: Last hit and let the wave push. Farm close to your turret. If they hit level 2 while you're level 1 then back off completely, but stay in XP range. It's okay to miss a few CS while you wait to catch up in levels. It's just 20-60 gold. Once you're equal to them in level you can start to push the wave back so that you aren't farming under turret anymore. Also, if you're late to lane because you leashed for your jungle consider asking him for a level 2 gank. It's not a bad strategy at all with the new jungle, and you'll be at a slight disadvantage for leashing because of the lane pushing so it helps a lot.
This is solid advice. If you are able to be patient with your last hitting, be thankful for the gift of an opportunity to have the minion wave near your turret where you are much safer and your opponents are further extended for a gank that has been enhanced by your leashing.
Plus50g (NA)
: League Of Legends, taught by the Champions of the Rift. (15 Quotes that teach the game.)
: Want to learn Jungle
This is a heck of a time to learn how to jungle, as the jungle has just undergone some serious changes as the last season winds down. Lots of things about the jungle are still in flux and new strategies are being cooked up. (Maybe that actually makes it a better time to start since you won't have any old jungle habits to unlearn?) Despite all this some tried and true jungle picks will probably still be great go-tos including {{champion:19}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:32}} Here are some channels that generally have solid Youtube videos about jungling (it may take some time for patch 4.20 content to get more fleshed out): [Stonewall008](https://www.youtube.com/user/stonewall008) [Nightblue3 ](https://www.youtube.com/user/Nightblue3/) I haven't seen a super awesome new season / patch 4.20 general jungle guide yet, but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. I've seen ones that compare the new jungle to the old one, but if you're not super familiar with the old jungle that's of less use! Maybe other folks will have some nice resources on hand.
: Poro Snax!
These are awesome. I really hope you made more than these because I figure five snax would last maybe two seconds around hungry teammates!
: Think you suck? The story of my improvement.
Thanks for sharing your story. I also played with higher skilled friends while learning. It was rewarding to feel like I'd been training in hard mode when I went back to solo play! > I started trying the champions that annoyed me and looked interesting. Good technique. Reminds me of Dunkey's quest for The Best Champion: http://youtu.be/OelHPDBSiJg
: I just ran into the ultimage VI counterpick... Soraka
In addition, unless I'm mistaken, dropping the silence under a Vi who is charging her Q cancels the currently active charge. (Mwahahaha... Yes I do have a ward over that wall!)
: Pick an ADC for me
I saw the title of this thread and thought: "I can't wait to recommend Twitch some more!" but I can see now that you already know that he's awesome. Maybe you can tell us more about what aspects of {{champion:18}}, {{champion:96}}, & {{champion:22}} you didn't like as much to help narrow down your preferences?
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfWs_fl8El4 Ahhh, classic.. ;) EDIT: AND that, of course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-fIOrUTIOQ And who can possibly forget the good ol' SivHD guides..! ;D
I have been waiting for someone to post the pro as heck guide to master yi. Useful? No. Informative? Maybe. Classic? Absolutely.
mrackham (NA)
: This is really interesting. I play on a laptop, but have always used an auxiliary keyboard and mouse. Can't imagine how rough a trackpad would be xD. Really interesting observation about early smartcasters being a bit better at skirmishing, but late smartcasters being better at positioning/actually hitting those skillshots. As a non-smartcaster (at least currently...), I have to agree from experience that if you usually have the luxury of lining up skillshots, but are forced to fight in close-range, tight quarters, that things become fairly hectic pretty fast. Would be interesting to see if some players were just naturally better (i.e., before practive/training) at hectic, close-quarters situations.
> Would be interesting to see if some players were just naturally better (i.e., before practive/training) at hectic, close-quarters situations. I think this is absolutely true. I was a nervous wreck when just starting League whenever a lot started happening on screen. I remember my well-meaning friends leaning over my shoulder shouting "Q! Q! E! E! Q! RRRR oh man press R!" which only adds to the tension. Adrenaline can run high during your first big teamfights. I've seen some otherwise excellent typists forget where their hands are on the keyboard and not be able to press any abilities at all in the chaos.
Theny (NA)
: Smartcast was bit hard for me to learn. The major online game I played before League was a game called Ragnarok Online, it's an MMORPG that is nothing like League obviously, but every spell in that game is used like a spell in this game without smart cast. So it took me quite a bit to get into the hang of Smartcast.
It took me about 2 years of playing before I swapped to smartcast coming from an MMO background, so I understand the feeling... (I think I might have aggravated some of my friends with my stubbornness in this matter.)
Theny (NA)
: I'm in Bronze and I've been using smartcast since level 7 o.o
Actually, it's surprising sometimes. I teach a lot of new players and for a few of them smart cast is a lot easier for them to get started with. I wonder if it has to do with having experience in certain video game genres first?
