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: Does Anyone Actually Like The New HUD?
No, I love it. Riot has done a spectacular job with It :) It look gorgeous. It's the OS X Yosemite of League HUDs
Teenbus (NA)
: I don't think Rath has been proven not to be {{champion:101}} ; we have a history for the character now, but nothing about what he's doing in modern Runeterra. He could easily still be experimenting with magic, and gods know that even if they back out of it, Riot was intending to go in that direction when they used that name.
> [{quoted}](name=Teenbus,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=FeiLTBaA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-07-22T16:34:07.959+0000) > > I don't think Rath has been proven not to be {{champion:101}} ; we have a history for the character now, but nothing about what he's doing in modern Runeterra. He could easily still be experimenting with magic, and gods know that even if they back out of it, Riot was intending to go in that direction when they used that name. Yeah :) Maybe he needs TF to control his powers? Perhaps Xerath can control his shape now.
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iLuma (NA)
: iLuma's "Are You Afraid of the Dark" Contest! (Win a FREE Skin/Champion!)
A young girl stood alone in the harsh sunlight. Her head slumped, her silver scythe reflected the moon's glory and the blood of the Sun. The blade was stuck in the heart of a golden maiden, twitching on the end of the architect of her end. A shadow eclipsed the sun, and a fiery halo blossomed around the moon before it fizzled, like all lives, and one more of the Solari came to an end at the hands of the Moon's Shadow. She swore to take revenge on all who had wronged her before the Moon, like all things ended. {{champion:131}} and {{champion:89}}
: So we've got Order of the Banana Soraka...
Order of the Phoenix Quinn? Avada kedavra!
: Rito-senpai, are you psychic?
: What you are noticing is a problem with an inconsistent texel density across the map. It is noticeable at all levels of quality but is exaggerated on Very-Low settings. I am personally working on resolving this issue. Thanks for the feedback.
Thank you! I personally play on very low on everything, so thats why I saw it!
Kamatra (NA)
: 2015 will end in fire. {{champion:63}}
If this is to end in fire, we will all burn together. -Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thron
: Just start everyone with full masteries, this system is stupid because it teaches nothing about the actual game's parameters. Runes should also be free, but Riot won't give up on their mandatory IP use that forces people to buy champs with RP.
Look, I have only ever used the original 400 RP. And you don't have to buy every champion, only the ones you want! Buying runes gives you a goal, and if everything was free then the game would get very boring.
: Winter Syndra
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I can't wait for the summer to use this !!! (I don't play during the school year. seriously regretting uninstalling league)
: Dino Gnar appreciation!
Even his Mega-GNAR is Cute :D
kolpy99 (NA)
: Riot's not here to get sued lmao
They aren't but, King Rammus? Hmmm... Its really cool of them to take things like Bowser and Mortal Kombat and make skins for us.
: Flap Jax
For Yi flavor, just take off the toupee. :)
: uhhh...I love you're username. :P
: it would probably work against certain team compositions, the problem is you would have a lot of problem dealing with tanks, or pretty much anyone you can't one shot. Generally, I think 5 assassin comps would be a bit redundant, but there are more traditional looking comps that have 4-5 assassins. Not that this is a good comp, but you can have say, Zed top, Rengar jungle, Ahri mid, Tristana ADC, and LeBlanc support (it's really rare but it has happened in professional play).
I see. Thank you!
12tales (NA)
: Short answer: No Long answer: A lot more goes into an assassination than just damage. You need the CC to ensure your assassin can do their job, the Shields/Peel to ensure he doesn't immediately die, and most importantly, you need to have a team that can take advantage of the 4v5. Every one of the assassins you list is more than capable of insta-gibbing a squishy with proper support, and late game, you only *need* one kill to end the whole thing. So, what are those other assassins doing for you? There's no real reason to have them. You'd benefit much more from having a tank to let you turret dive, an ADC to shove down towers, and a mage to push waves and defend yourself from sieges. The team you list is also kinda awkward because no two of them are capable of laning against an ADC/Support duo, and none of them are particularly good junglers. So, you're handicapping yourself unnecessarily in that regard. Currently, if you want a team that's really good at picking one guy and 100-0ing him, something along the lines of Gragas top, Elise jungle, Xerath mid, Tristana ADC and Thresh support is gonna be really, *really* good at doing that - but also really good at sieging turrets, pushing waves, teamfighting, taking down neutral objectives and laning. So even though on paper, it's worse at instagibbing people than the team you suggest, it's still good *enough* at that while being much more versatile. Make sense?
Yes, this explains the meta, to me. Thanks!
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: We should get a wishlist going Hyrum, lol. So far I've got * Roleplaying * New players/Guides * Teams/LFG * Bugs * Maps an Modes broken into .... * SR * TT * Dominion * HA
The thing with this many boards would spread people too thin, and It would make it more like the Forums, rather than the Boards.
: There also needs to be a ultimate bravery version of this. Where you build is randomized before hand, and only bought automatically when you die. There is not deciding on what gets buiilt, its totally random.
