: Join Us Oct. 15th to Celebrate 10 Years of League
been there since january 10, 2010, and while we had our ups and downs, im glad i was part of it all, and still playing :)
: Looks like a mobile game title. Looks horrible.
*cough cough* lol mobile release soon *cough*
: Well, seeing as how I only played for the better part of year, I don't think I am getting any of these besides the participation award. I mean, in that single year, I got into the high hundreds (500+). It kinda sucks that only the people with ribbons are being rewarded for being honorable, even though there are probably hundreds of people that never received a ribbon, but were plenty honorable. It should have least had been received x amount of votes in this category, not if you earned a ribbon or not.
dont worry, for older players its even worse, since to get a ribbon you must reach a certain honor per game ratio. if youve been playing since beta, it was at a point where youd need like 4'000 or 5'000 honors in a single category to even get the ribbon. i had 3'200 honorable opponent honors over the years, never came even close to getting the ribbon for it
: More summoner icons no one will ever use. Nice.
ofc not, since everyone spends 75% of their time flashing quest icons so they can progress, and hopefully get 1 free skin for 75hours of event promotion for the account of rito
Aerabax (NA)
: Maybe when Canada makes a good video game they'll use your alternative spelling.
assassin's creed. splinter cell. prince of persia. mass effect 3. max payne. youre right, canada makes horrible games / franchises. can you smell the sarcasm?
: So wait, unless I'm ready this wrong you'll only get the rewards if you had a banner or were in the top 10% in your region **WHEN YOU RETIRED THE SYSTEM**. EDIT: They've clarified that you will get the icons if you did have a ribbon. This seems like a pretty dick move, since a long time ago you changed the system to factor your honor based on TOTAL games per honor rather than RESENT games per honor.(aka anyone who had been playing the game for a long time had 0 chance of getting a ribbon from that point on since they already had a ton of games played)
beta players basically need 5'000 honors in a category to get a banner in the old system what a great way to reward those who are there since the beginning
: This isn't a special event, and most people probably won't even really wear these icons much. The whole point of this is that thing some games do where the fact that you played before a set date when an item was released or given out to the community so that you can prove it, because how good or bad you are at the game doesn't necessarily say how long you've played the game for. This is meant to be a sort of thing where older players can be able to show that they've played for a while now (in a few years), and that they stuck around to the community (most players just come and go). I hope this answered your question.
ofc we wont wear those icons much, with the new quest system you have to wear the quest-corresponding icons to even progress, and hopefully get 1 free skin after promoting riot's special event for 50 games. if youre lucky. which leaves the odd 2 days here and there, where youre not progressing quests, to use whatever else icon you'd normaly use 90% of the time
: I totally agree with you. For the runes it's gonna be some garbage icon or something trash. I would rather just get all my IP I spent on runes back
i dont even want IP back at this point... i already have 14k left after buying ornn, bought every champ on release with IP ever since ekko and bard came out (early 2015) what am i gonna do with 200k IP when i already have nothing left to buy... not saying IP is a terrible idea for every single player on the platform, but then again, where do you place the criterias for who gets what reward. how do you avoid ppl crying injustice if not everyone has the same thing... rito really put themselves in a traphole with this one. theres basically no good answer
: WHy is MEteos back for C9 jungle ? I never understood the changes to begin with. Balls-Meteos-Hai-Sneaky-Lemon Original Roster Balls-Meteos-Incarnation-Sneaky-Lemon Hai retired because his wrist was hurting, Ok made sense but once the started losing everyone looked around and was like hmmm it CAN'T be this new player that JUST joined the team and has a History of raging in Solo Q INCARNATION no it MUST be METEOS. So what happens ...... HAI returns to ? Jungle ? ok. If he was going to return in the first place, then return the original team; the team that is like 80-15 in the regular split and has 4 Split Finals in a row. Nope instead they bring in Incarnation started losing and blamed Meteos. So what next Lemon retires ;[ ok so Meteos jungle or support? NOPE they then bring in Rush to replace Hai jungle instead of returning Meteos, and Hai goes to Support. CLOUD 9ERS ASSEMBLE Balls-Rush-Jensen-Sneaky-Hai what a team that can go places and maybe go to MSI and really good and ........... there they go in the first round 3-1.
