: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Rh0dr1 (NA)
: Am I the only "Quinn Main" who is excited for her rework
yokazo (NA)
: riot probably made 1000s of dollars on people buying the project skins alone
They're experiencing server issues because of how many people are in the store right now. THEY ARE MAKING WAY MORE THAN THOUSANDS YO
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
My ping is objectively worse now. East coast. I'm hitting 6000 ping but a steady 600. It's literally unplayable. I'd already lost a lot of the faith I used to have in riot and this is just icing on the cake. I didn't want to lose faith in you guys, I really didn't. This is just long overdue and it feels terrible to have a night that was supposed to be fun turned over on you. I'm in a bad mood now because I'm tired of your servers screwing me over. Any help? Please? I want to be able to believe in you guys again.
: Riot, thank you for finally lowering our ping by 60-70
I'm on the east coast and my ping objectively worse than before somehow. It's literally going up to 6000 now, but it's usually at a steady 600. I wish I was kidding. When it's not like that which is basically never, it's around 50 ping, but whatever happened made the situation worse. Honestly, I feel let down. This server move is LONG overdue. This is the only game I lag on. I've been ignored and screwed over for so long network wise that I've lost a LOT of faith in Riot. I didn't want to. I wanted to believe that they would keep their promises (for other things besides networks) but I've just been let down. Yeah, they can make some nice skins and cool champions, but there's a lot more to developing a game than that. I put this game down for a while because my ping had gotten unplayable. I come back when they've finally put a measure in place to improve things, and it's still in a horrific state for me. For those who might say it's my internet, I have an amazing download/upload speed and I don't lag in other games. I'm tired of being unable to play this game, but honestly Riot is making me feel that it may not be worth it anymore.
: @Riot Are older Legendary skins getting updates?
Yes, they should. The quality bar has been raised.
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Optimizing the Internet for League and You
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric? PART III. The Modern Man's Paladin.
I'm alright with some modernity, but remember. Taric is confident and manly, but also uses his confidence to make his beauty work. It doesn't matter if he's straight or gay, Taric is fabulous and cutting edge. Please keep the hair swoosh. If Taric loses his hair swoosh it would be like Johnny Gat without his glasses, . There's not necessarily something wrong with Taric keeping his current hair style. Just because you make something modern, does not mean you improve upon what was already there. How can we incorporate being bedecked in jewels with a modern paladin? Seeing how he's one of the only actual paladins in Runeterra that we have seen as a champion, you have the freedom of expression to define what this universe's paladins would even look like, and how he differs from their "traditional" design. Taric is already more then an armor set. This is why pictures of Taric in speedos and other types of armor still feel like Taric. That being said, he wears his armor for a reason, so it probably means a lot to him, seeing how fashion conscious he is. I rather like how the crystals stick out of his armor like arcane conduits. Please keep those, even if you update his armor some.
: Can I get the boards honest opinion on this article?
I don't think that gamers are inherently misogynist, and I don't think this movement really is either. To say someone is misogynistic is that they have an inner hatred for women, and I don't see that as the case. Gamergate is not an organized movement. It's got supporters on 8chan, reddit, and all kinds of other forums. It doesn't even have a leader. Gamergate is a hashtag anyway, anyone can use it. In addition, the people who care about ethics can't really stop trolls from posting. To ask them to not use the hashtag won't stop them from addressing their concerns anyway. It seems like something that has been boiling up for a while against anti consumer companies and sites. I see it on /r/pcmasterrace/, I see it in facebook comments, on twitter, on any of the chans, etc. To say it is inherently misogynist, when so many people have stood up who actually care about games journalism seems like an unreasonable stereotype. I know a lot of gamergate supporters are actually trying to track down the people who sent threats, and I think they found one of them, but it was some dude in Brazil. You've got Totalbiscuit, a gamergate supporter, who is actually engaging with games journalists to talk to them about their ethical concerns. You've got boogie, a kind man who preaches an anti hate message and a love for games, and he's a supporter. Granted, every movement has its bad apples, but to say it's about misogyny is like saying Islam is about bombing people. Disturbed individuals hop into every movement once they see it's popular. This game has toxic people, yet the league of legends community is where I have met a ton of nice players and staff. To say everyone was toxic would be an insult to the people who have really fostered this game's community. I've just seen so many people who actually care about ethics, that I think branding them as misogynistic would be cruel.