That would be hilarious. A Zed with 6 Bloodthirsters vs a Lee Sin with six Faerie Charms
Phreak (NA)
: You guys are so ig-Gnar-ant of what makes a good pun...
Apgnarrently gnarthe gnarmaster gnarcan gnarshow gnarus.
PapaFizz (NA)
: Aram being balanced for a struggle to victory? Sorry bud I don't believe you. Never played a ARAM game were it wasn't Pwning or Being rekt. If this is real I congratulate you OP those other 9 strangers had a once in a lifetime opportunity :P
What does OP mean in this context?
: So Tamat, his desk, Phreak walk into a Gnar......
Gnarrk, Gnarrk, Gnarrk. (Knock, Knock, Knock.)
Tamat (NA)
: That's it. I'm done.... *FLIPDESK* See you all tognarrow....
Gnarmally we would leave you alone
Vayne could also be Batman
Udyr as Beast Boy Morgana as Raven Renekton as Killer Croc Galio as Trigon Xerath as Electro Lucian or Caitlyn as Deadshot Varus as Green Arrow Yasuo as Ra's Al Ghul Twisted Fate is Gambit, already This would be so much fun
: I don't think you want perfect balance either. Extra Credits did an episode of perfect imbalance and I think that's what you are aiming for. I think it's that imbalance which gives champs the counterplay that they need.
That makes quite a bit of sense. Thank you!
Fisk (NA)
: She is just a lot more punishing than either of them. You have to land your whole combo correctly and know how to use her kit or she will be useless
I see. which pro players play her well?
: This may be still further develop to improve, but i think the animations will be "poor", making this not very much interesting, from my point of view =)
Yeah, sorry. You're idea is great, though. As long as the tentacles aren't too Vel'Kozyy
skippersd (EUNE)
: Since there are multiple champions that have already been established, you pick a few that are similar to your new one. Let's say you want a new burst mage. You take a look at Syndra's, LeBlanc's numbers, and use those as a base line. This is the starting point, then comes in the testing, when they adjust these numbers. (ie: your new champ's Q is a weird skillshot that's really hard to hit, so you buff it, or it's ult does too much damage too easily, so you nerf it a bit.)
But you don't want every champion to be similar, and they're really not. If you look at the AD and AP scaling it isn't the same between any champion, and nearly every ability is different. This might not be how Riot does this, but it would work.
: So, pratically the got the spiky back of a dragon. In the windup animation, the spikes get in his back, ready to be released. Then Cho'Gath launches the spikes from his back, to the targeted area, traveling horizontally, and working as a live rupture at the moment of the impact? Sounds creative, but You need to clarify how the spikes falling from above cause people to be knocked up =). Also, with some adjustments, to me this may fit more with Vorpal Spikes =)
The spikes are always there, its just when you activate rupture they sink into his back, and through his legs and travel through the ground and "rupture" at the target location. Its not the best idea
: The skill cap and skill floors for champs are a part of balance. Take Akira from Virtua Fighter. He's absolutely the hardest guy in that game to learn. However once you learn him, he's brutal to play against. But this was totally intended. How you want your balance to be for a character is is your call. How complex do you want the champ to be, what happens when he plays right, and that sort of thing. Then you build a champ towards that goal, see the results and work from there. Lots of play testing is required to get it right. Sometimes you have to go back and forth a few times. Sometimes you have to scrap ideas. Sometimes while you wanted X for a character but you are getting pulled to do Y instead.
So what if you have a champion ridiculously powerful at really high levels, but not as good at lower levels? Would that be balanced?
Nyhver (NA)
: You give them everything you want, try to adjust numbers accordingly, let it go live (since apparently PBE isn't very effective for data, at least in some ways) and then something can be reduced or increased in strength by numbers. A champion can have the most overloaded kit in existence, but if they have abysmally small numbers, it won't matter what they have in their kit.
So how do they choose the numbers?
: A lot of things really. Win rate is an indicator but not the only issue. KA/D can work well (even for supports) but it's better for measuring players than champs. When power spikes happen is big. For riot, being able to answer a champ or do something to react is big. Balance is basically everything a champ can do and every stat they have. A lot of getting balance right is playing that champ and seeing what it does, when it does it, and what happens next. Balance is about pulling levers and you need as many as you can... but adding more makes balancing more complex because you've got a lot of options and a lot of them are neither a right answer nor a wrong answer because context is important.
Then how does one know that it isn't the balance that is off, but the skill cap or floor?
Khodexus (NA)
: You could, but if the ability had a slightly different scope, rather than being an exact ability duplicate, it could still be useful, and interesting, and unique. Zilean and Aatrox players still buy Guardian Angel and Zhonya's Hourglass, Sivir and Morgana players still buy Banshee's Veils. Just because abilities have similarities doesn't mean they make each other obsolete, by any stretch.
So could it be similar to Lucian, where it removes certain CC's? This champ is shut down by stuns, snares, and silences. What if you could take any CC applied to you, and apply it and refresh the duration to any enemy champion? If you aren't affected by CC it could be a stasis ability, so it is still useful.
