BigFBear (EUW)
: To everyone who says there's no elo hell and matchmaking is fine:
to make it through the elo's you cannot play the same strategy. there is literally a completely different play style you have to do in bronze.. then in silver .. then in gold.. then i plat .. and finally changing your style in diamond. its why people get hard stuck. they only play a singular play style and a few champions. you literally have to change or you are stuck. But .. yes .. elo hell is real and matching making is designed to get you to 50% win rate if you cant win those matches that you need to carry people in.
Stexe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=How Do You Meta,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=wr7R4QAW,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2019-04-25T23:55:50.350+0000) > > Actually I don't remember borders being available for buying stuff early for free. The first borders were project skins and we could only get them by paying full price before they went on sale. Most skin borders were from buying skins at full price instead of a sale price. In a sense you did pay extra for the borders because you chose to pay the full value instead of a sale price so they had something attached to it. > > Now Riot said "screw it, we don't want to give an early sale anymore, now you pay extra" and charges us extra for the amount the sales prices used to take off for early purchases and add it to the total. Oh, and the first borders weren't from PROJECT skins. They were from Limited Edition skins being brought back. The nearly invisible watermark "compensation" for screwing over buyers.
add it to the list how The senior management just decided one day to not to what they promised. To prove some point they do this more often than i care to keep track of anymore. When they stop their shallow promise making will be the actual surprise.
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Icecoon (NA)
: Banned for toxic name?
name reports i consider the bitter reports. example. we have a game. win/lose but you said things that i feel are pushing the line.. you appear to be selfish. and combining all this makes me never wanting to play with you again.. but i feel any other report on that list doesnt apply... your getting a name report because they will enforce the stupid thing and i think its the most childish thing i can do to a person while the system of social rules this game has are pretty woke perspective. and i like to think that there are people out there that i reported and they had to change their name. because it is literally the most childish permanent report one can give. For the rest of your time playing that account you get to know someone reported you to be a complete dick and there is nothing you can do about it.. carrying a scare that no one can see. because who knows your name was changed when they meet you.. seriously..
Aneirin (OCE)
: You don't know what a sword, an eye and gold might stand for? Just looked at mine, if you hover over the icons it tells you what they mean.
Just saying how my play style is in the middle of all 3 like almost a perfect smaller reversed funnel
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: This Dumb Lazy Millennial Generation
You millennials are too lazy and ignorant to understand how far back this goes: Oooooo.. look at me i am the next generation .. Dur hur.. i can quote things in the 20th century.. Child "I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on frivolous youth of today" - 8th century - Hesiod know your history. There is no emote available to show how i feel about you.. it involves hand gestures.
i could teach you the mentality you need to have to get out of silver. if you are willing to listen.
Zyranium (EUW)
: I'm surprised no one has even mentioned {{champion:143}} Like seriously, she's my fav champion to play, but her walk animation is pretty much the same as her running animation, there is nothing, it's so bland, she's like walking awkwardly all the time, could be nice if she was sliding or having some vines and plants doing all the work for her, she has nature at her command, why does she needs to boringly walk like a simple human ?? She's a darn plant lady, find something original for her other than a plant lady having something stuck in her butt... Please please please, do something for her ! {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}}JUSTICE FOR ZYRA
its bad and outdated.. but still {{champion:53}} is horrible. {{champion:143}} - has multiple lower end things about her that make it sad to look at her. On a one at a time view she will always be slightly above some champions... but on average if comparing the totality of her to other champs.. she is outdated badly.
RiotLamz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tesla Effect,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=xBX3bl5R,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-15T20:29:52.271+0000) > > Favourite: {{champion:74}} specifically the second walk animation where he swaggers like his old model did. > > (god I loved his old walk, thank god some of it was retained in the new visuals) > > Least Favourite : {{champion:54}} : His overall animation needs work, or better yet just give him a Full Relaunch. The legendary swagger walk! An internal fav too, Heimer introduced the toggle ability which we now use sometimes, ala Zoe, Aatrox and a few others via ctrl+5
Thats nice.. and i have an off topic thing... but in the ball park.. neon strike Vi .. toggling her sunglasses Blue berry Rengar .. the hood. i was hoping more toggling animations where going to be added... missed a chance on Kai'sa with the helmet.. should have had the helmet to be toggled.
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
{{champion:53}} god awful running / walking animation.. god awful.. hurts my eyes to play him. {{champion:201}} - Best because his who person is shown in his running animation. as in i believe he is a strong / Confident person projected by his running.
: He worked fine without it before, right? Also, he has a pretty long range self-pull, no?
Riot actually changed it because the ability gave him more mobility than they wanted. there were more points than this video shows but the general concept is there. vs Riven.. they made her wall jump an actual programmed effect. when riot took this away from naut his jungle use dropped. your point of logic is flawed because of nerfs.
