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: > [{quoted}](name=Calibansfury,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1fwFuhzb,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-08T19:01:01.040+0000) > > I think that would be a pretty rare collusion I don't. From the perspective of a player that's doing well, the player who's doing poorly SHOULD afk. It's their fault we're losing, they should be the one to take the punishment.
In my experience, players that are ganged up on retaliate, not afk.
: Just keep playing. The enemy team will have just as many AFKs/feeders/retards as you will. Try not to take it too seriously. I view bronze as being yolo queue on nobody cares mode.
It's not about the volume of retards/feeders/afks, it's when they emerge. Losing a promo game due to an afk is an awful feeling, and there's a good chance that one of your next two games will have an afk/feeder/troll/retard in it. The retard-gravity of bronze is difficult to break free from.
: Loss of lp due to feeders, afk or dc
I made a post earlier today about this. Simple solution riot could put in. If someone AFK's for more than 5 minutes, the loss is prevented for everyone other than the AFKer, who suffers an LP loss even if the 4 man team can pull off a win. If someone AFK's while duo queued, they both suffer the LP loss. This prevents manipulation by teams of people who would have someone go AFK in order for the rest of them to dodge a lost game. Otherwise four man teams could have one guy jump on the grenade to save the other three from LP losses. If the rest of them stay and pull off a 4v5 win, they still dont get any LP, but they don't lose any. Simple solution, why Riot doesn't do it (it's not that revolutionary of an idea), is beyond me.
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: Okay so if my duo partner's power goes out not only does he lose LP but I lose LP. Personally I think we should just have a better punishment system. This will still be abused even if the person who DCs loses LP because their team will pressure them into doing it.
I mean, how many friends do you have that have a sudden loss of power which only occurs while you're playing ranked games? So yes, I think you should suffer an LP loss if your duo partner AFKs. I have friends I met who live in India that I've done ranked with, and on more than one occasion they have connection issues that have DC'd them from teh game long enough to cost us the game. I no longer play ranked with them, simple as that. If you had a duo partner that regularly DC'd or afk'd, I doubt that you'd want to queue ranked with them for very long either. For the freak random occurrence, it's not the end of the world. Think of it this way. How many games have you lost LP on due to an AFK, and how many games have you lost LP on because your duo partner afk'd due to a power outage? I'm guessing the former number is vastly greater than the latter.
: A premade group bullying/harassing/flaming someone *not* in their premade to the point they want to quit.
I think that would be a pretty rare collusion, and if happened to you, what would you do? If it were me I'd keep playing and mute them. I think most players would recognize their trying to force the player to quit, so they would either ignore and keep playing or they would troll the premade to do what they could to ensure the loss. I'm not saying that's the right thing to do, but having played since season 1, I know that's what people do. "You want me to feed?" has been said thousands of times a day in this game globally. I think you make a valid point but I don't think it makes this solution any less of a vast improvement to the non-existent AFK policy that's currently in place.
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: You know... wu kong job is to disrupt the enemy team / reduce main target resistance right? and it's 8 armor AND magic resistance PER enemy? 8 x 5 = 40. He gain fuckin 40 in both defensive stat in a teamfight. And you whine?
Uh, yeah, wukong gets LESS than the equivalent of ONE chain vest against an end game fiora and her four teammates, and you think that's GOOD? Lol Let's do some quick math. End game fiora will have at least 325 AD. End game wukong build off-tank will have around 3K health. Her passive will do 2% plus roughly 6.75% true damage (assuming 150 bonus ad at 4.5% additional damage) of wukong's max health, hitting for 8.75% of my 3000 max health, which is 262 damage, which BYPASSES WUKONGS PASSIVE BONUS SINCE ITS TRUE DAMAGE. lol Throw on another 325 base damage and she's hitting for nearly 600 damage with one hit, with nearly half of it true damage. Know what 40 armor will do end game? Reduce damage taken from 68 to 70%. And does nothing to true damage.