: Thanksgiving Rammus
: A Different Take On The Jax-Man
> http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/093/2/0/league_of_legends___night_road_by_inkinesss-d4uuln1.jpg > > With the big changes coming to the lore, certain champions will be affected more than others. Those associated with large-enough factions will remain safe, and probably won't change that much, when and if they get updated―others heavily rely on the League's existence, among the most prominent being **Jax**. One of the oldest and most recognizable champions in the game, Jax is something of a poster-boy for League. He's both visually distinct and mechanically powerful. But his story? That's always been lacking. > > Apparently, he was a run-of-the-mill mercenary or soldier, who racked up an impressive victory count once he became a League participant. He is certainly bodacious. But his motives are anyone's guess. Since the League itself no longer exists in the new lore as we know it, it's safe to say that we're still fighting on the Rift. So how could Jax come into this? Refer to the above image. Jax could be a **[forester](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forester)**. > > >A **forester** is a person who practices forestry, the science, art, and profession of managing forests. Foresters engage in a broad range of activities including timber harvesting, ecological restoration and management of protected areas. Foresters manage forests to provide a variety of objectives including direct extraction of raw material, outdoor recreation, conservation, hunting and aesthetics . . . > > The new Rift is a beautiful and dangerous place. Inhabited by dozens of animals and creatures that could easily kill a man, the law of the land is "Improve or die." As such, anybody who stays there has to be *sharp*. That neatly fits Jax. Jax is incredibly skilled and excels in the jungle in-game, so he probably knows his way around the bramble and underbrush of the Rift. Anyone who can truthfully lay claim to *actually living* in the Rift would have a **doctorate in badass**. > > Still not convinced? > > A forester was also a title used widely during Medieval times. The forester usually held a position equal to a sheriff or local law enforcer. He was responsible for patrolling the woodlands on a lord or noble's property . . . His duties included negotiating deals for the sale of lumber and timber and stopping poachers from illegally hunting . . . Often foresters held titles of prominence in their local communities . . . > > League is a fantasy game, so it often takes cues from medieval history. Being a forester would essentially make Jax the law of the land. It would also explain his in-game powers and as to why he doesn't carry an actual weapon. Why? Because he's the Rift's caretaker, not a full-blown warrior. But as we saw in **"A New Dawn"**, Jax is no normal man, inhuman physiology aside; in a display of artistic interpenetration, his W made his lamppost burst into flames. > http://th00.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2014/203/7/d/a_new_dawn_wallpaper_11_by_tomok2404-d7rrqgl.jpg > Is Jax magical? Possibly. But his lamppost could very well be. But who's every heard of a magical lantern that can burst into flames? And how does that possibly explain why Jax is a **hyper-carry** who **attacks quickly, can take a hit, excels in the jungle,** and **deals magic damage with his basic attacks?** It's not like his lantern is {{item:3154}} and {{item:3160}}. > http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view2/1418411/dr-evil-o.gif > > ___ > Now, let's consider the implications. A stout "hermit" with distinct and colorful robes, who knows the lay of the land, is both agile and powerful, and can put most warriors to shame. > http://youtu.be/wvYXoyxLv64?t=1m54s > Don't tell me you can't imagine this happening between a Noxian and Demacian... The rift is not a part of the lore at all now, it is just part of the game, sorry man. In the new lore, nobody fights on the rift because it does not exist
RiotPDB (NA)
: NA Servers and the Future
Mieli (NA)
: I don't like Boards
I wish they were brown.
: Dunkmaster Darius enters the preseason
: Operation: Break the testing board
: Finally something good coming out of the Lore Team
I just wish it explained why things happened? Why did Azir awakening suddenly lead to him being a bird god? Why all the deus ex machinas to tell the story? She just happens to be a descendant, have the key, and bleed onto the right seal. There just happens to be a water of life pool. Why would any of that lead to armies being awakened and his empire reforming itself? The cinematic was very VERY good looking, but the narration felt way too blunt and awkward, and I still don't know why things happened the way they did. I'm afraid that this is going to become the standard, that the lore is being dumbed down with more deus ex machinas and black/white heroes and villains.
Opeli (NA)
: I mean, why is it imperative that a 5v5 game is deeply connected to our characters? Can they not be enjoyed on their own, or separately? The point of separating them, although it's not clear now, is to give the champions better stories and to care about them more. You keep assuming we're doing this because we don't care or we're lazy or we (fill in the blank) but you aren't trying to consider why this *might* be a positive. It sucks to have something change, but not all change is the worst thing ever. "It's just a game" is NOT the attitude. I frickin' love League. I love the game. I like knowing about the champion I'm playing, which is a thing you'll still get to experience. The core experience of supporting a champion with a backstory, personality, and motivations has not disappeared. They just aren't permanently tied to this UN of Runeterra anymore.