2 things. first, i gotta tell you its not over. impact is confirmed as the new C9 top laner for the 2016 summer split. i guess it was balls's turn second, what is happening with meteos coming back is, since jensen doesnt have NA residancy yet, and they just bought off impact, thats their 2 import slots right there, so rush is... kinda in the way. So what they did is, bring back meteos for a split, until jensen gets his NA residancy (somewhere around october or november i think). Then they can have impact and rush as imports for 2017
: > [{quoted}](name=III BAKURYU III ,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=cvIcRWLt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-09T13:58:53.518+0000) > > Are you talking about Dragon Knights and Renegades if so can you explain the situation with the problem cause I don't understand what happened. The way Riot explained it Dragon knights took their players to play Paintball without helmets or something. Also are Renegades and Dragon Knights eliminated from the summer split ? Essentially TDK, Renegades, and Impulse - as organizations - are no longer permitted to own teams in the LCS or any Riot-sanctioned league or event. So the organizations have to sell their spot and, hopefully, the contracts to another organization who is compliant with riot's rules. They have 10 days to complete this sale or else they lose it entirely and have nothing to sell. The players aren't implicated in this case, so are able to continue playing. If the contracts are purchased by the new organization, then they'll likely move there... otherwise, they can find another team.
> [{quoted}](name=Eleshakai,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=cvIcRWLt,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-05-09T16:41:59.483+0000) > > Essentially TDK, Renegades, and Impulse - as organizations - are no longer permitted to own teams in the LCS or any Riot-sanctioned league or event. So the organizations have to sell their spot and, hopefully, the contracts to another organization who is compliant with riot's rules. They have 10 days to complete this sale or else they lose it entirely and have nothing to sell. The players aren't implicated in this case, so are able to continue playing. If the contracts are purchased by the new organization, then they'll likely move there... otherwise, they can find another team. yes and no. the OWNERS of renegades, impulse and tdk have to sell their rights to the teams (which will likely mean name changes, but possibly keep the same staff, some of it at least), but the teams themselves aren't banned from anything properly speaking. If they fail to sell, though, sadly, the teams will be disbanded by riot (let's be real, which lcs players would stay in a team that cannot even enter a challenger scene. it isn't technically one, but the outcome most certainly is) If they do sell, however, past has shown us that the 2-3 core players from the team are likely to stay, and complimentary players will be kept / swapped accordingly to the owner's (and his counseling staff, old or new) perspective on the game. If i had to predict what will happen, i would say : TIP - Team ImPulse : Not likely to be seen ever again. its financial problems will be troubling to any potential buyer, with reason. That is an unacceptable practice in any league that considers itself professional, and riot is rightfully doing their job here REN - Renegades : If it's true Montecristo was implicated in the shady dealings (which, thus far, aren't even corroborated by appreciable evidence; Riot is really climbing on their high horses way too fast, or at least not being transparent enough on why they climb), then damn son, that's really bad. But for now, I'm waiting on Monte's official statements before i judge the issue. As for the Chris Badawi thing, he was banned, and if he really was part of renegades, they are right in punishing monte for defying their laws. he is a bit of a showoff, too, so in a way i wouldn't be too surprised to learn he did TDK - Dragon Knights : Basically, all that happened with TDK was that they housed / paid players before after the trade with renegades, and didn't mention those services in the trade reports? i guess that's shady, in a sense, but in the end it benefits the player more than anything, no? *shrugs* maybe they think tdk and renegades used the trades to gather ''sensitive info''... im a bit confused on that one as for players, i say seraph, crumbz, alexich, ninja and maybe gate will play in the summer split. there is room for them somewhere
: When games are being remade, the same champs should be be played
i mean, thats kinda like if, in american football for example : during a play, the wide receiver who was gunning for the ball hits a referee, and misses his reception because of the referee standing in the wrong place. they offer a ''play remake'', but force both teams to do the exact same play, and throw the exact same pass...... or in hockey, ref accidentally blocks a shot that wouldve reached the goal. they give the player a chance to redo his thing in a breakaway, but he has to shoot the exact same part of the net........ kinda defeats the purpose of strategy, doesnt it?
: Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage
man, bot lanes, bot lanes... i do that all the time! i actually gathered experience (and success!) in quite a few original matchups over the years. my favorites tho : {{champion:429}} and {{champion:154}} . they become a cc chain by themselves (kalista ult into zac E into zac R), zac's passive enables stupid plays (towerdives, straight up ridiculous trades and great sustain), its impossible to farm in lane cause any time you go beyond your turret zac just jumps on you, and if it ever goes wrong, kalista pulls him back to safety {{champion:143}} and {{champion:420}} , just cause i dubbed it the ''plantacle'' lane. {{champion:150}} and {{champion:59}} ... nuff said, i think this post is explicit enough already. i mean... what can survive your all in? {{champion:157}} and {{champion:61}} . definitely one of my all time favorites, and most successful off-meta lanes. full support orianna maxing shield first, and all you do is enable yasuo to litterally 2v1. ofc as the support, you build anything that can strengthen the yasuo and enable him even more. you thought yasuo's shield was annoying? wait till he has free barriers, free cleanses, heals and free surge's (for the older players :P), while doing all he normally does cause it didnt cost him a single penny! orianna basically becomes yasuo's personal swiss army knife XD last one. {{champion:72}} and {{champion:412}} . in this case, thresh is the adc. imagine being ulted by skarner and then lanterned right into a 2v1. its basically an off-meta variant of {{champion:429}} {{champion:53}} / {{champion:223}} , but i promise it works. thresh ends up dealing mixed damage (split pen runes work wonders on him), and he doesnt lose his playmaking potential (hes built more like a high damage bruiser than a classic adc). something along the lines of {{item:3071}}{{item:3091}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3124}}
: Download the free League Friends mobile app!
''we polymorphed your friends, and they now fit in your pants'' .................... really rito? i dont know if i want them to. in your pocket, in your cellphone, wasn't there a better possible choice of words? im nitpicking though, glad riot finally launched their own mobile app. good job guys{{summoner:13}} the independent apps were driving me crazy also, im seeing comments about possibility to spectate, work on runes/masteries/item sets, watch the ladders... they are all very good ideas if you ask me! edit: i just thought... maybe run a ''lolesports'' app separately, so we can see ladders (master/challenger, lcs/lck/lpl). that would prevent a single app to be too stacked, and separate competitive from casual
: Who where the 3 smaller clouds?
reginald, hotshotgg and xpeke! yes, they are clouds now, dont ask :P
Muskokan (NA)
: logged in to ask when people will give up on graves cigar. is it REALLY that detrimental to you? {{item:1332}} cool down, captain...
i mean, yeah it is kind of detrimental that they warn their players that the game contains use of alcohol and tobacco, then make a cutscene featuring said tobacco, then remove it from the game entirely (while gragas still gets drunk, no problem with that), and even worse, other champions are still allowed to smoke (gragas esquire, i think mafia jinx, groovy zilean in some splashes). my point here is that they should take a stand that they care, or do not care, and 100% stick to that philosophy. either aim your game towards kids, or don't. after all, isnt the game technically rated +13? but yes, it is also time for those ppl to move on. and if its that detrimental to them, why dont they just make a custom skin :P
: Azurans idea is one of my favorite ones ive heard. there are so many champions now that the list can be overwhelming to someone who owns them all. I play many champions and understand how to play them all it would be a great tool for me to be able to **make my own list** of "top" lane champions just to help narrow down my selection! Much like the ability to make your own list of items and whatnot other than i feel like the item list is easier to narrow down based off of what you are looking for.
''overwhelming for someone who owns all champs'' you guys have no idea how many times i actually picked anything that fit X role (i.e just clicking on ez cause im adc and theres 1 second left) and ended up either on a champ im unfamiliar with (or havent played in ages as was the case with ez), either counterpicking myself. A way to narrow the list down, would it be only by typing stuff like ''550'' (atk range), ''sustain'' (brings up everyone who has natural heals/shields/regen in their kits), ''global'' (brings up people like tf, panth, ashe and ziggs cause they provide ''global'' spells), or even by making custom champ lists (like item sets) also, can you guys at riot explain once and for all that bard IS NOT a troll pick? idk why, even now i still get reported and raged at, at least 1/3 of my games, just for wanting to play the wandering caretaker..........