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: So...Yi?
I mean...you have three bans available to you. If you have an issue with a champ being OP, here are your options: 1) Play the OP champ 2) Ban the OP champ 3) Plan to beat the OP champ with anti-that-champ comps/champs/strategies (if you counter jungle yi you can not only kill him, but you can starve him of large monster kills, slowing the time for him to reach sated). 4) Do none of the above and take your chances, but if you do, stop your bitching about it on forums. 5) Quit league. Yi will not attack you at any time IRL. He's fundamentally a pacifist.
: How to counter Poppy = Stay away from walls. It's all about positioning, i've seen bot lane oponents being smart enough to counter Poppy supports. She's only great to a certain extent.
> [{quoted}](name=JayHog1992,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tOamQ7AP,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-03-20T19:21:45.817+0000) > > How to counter Poppy = Stay away from walls. > > It's all about positioning, i've seen bot lane oponents being smart enough to counter Poppy supports. > > She's only great to a certain extent. Stay away from walls....so basically...play mid? Or only play against her if you're playing red. And even then you need to hug your tower. I say this because If you're purple top, looking out from your top tower, you have a rocky corner to your left. If you're in front of it that wall, at the mouth of the river, she'll hammer you northbound. If you're to the side of it she'll take you east, if you're north of it, she'll either go further north and crush you southbound or why the f not, just slam you against your own tower. Oh, move further way from the river you say? You mean...towards the other wall? The issue isn't the slams. Not the slams alone anyway. It's how her Q is designed and how it synergizes with the slam. She Q's once, you might get hit, but you can miss the eruption and half the damage. But, if she slams you on a wall, you're there for the duration, taking the dash damage plus the wall damage plus 12% of your life plus her weapon and ability damage...twice. it's stupid.
R3p0r7M3 (NA)
: why would I ever pick Jarvan?
Uh..he does no damage? He isn't tanky? First off, check league wiki if you want, but J4 has higher base armor and higher base life regen than Garen. Damage? Let's say you started with 15 AD from runes, and built a {{item:3133}} . Within short order you would be pushing 125 damage (again this is just early in the game I'm talking). By this time, your enemy laner like Naut, Garen, Darius may already have a giant's belt and be sitting on 1200 life. With J4's passive, you'll hit for 10% of their current health, for 120. So even though your base damage is 125, you're going to hit them for 245. Throw in Grasp of the Undying for another 3% of their health stolen (healing you, hurting them). That's another 36. So you have a base damage of 125, but can hit them every few seconds for 281, that's a at a low level. Throw in that you have two auto attack resets and you have good damage output. So you go: AA (281 damage (base, passive, grasp) Drop banner on their head ( 60 magic damage) (AA reset) AA (125 damage since passive and grasp are on cd) Dragon strike (125 base + 220 level 3 dragon strike with 40 bonus AD at level 5 for 345 total damage) knockup and AA reset AA (125-281 damage depending on passive and grasp cd's) So, in a few seconds you just dished out no less than 281+60+345+125 =811 damage, and that assumes you don't get in an extra hit or two when they disengage. Contrast this to the same level 5 garen with 3 points in judgment and 125 AD (assuming he went with the same weapon). He'll Q in and hit for 205 damage then spin for 471 with three points in judgment. That's 676, which is less than Jarvan's damage. End game, when Voli bear or Tahm are running around with 4000 health, grasp is stealing 120 health, and cadence is hitting for 400 damage. Your base damage at that point should be 225-325, so that's one auto attack dishing out as much as 845 damage. Put that into the combo for 845+240 banner+325AA+480 dragon strike+325AA= 2215 damage before he ults... So...yeah. I think you don't know how to Jarvan.
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ybuR (NA)
: So when is riot going to realize that defensive itemization is beyond broken this season?
