Ohyahman (NA)
: Yasuo Nerf Idea
Yasuo is not OP. His win rate is fine, 49.2% from lolKing. The problem is that Windwall counters some champions wat too hard and that he can make use of airbone from other champions, which make matches with Yasuo too weird.
: Unpopular Opinion on Comebacks
Strongly agree that snowballing is NOT toxic!!!! What's the point of early game if there is no snowballing?
: > [{quoted}](name=Inept Maverick,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=urj8TUBi,comment-id=00040000000000000000,timestamp=2015-12-02T18:39:53.657+0000) > > Thats less because of the towers, but because defending them is significantly easier with the Fortify buff and TP scrolls and some heroes can heal towers. definitly cause of tower they have 20 armor (200 armor in league) and 1500 hp while dota 2 heroes have 50 base AD in average and gains 2 AD/lvl in average
1 Dota armor is exactly 6 League of Legends armor. There are also various items and auras that buff your creeps, and you can start an item that gives all minions 2 bonus armor. Decent pushing heroes(KotL, Axe, etc) can easily kill the racks(inhibitors in league of legends) within 10 mins if no one is defending. Even the worst pushing heroes (Bane, etc) can do this in 15 mins.
: > [{quoted}](name=Red Ryu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=urj8TUBi,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2015-12-02T17:11:56.043+0000) > > Last time I played Dota I do remember the towers focus made no sense to me. Minions under turret in front of me yet nope gotta focus the Ashe of Dota just cause. > > People think towers do no damage on league, play Dota and honestly tell me you feel safe under a tower. again we're not here to talk about dota 2 towers, but rather how league's towers are joke when it comes to tankiness, for information dota 2 towers hit the closest target to make pushing difficult without melee minions. What i'am talking about isn't the focus system, but the fact that they can't fall before at least 17 min in the game.
Tower can use some buffs, but 17 min is ridiculously long... There won't be tops anymore since we'd rather have another jungle for more ganks and securing the dragon. The top tower doesn't fall anyway.
: Can we please nerf Thresh, this is ridiculous.
I think there is some problem with the concept of Thresh. I have to agree that his kit is heavily overloading. Thresh is an offensive support with all the grabs, CCs, and damage, which should be sufficient for him to be a good support. But, he also comes with a latern that provides extra mobility to any member of the team. This is like giving a Sword of Blink from DOTA to a friendly champion who would become OP in League of Legends with that foreign item. Thresh does have some counterpicks, Sivir, Morganna. But it is counterplay instead of counterpick that really involves strategy and makes the game fun. Devs are often quite stubborn when it comes to concept changes though.
: life as a support
I see the stone near shaco's box...
SouL1ess (NA)
: The problem is that a team of 4 and a leaver vs a team of 5 has zero compromised advantage, e.g. increased ambient gold and etc. It doesn't solve the problem of that most non-5v5 games are a waste of time.
That would make intentionally leaving the game a straregy to win, which is ridiculous.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Minion damage no longer stops Miss Fortune and Garen's passives
No. Garen and Miss would be overpowered in laning phase.
: > [{quoted}](name=CNY10000,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=4EE5u3Aq,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2015-01-25T04:52:01.677+0000) > > These are of-course must-have items on my teemo. but what's else? I have 6 slots for items. i gave you 6 items
of course I saw your post....your build is rather popular on Teemo. but personally I don't really like {{item:3085}}. it's kinda farming style item. The damage deal on the target you are focusing on is actually very low, even lower than {{item:3157}}. It may be okay to build {{item:3085}} for a more efficient farming in early game, but I would suggest you sell it in late game and buy something else. Or, you may try {{item:3085}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3072}} for tank&AD Teemo.
: {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}}
These are of-course must-have items on my teemo. but what's else? I have 6 slots for items.
Sira Ren (NA)
: I build Nashor's first, then go into either Liandry's because the mushroom's do immense damage with Liandry's OR if I'm thinking of 1v1 / split pushing, I build a Void Staff + Lich Bane + Runaan's. The speed and burst per dart is quite intense. Hopefully, that helps somewhat. Laundry's for mushrooms but if you want more upfront burst, Void Staff seems to work the best. Lich Bane comes easily once you start kiting people down with Nashor's + Void Staff.
Thanks...though I don't think it's a good idea to build Nashor first because I often feel that Teemo's Q's and shroom's damage are far beyond Teemo's basic attack in early game.