: >Do you think they are trying to develop a way to make a champion perfectly balanced on release? No. I think they are trying for better balanced, not too UP or OP. The problem with perfect balance is there's so many aspects of the game you can't balance for everything. Also you need champs to have strengths so people will play them and weakness so people can play against them. You try to give it as much time as you can, but end the end a champ either needs to be released or if there's something terribly wrong like Ao Shin, then he gets sent back for rework. As for Jax, he's strong for a few reasons. His E gives him a chance to close and engage (in addition to a stun). His W lets him close gaps. He also has a lot of synergy in his kit. For example his passive and the passive on his ult are great together. That said, right now, his win rate is pretty weak.
What determines balance? Is it the win rate of all the champions? Or is it the kd, because that wouldn't work for supports? Its all so interesting.
: Looking for champ purchase advice
My first assassin was Zed. He is difficult, but just watch Faker or Bjergsen play. He is difficult but well worth it. And he is actually really fun to play.
: Indeed, looking at how good Vel'Koz's tentacles look, convinced me that the tentacles idea was a good one. Also, tentacles may make Cho'Gath even bigger and more terrifing. Also, the tentacles idea shall behave well, when Cho'Gath grows: the hatch gets bigger too, allowing space for more tentacles. Or to avoid the problem of managing to many moving objects, the already existing tentacles just get bigger. I did not get Your idea very well, can You explain it a little better please =)? Also, lol @ kaiju karma :D!
My idea is just for Rupture. The tentacles idea is good I understand what you mean. My idea was for rupture to have a spine of spikes on his back, like a dragon. When he uses rupture, his spines go into his back, and for the delay that you have to wait for them to pop out of the ground they travel like a projectile. So it would look like you could see his spine and they each were enlarged (sort of). Also with Kaiju Karma, I was thinking it would counter Mecha Malphite :D
: You don't. You try your best, but you only have so much time to test a champ. Champs are rarely perfectly balanced, usually riot has to settle for good enough. Lately they've been putting more time into it so champs aren't as bad as they were on release. Still riot's doing a good job when they don't listen to the QQers too much.
Do you think they are trying to develop a way to make a champion perfectly balanced on release? Honestly I don't know what makes a champion OP. I know Jax is easy to make OP, but I can't tell why. Do you think the creators of Jax knew he would be so OP?
: Time and testing. Without any real knowledge of the champion design process ,these are my assumptions of how it works. When riot is creating a champion, they would assign a general value to things like damage on the skills in the champ's kit, should the champion be hyper mobile, cc heavy, etc. With lots of testing and trial and error, they would nail down a general idea of what numbers and ranges they want for the new champ. Then it moves to the pbe, where player feedback and larger scale testing allows for fine tuning of the numbers
So do you think once they choose the mobility, cc heavy, or other, that they choose the appropriate weakness to build in? e.g. for mobility squishy or cc heavy low damage, and burst?
Khodexus (NA)
: That really depends on the scope. If it just removes snares, for instance, it wouldn't necessarily have to be an ult. On the other hand, you'd want to have it do something besides just remove CC, otherwise it'd be useless against certain team compositions.
Wouldn't you just build Quicksilver Sash instead of wanting Riot to integrate it into the kit?
Fisk (NA)
: I think elise will still be playable (as is any champ) at lower levels of play. She is just not going to be good as you go up. Also shes incredibly challenging so be ready for that when you're learning her
Is she harder than Zed or Syndra? I can play them well enough for my level of play. Thank you!
: @IronStylus, about the Cho'Gath VU: How to make his anatomy to support his Rupture
Thats a really good idea, but since Vel'Koz, also from the void, has tentacles would it be better to distance Cho'Gath and use something along the lines spikes along his spine dropping back in and a stomp? Also, Mecha Aatrox, Mecha Malphite, Mecha Kha'zix vs Kaiju Cho'gath, Kaiju Karma, and Kaiju Nocturne :D
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: Maybe something like that as an ult on a long CD (as a regular ability that's plain OP).
The quicksilver blade wouldn't help if you were silenced, and its useless if activated before hand. Maybe if it reduced the duration of all CC's inflicted in the next five seconds by 25 percent + 1 for every percent of health you were missing?
Fisk (NA)
: Regarding Elise
Do you think for a level 17 summoner that Elise would still be fun and enjoyable? Elise still does well in her games in the LCS. She is one of the few jungle tanks left, and she has a wide skill set. Elise is fun to play top, if jungle isn't viable. I hope this helps. (I only played her a couple times when she was free, and now Im saving up for her with IP, so I'm not an expert :)
: Champion Thoughts
What about a Zhonya's into an invisibility? That way it would still be useful when the champion isn't CC'd. So if they saw Garen running at them with the Q (which silences) they could activate the ability, and the run away invisibly. A pink ward would be a good counter. Is the Ult over powered? And yes the AP loss is only while the champion is at that health. So its sort of like the abilities and Cooldowns scale with health :D
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