Orbv (NA)
: Each of {{champion:22}} 's Frost Shots proc's a charge of {{item:3070}} . She can effectively use {{item:3042}} in ARAM and Summoner's Rift if you're going for a top laner or support Ashe. Not advised for ADC because it takes too long to stack and she will end up losing her great mid game. Also, all of {{champion:74}} 's Ults has a separate purpose. Ulting his turrets gives him massive damage in teamfights against more than 1 enemy. It also works if you're generally bad with skillshots. Ulting his missles is good if you're trying to assassinate burst an enemy champion and there is nothing in between the both of you. You ult your grenades when you want to stun an entire enemy team, but they aren't right next to each other. REMEMBER, his grenades only damage **ONCE** on champions (not sure if this was intended or not) so having it bounce more than once on an enemy champion is a waste. It still will hit minions multiple times however.
Actually, a combo of {{item:3134}} + {{item:3070}} into {{item:3042}} is one of my favorite builds for Ashe in ARAM. It may not do that single target damage ADCs are familiar with, but you will be able to throw out so many volleys and buffed autoattacks that no one on the enemy team is going to be able to move. It's pretty annoying and perhaps even a bit mean when you get rolling.
: This is for all the newbies out there: {{champion:40}} Does not have a "heal", from levels 1-15 I was asked countless times for me to heal someone... She technically does have a heal, but it's not used for sustain like Soraka, Taric, Sona, or Nami's heal. It's relatively weak and has an extremely long cool down, and is better used for it's knockback feature. Also, her shield gives AD, use that c;
> Also, her shield gives AD, use that c; At rank 5, her shield gives as much bonus AD as a {{item:1038}} BF Sword! And that's before taking into account any AP Janna might have!
: {{champion:41}} Gangplank's W is arguably the most powerful defensive ability in the game. Yet because of this there's an important weakness that nobody seems to know (or forgets). Gangplank has a indicator that is labled as a status effect called "scurvy". If that's still there, he hasn't ate oranges and k'd yet. {{champion:41}} Don't stack crowd control. Nasus' wither and Morgana's "my team reported me for AFK" snare will be removed all at once. {{champion:41}} Watch his build. There's Critplank, Tankplank, APlank, and SupPlank. Each of them have their own advantages and can easily catch you off guard if you're not careful. {{champion:41}} Ignite and champions like Fizz and Miss Fortune gut GP's oranges heal.
> {{champion:41}} Watch his build. There's Critplank, Tankplank, APlank, and SupPlank. Each of them have their own advantages and can easily catch you off guard if you're not careful. Rest in peace Bankplank. :(
: {{champion:103}} - Your Q Has a longer cast range than it's skillshot length. shown ---------------------------------------/ Actual ----------------------------------------------/ {{champion:103}} - Your W Has seperate Range indicators for each Fox Fire. So they can target one at each range. {{champion:238}} - You can use your Ult's Shadow and your W's shadow together to escape. You Ult the target you are aiming for to leave with, When it stops run, use your W to go past a wall or forword if you can, When your ult is getting low on shadow time then ult there. Even though you can be countered just look how well it worked for Faker.
> {{champion:103}} - Your W Has seperate Range indicators for each Fox Fire. So they can target one at each range. Good tip! For even more details about how Ahri's Fox Fire works, I recommend checking out [Ciderhelm's crazy in-depth Ahri video. ](http://youtu.be/E6hsfw65qBM?t=3m) (Some aspects of Ahri's kit have changed since this video but there's still plenty of interesting info.)
: {{champion:34}} Her Crystallize (W) can interrupt most dash abilities on cast since it counts as a displacement ability, with practice, you can use it to stop stuff like lee's 2nd Q cast, khazix's E and many others, only malphite and hecarim ultimates are immune to it that i'm aware of Taking dash speed and champion hitbox size, shyvana's Ultimate is the easiest dash ability to interrupt
: {{champion:99}} Bind laugh to something easily reachable on the keyboard. [Lux's laugh is one of the best/most annoying in the game.](http://www.finalesfunkeln.com) When your jungler comes mid to gank, spam your laugh a bit to draw the enemy forward out of cover, so that you can easily bind them, and so your jungler can easily jump on them. Otherwise, you should be spamming laugh at every convenient opportunity. >:)
[Hello! And welcome back to: It's Not Lux!](http://youtu.be/-6l7VrYHMcU)
L7xLoTek (EUNE)
: Learn how to orbwalk (autoattack, move once it connects (or is fired if ranged), AA, move...). This is especially important to use if you're playing {{champion:72}} so you can keep the enemy within your Q range (using Q doesn't interfere with your AA or your movement and gives you additional attack and movement speed). Until 3 stacks on enemy it's usually more important to land the Q than the AA (which stops your movement for a while) so you can get the stun in, but if you can sneak in an AA while keeping up, you can Q again faster. If possible, move on the side of your target while orbwalking to best keep up with them in between AA.
