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: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Reposting from my reddit post: I'm a degenerate Teemo main. I'm not a Challenger level player like everyone else on Reddit, instead I'm trash who made it to Plat 2 > Plat 1 Promos last season and am currently in Plat 4 with the few games I've felt like playing in this season due to really bad matchups bumming me out and the positional matchmaking making my fill games meaningless. I'll start with the things I like: * Putting his poison as his passive is a great idea. His strong point has always been "stack a shroom, hit some poison and ignite and tick down the enemy" and I believe that being able to let him have this poison while also leveling up blind first will significantly help his laning phase in the higher elos (though I think this will be harder for low elo players to deal with). * Q procs poison. Assuming I read this right, the Q should add a stack of passive to the enemy now. Another great change that I've been wanting for a while. * Camouflage really helps with Teemo's ganking potential Now for the things I don't like: * I'm going to start with the big problem: His R. It seems with every year that passes by, there are more and more ways for players to detect traps and wards (sweeper, duskblade, pink wards, etc). The issue with mushrooms is two fold: In low elo, players don't know how to ward or clear traps, so an ultimate like his mushrooms feels broken due to no one knowing how to use these mechanics. Once you hit gold, people start knowing how to clear better, so it's not quite as toxic for the enemy team to deal with. Platinum and above, however, people can clear his mushrooms fairly easily. There's really not much help from shrooming an objective anymore when all of your mushrooms can be cleared in 10 seconds because the enemy team naturally has a player with duskblade and 1 or two players have a sweeping orb. The higher damage was the only thing, imo, keeping this ability somewhat balanced in high elo, since it punished a player's mistake and could force an enemy adc or mage to go back, allowing your team to start a 4 v 5 fight. The mushroom health is meaningless since once a shroom is detected, it's cleared instantly. **I'd much rather see his mushroom timer increase per rank than the amount he can carry, since his shrooms are mostly glorified wards at this point. 5/6/7 minutes respectively. I also think lowering the ap ratio -and- base damage is an overkill, especially since you are also lowering the burst damage from the Q by a lot. Lower one, sure I guess, but please not both (I think lowering the base damage is best)** If Riot truly insists on the quantity over quality approach, then make his ammo count go 3/4/6, so you can at least protect an objective or your base via numbers now while the mushrooms themselves deal much less damage. * Losing invisibility in brush is huge. I think allowing him to keep invisibility while in brushes wouldn't hurt him, considering these changes would make him lose a lot of damage output (which is really the only way he's able to survive half the time). * No ap scaling on the poison passive also murders a lot of Teemo's damage output. Teemo is only barely hanging onto being played because he can exert a high amount of damage if he flanks or goes unnoticed. Late game he's still viable because from just his aa alone he can do 200+ damage on hit, not even counting any bonuses like Nashor's tooth, red buff, the poison DoT itself, etc. Yes, his damage output is now buffed from poison procs, but this doesn't compensate enough for high elo where if you blink you're dead. **My suggestion would be to add a 0.1 or 0.2 ap ratio onto his passive (both on hit and DoT). It's a small amount but adds up steadily, which I think is the direction Riot wants to take Teemo. It won't make the burst too high for lower elo but won't completely butcher Teemo in high elo.** Odd thing I noticed and personal suggestion: * His W seems counter intuitive with his new E ability, as W is simply there to give passive movement speed (usually to chase enemies or engage) while the E lowers that movement speed but is... also primarily an engagement tool? I think having two abilities with the same use that contradict each other isn't very helpul for Teemo's kit as a whole. Honestly, I think you can actually **combine these two abilities by having him get passive movement speed at all times (when not damaged and only while he's visible) and have the active be a much smaller movement speed boost and attack speed boost (when coming out of stealth), and have his E be a whole new ability completely, like a scouting ability where he makes use of his telescope (he is a scout, afterall)? He could scout an area in a line or cone in front of him (slightly smaller range than Xerath's Q) and reveal enemies in bush and also allow himself and allies to deal increased damage to enemies scouted by Teemo for the next few seconds. This could also work well with Teemo's own kit, as he can then get a small damage bonus from his poison bonus as well as a small "scout bonus" to help out his nerfed damage ratios and also increasing his survivability in enemy territory. This being a "skill shot" ability will also make a bigger difference for Teemo being used in low elo vs high elo, a difference that is more than just numbers and ratios.**
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: He actually has some asteroids in his W effect! Maybe I can make them more noticeable, though. :)
They looked like space dust if anything, but making them slightly bigger would probably be cool! Or if you want to get really fancy, you can have mini planets come out, though I'm not sure how colored planets would look with the gray dust compared with how good the eggs do.
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: Visual Effects Update: Teemo
As a Teemo main, my only suggestion is that Astronaut Teemo's W should get a bit more effects similar to how Cottontail has Eggs falling down and making a trail. The dust isn't that noticeable. Maybe have some mini asteroids come flying out or have his steps make footprints similar to the moon landing?

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