I feel like stories about them still could have been written before the retcon. Fans wrote great content all the time that fit in. Quinn Journal was great, we loved stuff like that. But we hardly saw that kind of stuff except on champion release. We never saw any of that content. We were stunned to learn that Lissandra is blind, and we heard it casually mentioned by a rioter. To just retcon the entire lore after what appears to us as years of not even trying to flesh out characters really feels like a huge slap in the face.
: Good question! No, Summoners, the Fields of Justice and the Institute are not canon within the fictional world of Runeterra. In-game, players are still referred to as summoners - but summoners won't be part of the story.
I loved the lore, and I feel like a big part of me that liked this game just rotted away.
: Good question! No, Summoners, the Fields of Justice and the Institute are not canon within the fictional world of Runeterra. In-game, players are still referred to as summoners - but summoners won't be part of the story.
I usually don't get very negative, but I am disgusted with this.
: Patch 4.15 notes
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
Zenonthestoic deserves a round of applause for this
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
: > Bring Back URF or RIOT!!!!
: Rigged.
Really? I think you're making this a bigger deal then it needs to be.
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
Please go back and look at Riotpenguin's Steel Legion Nautilus. It is so perfect. Syndra with a theme like Molten Earth Xerath would also be rad. Just imagine that cool slotted armor, hnnngg
: Genuinely cannot believe you are giving Ziggs a 4th nerf. He has already mostly disappeared. Why are you hitting him again? This is the 4th nerf on him since 4.0. Truly incredible. Goodbye my main for over a season. RIP {{champion:115}}
Can I borrow some of your crack?
: [Champion Concept] Gnarr, The Harvester
I wonder if your concept and the new Champion Gnar are connected...
: LoL Design Values: In-depth with Mastery
This was good, and clear. I like it.
: My favorite part was how {{champion:119}} died.. best death NA
Totally mimics actual Rengar to adc in game interaction
: Any plans to publish an official art book?
Something cool to sell in the new store.
gluecks (EUW)
: Silver Scrapes (LCS Music) - Piano Cover
: Patcher & Landing Page Visual Refresh to PBE
Wynshaft (NA)
: Will the VU hit PBE in 2014 or do we have to wait until 2015?
Rioter Comments
: Dev Blog: The Design Values of League of Legends
And do not hesitate to let us call you out on this. Even devs slip up every now and then.
: Pentakill Rises
I already bookmarked this song. FULL ALBUM IN JUNE CAN'T WAIT
: Dragonslayer Pantheon and Braum available now
Tamat (NA)
: Yes! That will be a mandatory thing that we have to do whenever we delete a post, or ban someone. The reason we take action will be SUPER clear. :)
Tamat (NA)
: We've begun 24/7 moderation. Hooray!
: Braum Q&A - Gameplay [Completed]
How did some of the balancing for power budget come into play for Braum? I know he has some pretty big abilities, and I wonder, what were some earlier iterations of what make him so iconic?
Xelnath (NA)
: Posting a random idea for ya, Fearless: Crazy idea - what if instead of having auras permanently attached to her, Sona created "sound zones". E.g. circular areas of musical beats where allies ran faster, did more damage, healed etc? Then there's movement and counterplay to the effect's area? Might be frustrating when enemies run out, but also gives Sona a reason to be at risk. Haven't thought about this too much.
Ugh, I was at my friend's house and not logged in, you beat me to the punch on posting this idea, Xelnath.
: Trials of the Poro
: Dev Blog: Making a More Human Bot
Xelnath (NA)
: What's on your mind tonight?
I've met somebody too, but this is something that is going to require a lot of patience (in a good way.) Understanding my own impatience and learning to deal with it has helped me internalize several of my other emotions to better understand them as well.
: We have a full relaunch slated for Warwick, but the question is indeed when. Currently our highest priority in terms of full relaunches is Sion; as for visual only stuff we're excited to bring you Twitch very very soon. I'd love to say Warwick will happen at some point this year, but who knows. The landscape of what needs work most is ever-shifting. For what it's worth, I have a kit I fully believe in ready for further work.
: New Champion Idea: Jaden, the Non-Existent
How can Jaden be real if our nerfs aren't real?
Morello DID actually confirm dragon master swain, but I don't know when it will come out. Could be a while.
Rioter Comments
: @IronStylus Cho'Gath VU?
That splash art though.
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