: This. It's almost a strict upgrade to what we had before, at least when it came to Runes, in that we can change them if we have time AND we have extra backups just in case you don't have times nor own multiple Rune Pages. It's silly to complain about something that doesn't negatively affect you at all.
Even better when Riot already implemented a feature to make sure you never have to see them again if you don't want them to. Though showing up due to shitty and buggy client is another thing, but client bugs out every now and then.
: At level 9 with maxed Q, E->Q from Zoe can deal up to 737.5 + 245% AP magic damage.
: Friendly reminder to Riot that nobody likes your preset page
i actually use them when the client lags out and i had to quickly pick a page in arams
Shırø (NA)
: Don't play Jhin in ranked unless you are really good with him please
Or just do everyone a favor and don't play Jhin at all, unless you are in low elo and know what the hell you're doing because anything works down there. In a meta where he can't outpoke relic shield abusers who also outscales him sooner and kills tanks better, he has no place right now.
Shylien (NA)
: wanna know a secret: it's not better botlane wins, it's better support wins.
the better irony is how much boards hated how snowbally botlane is but glorified mages and tanks as supports, who *enforced* the snowball down there but better keep on blaming adcs because its clearly their fault ;-)
: Unless you're high elo, ignore meta and find what works for you
This thread so much. Most of the time if you play what you're comfortable with, regardless of meta, you'd win. Don't bother trying to learn something that you can't play for shit, wonder why you can't win, despite that being meta. If whatever you find comfortable is the meta, no one's stopping you though. Yes, the emphasis on the low elo part. There's a reason people legit think Jhin is "strong" mainly because they're silver and below.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cancerous Lulu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5rWdP88B,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-18T23:23:55.151+0000) > > Just a year ago, crit ADCs were borderline troll picks, with a few exceptions. > > Man, how have times changed :') I guess you didn't play in bronze 5. Ah yes, the happy place where meta doesnt exist
> [{quoted}](name=moist moms,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5rWdP88B,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2018-01-19T15:14:32.343+0000) > > I guess you didn't play in bronze 5. Ah yes, the happy place where meta doesnt exist i didn't, sadly :'(
TylerBrah (EUW)
: If ADCs are so braindead and easy.......
blaming the jungler has long been dead. we have been blaming the adc for years now.
: Orange essence is a fucking joke.
Gonna play Devil's advocate here... or sorta. If we're gonna go by Riot's logic of how much they have lost in terms of venues and the like, realistically they're not gonna revert the disenchant values. How about at least buff the values by a bit instead of a full revert? At least buying chests won't be that big of a scam anymore. But yes, I do think the current values are so bad that you can't even get a 975 tier by disenchanting an ultimate tier.
: Actual ADC Solutions?
Disclaimer: I actually don't play ADC, and that I play mostly enchanters since season 3. An issue is that it's not just a crit problem, but as well as people who abuses it the best. ADCs that are subpar/shit right now are also crit reliant (in which we can probably also include Jhin and Caitlyn), but that's because they can't abuse the other factors (runes, double relic strat, tank busting, etc) as well as those who are meta. Now, to break stuff down: 1) The reason crit items got a "permanent sale tag" is because ADCs who rely on crit don't just get one item and enter a powerspike; they need at least two to fully utilize their basic potential. A big factor that they were able to "reach a powerspike by just one item" is also because of how there are other tools that's not items that "fills" up the second item that they needed to reach that powerspike. During the Ardent Censer meta, it was basically Ardent Censer giving them pretty much everything: on-hit damage (in which is one of the only tools to help melt tanks who were also just as strong that time), "lifesteal", and attack speed. During today's meta, it's the runes that gives them so much free base damage, so rushing just crit (namely Statikk) can fast forward that itemspike. The solution? Either tone down the free damage/sustain the runes give out, and nerf the stats on the items. The reason we don't want to make items more expensive is because if ADCs are behind, they might as well remain useless for a very long time, because one does not go off and farm alone just to catch up as an ADC. 2) Crit damage honestly needs a little bit of nerfs, mainly because it turns pure autoattackers into burst casters, and playing against that from behind feels like absolute shit. At least a 50% bonus damage reduction from what we have sounds great, though. Or we can always make it scale off bonus armor, but that would sorta defeat the purpose of armor pen. 3) Depends on what you are really "removing", though. If you are removing "pure damage carries" that provide zero utility or zoning, then not really. But if you are removing ADCs that provide actual utility, yes. The purpose of the ADC rework back in preseason 6 was to actually differentiate that, but we all know that didn't work as intended, as hypercarries still fight for the top spot. 4) Kill lanes is what makes botlane even more snowbally and impactful than we already have been seeing for the longest time. Yes, that's right, your favorite tank and mage supports are exactly why botlane has become extremely snowbally because kills = more snowball. In fact, there used to be a trinity of the 3 kinds of supports: kill, sustain, and poke. Ideallly, poke beats kill lane, kill beats sustain lane, and sustain beats poke. If we want to make every ADC playable, that kind of trinity needs to be maintained, which isn't the case as when kill lanes are meta, kill lanes beat everything. Honestly, I don't recommend bringing back kill lanes as that is THE source of why botlane snowballs so hard. Note: "Poke" lanes were used to be defined as where people just poke and harass to deny farm, apply push pressure so that junglers have to come down bot, and sometimes force objectives. That as a concept isn't used much today, with a very few exceptions such as Caitlyn and Ziggs whose purpose is to get the first tower and force jungler ganks.
