: Ok lets try this again. Does anyone disagree that Tyler1 is a dick and is he saying anything worse than what Tyler1 has said? I hope he can take the same shit he deals out. Also what does the rioter do? Is he in charge of something or just some random employee. It doesn't make Riot look bad unless its someone of authority within Riot saying this.
You can read my post above yours which was originally replying to ur deleted post. I get ur point, but comparing a permabanned inter to the rioter who leads a team is silly. tyler does most of his gimmicks to promote his own brand which include (or included since he's "reformed") toxic behavior. Just because tyler is a "toxic" person, doesn't mean you get to come out in public to say you want someone to die. Ultimately, what I'm interested about is how Riot Games as a company allow their employees to behave in public. If they don't punish this rioter then it sets a precedent that is incredibly bad for the company.
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edit: the guy i replied to removed his post xD Nope. Even tyler admits to the fact that what he did was bad (proof: watch the latest beyond the rift episode). I agree what he did was inexcusable, but the point of interest is how riot employees are allowed to act. The rioter in question is not just a random guy, he leads a team of other rioters or leads an entire department. Are riot employees allowed to act this way justified or not?
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