: 8 person league starting when full!
We just need one more; we will start drafting right away.
: 8 person league starting when full!
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Macro111 (NA)
: Hey i know i'm 8 month's late to this... but here's something you can do while in game... if your running windows. Restart explorer.exe simply alt tab, bring up task manager, look for explorer.exe in the task list (might have to look at the detailed tab under windows 10) Then just File > run new task > explorer.exe :) works for me anyways. Hopefully this is fixed as the client matures!
I got a new computer so this doesn't happen during the game but still happens while watching videos in full screen. I appreciate your response eventhough I read it 5 months and will definitely try this.
: Wheres the recently played with match history look up?
You can use a third party website or open your match history @ http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/
Miyahira (NA)
: league won't fully uninstall so I can reinstall
: Taskbar won't go away ingame
Restarting the pc seems to fix it. If not then restart again. But it comes again after a while.
: Hey everyone, I just did this and it worked. Just right click your new client icon, find the location (c:\riot gamnes by default) and just launch :"lollauncher.exe" it's the old client. It just seems the shortcut from the new client is broken.
: Taskbar won't go away ingame
Edario (NA)
: Well I have a question about the punishment system, and because it's a simple question I don't want to wait another 3 days for a ticket, I have been suspended for 14 days. The next punishment is a permanent suspension. Does that mean that in 3 months if I have a bad game and become toxic i will still be permanently suspended, or does the ladder fade and reset?
learn to /mute all
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: Can you clarify what's going on? Is it as if none of your keybindings are working or are you experiencing a message such as *attempting to reconnect* or something that delays your actions?
It's a bug that happens when you tab out and come back in. I don't remember how to fix it from top of my head.
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: Can't resize ingame shop (FIXED)
thx was having the same issue
Jo1t (NA)
Every silver and bronze mentioned their strength was working with the team ;_;
: I have yet to find a single Ranked 5s group on this forums to play with
JG: Lee Sin, Nidalee, Gragas, Graves Support: Janna, Leona, Nami
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: s2 Disciplined JG with good stats LF Dynamic que Partners
: why you S3 looking for P3+
> [{quoted}](name=Flynn Zeke,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=Gz8uIAz0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-02T00:26:40.289+0000) > > why you S3 looking for P3+ good question
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: climbing on smurf hmu
Less that 50% win rate as a smurf? You never stated what elo was your main with any proof.
: Odd increase in ping
This has happened like three times in the last 6 months. Always TWC in southern region. Usually fixed in less than a day so just wait.
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Konflik (NA)
: LFM 5s Voice Chat / Mature req. Rank Not a Huge Factor. Cool Calm Collected players only apply.
Hi, I am interested in playing 5v5s with people who take it seriously. I just don't have fun in soloQ this season. I want to give this a try.
: 1 RP Riot Plz
Do a cool artwork about league and send it to them and they will give you the 1 RP.
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PhiIlip (NA)
: Black Screen Client
Hope this helps https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3f1319/fix_for_people_stuck_on_black_screen_on_windows_10/
: So I played HOTS with my non moba playing brother...
Try playing DOTA 2 for the first time, then talk about how bad league is for new players.
Ancestor007 (EUNE)
: Viktor 99% sure it's a bug
It's like jax's ult passive. It will keep doing the animation on turret.
: Does anyone else have problems accessing NA?
I can't log in either, but I am able to log in through WTFast. Just can't connect to chat, everything else works fine.
: i cannot log in
If you connect through WTFast, you can log-in but not connect to chat. Temporary fix :)
BTSauce (NA)
: [Client]Can't Log on
LOL I was playing league but couldn't connect to chat, so I decide to reopen client. Now I can't log-in either. San Antonio. Time Warner Cable. :'(
makak01 (EUNE)
: I cant log in
Same for me. BUMP
Chabala (NA)
: Fails to Load in Windows 10
My lolclient is just black screen on log in page :(
: I'm on EUW and it doesn't work anyway
But the point is when I switched to another server, it worked fine. Try switching to NA, it might work for you there but not on EUW. So I don't think it was the patch. This is really weird.
: Ranked post match
It takes a while to show up in match history. Usually shows up before I finish my next match for me.
: I can't participate in the bilgewater event
I can't even click that icon. When I switched to EUW, it worked fine. Just doesn't work on NA.
I have seen 5. You can buy multiple devours i think
Cronyism (EUNE)
: I cant get gold on Twisted Fate mission - what am I doing wrong?
ROFL at your guys. I can't even start the event because the client has been glitched ever since the patch came out :(
: Cant earn Bildgewater summener icons
Same for me. When the patch first came out, I had a black screen on client and could select texts of the titles. I tried repair twice now it's stuck on loading. It's been this way since last patch. Never had this problem before. http://i62.tinypic.com/zx8jf7.png[/IMG]
: Mystery Champ, Who'd you get?
{{champion:131}} but could have been better.
: Why get a sightstone? Buy a pink early put it by the nexus. If anyone complains about lack of wards your pink has been there for like 40 minutes.
: Improve your last hitting
I don't miss cs from last hitting but I miss a lot of cs when I back. Any tips on how to back to buy items? I miss a wave most of the time.
: A game can be paused?
You can pause games in tournament mode. Try it with friends in a custom game by typing in /pause i think :)
: Not all the gifts are out yet. There are a lot of you, and it takes time. We did say it would take at least a few days to a week. :P
I hope Riot will send a message out once all the skins have been given, so some people don't get tortured. Hopefully it's a nice enough message to prevent raging lol ...
: {{item:2044}} {{item:2043}} Teach them how to place these even if they are not supporting.
I just noticed green ward is left eye and purple ward is right eye. Same with sightstone.

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