: Wait, Varus just came out of the closet? HE'S BEEN SHOWING SIGNS OF GAYNESS SINCE HEARTSEEKER.
You mean the fact that he ran about shooting people with a giant magic arrow and no pants didn't tip you off to anything?
Lock On (NA)
: Remember when League was fun?
The last time I had fun playing league was just a couple hours ago, when I played the game league of legends, and had fun.
Barkley (NA)
: What makes Nunu so hot and cold? (no pun intended)
Binary design, plain and simple. His kit is all point and click with the one AOE on his ult. It's a bit of a problem with older champs. Not a lot of skill expression and such. It can be charming, in a way, and definitely impressive when you see someone who is legitimately really good with them and not just playing a champ who is very good and good against the meta. It's incredibly dull to play against though, which is why Riot is kinda trying to kill binary champs. Just not the ones people like.
: Jungle is a parental role, Along with the mother(support), You make sure your children Mid and ADC grow up to be indecent scumbags. Our Uncle Top lane does nothing but split push, On special occasions, He flames me because the brother of the enemy top laner is camping him. Conclusion: We are Sadists.
Meanwhile, the mother is busy taking care of the special snowflake ADC and making sure that they have all the money and everything else they could ever possibly need for the lategame that never comes.
: **hurrdurr don't use the public forum to state how you feel about the game, instead take my condescending tone and my paragraph telling you no one cares**
Why are you posting this 6 months after I said this? Seems like kind of awhile to wait to respond to a comment on the boards.
: AP Galio is fn busted.
PBE is also not for balancing so that's also a thing. It's primarily meant for testing for bugs.
tieger05 (OCE)
: Worlds is getting boring because the same champs are picked.
Worlds is never going to see feast or famine assassins with no utility with the exception of maybe zed or if they're really, really broken.
: Requirements for draft pick
it's 20 now they just haven't updated a lot of new player resources in quite awhile. It's because they have 10 bans now instead of 6 and you need to actually be able to play a champ in game.
: Having two different instances of Kindred in the same game seems like it'd be too buggy to even begin to start coding, much less finding out how one part would affect the other upon dying, however the general idea is incredibly interesting and I like it a lot.
Only if you code it as two instances of Kindred. The easier route would be to code the two as separate objects, then their R switches control to the other half of Kindred. In terms of their death, they'd have to have a linked HP bar most likely, mostly for balance issues. The idea would definitely be hard to code, but hey, we got Kled's pain in the ass HP bar, and there's no way that thing was easy to code.
: Nocturne DOES. NOT. NEED. A. REWORK.
{{item:3070}} {{champion:3}} {{item:3070}}
: "Why isn't riot giving compensation buffs to X champions next patch??!?!?!?"
The way a champs stats are coded, they probably could actually. It'd probably be unbalanced as fuck, but so is only balancing a fraction of champs.
Die Alone (EUW)
: Why not just remove the Support role?
What hallucinogenic drugs were you on when you thought this was a good idea, because you've clearly been getting the good stuff.
buffonitos (EUNE)
Rakan, because he's so fun to play.
: Can we all agree this is the worst Season out of them all?
We are not going to have a season with no meta ever again. That's how competitive games work. I'm sorry you can't play season 2 league anymore.
Cyrosi (NA)
: Support 101 for beginners question
At the moment, you just don't. A support's design pretty much ties them to the ADC at this point. They can usually follow around an Assassin and still do pretty well, but with the game's current balance, you need the ADC. If your team is 4 mages, don't pick a support. You cannot do anything. Just get to a higher level until you can get teammates who will give you an ADC to work with. Alternatively, you can pick Zyra, Brand, Lux, or Vel'Koz, and go "support"
Hikageya (NA)
: I tought people would laugh but apparently people don't like my humor :c
well yeah you probably should have put this is memes and games.
: Same. I wish people would stop complaining about the meta and adapt instead. It's the meta, it's going to change throughout time (very soon in fact, preseason's gonna nuke the meta hard)
There are two ways to play the game. Meta, and anti-meta. Eventually, Anti-meta becomes meta and the cycle begins anew.
: If you were hired by Riot, what would be the first thing you would do?
I'd rework lifesteal to make it better for keeping Marksmen from having to recall after every little skirmish but keep it from making it near impossible for a marksman from just dominating in skirmishes and just ignoring anything diving them by increasing the healing given but only making said healing apply when attacking minions.
: I found the answer to the over-tuned Vel-Koz in Invasion Onslaught
Or you could just not stand where his attacks are going to land. Vel'koz really isn't that hard to dodge unless you're being dragged into his beams by skarner or you're standing where they intersect right as the attack starts.
GigglesO (NA)
: Just finished all of the star Guardian missions....
I just played onslaught for the first time with 4 random people and won, great time too. Don't know why everyone complains about the difficulty. Didn't have Lulu or Jinx on our team either, and my mmr is probably high bronze/low silver.
Chimecho (NA)
: 99 LP
All you can really do in that situation is cry. I'm sorry. That's just the system we have to deal with.
I is Kayn (EUW)
: In search for a new off meta high mobility burst champ (i know very specific)
Done25 (NA)
: Pretty hard to dodge Ali's targeted combo, or a Leona Q stun.
Done25 (NA)
: But it only works if you can actually kill them. :P
: Was great with siver or mf.
I just loved it when the enemy picked brand support or Teemo anywhere and felt all clever and then they realized what a terrible mistake they've made. The Kalista combo was also pretty great.
: He's not really a tank. He can do a ton of builds well, actually, but he ain't durable.
I dunno man some of those builds are pretty tanky.
Done25 (NA)
: Hey Riot. You still haven't clarified Support champions from the "Support" position in bot.