I agree that this is a pretty useful technique. Have you seen any videos or other learning resources that help explain this concept to newer League players well? When trying to help people understand this I tend to act it out in real life which is pretty silly - but I haven't yet seen something that covers this in an easy to understand way.
: If you are tagged out to Valor when playing {{champion:133}} , you can activate skystrike in the middle of Valor's E to in one move deal Skystrike's execute, interrupt the enemy, slow them, and mark them for a round of your passive while remaining safely at a range. Also, despite being listed as a marksman, Quinn works better as a Splitpusher Assassin with unmatched map mobility and unmatched dueling potential against melee enemies.
That sounds interesting. I play a lot of Quin when the mood strikes me, I will give this a shot next time I get the chance. Don't underestimate solo lane Quinn. She can be anywhere in a minute.
: I have too many favorite Champions, sorry if I'm ruining other people's fun, but I have just one more, for Hecarim {{champion:120}} His E procs on-hit effects, since it's essentially an enhanced auto. So things like Red Buff and Sheen apply to the damage. Sheen is his best single damage item, not only can his Q proc it a ton, but a max strength E with Sheen onto a turret is a lot of damage. Just be careful if you try to become a turret buster
Last season I played {{champion:120}} nearly exclusively when playing with a full team. I love my {{item:3057}} Sheen! It's like Hecarim becomes a whole new champion.
: {{champion:238}} When playing Zed, look for a spinning shrunken above a Death Marked enemies head, meaning your death mark will kill the enemy. Edit: Spelling derp. Not shrunken, shuriken.
AraMoOse (NA)
: {{champion:51}} Her traps are among the best skills in the game. Drop one whenever an enemy uses Zhonya's, GA, Zil ult... Drop one whenever an enemy gets stunned, rooted, snared or charmed to extend the CC duration. Drop one on your allied blitz, or right behind your singed, volibear etc. Drop one anytime the enemy TF ults in, or when the top laner TPs for a surprise gank but OOOPS! YOU STUCK ON A CUPCAKE BROTHA! Drop them everywhere!!! Drop one into a bush for vision. Drop them at the edges of bushes for complete bush control. Drop several in key locations to force the enemies into a specific attack path. About her R. In most situations, it should be used anytime you have a clear shot at a squishy. This is less true when they have a lot of sustain or heal, but only slightly less true.
One time in lane I was playing with a friend against a Leona support that was helping her carry by stepping on all the traps to get rid of them right away. He started leveling up traps first since they were all being stepped on anyway, and the Leona took a lot more damage than I would have thought... (Though I don't generally advocate leveling traps first.) Having traps in a row across the width of a lane is really nerve-wrakcing to play against too! Then you have to be super careful about where you step when last hitting. One more thing that you have to think about on top of everything else.
: Nami has a passive. Most people don't seem to realize this.
The passive even applies to allies when you aren't specifically targeting them. For example hitting an ally with your bubble will give them the speed boost. (Even though this seems unlikely to be the best way to use your bubble...) More usefully, catching your team in your ultimate will speed everyone up as well!
: Morgana's ult works the same way, plus it will link to stealth targets so you can land skill shots against them.
Considering the fact that Morgana's own Dark Binding is one of the most fearsome skillshots in the game, I can see how this is a useful technique!
Arcaed (NA)
: So, I finally found my *first* main.
I think that being happy with a champion's looks or playstyle goes a long way towards them being an excellent first main! I've also been experimenting with Gnar and I'm not 100% sure what the best route is to take on him still. I've been keeping an eye on http://www.probuilds.net/champions/Gnar to see what various high level players have been building on him. Triforce is a strong constant theme as well as Omen. I also like toe Brutalizer pick early on for even more Boomerag tossing and easy rage building when needed. I think that Brutalizer is so useful that it's not even necessary to upgrade it until much later in the game where both Youmuu's and Black Cleaver could be appealing.
RevyUp (NA)
: {{champion:27}} Unless you absolutely know you can kill Singed without a problem, don't chase him.
Perhaps one of the first lessons I learned in League...
Gixia (NA)
: Contrary to popular belief, regardless of the fact that {{champion:102}} builds primarily AD, the vast majority of her damage is actually magic. This is because Burnout (W) is her single largest source of damage, and her E adds a fair bit of magic damage to each auto-attack as well. This means that building armor is actually not especially helpful when trying to defend against her, but it also means that magic pen/MR shred is deceptively powerful on her. Never underestimate the strength of {{item:3091}} in her claws.