Rioter Comments
: Get Rid of Mejai's and Sword of the Occult
Personally, I am fine with them. They are not game-breaking because even 20 stacks do not make it a viable late-game item. I'm also fine with a bit of snowballing in game. However, what I find ridiculous is that Riot always says they want to reduce snowball effects, but these evidently snowball-enlarging items are not removed. Riot is controdicting themselves.
shppy (NA)
: well said, I was just about to write out a rant to this effect but you pretty much covered it. Flash most of the time is nothing more than a crutch, and frankly it's dumbing down the skill of the playerbase by allowing them get out of situations they should be punished for getting themselves into (or alternatively allowing them to reap rewards they didn't deserve to acquire)... it's like letting children get F's in school without any kind of action being taken about it; it lowers standards and lets people get by on mediocrity or even failure in the short run while ignoring the issues it'll cause in the long run.. It'd be nice if you guys would at least do SOMETHING about Flash... no, it's absolutely not worth keeping it as-is just because it allows some 'cool plays' (especially when those 'cool plays' are generally just shallow but showy) when it's coming at such a degenerative cost to the health of the game. How about at least changing it to partially turn back mobility creep, by having it be disabled for ~5 seconds after using another moveblock ability and having other moveblock abilities be disabled for ~5 seconds after using Flash? It'd be an easy step in bringing back a little parity between the haves and the have-nots of mobility, and it'd make reaching/escaping mobile champions that little bit more rewarding and meaningful if they can't just flash after their innate dash(es) are used up.
flash does need some change but I can't agree with the change u proposed. disable using flash and another flash-like ability continuously only hurts champions that have movementblock ability. As results: 1. flash is still a must have ability for champions who don't have innate "flash" 2. this change hurts champions with innate "flash" too much. from now on, as long as an assassin uses his "flash" to assassinate someone, the assassinated one can simply avoid being killed simply by using flash because the assassin can't use his real flash to chase up due to the restriction you put. This change might completely kicks assassins out of the League. it hurts assassins too much without any good way to compensate because it's a rather extreme change on assassination strategy. 3. personally I hate intentionally putting a rule just to counter a tactics in the game.... I would suggest simply buff other summoner spells a bit and nerf the range/CD of flash for a bit to make {{summoner:4}} a little less must-have. for the Riot's point that flash is creating cool plays......that's completely non-sense....
undEAdbUs (EUNE)
: Fiora no counterplay
I think the 4.20 patch balanced her to a good state. her ult is not actually dealing more damage against you because the base damage is already reduced
: Idea to improve Sightstone
HP is useful for everyone...
Seijec (NA)
: Why is "smurfing" allowed?
It is truely bad....but how would you find smurfing guys? They wouldn't tell you....
: urgot needs a rework
He has been reworked but failed......
JuuseBox (NA)
: What do your bans look like?
MUST BE BANNED: morg/yasuo/barum if some of them were banned by the opponent side, or my teammates want them, I would ban amumu/malphite/zilean/sejuani or whatever my teammates want me to ban
: Please, Riot, fix the hitbox for Death Sentence.
"cover all 360 degrees around Thresh" ---- Most skill shots have the same mechanism "go twice as far as the range indicator suggests" ---- are u comparing its range to the range indicator of flay? "seemingly turning at right angles just as you think you successfully dodged it" ---- fix ur screen or ur eye...maybe both of them
darkdill (NA)
: Riot, must ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING have counterplay?
"counterplay" is good but "counter“ is bad...Talon can receive some buff but deleting his silence is absolutely reasonable.
Trijan (NA)
: About Fizz
Yeah...targeted projectile delete is a damn mechanism.....not only for fizz.
Aamano (NA)
: when is Zilean getting fixed
he will receive a rework....there are just too many of them who need even more rework.....
: Vi isn't an Assassin. So why is she dealing damage like one?
at least...i'm not seeing tanky Vi dealing as high damage as an assasin...even though it is a threat to mage and adc...
: Care to explain the reason behind Yasuo's HP nerfs?
Riot just see him have a high ban rate so Riot decided to nerf him. It's terrible. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/NpR2RQgE-about-yasuo
: Inhibs shouldn't be able to respawn as you are attacking the nexus
I think there is another way to solve this problem. instead of suddenly respawning, make dead inhibitor regenerates health points(at a rate of (inhibitor health)/(inhibitor respawn time)). the inhibitor respawned after its health is fully regenerated. When inhibitor is regenerating, it can be attacked.
: Remove Gold Reward for Champion Kills and Turrets
That would change the game too much....but i am kinda pro to reduce the gold reward of kills.
: Should Items be hurtful to its owner in League?
I agree that building health shouldn't be hurting its owner, but health items are not actually hurting soraka. Go to learn some math. Though I think it might be okay if an item is meant to be kinda harmful to its owner....like +20AD but -100 health might be okay
: Could we have 1 more Champion ban per side in S5 please?
