on. There are constantly new papers entering and existing desks. Want another example? Bungie fucked up on a patch note saying Auto Riles in Destiny would be getting a 4% damage buff across the board. Was actually only 0.4%. One department can make mistakes. Maybe once you get a real job other than sitting on boards you'll realize how things work {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Please don't do this
If you actually read the fucking post it says that it is 99% going to get reverted. But then you wouldn't be able to get your pointless Internet points, would you child?
1Maza (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=mogonk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=J11NQxcG,comment-id=000000000001000000000001,timestamp=2016-03-01T23:07:43.984+0000) > > That's not bad for how early it is in the season. The split is practically over..?
You're also only taking a small sample size. What about EU, Korea, China, etc. And yes, one split is early. We still have IEM, second split, another big tournament (I think), Worlds. THAT is the full season.
sp441 (NA)
: Urgot's rework. Thing is, Riot takes their time, but they eventually deliver. I don't think Half-Life 3 is going to be released anytime soon at this point, my guess is that Valve is waiting for some sort of new gimmick to spearhead with Half Life 3, which probably won't crop up any time soon. My guess is that they'll release Half Life 3 when VR becomes popular and commonplace.
Really? What's the VR set that Valve is pushing, with the motion controllers? I can see it now "Valve announces the long awaited HL:3, only playable on this one Valve endorsed VR headset. Get your copy now for a whopping $800." Seems like a big enough "gimmick" to me.
: Ahem. Lets get this straight. Riot Games's revenue (the money that they made) in 2014 was around $600 Million. Blizzard's revenue was over $4 Billion, employed over 6 times as many people, and has $14 Billion worth of assets. So when Blizzard puts more money into a game to make it look nicer, well, they have more resources to do it.
Using outdated stats to try and make your point relevant: Nice one! Too bad RECENT statistics show Riot raking in $1B in the 2015 year. Ouch, almost as if you had to go back far enough for that to not be valid. Blizzard knows what matters: The game. Riot doesn't know what matters. They blow all their budget on eSports hoping it will keep players attracted while not doing anything to make the player experience better.
: You are the kind of person I don't want on my thread, git.
Oh no, someone broke your safe zone by having a different opinion. Should we all report him for being toxic so that your feeling won't get hurt again son?
: Riot doesn't balance around a hand full of biased people on the boards such as yourself. And you not liking the game isn't any indication that their is actually something wrong with the game over all. All I've heard since I started playing in season 3 is people like you saying Riot is ruining the game. Yeah the currently popularity of the game sure is evidence of that prophesy. I've said it before and I will say it again, every one has access through these boards through their clients. There is a couple million player in NA alone and a "hot" topic around her is lucky to get 100 unique posters, not all even from NA. If "the players" are actually upset with the game, you will know because this site will actually get real traffic. Right now its as I said, just a hand full of biased people like yourself who are continuously crying about game health until your favorite champion/role becomes the popular one. Then all of a sudden the game is just fine becasue you and a couple of circle jerkers from these boards are happy with the changes.
And then there are the biased ones like yourself that are fine with everything Riot does because once you finish your Bachelor's you hope your goodwill on the Boards will secure you an internship. Yes, the game has progressively been worse since S3. You know what S3 had? The largest viewership a tournament has ever seen (Worlds). You know what S3 had? Balance. There weren't 20 required ban or pick champions to the point where every match is the same now. But you're right. A stagnating player base is TOTALLY fine, and everyone else is wrong because people don't feel like posting a thread that will get ignored anyways. Love your retarded logic mate.
: The boards also said the Ahri changes were gonna be bad for her. That all the juggernauts were gonna be weak. That Fiora and Gangplank's reworks were failures. That AP itemization changes were gonna break dot mages and Vlad would have to be nerfed. That Tham Kench was to under powered. Just because the boards are right every once in a while doesn't mean that they aren't wrong the other 90% of the time ore even worth listening too. Hell I've been seeing people for years claiming how bad this game is getting and how its dying off. Funny how it only keeps getting bigger isn't it?
Getting bigger? I doubt it. Viewer counts on LCS and Worlds has only gone down since S3. S3 Worlds still holds the record for the most viewed eSports tourny. So your point is invalid already. It's stagnating and going down. Quickly. Riot is making the same mistakes a Blizzard: Not listening to community feedback and just doing w/e they want and not admitting their mistakes along the way. But hey, at least they have you white knights to always defend them.
: It took months of false punishments, false pardons, obviously bogus cases on the tribunal message boards, for community members to get any sort of clarity on the tribunal. People seem to forget that. You used to have no idea why you were banned. You just got banned at one point of time. After awhile, Riot started telling and showing people what they were banned and warned for. And guess what? More cases of false punishments, false pardons, and blatantly bogus cases came up, in droves. I honestly wasn't here when the tribunal stopped being a thing anymore, but I'm beyond glad that it did. In terms of a social experiment it was utter garbage; all it showed was a jury of your peers on the internet was a terrible idea.
