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: Have scuttle spawn later and this jungle mess could be greatly improved
There is not one single jungler that can hit 3 by the time scuttle spawns. Not only are you being mean for no reason, but you sound stupid.
: Bronze is impossible to get out of
Elohaven (NA)
: Ironically, Fake is so mechanically good...
: Why do I get matched against Gold/Plat players in a Silver 4 game?
What's a joke is that people don't have a clue and blame the system. You're not playing against gold and plat, you're playing against people with gold and plat borders from LAST season. They got placed in silver just like you.
TS Media (NA)
: This is how it feels playing league now:
: Stealth is an unfun mechanic that lacks counterplay.
: My Friend Wants To Be A Jungler
Warwick, Yi and Nunu are usually mentioned when talking about easiest.
y0r1ck (NA)
: People say split-pushing sucks. Explain to me why that is.
I don't mind split pushing, but when they are in our base and you're still working on their tier 2 top tower, you're wrong.
: when a "high elo player" tell you how to play your main
You are completely wrong. I know plenty of silvers with great mechanical skill, but I only started climbing once I started learning the game. You literally don't know how little you know.
iSeaSalt (EUW)
: Which AP Jungler is superior?
A champ isnt going to carry you. Getting better is.
: A ranked ladder that does not represent the player but the inconstancies of their teammates.
What most people don't understand is that your understanding of the macro game, and ability to apply it and get your teammates to apply it is the biggest factor in winning. Letting yourself believe it's the troll teammates that make you lose and not yourself is the biggest cop out that everyone uses. Rarely do you actually have someone "running it down." it's the mental party or the game that makes the good players good.
: Idea for MMR system that rewards players for playing well instead of using pure win/loss ratio
This is not a new concept. The problem is, there is no way to measure all if the things that a person could be doing to help their team win, that don't " count" for anything. K/d/a isn't necessarily indicative of their performance.
: What To Do When Someone DC's/RageQuits
Losing the game? Just have your friend on their 2nd account leave the game, no LP lost. This is why
: Matching system is a joke
You are matched by your MMR. So, the joke is not the system, but your understanding of it.
: Cowsep pointing out the bullshit that is the jungler right now
I don't think you know what you're talking about
: How Ranked placement works?
KDA doesn't matter
: I'm not "entitled" to the champion, but why am I struggling to *play* Singed now
Try being a Shaco one trick. Now he's banned or picked almost every game 😕
xFdRaVeNx (EUNE)
: Top 10 hot girls in LoL
What about Sjokz?
: muting teammates at beginning of game
Shiznyte (NA)
: Shaco invis
Why don't you provide a reason why it should be.
: Don't understand why I'M the one getting chat restricted.
You're the one that doesn't understand. It doesn't matter what your excuse is. They tell you the rules, they tell you the punishments, and still you do it. For whatever reason. Don't cry when you get punished. Finding out if they got punished too is not your business.
: So wait, is the ranked safety net a thing, or a concept?
: what junglers are good for silver?
Don't worry about who to play, you can win with any of them. The more important thing is learning the meta game. Knowing where the other jungle starts, their jungle path, gank times, are you stronger than them, what are your/their power spikes, do you win a 2v2 / 3v3 if they counter gank, etc. So much stuff that people don't even think about
: Is "my way" of getting better efficient?
I agree. When you watch yourself, you'll see how truly bad you are. Also, watch high ELO players. Don't try to emulate them, but learn why they make the decisions they do. Macro play is much more important than micro play imo.
: End of Game Patch 8.5
I agree. I turned down all of my sounds, but it didn't help. It's like... annoyingly loud.
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Check my euw op gg and tell me theres no such thing as elo hell
: Can someone clarify what game knowledge is?
There's way too much to put into a list, but some examples: . Do you know every champ, their abilities and CD's? . Do you know jungle camp respawn times? . Do you know the typical jungle path for X champ? . What objective do you try for next? . What is the optimal build against the enemy team? What have they built? . Do you freeze the lane or push to reset it? . What are your powerspikes? . Should you roam or push for tower? . Do you recall now or wait? Etc., etc., etc.
Tâdasu (NA)
: someone extremely good do 10 flex placements with me. wanna try to get gold
: What in the actual fuck is this match making in ranked?
How do people still not understand that rank =/= mmr? It doesn't matter what anyone's ranks are, you get matched by mmr.
: Autofill fucks with supports
I guess you're not sure about what autofill means
Nareto64 (NA)
: Option to automatically open shop at start of game
Just have them play the game for us, that makes it easier
: Why do people pick teemo to counter singed?
Youre asking why people pick teemo to counter him, but then list items that he wouldn't have until 20 min in. Teemo is a lane bully. He continually pushes you out of lane until you are useless. And he doesn't have to chase singed, the poison does the work.
Snekster (NA)
: Botting in Intermediate bot games is an issue what are you doing about it?
I don't understand why you care. I mean I know it's not right, but report them and play the game.... you're playing bots ffs
: challenger smurf duoboosting some1 to d3 free + free coaching
Jungle main here, name above. I can certainly AFK farm is that's what is needed 🙂 I usually play six or seven games every evening and more on the weekends depending on life.
Hellmet (NA)
: Riot Trolls players with Autofill
1. It's something the players asked for to reduce queue times. You get autofilled like one in every 15 games. 2. You can't get banned for dodging. Enjoy the game
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: The diference between Solo q and Ranked
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Frission (NA)
: New Team LF for plat/gold members all roles ( Silver 5 is ok if willing to learn )
IGN. Canonic Preferred roll Jungle champion pool. I am a Shaco main, but I am really a student of the jungle. I can play most junglers and have a good understanding of all facets of jungling. hours of availability. Most every evening, scheduled times would be preferable. Age - Older than all of you lol
: Day 2 and Im still having to insta Ban swain because of the game ruining bugs he has to my FPS
: Save me. Win 1 lane.
Until you realize you need to get better and stop blaming your teammates, you won't climb.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Shaco recommended items update
Just make a custom item set?
Melô (NA)
: Team Atlas LF GOLD Jungle Main
IGN: Canonic Age: Over 25 Time Playing LoL: End of season 1 Top 5 Champs: Shaco, Rammus, Shyvana, Mundo, Kayn, but I can play most of them Type of Jungler You Are: My only experience is solo queue, so I try to carry
130x (NA)
: Is a Ranked remake ever coming?
If it's luck, then why are other people able to climb higher than you, year after year consistently?
: It's been at least 6 months...
And how do they fix it? They can't stop people from dodging.
: Riot's Messed up Honor system with the math
Oh no, there's only 10 months left in the season, why aren't you level 5?
: At what point does Riot consider voice chat?
That's the dumbest idea ever. The only thing worse than 12 year olds harassing you in chat is 12 year olds harassing you voice comms. This community is so crappy, I would never get in voice with any of them.
: Now that we can see what skins teammates are choosing, please extend that phase of champ select
mye PP (NA)
: Malzahar is dead: 2018
And was played quite a bit in the LCS
: Ranked
Yes, it's possible
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