: OP has clearly have never played adc and experienced the joy of getting instagibbed by an 0/5 assassin who can't CS or perform the most basic mechanics of the game at an even average level. Yep that's not frustrating at all. He has also never experienced the complete game breaking nature of being the adc in the game who ISN'T ahead, but is actually perpetually throwing toothpicks at people. OP has never eaten 3/4 of their hp from the aftershock tank supp who takes no damage. Neat. Ever play Sivir and spellshield a main spell out of most champions rotation and still die anyway because you're made out of paper? But whatever you say bro. I might sympathize with you if the game didn't offer literally dozens of ways to melt an adc in half a second.
You forgot to add how much bullshit they had to deal with when it comes to the *widest* array of supports. If people here think ADCs are "assholes", well guess what, there are just as many support players who are equally toxic. And the worst of all, that support is the one you have to depend your life on, while as support you are still somewhat self-sufficient as you got plenty of tools to fend yourselves. ADCs most of the time don't.
: Top lane has been like Rock Paper Scissors
I don't think it's even rock-paper-scissors. Because if it is, then it would actually be balanced.
: I'm sooooooo tired of right clicking crit adcs... ahhhh
Just a year ago, crit ADCs were borderline troll picks, with a few exceptions. Man, how have times changed :')
Azadethe (NA)
: Anyone looking forward to the new Aftershock Abuse?
nah people on boards would be happy cuz melees finally get to clap those pesky little adcs ;-)
: Stop bringing healthy ADCs up, start knocking OP ones down
: To ADC mains: No one likes your class
you should do one for every class
Kai Guy (NA)
: I feel like A lot of support mains and tank mains like ADCs.
have you seen lulu mains kappa im actually surprised that most of them hate adcs despite playing as enchanters
hoganftw (NA)
: "Vayne is weak early"
not like new runes give her so much free damage and sustain after all, right? hmmmmmm why is her early game weaknesses cancelled out i wonder
: I don't think the boards really grasp how ADCs should be nerfed
Hold up, I don't think ADCs even build ER right now... Unless I'm missing some important information.
: What is your main problem with the game right now? (Poll)
tanks dealing (almost) assassin levels of damage with only tank items. yes, that includes tank supports.
: Just played a match where both teams had multiple Bruisers and no ADC.
Meanwhile the last time I had a game where there were no ADCs but were replaced by mages and tanks, it ended quickly as the team with more tanks won. Never in my life my team felt so useless as the tanks were "oneshotting" everything that ran in their way, and laning was extremely uninteractive as you can't do jack shit against them. And that was early in the preseason, too.
Twlnkle (NA)
: Is there a champion that is meant to counter CC?
Le Him (NA)
: When the enemy ADC thinks they are the shit but aren't
: Mage support bot lane is a HUGE factor to why the game is so damage heavy.
nah we need people to sacrifice and teach those big, mean ADCs that supports too can carry :-)
Elohaven (NA)
: Boards Discussion: Marksmen Itemization && Bottom Lane Strength
What?! An actually reasonable thread regarding ADCs **on Boards**? Someone burn this witch!!!!!!!1 Another interesting point to bring up about current ADC itemization is how they benefit hypercarries, who are the ones with the highest winrates. This adds to your point on what happens if bruiser itemization were to be cheaper and how that would "trash" early lane bullies, which **is** pretty much the case right now, along with new runes cancelling out the supposed early game weaknesses hypercarries are supposed to have. Correct me if I'm wrong, though, but the last time I checked on the winrates, hypercarries like Vayne, Kog, and Twitch are some of the best ADCs right now, also especially because they can effectively melt down tanks.