Neamean (NA)
: Good bye Oscar the Grouch hello Boo and Sully
well hello, MR. different enough to avoid a lawsuit or pay royalties. you look pretty interesting.
: At this time we have no plans to include this sort of functionality.
alright.. can the side bar to follow me when i scroll or a button to that moves as i scroll so i can go back to the top. if feels behind the times having to scroll all the way to the top after reading threads to move on to another board.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cansema,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=mO0m4X5m,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-12T01:18:45.963+0000) > > Everyone should be allowed their opinions.. > i just want the ability to not see them. But why is it so hard to just ignore them? Just look at it, don't find it interesting, and then move on. It's kind of silly if someone makes a post you don't disagree with and you hide the user and then in the future if they actually make a decent post you won't be able to see it.
Clutter.. i want to stream line not seeing so much clutter.. it makes it difficult to see things that actually interest me. this who request is to enhance the experience for myself. Maybe i want an echo chamber.. maybe i want to remove an echo chamber. i want a custom experience for myself.
: His pubes are setting an unrealistic standard.
> [{quoted}](name=IAintDarius,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=s3Auydtc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-08-10T19:37:18.135+0000) > > His pubes are setting an unrealistic standard. are you telling me this isnt normal?? if a person has this problem .. should they seek medical assistance? Asking for a friend.
Verxint (NA)
: Who goes where could have been solved in a way that integrated into the previous paradigm. Instead of queueing for positions, enforce pick order by letting people select the position they intend to take, with first pick getting to choose whatever he wanted. The problem with role queues is that it removed the expectation to at least be competent in every position, even if you didn't excel. This in turn meant the average player experienced regular games where they were going to be carried. It set the clear expectation that the game does not revolve around you.
normal games should be where people experience the different roles. in ranked it is nice to queue for roles that i have a higher win rate with vs others. forcing players out of their comfort zone has a long term positive, but a short term frustration. These moments do also require players to have maturity and self discipline to do this on their own to gain this experience that you want them to obtain. Some people literally will not learn on their own and i feel Riots idea of a 50% win rate for players is the unhealthy match making that plagues this game. They need to address the cause and not the symptoms of what you complain about.
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Verxint (NA)
: In my opinion role queue was a huge mistake. I also feel like Riot has supported a "just keep doing the same thing over and over until it works" style for the average player.
Disagree. Role queue stream lined the "who goes where" and helped to reduce argument. Honestly i have seen less toxic behavior in champ select now. Middle ground on your 2nd comment.. i think Riot tries to help people succeed by stacking stronger players with weaker players and they want everyone on a 50% win rate.. also feel they try to optimize the choices so players have less options almost forcing players to play a certain way. but they dont openly say what / how they want their players to play... they do on the other hand incentives people for playing certain ways while punishing them in other options.
: When did LOL become Overrun by Impatient Children
The 'dont spank' generation is coming.. This whole world will be infested with them for the next 20 years.. maybe shorter if a emo phase begins again and that should weed out about half of them.
: Why shouldn't everyone be allowed to express their opinions? If you don't like the post, just don't bother with it. Ignore it. Also, you probably need to check up on your alphabet. 2 doesn't come after A, and Z doesn't come after 2.
Everyone should be allowed their opinions.. i just want the ability to not see them. and to follow up on your last part.. Dont care.. i think its funny.
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: Riot has been trying to hide this truth for years...
Does that mean we dont poop in the woods?
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aezens (EUW)
: Actually he has a ressource flow. The problem is he doesnt have to consume it aside from his passive effect. I don´t think higher cooldowns are a good solution because it fits thematically to be agile and fast. For me the biggest flaw is his tankines (passive + good item options because of good crit/slot efficiency). I don´t have a problem with big shields either but I think there scalings with armor/mr is unnecessary (but that´s probably a general problem). At level 18 Way of the Wanderer offers more than 950/770 ehp without a single defense item. In order to encourage building ad-items I´d suggest removing or at least drastically lowering the base damage values of Steel Tempest and add something like a 110% total ad scaling. Also an indicator for minions he used Sweeping Blade on for clearity reasons (like Anni stack count). And of cause the hidden passive on Last Breath. I don´t think we have to talk about this...
would be interesting to have flow as a actual resource.. think about rumbles heat.. alright.. now .. he builds up flow and there could be 3 marks on the bar.. each of these require so much flow to work: -whirlwind -wall When his flow is maxed then his -shield can come up.. so.. if he is constantly fighting it would delay his shield rather than just keep ticking up. Something like that would add more of an skill onto him where a player would have to either decide .. should i knock him up?? or wall?? or.. wait for my shield to get up .. . Rather than the current option.. lets do all 3 and keep the party rolling.
