: Taking your IGN into account, and the harassing manner in which you reply to others on this board, I can only assume you're trolling everyone with this post. You don't seem to want a conversation, and are only looking to have others validate you. Good luck with whatever else you do.
No, you're legitimately bad for my blood pressure. I understand you're not going to be able to understand that you act superior. You're too much of a narcissist. That's why you accuse anyone who doesn't like you of trolling, to invalidate what they're saying. Of course there's no way anyone could actually seriously not like you. You're beautiful and smart and sexy. Have my babies.
: Swamp Mother Lydra (Champ concept)
Swamp mother? Creates swamp? So it's Donald Trump?
Oelyk (NA)
: Kindness costs us nothing, but is worth more than gold.
I'm not quitting because of "anger and misery." I'm quitting because I am disgusted. Riot disgusts me. The players who harass me all game are sad excuses for sociopathic assholes. They disgust me. And you disgust me. You think you're accomplishing something here? You're not. You're just being self serving, writing this to feel good about yourself. You're like black lives matter. They talk a lot, they act like they're MLK, they accomplished nothing. And before you say it's easy to see that in hindsight, I always disliked black lives matter, and always thought it was self serving with no focus on actually changing anything. I distinctly remember this because my asshole brother decided to call me a Nazi, adding to a long line of ridiculous accusations.
: Yeah, everyone already said it, but you are the one who isn't listening to the rules that the community put in place... You can think it's not toxic all you want; you don't get to decide that. Not LIKING the moderation doesn't mean it's broken. You can disagree. Which is fine. Move along.
I want the 3 seconds of my life I spent reading this back.
: Context does not matter in these instances, only you are responsible for what you say and do, period. If the other person breaks the ToS, then they will/should be punished as well. However, someone else being toxic does not excuse your toxicity back at them. This isn't pre-school where you yell insults at each other in some immature attempt at dominance. There are rules, you broke those rules, you told someone to go kill themselves; that is a punishable offense.
Instead of talking to me can you just shoot me in my fucking face?
: It's not being on a high horse, it's stating facts. You're quitting because you "can't deal", and were suspended for being toxic, yourself. I'm giving you advice on how to not get permabanned, should you so choose to continue playing. If anything, you're the one being condescending to people replying. Don't post on the forums if you can't handle differing perspectives and disagreements from your own biased viewpoint.
You're advice is terrible, following it leads to high blood pressure, and through that shortens my lifespan. No thank you. Also, you have a diagnosable case of high-horse. You're self assured, superior attitude. . . The fact you don't even read what I say. You still haven't gotten the meaning of the title, giving me advice for if I play again. You're ridiculous.
jpguy902 (NA)
: Thats the thing though, you let MF win by acting like you did. You shouldn't have let her get to you. And who knows maybe she did get punished too, maybe she got a chat restriction. It all depends on what tier of the punishment system you are on. Have you ever been chat restricted?
No. No I did not. Riot let MF win. It is entirely Riots fault that I face harassment in almost every game. There is no possible way it can be my fault I have to deal with that. It's Riot.
: You'll never play again? Oh if only I could believe that.
Why is it so hard to believe? Every time I say that about a game it's the truth.
: https://rahsnapshot.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/buh-bye.gif
: No, you're being unrealistic. You're assuming the Galio player is completely braindead and couldn't possibly hit a moving target with his Q. There wouldn't even be skillshots in this game if your argument that "it's completely impossible to hit anyone in this game if they aren't under the effects of targeted crowd control" was valid. I'm right, and you'll see it in the balancing change they make in two weeks to settle down the hype they intentionally create to boost skin sales on new releases. No sense in arguing your false point.
The question isn't whether or not it's possible to hit it all, it's whether or not it's likely. In the majority you're just not going to hit full damage.
jpguy902 (NA)
: When you log into your account from the client, a popup should come with your chat logs.
Oh yes, you mean the no context box. Yeah I guess it can look bad with no context. Take out the fact that my MF had literally just told me to "kill myself" for, I want to say "the good of everyone around me." That's not an accurate quote, since that isn't included in the out of context box. But yeah if you ignore that this was basically just me mirroring the same thing MF said (and didn't get banned for) back at her, it looks bad. CancerBasedGod: mf kys CancerBasedGod: it's for the good of the nation Also I said I'd do this if it took 2 seconds, and it took about 30, so thanks for wasting my time.
: Mute them and report end of game, and move on. Only you are held accountable for your own words and actions, nobody else is. You have the power to either give in to being at the same toxic level of someone else, or you can choose to 'walk away' from them (mute). Two wrongs don't make a right, and in the end you get punished all the same. I hope you've learned from this, although it's highly doubtful. Suggest you remove the chat box from your screen or always /mute all when a game starts, so you don't feel tempted to respond out of anger and frustration to people goading you. They only get what they want; which is for you to say something and give them validation to continue pinching you further. If you ignore their taunting, you take away their power, and effectively not only keep yourself from tilting further, but also from being permanently banned.