Gavran (NA)
: I was just thinking about this with my friends the other day. *I* thought I'd get way more use out of item sets, but in practice I just don't at all. It might be too little too late, but I think part of the issue was accessing them in game. Maybe it could replace Recommended as the default where you've made one for a specific champion? But even then, champions change, items come and go, the shop UI is pretty clean and effective regardless (especially that search, including "slang" from "IE" to "spooky ghosts" was an excellent insight, many cookies to the Rioter responsible.) Actually, to bring this discussion full circle: could you consider trying to add more of that kind of functionality to the champion select search bar? Right now (I believe) it only does champion names and also if you type for example 'marksman' (but only the whole word, it won't show anything until you finish typing) it will show all champions with that tag. Adding support for nicknames like "TF" and "Susan" would be a good start, and just *maybe* if you're saving that data (I assume you are) you could implement stuff like "top" showing champions that you personally have taken to top lane recently / more than X times.
just like typing ''bloothirster'' brings up essence reaver? :P
Lyte (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pryotra,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=WV2VqZca,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2015-11-12T18:55:09.741+0000) > > Well, when is it going live? Even a rough estimate would be nice. > > Also, will people be able to see your champion mastery in select? For example, I'm lvl 5 mastery with Heimer. Would other players be able to see that this guy who wants to take Heimer in knows how to play him? Or would it be hidden until the loading screen? To be honest, we're not sure when we're going to go live yet. We have some polish we'd like to do, maybe a new feature or two, and have one nasty bug we need to fix before the Ranked 2016 Season. The team would love to do another PBE test, and potentially a roll out to NA and TR before the Ranked 2016 Season begins to iron out any further kinks, but we're working around the clock right now and it's hard to predict when each of these pieces will finish. Right now, there are no plans to allow everyone to see your Champion Mastery in Champ Select. We may re-visit this in the future though, and would just have to balance out the negative behaviors that were created. For example, in a distant future when we have more than 5 levels of Champion Mastery, maybe we only show Champion Mastery **only** when you are Level 10 or higher--this is a significant investment, and something "cool" to show you're a master with a champion. However, Level 10 might be a lofty, challenging goal. If we decided to show, say Level 2 Champ Mastery or higher, it would create an immediate perception that if you WEREN'T showing Champ Mastery with a champ, that you shouldn't play Ranked at all. We're aware some players would love this type of "gate" on who you can play in Ranked, but it's not something we're going to consider today because there are more important issues to improve in Ranked Mode.
yeah showing lvl 2+ is kinda low, id say show level 4 and 5s only (since you can (and probably will) show it to everyone once in game anyway). and i think theres a very distinct between installing trust within a team (for example, zac support can be scary to many people, but knowing in advance this is something i've done at least 20-25 times could calm the team down, instead of dragging everyone in a maelstrom of blind raging) and gating what people can or cannot play. Of course, i would recommend locking out any champion you dont have at least 1 mastery level with, which in my opinion doesnt gate anything out (all you need to do to be able to play, i.e Jayce is to do 1 normal game with him, to ensure you at least have basic knowledge). It doesnt matter if you have 140 points or 100k, this only prevents people from locking (accidentally or on purpose) champions that they have NEVER played for example, since champion mastery exists, there are 15 champions i havent played once yet, which would mean i couldnt play yasuo, tryndamere, nocturne, kha'zix or lissandra in ranked until i played them at least once, would it be in team builder, blind or draft. I don't see how that would be wrong for the community :)
: riot plz hear my cries. im digging all the new changes to season 6 so far, and im pumped about the new queues and champ selects....but i have an idea/request. what if you implemented a system where if someone disconnects/afks/never connects before a certain point in the game that team would lose less LP if they were to lose the match? I dont have many issues with the ranked system but im sure everyone can agree its really annoying when you go in to a game and someone leaves or never shows and its a 4v5 just to lose the LP you worked to get in the previous games.