I agree 100%. Something is wrong with the game when Nasus, Naut, Voli and Poppy can build 0 damage items and carry a lane hard. Yes, they'll fall of late game (oh wait, Nasus and Poppy won't) ...but there won't be a late game when they go 12-2 top lane and can only be downed in lane by 3-4 man ganks.
: Becuase you have to be held responsible for the actions of 1-4 other people who you do not know. Because its a team game, and thats riots philosophy.
You're exactly right, and that's the irony of it. It's solo queue, but TEAM scoring. If you're bronze it's not because of where YOU placed, it's the sum total of your TEAM outcomes in wins and losses. Imagine if Alex Rodriguez was on the worst team in baseball. According to Riot, he'd be a bronze V baseball player. Is A-Rod bronze 5 material? Nope. He'd be challenger/pro. Team game though, right? So Riot would say he's Bronze V. Even though you'd be able to see that his baseball stats make him elite, even on the worst team, Riot would still rank him as Bronze V because A-Rod couldn't carry the worst team in baseball to the World Series. It makes no sense. The grades are already using personal statistics to generate the grade, not the team stats. I'm just saying they should be more influential in determining placement or LP gain/loss.
: High-Elo Strategies Not Working in Low-Elo
This is what 'elo hell', in my mind, truly is. There are a number of players in bronze, silver, gold, etc, that know the right thing to do and when to do it. They'll even communicate it. The team will do something else anyway. "Finish inhib then run...don't overstay...yi almost up"...(spoiler: they don't run)....QUADRAKILL The 1-4 mid: "Baron!" Me: "Don't baron, no vision on anyone, they're all up, I'm not there"....(spoiler: they start baron anyway. Enemy team shows up.) ALLY HAS BEEN SLAIN...ALLY HAS BEEN SLAIN...ALLY HAS BEEN SLAIN....(enemy team has slain Baron Nashor!) Mid: "WTF TOP WHY WEREN'T YOU WITH US" Me on Wukong: "My ult is up in 20s, don't engage until I go in" (Enemy Thresh misses hook on ADC, hits our Braum...My team takes this as the signal to all in, we get wiped in 20 seconds) Mid, seconds after the fight is over: "Wtf this wukong didn't even use his ult, I can even see that it's up...". Me to 1-9 Vayne who's overextending. I ping to be careful/fall back. Vayne "Stfu with pings" Me: "You're all alone and overextended, drop some wards, no vision on Khazix" Vayne: "F U noob, I need farm, you do you and I'll do--" AN ALLY HAS BEEN SLAIN (we win a teamfight, they have 3 down and two are backing) Me: "Push mid, take second tier tower", Mid: "Baron!" Me: "We're barely alive and our jungler's dead, so we don't have smite, the Baron will kill us, take the tower and fall back" "STFU noob get baron and then take tower" EXECUTED.....EXECUTED...EXECUTED... (didn't do 10% of Baron's health before dying) Mid: "Wtf Wukong mid trying to take tower when I said Baron" Other team "lol" "lol" "lol wtf". Mid: "This Wukong, plz report" Me: "They're stronger than us right now, their bot is fed, and Yasuo has three levels on all of us, play safe, farm, stay near towers, don't engage until we can (TRIPLE KILL)...get...caught up..." Mid: "this Wukong is farming top lane while we're all dying...gg...report wu" So...now you know.
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: Dark Horses: Top Lane Urgot
So...." strong against squishy or melee enemies". Squishy's play top lane? No, unless doing an off-meta Quinn/Vayne play. Urgot is strong against...which melee exactly? Darius? Destroys Urgot. Garen? Urg will never get away. Wukong makes Urgot look like he's not even a real champ, like he's a prototype. Top lane Urgot is a joke, and a bad idea. If you want to "Dark Horse" something, show how Wukong mid counters Kat, Akali, Ahri, Cassiopia, Talon, Zed, Brand, Annie, Viktor, Viegar...basically every viable mid but Diana and Heimer.


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