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bonesWMD (NA)
: Getting EXTREME ping spike issues. Seems to be only on league, no other games.
I had this issue as well for quite awhile, Only to find out it was the most simplest thing that was making it happen. I had a whole lot of programs running in my background, (Which I didn't know about.) I'd recommend going into Task Manager and ending some programs you aren't using seeing how they can potentially slow you down, and make you lag. Also, If you do this don't forget to click on the "More Details" button so you can see everything that's running. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client
This hurts my soul.. Seeing how my monitor is so small that the New Client literally goes off of my screen. Looks, Like I'll be upgrading monitors here soon.

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