either that or a system that redistributes a disconnected ally's share of ressources among the rest of the team. Let me explain in more detail : in this other game called Heroes of Newerth (another moba, about as old as league is) has this system where, if a player disconnects for 6 consecutive minutes, his allies can vote to ''terminate'' the player, forcing his champion to disappear, the disconnected player is no longer considered part of the game, and his gold/experience is shared among remaining teammates. in the case of a very late game disconnect, all team members get a free 5% movement and damage buff (or something similar). Why not just terminate them automatically? because it is an irreversible decision, and some players just might be slow to reconnect (due to complete pc or router reboot for example), this way you and your team vote on whether you give him/her the chance of reconnecting, or know that he/she wont. In the case the player does reconnect, everyone is fine and plays as usual. In the case said player doesn't come back, his team gets a fair share of compensation, keeping the game at least somewhat manageable
Lyte (NA)
: New champ select Q&A with the dev team!
i know its not exactly a question about the new champ select and all, but i just realized... what happens with masteries for non 30's? does it stay the same? cause i mean, unlocking your lvl 10 (or any level thats not 6,12,18,24,30) mastery point feels kind of underwhelming right now, doesnt it?
Aqvila (NA)
: You're supposed to take him bot, with a support. Maybe even an ADC, but support is better. As for Kassadin... He needs a real silence, if only for a second. The interrupts are nothing of value unless you're trying to save someone from Malzahar.
or playing into a katarina. you shield yourself and stop her ult at the same time. i cal that a win win. especially that you passively have 15% increased magic damage reduction (increased reduction sounds weird, but u know what i mean :P)
SkeIeton (NA)
: SKARNER NERFS???? WHERE THEY AT????!!!!!!!!!!
5% on his early attack speed in his shrines :P
Aqvila (NA)
: She's fine, he's fine, he needs his silence back and he'll be fine, and morde is changed for metasmashing reasons. Get over it. I don't care if you liked him the way he was, he's still stronk anyway. Why are you even complaining about Sona or Xerath? They were changed for a reason. Xerath was sniping people from across the map and Sona was fully capable of being a support and an AP carry at the same time.
but isnt sona still both an ap carry and support at the same time? :P
Romgelo (NA)
: {{champion:3}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:83}} Riot forgot about us
{{champion:6}} most summoners never even knew i existed... {{champion:83}} {{champion:3}} oh well, we had our moment in the spotlight, at least...
Vild Asen (EUW)
: Zed mid smite Garen top smite someone jungle smite Taric/Blitzcrank smite and Lucian/Twitch with smite the ultimate smite team
even better. {{champion:429}} with smite (ok i guess rend means u dont need smite), {{champion:154}} bot (smite ofc) with kali because yolo (also their engage combo is pretty awesome), {{champion:223}} jungle, {{champion:98}} top (with smite ofc) and finally, {{champion:131}} , {{champion:81}} or {{champion:60}} mid with runeglaive. plus, i mean, if kalista grew balls and got a red smite sated devourer... DAMN
Vesarixx (NA)
: All hail Leviathan, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Botrk
LEviathan, one of the items i miss most from the old league. I think if it is ever to be re-introduced, it should still function mostly like its stacking counterparts {{item:3141}} and {{item:3041}} . But, as a ''pure tank'' item, i dont think the stacking should be mirrored... Here's my take on it : LEVIATHAN : {{item:3801}} + {{item:3067}} + 400 gold +300 hp +50% base health regen +10% cdr Unique Passive : This item starts at 5 stacks. You gain (+15)hp and 1% damage reduction (after diminishing returns and armor / magic resistance) per stack (maximum 20 stacks). You gain 1 stack per takedown (champion kill / assist, tower participation (hitting within 5 seconds of it dying), and lose half of your stacks, up to a maximum of 6, upon death (basically, if youre under 12 stacks, you lose half, if over 12, you lose 6, ensuring one single death doesnt utterly destroy your tanking capability). The bonus health from Leviathan stacks does not stack with other health increasing effects (the stacks wont be affected by your cinderhulk or hp% runes, but the 300 base hp from the item itself will)
Åmbient (NA)
: Foxdrop is all you need to {{champion:86}} tee {{champion:112}} {{champion:11}}
{{champion:161}} see what {{champion:77}} there
foxdrop (NA)
: I'd get the minis down to low enough health that your AoE will finish them off within the next few seconds. That's usually a good balance of optimising the clear speed while also not taking too much damage for leaving minis up too long.