Bump Riot, plz see this thread!!!!!!!!
: [GAMEPLAY]When in game sometimes some summoners has an icon of flash or exhaust in TAB
: Will Veigar ever get reworked or nerfed?
I main Veigar. I don't think Veigar is over powered but Veigar might need some rework...
Sureway (NA)
: What's going to happen to Jungling?
I don't exactly know that happens on PBE but Riot is becoming stupid if what u said is true. hopefully they are simply testing. Baron giving short recall might be okay because sometimes a team simply steals baron and it doesnot mean they are ready for a team fight. but at least i don't like this idea. about jungle...basically riot is making strategy that they want instead of giving players freedom to develop their own strategy...terrible
: Since Riot crippled Talon's E, can we get a decent passive on him now?
Talon is having 51.02% win rate. buff is not needed, at least there are champions who needs to be buffed more.
Zanryu (EUW)
: New Banning System: Veto
ugh....we don't need such a complex system...just give us a few more bans...
Skaarrjj (NA)
: During the Pre-Season can we please Nerf Lee Sin in such a way where it's not a slap on the wrist?
: Daily Reminder We Need 5 Bans Now
I might agree 5 bans but the list of broken champions u suggest is ridiculous.
P4rzival (NA)
: Tower Damage
Well, Nasus is not the one who can tank turret too well. He is tanky because he can spend all his gold to build tank items. Most melee non-utility champions can be more tanky than Nasus if both build the same items. I strongly agree with the third point u suggest. Inner turrets, inhibitor turrets are dealing just a little bit more damage than first tier turret. Nexus turrets are even dealing the least damage. They bacome like a vision ward in late game...
: So.... What's up with Morgana?
Her damage is not the point...Even if she builds like {{item:3083}}{{item:3190}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3102}} she is still OP enough just because pf her CC...
: Sion's HP stack have a cap still?
It's capped at a very large amout like 99999(I forgot the exact number, but i'm sure it's not a cap that u can reach)
Rioter Comments
: Patch 4.18 notes
Riot...u don't understand why people hate yasuo...yasuo will still be a forever banned champ in draft and ranked...
: Patch 4.17 notes
{{champion:25}} laughed.....{{item:3023}} {{item:3023}} {{item:3023}}
: Patch 4.15 notes
good to see urgot tweaked. hopefully the next one is {{champion:14}} :P
: Patch 4.13 notes
Glad to see {{champion:236}} receives a real nerf. :P {{champion:412}} is nerfed a bit too much though...plz at least bring back his ult...because this nerf means that the ult's damage is reduced by 2/3!!!@#$
: Patch Rundown – 4.12
The video is great though. I still don't understand how those changes on Lucian are a nerf.
: When will we get patch 4.20?
NEVER! Because Patch 5.1 will come before that.
: Patch 4.12 notes
I am not sure whether {{champion:236}} is really nerfed. {{champion:236}} may be even more OP than before.
: Note: I'm am directing this to competitive gameplay and ranked games (especially Diamond) Dear Riot, The following was patch was great and I think the Riot team is heading the right direction, But! You should really focus on fixing the following REAL problem in the game. At least 5 or 6 of the following champions are played/banned in EVERY SINGLE GAME: Braum Irelia Jax Kassadin Kayle Le Blanc Lee Sin Lucian Lulu Nidalee Twich Yasuo ..The same champions are banned EVERY SINGLE GAME (usually Kass,Kayle,Jax,Braum,lb,Yasuo,Nid,) League really feels like there are 20 champions in it instead of 120... Why is this so? Because these champions are better than other champions in almost every way (aka Tier 1 champions) There are about 20 more champions after them that are just below tier 1 (Kha,Elise,Rengar,Evelyn, etc) You can see this for yourself really...Open league, go to the home-screen, and look at the 5 spectating matches that are going on...again same champions... look at LCS and pro matches...same champions... When I see a Cho Gath,Sion,Olaf,etc all of the sudden I get so happy to see something new in my game... my games are usually very dull; I want to see this dealt with...I have a dream that the fact that champions are divided into T1,T2,T3 champions will be no more. I want to see myself playing are game and having no idea what the enemy team and my team are going to pick. I want players to pick champions based on their very own style of gameplay and not based on how strong and useful a champion is. I wish to see this game really shine and this issue stands in the game over all Sincerely, a fan. ChilePerson -D1
Some champions that are not viable at diamond tier are terrifying enough at lower tiers. If Riot buffs {{champion:14}} , diamond players may see something new while bronze tier will become the world of {{champion:14}}. Ban and pick mechanism may help but how about blind pick match? It is adsolutely impossible for Riot to balance every champion for players from every tier.


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