Then you were looking at the wrong Tribunal LOL. "False bans" were hardly a thing. If you were a tawt, you were banned and you could easily appeal it with support and get smited in private. What even is a "false pardon"? The Tribunal is community driven. If the community doesn't agree with banning or punishing someone, so be it. YOUR opinion doesn't make something false. They also implemented the system where you get e-mailed your case that got you banned from the tribunal near the end. Again, get some facts straight before trying to make a "bogus case" as you would put it.
UrPalAl (NA)
: Then don't use that "colorful" language of yours. The other person often feeds off your anger anyways. Just report, and move on. It's as simple as that.
"Don't dare say anything to defend yourself or the other innocent people just wanting to play a game. This is a safe zone, and if you dare say anything to the tawts, you will be banned while they continue their toxic rages every game." Got it.
UrPalAl (NA)
: IF IF IF Is all I fucking hear, I don't want "IF", I want something that works, the automated system is fine, the tribunal is not. That's all I need to know.
Automated system doesn't work. It has proven that. Tribunal punished trolls that the automated system never will be able to. This has also be proven by the influx of trolls that don't say anything but are toxic as fuck in their gameplay. Maybe get some actual facts.
: People will tell you to pick ADC / Top so that you get ADC. Of course, that doesn't solve the problem at all and is a weird thing to have to do.
That won't work. Trust me. ADC/Mid and you are 90% of the time going to get ADC. Top is slightly always in more demand than ADC. If you want to pretty much 100% your specific role you should use: x/Mid (where x is your desired role) unless you want to play mid... in which case.... gl.
: It could work only for the first 3 minutes of the game. Otherwise there would be abuse cases where a person could leave near the end of the game to allow the others to not have LP losses. There would even be a new type of toxicity: "it is your fault that we are losing, take your responsibility and leave that game"
I found Lyte's secondary account guys. You know how other games handle that issue? Low priority queue's. Or bans. Either works. Not rocket science.
: This needed to happen years ago. Frankly, there's no excuse for Riot to be this far behind on this big of an issue. They've spent way too much time focusing on esports and not enough on having a playable game for the other 99.9%. I've been here since Beta. At one point it was all about making positive changes. Now I just feel like we don't matter anymore. Tribunal is gone. Putting Lyte in charge of creating an automated system hasn't even remotely done as much to help this game. TLDR: afk's and leaves are a big problem. Half my placement games had them and I still see them VERY regularly. The system needs to change.
^ This so much. Beta was so amazing, right? Xin release OP as fuck? It's okay, only lasted two weeks before he got nerfed. LB fucking retarded? It's cool, within 48 hours there was a hotfix nuking her into the ground. These days we have to wait 10 months just for them to publicly acknowledge that something is a problem, then another 12 for them to say that they are actively working on a fix.
yoniame (EUNE)
: there is, but it would take away too much from the budget
You're right... I mean they ONLY get a billion dollars a year these days. There is NO WAY they could afford to implement something that will actually improve the player experience, thus retaining and attracting new and old players, thus making those happy customers more likely to spend money. As someone that has taken multiple business and object-oriented analysis courses.... can we stop making this fucking excuse? Truth is: They have the funds to do whatever the fuck they want. They just choose to dump most of it into LCS and take a major loss because "screw the people that got us this far." I mean shit, if you are going to make excuses for Riot at least take the maymay route: the technology just isn't there yet. Because frankly, with Riot, it isn't. Once the new client hits they literally have no excuses for not having these basic things anymore.
Nikoyopu (NA)
: That would create inflation in LP which is why Riot doesn't do that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jelly Mac,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=brRrfRTY,comment-id=00120000000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-10T23:04:31.808+0000) > > Except it's not random. You manage to see Lux/Veigar/Varus etc. Literally every game while Rek'Sai/Renekton/Evelynn are nowhere to be found That's because people create smurf accounts for the mode so that only one champion is unlocked and they can always play the one they want. Which defeats the whole purpose of the mode if you actually enjoy it for being random.
This is false information now. A pretty long time ago they made it so that all accounts pull from the FULL champion list to get rid of this exact problem.
: it's still a free skin. sure you can buy what you want but your still getting something that costs money for free
No. No it's fucking not. Stop thinking the Hextech crap is going to be "good and free" Congrats, YOU GET FREE SHARDS. Not the full fucking skin. Have fun paying for all the keys to your crates to not get guaranteed shards for the skin/champ you want and destroying the crappy shards for like 10 fairy fart dust when the skin you want costs 2000 fairy fart dust to create. "Well I get it free for 7 days if I redeem it!!!!111!" Wooooow, or you could have just paid $5 and bought the skin. Like everyone already does. Anyone from the PBE will tell you that the system is retarded and TERRIBLE for the amount of money you put in and what you get out from it. It's literally CHEAPER to buy $100 RP than it is to gamble on cases. Because they aren't "free". If they say otherwise it's because they have a Riot hand so far up their rectum.