: > [{quoted}](name=elo trash,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9VrmhJEZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-10T21:22:42.507+0000) > > according to what they told me (they being a rioter) > just because it hits pbe, does not mean it ships. > > I already asked this question. It shouldn't even go on the PBE... Like who was sitting at Riot hp and went "ah we should buff yasuo" Like I am aware that it probably won't go through but still it shouldn't even been considered unless they are gutting CONQ and IE.
its the PBE.. better then them just rolling live BS out... they like to see Reddit before rolling out BS first.
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: Duskblade of Draktharr
the burst damage is what is BS.. no CD on it either.. if you AA from a bush .. step back for 1 sec.. and shoot again.. it procs.. seriously ... wtf
: Why are champs with big boobs, a slender waist, and curvey hips "sexism" or "objectification"
: swain botlane is good . - . as support only though also why should he be left for the pros? he is one of the easiest champs to play.
i speak from experience. nothing more than what i have been seeing first hand. i want elo.. dont you?
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: I can help trade runs with you and I'm on at the moment.
i am completed.. i will be sitting on cansema if you want to contact me. i can help run you through.
Cansema (NA)
: LVL 15 quest
bumping for trades / runs
Cansema (NA)
: LVL 15 quest
bumping.. still awake and still interested
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Gimpy89 (NA)
: Looking for under lvl 15 for PVP mission
i am game for it i have a smurf as well level 8
: Why cant aatrox move during his q
Request you post video of yourself doing 3 things -kicking while advancing forward ... -Swinging a sword in the manner that Aatrox is swinging the sword while you are trying to walk forward. -hope forward while swinging a sword in the manner of Aatrox. 2 of the 3 will feel natural.. the other one .. not so much.. "Realism"
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peetc (NA)
: Make Pickpocket Twitch Shoot BULLETS not Arrows
when do we draw the line. We gave bullets to: {{champion:51}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:6}} But we dont give bullets to: {{champion:29}}
: isn't that considered cyber bullying by riots standards?
its not cyber bullying. The thing is that it just confuses me. that is the real issue. i am not hurt. i went to bed fine. i woke up and went to work fine. life is normal. my only issue is that it puzzles me. i dont understand. I hung out with a qualified troll and most of the things he did confused me. getting told it is for the lul's still has no core understanding in my world. In the Rick and Morty world when they where asked about Cob planet. Their response was 'if its explained than the joke dies.' (ruffly quoted) kinda translates to just gotta accept some things and move on to enjoy things beyond the occasional speed bump. but last night, it just got me and maybe i will understand the LuL's as well as Cob planet, but as it looks so far i am still led down the path of just accept and move on. The motivation is just that shallow. It has and will always just confuse me.
: Riot employee behavior
Main question: Is saying this stuff acceptable? Because what i see is a companies employee keeping his account for acting this way. after this pans out who gets to say 'GGEZ' after the match without getting banned? Account ban count: +20 vs 1 (maybe) ????? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Khâmul (EUW)
: I do it because triggering people who seem to lack virtual recognition is fun
All i am saying is to just leave posts that affect nothing alone and that are not even comment posts. just a random 'hey this is something i thought was neat' posts alone. i really want to see something different on the boards instead of pointless memes. and this is why Riot employees go to Redit for any actually feed back instead of their own forums.
: And what if - now, this is a stretch - but what if, people don't comment to explain their downvotes because the downvotes are self-explanatory? "I downvoted this so that the OP knows someone disagrees with them/doesn't like this", etc. Because that's something I do. I rarely tempt myself to join into conversations, and I find it all the easier to express my disagreement/dislike by clicking the down arrow and moving on. Hell, if we're going by this logic, I guess I should go back to all the posts/comments I've _upvoted_ and explain why I upvoted them, huh? Ranty sarcasm aside, my point is; downvotes don't need explanations, and they're also not something worth getting worked up over.
I would assume this post would get down voted. its probably more triggering than the original post that caused this reaction. and Feed back helps people. i think it would be very nice of you to go through all the posts you upvoted and give some positive feed back. make this world a happier place. good luck on your posts and upvotes.
CarzyWiWi (EUW)
: Beginner problems
new players always want to win the game. they want to be the carry. As a support main i can tell you i have carried a good number of games. those games i have been bashed hard by my ADC for taking kills/CS and a list of other things. here is the thing: To carry a game requires opportunity. if you dont know how to create or wait for the appropriate moment you will lose ... a lot. and people do flame. Mute them. this game has been out since 2009. to get better requires reading / testing / listening / watching / playing / comprehending if you just want to play and not get frustrated by your team just use the /muteall command and the start. if you feel you need to inform them just say 'muteall' then do a /muteall they will assume your first attempt was without the slash. and just play the game. its more relaxing that way.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: New Comic - Ziggs and Jinx: Paint the Town
from just clicking and going into the thing and reading and looking at the art... i thought it was a fan made piece. i really hope riot didnt pay someone or pay for that sub par thing. opinion is based off: individual creatives get a pass for not being funded for work and low resources. Riot you have people paid for this this stuff and their time is this and should be higher quality.
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