what i do is Q, 1 auto on each mini, then back to main, Q, 1 auto minis, rinse and repeat i know i dont have fox's level of credibility, but hey i was here since the beta :p
foxdrop (NA)
: The problem I see which Ryze jungle is that he'd need a lot of time to ramp up and be useful. In the mean time he'd provide very little pressure, be very susceptible to invades or counter ganks, and probably struggle to efficiently clear at all. Similar to Vlad. What's that item you showed there? Grey smite? To my knowledge no such item exists... {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}}
on the other hand, {{champion:68}} in the jungle is always awesome to have, would it be only for the skin but honestly, what would be your take on this? with early sustain and late game dmg (spellvamp and ap/lvl mostly), basically a{{item:3145}} + {{item:3709}} , you get good aoe, the extra hp, and hey, {{summoner:11}} gives you a 3rd slow pre 6 (E*2 + {{summoner:11}} ), and after 6, your ult only adds to the kit. you can use it to gank from very far, and while not good at counter jungling early, he is also uninteresting to counter jungle
foxdrop (NA)
: You have two options HaGuy: - Becomes a jungle Taric main, walk in to lane and press E; - Watch my "3 tips to improve your ganking" video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOFvPUrAnTE Good luck soldier!
manly man jungle ad taric. surprisingly more than OK at clearing with your tips
foxdrop (NA)
: Then you just retreat; you are outmatched and overrun.
even if your support shows up? O.O ans what if both supports show up? does it give scuttler more threat power?
: {{champion:28}} 's passive I could be invisible whenever I want, for as long as I want!
that is, until someone steps in your personal space inadvertently T_T
: I want vlads abilities so I can control people's periods. That one girl in class who gets on everyones nerves? W. Girlfriend on her period? Q. {{champion:8}}
wait so you would transfuse your girl's period blood into your own organism? ugh.
kkq (NA)
: Teemo passive, for those awkward moments in conversation when you just want to disappear.
i already seem to have that skill. whenever im not the center of attention, whatever i say or do, noone seems to notice. but once i start talking and acting like im actually there, every1's attention is shifted 100% on me (teemo global taunt + passive. combo skill!)
кG (NA)
: Wouldn't {{champion:4}} 's ultimate be just as useful, if not better?
no cause it can be out of range :P plus with shens ult you directly tp onto your gf. even allows you to skip preliminaries, and the shield lets you last longer mid-fight *wink wink*
: {{champion:41}} I want to eat oranges and be k. Feeling ill? Eat an orange and be k. Got hit by a car? Eat an orange and be k. Failed a test? Eat an orange and be k. There is no limit to how k you can be with oranges.
technically then you could just hav a fallout 3 bed as well. that would yield pretty much the same result :P aaaand personally i think id grab {{champion:25}} 's black shield. you just cant knock me down. try as you might, im unshakable!
Rayven (NA)
: Thanks for the feedback. We are considering timers for post launch. Hadn't considered Ignite, Heal, and Barrier, but that might make a nice addition.
maybe not straight up the duration if you guys consider it too specific of an information, but even if the dot could have a color code, like: Red = 60 seconds and over Yellow = between 59 and 20 seconds Blue = less than 20 seconds Green = ready Gray = off cooldown but unusable (example, katarina or shyvana) Wouldn't that give everyone the best of this tool without you guys killing the communication part? (since you like it so much) or maybe the color could be based on cd percentage, idk. just giving trails here, participating in the brainstorm :P
: You underestimate the Death Recap. It has been reporting people getting assists on themselves for a while now, and this is the first step towards getting that information into the rest of the UI.