: Exept for the I do not need the shirt to be able to even compete in life on equal level with others, nor do Runes detoriate with time as physical products do. Also I didnt grind hours and hours of my life into being able to buy A FUCKING SHIRT. God can you Riot-Asscrawlers stop definding simple corporate greed? Take of the fanboy-glasses for a moment and you see that this is just a gigantic "fuck you" to veteran players - you know, the crowd that made the game the big thing that it is today. Without us, Riot's game would still be an irrelevant niche product on the F2P market, and not the dominator of the western online-gaming scene.
> Also I didnt grind hours and hours of my life into being able to buy A FUCKING SHIRT. What do you think a job is?
: your fav off meta champ/unpopular champ
I liked taking old Galio support.
: Seriously Riot, can't you do one big thing WITHOUT screwing up a small yet crucial detail of it?
Because you've been using the Quints since season 2. I can't exactly walk into a store and say "I'd like to return this shirt that I've worn for the past 5 years for a full refund." They're going to laugh at you.
: I think we've had our fill of hyper mobile damage champs
Ugh, I'm so tired of all these OP champs. Let's just start releasing champs that do literally nothing. No abilities, no auto attacks, no summoners, and then let's force everyone on the enemy team to pick them.
Ralanr (NA)
: Hyper mobile durability champions!
: Every item eventually has an expiration date, becomes obsolete, or breaks. Old items are almost never sold for more than 10% of their original price. I don't get pissed off about needing my phone upgraded after a few years even after spending $500 on it. I don't know why people are so mad about this.
Because this is the internet and we need to complain about something and just the regular bitching about balance isn't enough.
: Future of League of Legends
And so, the Cycle of life and death continues. Players say changes will make the game die, then it lives. Speaking seriously, Riot changing the game isn't going to push away players who weren't already on their way out. Riot changes this game every 2 weeks to some extent. We've gotten used to it. If you're saying that "new runes" are the reason you're quitting, you were looking for a reason to quit anyway and didn't want to make the usual complaints.
: Who is the most fun to play when tilted...
A different game. A single player game. A fun game.
: Hear me out. this sounds dumb
I mained Galio pre-rework and got mastery 7 with him. I play new galio like a toddler.
Rioter Comments
: What non-mage support actually uses Spellthief's anymore?
: How a MAN Plays
I play Rakan. I have to deal with ignite in my lane once in a blue moon, and having flash as a last ditch escape for dealing with enemies is rather nice. I also run exhaust, because enemies that deal damage and can run away are overrated.
hoganftw (NA)
: "Can I pick something off-meta?"
Report them for what? It's not intentional feeding, and playing poorly hasn't been a report category for awhile now.
ganggoink (EUW)
: Janna has decent skill expression in her kit.
This is why we have Rakan. He's just Janna but actually needs some skill to not play like garbage.
Divewing (OCE)
: So Skaarj suddenly has inside information on Riot's motivations and intentions? I mean if he can prove it without a doubt sure, I'll agree. Until that point I'll continue to believe that Riot tried their absolute damnedest to preserve as much of the champions identity as possible.
Well if that's what they're trying to do then they have failed to the highest degree of failure imaginable.
: Yeah, Rakan is actually my favourite support at the moment, but its still not enough for me to main the role yet when there's not much interaction from enemy supports still. I'm hoping they continue going down this - We've had supports that can do some crazy things but they've never really explored anything that can empower non-marksmen. It's a little baffling.
We've had Bard, who was all about roaming and helping out mid and collecting chimes and just being a nuisance, and there was also thresh who's kit really just supports whoever happens to be nearby.
: @RIOT Does RIOT have any plans for making supports less attached to marksmen?
I feel like this is the direction they're going with supports, given that we were just given Rakan as our last support. Sure, he's still heavy on healing and shielding, but he gets a lot of his power out of his mobility and his CC, more than the shields and heals give him, in my opinion. Regardless, that's not going to stop me from building Ardent Censer until it's not broken, but he still definitely has a very different playstyle from what one would think of as a support, and I'm interested to see if Riot can keep making such interesting supports.
Divewing (OCE)
: You started that out so well before ruining it with entirely baseless conjecture
Baseless would imply that they haven't done it 3 times already.
: Just because you don't enjoy Galio doesn't mean others don't. I think Galio is a huge success as he's the only new release I actually play other than maybe WW and Taric.
As an old Galio player, no, the galio rework did not deliver on the playstyle fantasy of old galio, and I want him to burn. He used to be unique and interesting, now he's just another tank with a fuckton of CC.
: There are no unique support playstyles. They're all the same. Top, mid, jung, and adc have unique players with unique identities. The support role is one big ball of unskillful champions that lack gameplay identity
{{champion:432}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:111}} Nevermind that it's pretty hard to have enough map awareness for two people, while laning against two people, dealing with the 4-5 man ganks that are going to happen because you're bot lane, and trying to keep from tilting while you get flamed for every tiny mistake you make. But yeah, supporting is so easy.
: What are the champion of each role do you like having on your team ?
{{champion:3}} top, because as much as I hate his rework he is actually really good. {{champion:141}} jungle, because Darkin form {{champion:103}} mid because she's not really a bad pick ever {{champion:67}} adc because her synergy with Rakan is great {{champion:497}} support because I main him.
: Can i finally say that Galio VGU was a mistake?
I've been saying that Galio's vgu was a mistake since they released it. Nobody cares. I just want my old main back.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Can someone explain how Jax takes skill?
Yeah, he's old as fuck. If you look at champs who are old as fuck they tend to be pretty easy and straightforward, unless they've been reworked.
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