: People like you make this game so much worst and unfun NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY WITH OFF META since it's bad. Graves can't mid he doesn't have anything that lets him be played there and same with xayah. The meta has been solved and has been for a very long time a team with graves mid is at a disadvantage compared to a team with a normal mid laners that is a fact. People like you need to learn this way of thinking just makes it harder for people to play the game.
I think I get what your saying, but I don't mind her playing them mid, it's just that she does awful as them mid and refuses to change. She practically ruins my KDA and my Win rate by playing these champions in the wrong roles.
: Trying to convince my friend that Xayah and Graves Mid doesn't work
Yeah, my problem isn't that she's going mid with them it's that she goes mid with them and gets destroyed in there but doesn't realize it. Like I said she goes 0/10/2 on Xayah Mid and ends up feeding.
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