: I'm on a 22 game win streak on Mordekaiser right now, I don't get why people still think he's weak
because he's melee and adcs are fucking overpowered and every single one of them needs to be gutted obviously and that they are always the ones ruining items :))))))) kappa
Saljooki (NA)
: ***
i mean its boards and people have a boner for hating on adcs especially w/o reason
: Why does Riot seem to be so quiet about Caitlyn?
cuz no one likes playing with or again cait obviously kappa so rito dont need to give a shite :-)
Seen (NA)
: What is the one phrase that puts you on full tilt?
"You should change your name because you suck at ____" Oh I'm sorry, just because I'm a onetrick that doesn't mean I will be able to play that said champ perfectly every game. Even high elo onetricks have bad days on that said champ and play like shit once in a while.
Hópe (NA)
: Do people just upvote any thread thats anti-adc blindly? The boards will always be idiotic. The WHOLE SUPPORT ITEMS ARE GETTING A CHANGE, NOT because adcs are using relic shield. They said theyve been working on it for a bit.
Even better when there's no mention of how midlane mages and AP junglers are also buying {{item:3098}} at the same time. Nah, ONLY ADCs can abuse items, when non-ADCs do that it's "diversity".
Rexxiee (NA)
: Why do you think jinx is going to be ban tier? Shes still going to be a worse version of twitch, who isnt ban tier himself atm. Zoe is not ban tier anymore either, she got some pretty harsh nerfs last patch, vayne will not be ban tier after the next patch nerfs and with the fact they are making relic start not viable for adcs anymore, which will send her back to the dumpster. You should be banning brand right now, his winrate spiked by over 10%. Its funny that boards love to complain about champs with sub 50% win rates that are mediocre at best because "they are annoying" meanwhile shit like malz being overpowered for over 6 months (with completely deciding worlds final as a chery on top) with absurd win rates everyone around here seem to casually gloss over.
> [{quoted}](name=Rexxiee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JhLGEJb4,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-01-13T03:48:47.636+0000) > > > You should be banning brand right now, his winrate spiked by over 10%. > > Its funny that boards love to complain about champs with sub 50% win rates that are mediocre at best because "they are annoying" meanwhile shit like malz being overpowered for over 6 months (with completely deciding worlds final as a chery on top) with absurd win rates everyone around here seem to casually gloss over. because malz and brand are mages and mages cant be bullshite u know
: WTF is that i have never seen that in league since my 6 years of playing
Remember when overganking botlane means your toplaner gets first turret? Season 6 actually remembers.
: And why am I getting downvoted into oblivion for saying that then? Most ppl here are adc mains that have their heads so up in their asses that they think the game is fine.
Idk, you look surprised when off-topic posts are downvoted.
: Nothing worse than collecting key frags for a month...
Or when you are a one trick and has been sitting on 30+ keys. The one time you got a chest, it's a champion shard.
: ADC mains are all annoying self centered in brats that wants to solo-carry the game using the class that supposed to be the more TEAM RELIANT of all other roles in the game, and the fact that RIOT cater to this spoiled casuals is the reason the game is going downhill. They are all spoiled kids, every single one of them, they get set up, kills, farm, peel and engage from their team and still treat them like garbage and think they are the only star on the team. "Muh chimp needz zkillz.. luk how I right click" Bunch of ass, I can farm better than them, while suffering harass and still managing to trade with my opponent, without a heal/shield slave. Every solo laner has better game knowledge and mechanics than ADC mains, yet since they can crit for 3K from +600 range they think they are the best player in the team.
That's not an unpopular opinion, most of Boards think that way.
Skorch (NA)
: I understand WHY the skin was Lux
I wish Riot said something like this as their answer on why Lux is getting another skin, instead of the half-assed blurb that they mentioned. As much as I'm not really a fan of Lux and the fact that it lowkey looks like a downgrade to Elementalist Lux, you have really good points.