that, and shaco getting a double kill on a kog maw... in a 1v1. and getting killed by 150 true dmg hit from a nidalee's flash wish i had screenshots
NanoCarp (NA)
: The problem also lies in the bonus HP. +25% bonus HP is nothing to sneeze at. It makes other HP items so much more effective, especially when you can build things like Randuin's Omen and Spirit Visage, and then not need an additional item to bolster your HP stat. Not to knock your idea at all though, it's a good place to start as far as nerfs go.
especially when you play a champ like{{champion:36}} , {{champion:58}} or {{champion:75}} , the 25% hp comes in even more handy with the ults (750 instead of 600, plus the extra burn)
: I think in the end Balls and Gifford are both wrong: Smite being used in top lane is totally fine with me because it opens up some *strategic diversity* for the lane, and I don't think that it will totally disappear after Cinderhulk is balanced. Being able to pick up golems and other camps faster once your jungler doesn't need them will still be helpful, and having two team smites will still make securing objectives easier--and might be a really good decision if the other team has Kalista, Cho, or Nunu. TL;DR: Smite/TP top will eventually be seen as a viable niche or counterpick strategy after Cinderhulk and outlying champions are balanced.
lol jungle {{champion:20}} with smite, and top {{champion:31}} with smite. GG quad baron / dragon smite
Jeoffrey (NA)
: Ummm... no duh? Anything that adds extra burst, damage, or cc to Leona early to mid game is op. Her, blitz, and thresh are really the only lanes that actually get extremely dynamic at level 2 anyways.
what about {{champion:36}} , {{champion:111}} , {{champion:113}} , {{champion:106}} ? all very dynamic at lvl 2, all very viable bot lane, and all of them could benefit from the smite strat edit : ok, mundo might not be the best choice for ''lvl 2 dynamic"
Curale (NA)
: you're bronze V..... what do you mean "op"
you dont know, maybe he was masters league before riot saw his comment :P
: Fun Fact: {{champion:59}} is the actual leader of the dunk squad, many incorrectly believe it to be {{champion:122}}
slightly less fun fact : there is no B-baller{{champion:115}} skin :( that would be epic. at least i have my custom skin where he throws watermelons. its almost as cool
: The Match History is basically what the API provides. So rather than building a program that reads everything off of the Match History page (and updating that program when the layout of the match history changes), Riot made an API so programmers can just ask Riot and get the information in a way that's easy to use in programming. Programmers can then go and do fun stuff with that data, like tell you your win rate with a certain champion or with certain friends. It doesn't interact with the game, just the history.
thanks for the insight. i see clearly how it works now {{summoner:2}}
: I see What u did there
well {{champion:64}} didnt
: You can actually just delete it off of your computer right now if you want. As long as no other games you play depend on it you can remove through your "Add/Remove Programs" screen in the Control Panel. The future system we're working on will simply make it that much easier for players.
wait, some other games depend on pando as well? i thought riot's things were riot's things, and blizz's things were theirs, and etc!
: I feel like that could work :D but then would there ever be a real side being picked by the series or would it just tell the story XD cuz I know my side NOXUS! for everrrrr imagine {{champion:122}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:6}} there is no limit to how awesome they are ALL OF IT BELONGS TO TO NOXUS!
{{champion:6}} {{champion:14}} and {{champion:36}} actually are from Zaun, if im right
Garmeil (NA)
: I'd rather it be a gritty HBO series with violence, intrigue, and sex. Just imagine the bloody wars, Talon trying to be a diplomat, and the hot Velkoz x Annie scenes. Would definately be a must watch.
i thought vel'koz could maybe finally be the match for {{champion:76}} 's unrivaled horniness :P
: My wet dreams involve hot girls, but to each his own I guess.
any of those : {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:143}} could easily fit in any of my dreams :P and yeah i left some out of this list on purpose, personally rlly not a big fan of sona
: {{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:92}} {{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:92}} {{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:92}} {{champion:92}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:92}} {{champion:92}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}} {{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:54}}{{champion:92}} {{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:92}} {{champion:92}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:92}} {{champion:92}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:92}} {{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}} {{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:31}} Fuck this
was that supposed to be a mario? if so, next time try using {{champion:53}} instead of {{champion:50}} , and {{champion:119}} instead of {{champion:54}} . i swear itll look better
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