Porocles (NA)
: Store issues are usually due to setting issues with Internet Explorer. The layers you are reporting may also be the store failing to load assets due to a connection issue. To rule out some of these causes, I recommend going through our [Store Issues](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202536660-Issues-with-the-League-of-Legends-Store-PvP-Net-) guide as a first step. If that guide doesn't resolve your issue, I then suggest going over our [Connection Troubleshoot ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/209765743-Connection-Troubleshooting-Log-Reader)guide in case an unstable connection is preventing the store from loading. Let me know how that goes for you!
My connection is normally very good around 33 ms it shouldnt be that. its in game shop. for example i get 1300 gold oo i need bf sword. i open shop but cant see it to buy it because its all blurry and distorted
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HogHead (NA)
: Just had this issue. playing as ashe, winning of course, and the GAME crashed not internet. Then when rejoining there nothing. The match is not even in my history!
Yes Same problem match didn't show up in match history so I dont Know if it happend to everyone or just me
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: ***
i have still yet to receive my rp i am still upset i was to receive 800
Wuks (NA)
: Hey CaptainJonah, This information needs to be sent by the Tournament Organizer to the Riot team that deals with tournaments.
i sent it to my tournament organizer he said he will get things straitend out idk how long tho haha
Wuks (NA)
: > We'll need a little more information from the Tournament Organizer from this event to resolve this. Contact the organizer and ask them to get in touch with us ASAP with the information required to qualify the event for prizing. The tournament organizer should submit the following information: > > -Summoner names of players receiving rewards, as well as the reward for each player > -Tournament Submission Number for each set of winners > -Tournament ID number
This is what i got and here is a link to the website and my forum on the page http://www.olympusgamerz.com/forum/m/20701113/viewthread/23298115-diddnt-recieve-rp-post-here IGN:CaptainJonah Date of Tournament:7/18/2015 Match history links/op.gg gyazo image/proof of matches: http://gyazo.com/8b8581ff415e4237669ef560e07deb12 Type of tournament: summoners rift Tournament ID (can be found on riots website, not neccasary if you cant find) What did you place? 3rd place How much RP did you win? 800 rp 4 ip win boost
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: Team Up Week: A legendary Mystery Gift upgrade
hey can someone mystery skin me i rarely ever get skins i really want a legendary :)
: Upcoming Refer-a-Friend downtime
yay I have 3 friends reffered hopefully i get rp or something!!!!!
Knalxz (NA)
: Does anyone else think the less used Summoner Spells should be reworked?
Honestly no I dont I like the game as it is now and Their shouldnt be any changes to these maybe add some new but dont change any


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