: Give whoever had the Idea of including Skin lore in the client a raise
I'm also curious on all of the skin descriptions added so far.
: If you're getting rid of Frost Queen's Claim, bring back twin shadows.
As a long time fan of Twin Shadows before and after it got removed from the store, I'd *love* to see them coming back.
: I really don't think there's any way to salvage it, though they aren't exactly working with the best base to begin with, hard to make him look even remotely attractive.
There is a way to add more things to the textures. At least Riot can try adding *those*.
Sukishoo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=LordGeovanni,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=cEadWxms,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-01-11T21:40:27.002+0000) > > sorry not an adc not qualified Hmm these are the Sweetheart skins, which currently were only Sona and Annie. Plus the Heartseekers have Orianna, are you saying she IS an adc? lel.
> [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=cEadWxms,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2018-01-11T22:31:02.664+0000) > > Hmm these are the Sweetheart skins, which currently were only Sona and Annie. Plus the Heartseekers have Orianna, are you saying she IS an adc? lel. ADC Ori lets go
: sorry not an adc not qualified
I thought Sweetheart was more suited for non-ADCs anyways.
quizotic (NA)
: I like it, I mentioned in the one post riot posted on that the cloak needed work and that his crown was far to small given that it's Rakan (he's over the top and flashy, would he seriously only wear a small crown?) and I'd be very happy to see the puffy sleeves removed.
Or this: puffy sleeves AND crown, or don't have either. If he's gonna dress up to be princely, what's wrong with a crown like a cherry on the top?
: They look like 520 skins. Not 1350
By looking at *just* the model? Yeah. But SFX, VFX, and new recalls deserve more than that.
Khelb (NA)
: Do you mind and have time to elaborate on that please? Thx in advance
In Ardent Cancer meta if you're not an enchanter **who is also rusing Ardent Censer the very first thing**, you are trolling and is literally making your team lose. In Lethality meta if you're not Varus or Jhin as the ADC, you're trolling and is also making your team lose because they are the only ADCs who can do anything w/o getting jumped on to uselessness. Not building Lethality on either of them is also trolling because your damage is going to be shit. The two most notable examples from the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure there's more.
: Who is ready for Azir/Kayle APC bot lane?
As a Lulu main, I'm not even mad. I still remember the one time I was supporting a Kayle APC botlane and post 6 was just a straight-up massacre because no one could kill us, and carried the game from there.
Rioter Comments
DaCurtis (OCE)
: Will the replacement items for support actives go live in 8.2? AKA spooky ghosts?
: What is an unpopular opinion that you dont want to post on the boards?
ADCs aren't the only problem in the meta and are not broken. ADC players are actually decent people. Supports are the equivalent of SJWs and they won't shut up about how "oppressed" they are. We are in a tank meta where you just pick them and they would run over everything. Mages are fine. Sona is fine. Tank players are actually the entitled players who will cry when they lose one little thing, while already having almost everything. Reddit is not "censored" and people actually don't just point fingers at ADCs.
Nahui (NA)
: As Always, ADCS ruin Everything
No one's gonna talk about how Evelynn buys Frostfang as a jungler?
Khelb (NA)
: I'm just tired of the absurd damage and movement ability spam. It repeatedly creates situations that, in my opinion, change they way league is played on a fundamental level. Change is not always bad, but in this case it creates situations where most of the champions that i played and loved get so outclassed in the "movement ability spam" department that my only available counterplay is to avoid getting within sight, not to be confused with range, of them. Smart positioning has changed from knowing another champ's strengths and weaknesses to assuming that you'll get one shot if a movement spam champ gets within sight of you. Not surprisingly, it's not just affecting Gold support mains, like me. It seems to be causing havoc on other roles/ranks and other aspects of the game, too. Aspects i didn't even get a chance to fully learn yet and can't really comment on their validity. I've said this before in another post, but, maybe these changes make sense for Riot, fiscally. If that's the case, and i'm starting to think it is (without any real proof other than the fact that this has been a slow process of 2+ years concerning damage creep while considering movement ability spam of almost all new champs), then there's really nothing left for me to do but say the long farewell to LoL while crossing my fingers that this mess gets cleaned up, eventually. I'm not holding my breath. BTW, thanks for you lulu advice 'way back when' <3
I think the bigger issue is that if you're not picking or playing meta, you're probably trolling. Your case was just an instance of this meta right now.
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