Can you get off your high horse and at least read what I wrote before responding? You literally just gave me advice on how not to get permanently banned when I'm permanently quitting.
Paquay (NA)
: We'll see you back in here in 2 weeks and 2 hours. Lol
You can watch, it won't happen.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: I can see that, you can sink a lot of time into that game
Yeah, I actually let up because I need to farm a ton to deal with green plesioth. Just don't have good enough gear now to deal enough damage in 50 minutes lol.
: How so?
Because the technology to accurately analyze text for toxic content does not exist, and they put a robot on moderation anyway? Seriously there is not a computer advanced enough to analyze human speech that accurately. I know it doesn't exist, so I know Riots system cannot be accurately functional.
jpguy902 (NA)
: The system isn't broken. Why do you think its okay to break the rules, just because somebody else is?
I do not think it's toxic to be annoyed at the 30th "you're autistic retard" and say "fuck you" in response. I do not agree with the mod-bots opinion that I am a bad person for getting annoyed at constant harassment. Sorry.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: I wish you good luck on your life then and I hope you find other pastimes to enjoy.
I still haven't finished the last monster hunter game I bought, I figure that is what I'll do next time I'm bored.
: What you did and said is on you not someone else what they did and said is on them not you Your punishment is for what you did Using curses such as fuck, shit, hell, damn, etc are not punishable by themselves If you would post the reform card of the chat logs they gave and maybe we can figure out the real issue
The real issue is that the moderation system is inherently broken.
: Post screenshots of your reform cards or there is nothing to discuss.
I don't know what that is, and I will not waste my time finding out, as I will never play this game again. If you tell me what it is and it will take me less than 2 minutes to post then fine.
Rioter Comments
: Can you post the chat logs in question? Are you tracking people after you report them?(if so stop, that is weird) Could be an error on their end unless you were being extremely toxic for a few games, with no previous punishment
Does he need to? Have you never seen someone spouting hate speech on lol? I've had someone spouting hate speech about trans people, report, nothing happens.
: > [{quoted}](name=CancerBasedGod,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=valT8z3Q,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-25T17:57:53.024+0000) > > This doesn't even make sense. So you're but hurt you lost to Galio sup? I won the only game where I've faced Galio support so far (as Leona LOL) but I couldn't help noticing that my kit seemed a bit clunky and antiquated compared to his.
Galio is clunky as shit, that's his main weakness. . .
: Did Leona just become obsolete?
This doesn't even make sense. So you're but hurt you lost to Galio sup?
: That's because {{item:3135}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}}{{item:3035}} exist
No. . . That's because {{item:3135}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3036}} and {{item:3033}} exist. For the 5 billionth time it is easily mathematically proven that {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} and {{item:3814}} are not good against high armor.
: I just explained. With his two CC abilities he has a full 2.25 seconds of crowd control, along with the damage that the E deals. Just because an ability is a skillshot doesn't mean it's impossible to land. H's not just going to blindly fire it while your dash is up. And even if he does, as I pointed out it only has a 4 second cooldown. It's back up three times as fast as most dashes. In the specific example gave, the champion doesn't even have means to dash away from the ability. It also passes through units and has an extremely large area of effect for a skillshot. This is the single strongest skillshot of any basic ability.
Wow. So he'll just CC you for 2.25 seconds every time he uses it, he just has to hit you with his 16-12 second CD taunt, and 14-10 second CD knock up, every 6 seconds! Again you're just being unrealistic. 2.25 seconds isn't realistic because you have to charge the taunt, while slowing your self, to get the 1.5 second taunt. Also you can't use your dash and Q at the same time. You either fire the Q, and then try to knock up, or you dash, and the animation takes long enough on the Q they can move again before you finish casting,
: No. That's why it's occasionally worth it. Shorter grinds in the long run.
Well it's definitely going to help me out of bronze then, because you will no joke get {{champion:17}} sup and {{champion:17}} jungle down here.
: i wouldnt call 20% missing hp significant especially when so many champions are being balanced around getting extra stuff when below 50% hp
It requires 1,000 AP to deal that much **pre-mitigation** at 20% health missing. Now that's not remotely the same as chunking 1,400 AP, and is not what the OP was talking about in his original post. He claims Veigar can go full tank and get that damage, and he can't realistically. You'd have to give him a full hour to build that much passive. Veigar needs, minimum {{item:3089}} to hit that much pre-mitigation, and {{item:3135}} to do anything to anyone with MR.