> Never underestimate the strength of {{item:3091}} in her claws. And Wit's End's attack speed also synergies well with her overall game plan of punchin' dudes to stay dragonized.
Centuros (NA)
: {{champion:112}} Viktor's ultimate will chase after champs if you target it on them, but you can also use the R button to retarget it or to move it to a ground location. Since it moves slowly when far away from you, be sure to select another target if the original gets too far away. Also, the buff his Q applies on his next autoattack will not apply to structures, but continually firing the laser looks cool, so be sure to use Q on minions when attacking a turret.
> Also, the buff his Q applies on his next autoattack will not apply to structures, but continually firing the laser looks cool, so be sure to use Q on minions when attacking a turret. Just like {{champion:37}} Sona's powercord passive. You don't do extra damage to structures, but at least you look pretty awesome.
Kakwane (NA)
: {{champion:81}} - Can flash while charging his ult.
Wow! Does it let you change where the Ult actually winds up coming from?
: {{champion:59}} You can press R to make the walls of your ult collapse (useful when you're chasing/under turrets)
Also useful for when you're "helping". http://i.imgur.com/dPNCspU.png
: > {{champion:45}} Veigar's stun (aka "The Cage", "The Rage Cage", "E") is essentially a second ultimate in my books if we're being honest here. Yes. {{champion:45}} The first trick everyone learns with Veigar is the EWQR/DFG mega-burst combination. It's a good trick. However, in a teamfight situation, it's often best to try to stun two or more enemy Champions for your team, and rely on just your RQ+DFG to burst a high-value target. But I'd add that it's an ult you can miss: {{champion:45}} Veigar's stun is best understood as a ring-shaped skillshot. (If it were a filled circle, it would be broken-OP.) You can miss Veigar's stun: if you don't land the curved edge directly on top of the target(s), you have missed, and are probably about to get obliterated.
Hah, I hope that comment didn't get taken negatively - I just want to impress on folks how awesome it is. Missing the ring and {{item:3102}} Banshee's Veil are certainly large weaknesses for the Cage. As you've mentioned, if you miss it...
: Don't Touch Vivi T_T
No need to worry, I don't work on champion balance. (But even if I did, I love this ability!)
: For {{champion:69}} don't use your mouse to activate ability.
Ah, yeah. Smart cast / Quick cast. It took me a really long time to get used to it - try 2 years - but it's worth it for most abilities since you can react so much faster. If you've never tried Quick cast before, it basically makes all abilities work like {{champion:92}} Riven's Broken wings where you don't need to left click to confirm using the ability - abilities are generally automatically aimed at your mouse's current position. If you use tons of spells really quickly like {{champion:69}} Cassiopeia the difference is huge!
: {{champion:45}} Most people focus on Veigar's 100-0 wtfburst potential. Pros rarely discuss Veigar, but when they do, they talk more about his stun than his ult. This is wisdom. {{champion:45}} Veigar gains +1 AP (value ~22g) from last-hitting a small minion or monster with Q. This approximately doubles the value of a lane minion. For dinky monsters like wraiths (i.e. chickens), this means that Veigar gains about 26g total from them, while other Champions gain only about 4g. Be nice to Veigar. {{champion:45}} Lore bonus: Veigar is an adorable fuzzball who was locked away in solitary by Noxians. He was deprived of snuggles until he snapped and became a dark mage. This may be the best Champion backstory in League of Legends.
{{champion:45}} Veigar's stun (aka "The Cage", "The Rage Cage", "E") is essentially a second ultimate in my books if we're being honest here.
: Not to mention it makes AD-Malz viable (especially as Dominion botlane).
Not to additionally mention U.R.F. (Mwahahahaha)
: Nautis Shield (W) also resets his AutoAttack (cause that is what shields do *cough*), always make sure you get one hit through before you activate it to make optimal use of it.
Wow, I didn't know that. With a super slow autoattack like {{champion:111}} Nautilus' this tip is even more useful. For those unfamiliar with the concept auto attack resets, this means that if you attack just before pressing W you will be able to autoattack again a bit faster than you normally could because you don't have to wait for the first attack to complete its animation before starting the next one. By mastering this you can do more damage than normal in the same amount of time. This thread from the old boards goes into more detail about what exactly this can mean for you if you'd like further reading: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1741567
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: Captcha too stronk.
I've heard there are some robots so advanced, even they don't know they're robots...
jwf999 (NA)
: Honestly I like your drive, do you use hotkeys I find it a lot easier if you use those and if you press alt and then a spell you cast it on yourself
This is soooo useful on champions with heals or shields. Can't live without it for my Karma {{champion:43}}
: Jurassic/Scuba Quinn and Valor [Art]
Wow, love those illustrations! I think having a pet pterodactyl would be awesome, so that really appeals to me. Also flying around as a 200% move speed stingray would be REALLY cool.
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