: Yea, it's kinda like that sadly. It's also funny when i see people having borders on PBE, what the hell is ranked queue even doing there ?
It's really not though. You just don't seem to know how the PBE patches actually work. We get a new patch what.... every 3 weeks? 4? Around there. This equates to about a patch a month. Since you claim to be "part of the PBE crew" then you'd notice how things cycle around there. For example, since skins are brought up: 1. Skin gets released, it's playable but has no splashes. 2. Lots of balance changes happen at the same time. This can include items and champs. 3. Week 2. Skins have splashes. Some reverts. Some bug fixes. This is the LAST week that they have to patch bugs. This is generally the last week that changes and major bug fixes are pushed out. Everything after week two is very small TINY buffs, nerfs, skin changes. This is literally how ANY piece of software development cycle works. Research into how things work instead of saying people aren't doing their jobs helps arguments.
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: This has already been addressed by a red in another thread. Xerath will not be receiving the same treatment because his ults area is approximately 2x larger and it would cause serious garbage/framerate issues. Also if it were to zoom out to the full range you wouldn't even be able to SEE anything. Everything would just look ant sized. TL;DR: Don't be crap at Xerath, get good. Stop complaining.
There would be no performance issues because no one is asking to zoom out the entire distance of the ult. There wouldn't be performance issues even if you did zoom out that far unless you play on a potato. It doesn't cause serious issues. If you don't believe me download any camera tool and zoom out 4000 units in a replay. Much issues, such serious. TL;DR: You're a moron that eats up anything the hive mind sends your way and are incapable of free thinking.
: I agreed with you until 5 minutes ago. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/wu5LK1IO-can-we-make-xeraths-ult-zoom-out-like-jhins Gypsylord makes several good points. I think Xerath ought to stay the way he is, probably. It doesn't mean his ult feels great, but this particular solution isn't possible or good for Xerath, actually.
He makes several good points if you don't know anything about how the game works when you zoom out.... Literally grab any camera tool and view a replay. You can zoom as far out as you want. You'll notice (if you don't play on a potatoe) that your FPS won't dip below 60. You will notice: 1. Minions and other characters do not animate when in the fog of war. This is intentional. 2. You might see off the map (such bug much wow) 3. Everything is smaller which is why you only zoom out to a certain point. Gypsy, while I love the man.. very intelligent and I'd bang if he was willing, makes frankly AWFUL points. It's yet another "We don't want to do it so here is a simple to come up with excuse that people will eat up." The point of the other thread asked to zoom out just AS FAR as Jhin's does. I believe Jhin's only goes out 3500 units. that is more than enough to get those close range snipes, and close enough to not impact FPS or show bugs.
Macilento (EUW)
: Xerath ulti HAS to "zoom out" like the Jhin one.
Can I steal an already popular thread too mommy?
: "Oops, their team really counters us, let's kick someone so we can freely dodge this game" "You want to play Quinn mid? We haven't seen that on LCS so bye bye" "30 mins through champ selects and still haven't started a game because people were busy kicking each other. I'll play a normal/a hearthstone game instead."
I play off-meta supports all the damn time so get your "haven't seen it on LCS" crap out of here and stop acting like people play like that. They don't. Kthanks. Second of all, I guess you can't read but he said autolocks. It's not that hard to have a system that detects a pick in a second or less, and allows you to kick them if it was a troll pick. I guess you have to have an IQ above 10 to actually read though instead of just spew nonsense onto the boards.
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: > [{quoted}](name=PDE5 Inhibitors,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=jsVOLEvh,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-13T13:50:29.108+0000) > > Get some dude in our game that is pissed about his last game. So what does he do? Instalocks mid AD Soraka (even though we already have a mid laner) and says, "I don't care, I'm troll". > > Why do we not have a single way of dealing with this yet? But lord forbid you call him a troll, you will get slapped with a 14 day ban for "ruining his fun". It's completely idiotic. The vast majority of "toxicity" that I see comes from shit like this, but rather than actually trying to address the cause of it, you would just rather throw around chat bans to pretend like that's going to fix it. News flash, if it hasn't worked in the 3 years since Lyte has been doing it, it isn't going to magically start. > > Not only do we not have a way of kicking this player from out match...but when he trolls in match he won't even be punished. The game will go something like this: Raka 0-5 by 3 mins cuz troll. He will say, "guys I'm sorry I'm doing badly this game". He will obviously get flammed since he is a dumb dumb business major. He will then "/all guys please report my team for flaming me just because I'm having a bad game" and rito, and this community, is dumb enough to punish the others for it. It's truly amazing how people can be so unintelligent. You DO realize you're a bit of a hard tilter/mid-range toxic player right? You ONLY post flame threads on the boards, and that propably reflects you in game, hence a chat ban :/
You DO realize you are just using words that Riot spews to baby the community instead of actually fixing problems right? You also assume that the OP has a chat ban which isn't even said in the post.
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