Rioter Comments
: Is {{champion:101}} good recently i dont see him that much. and a good {{champion:27}} makes games comical but he isnt ranged. i think i find ranged also a preference. or at least a ranged ability.
{{champion:101}} is pretty good, he's just not going to be popular because he isn't a carry, and wasn't recently used in LCS. People don't pick characters based on how good they are. Xerath is good.
: Looking for a set of champs to focus on.
Try {{champion:27}} you basically just poison the entire lane. Also {{champion:101}} mid, he basically just harasses shooting clear across the lane. {{champion:110}} is probably the best adc for that due to his arrows.
Diana Prime (EUNE)
: Vaper Singed
It would be funnier if it was with a giant cigar, just poisoning the shit out of the air, as singed does.
{{champion:32}} as a sad bee, since he's endangered. {{champion:268}} Queen bee, with bees for soldiers. {{champion:60}} Queen bee might make more sense for her though. {{champion:427}} Is the friend of the forest though, maybe a bee keeper Ivern? Giant bee daisy? {{champion:154}} Zac made out of honey? Have honey combs pop out instead of chunks of goo.
: We want to save bees, not wasps. Wasps and hornets serve no practical purpose, and actually _attack_ honey bee hives. I could get behind the Rek skin though. Something like honeycomb tunnels and a small swarm for her Q, and using her tail (stinger) for the E.
Well wasps cut down on other insect populations, which can sometimes be beneficial.
: Lissandra and amumu get a new passive meanwhile Volibear
All the champs that got those buffs are UP and need them.
: I can see that working out some times. But it is only 1500g for cutlass, 200g more than B.F. Sword. While yes recurve is 500g less, it only builds from 2 {{item:1042}} which give almost nothing in terms of offensive power. 12% is basically unnoticeable at early levels. Cutlass is {{item:1053}} (900g) plus {{item:1036}} (350g). That is not the most difficult build path either. But yeah, always get damage first. Especially if it has a secondary effect like lifesteal.
Maybe {{item:1053}} {{item:1036}} then {{item:1043}}. Cutlass I don't find to be that worth the upgrade because all it gives is a mediocre passive. I generally don't complete it until I'm completing kings, unless it's convenient.
Cocho (NA)
: {{champion:21}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}}
Lol, exactly what I was talking about. Look, my AAs are super fast, and crit for double damage! (Double of 40, 80 damage on crit.)
: Since it's only 1.5 seconds, what they need is to not be hit by either one of his other abilities. Just 'cause I calculated the damage without adding on the damage his other abilities do, doesn't mean you should look at how often it hits while disregarding his CC.
Look the ability takes about a second to reach destination as well, there is plenty of time for someone to dodge.
: Galio's Q
It's not broken, it almost never deals all the damage. They have to not only not dodge, but then stand in the tornado.
: those things dont counter anything those are the closest things to a counter that exist but they dont counter the champion
No, Poppy Vs. Riven is a massive counter for the reasons I mentioned, but thanks for responding with no evidence or reason.
: {{champion:33}} RIP W
I would think it should get changed with his next big update/rework.
: Let me make this crystal clear to all of you who are new to ADC or are just ignorant
I hate this. . . The only thing worse than AS first is double zeal items first. The only thing I'm not sure I agree with is {{item:3144}} before {{item:1043}}. Cutlass is fairly cost ineffective while recurve is not really, so building {{item:1053}} and then {{item:1043}} can be good. Though you would never build {{item:1043}} before {{item:1053}} .
: galio/warwick are allowed to be tanky late game
% damage reduction is the future. That's what new champs should have, because it actually works for tanks.
: New Lissandra changes
Seems pretty cool. That seraphs lis is gonna be epic though.
Xäyąh (NA)
: Removing one of his few weaknesses makes him a monster.
If it was something like a 450 range dash, it would be fine.
Sotos Dvs (EUNE)
He needs a rework. His tiger stance should let him pounce on people, make it a targeted dash for the stance activation bonus. Pheonix should be useful.
: 1400 dmg isnt shit dmg...
It doesn't do 1400 damage to opponents unless they have significant missing hp! Do you not understand what an execute mechanic is?
: It is very much true, have you never played against a nasus that was unkillable with damage(but no AD items) or a veigar that one shot the adc by pressing r?
No because those things don't happen. Especially Veigar R, it's an execute, it doesn't ever one shot anyone, it does shit damage if you are high HP.
: Whats the point of thornmail
I'd be fine with grievous and an increased cost of like 200. I'd actually suggested that before. However the league board ignores anything that isn't "Gut X champ"
: If the Amumu changes go through...
: Stacking Champions are Broken
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